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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


16. Chapter 16

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Chapter 16


Saturday morning came bright and early, at first I seemed out of sorts since Edward was not been their to greet me like every other Saturday morning. Then it hit me all at once, the reality of braking things off the Edward; telling him about me and Jake, about the baby. And how could I forget telling my dad, letting him in on the biggest secret since Area 51. I found myself oddly unsure about what lie ahead for the first time in my life. Unsure about how the Cullen's were gonna accept the fact that Charlie was now aware of the existence of their world, how Sam was gonna react when he learns it was my idea to tell Charlie about the pack. Grant Billy was there and he supported me in that decision. But Sam is alpha as well as Jake. I had not yet discussed my plans with Charlie about college and the baby, no idea if he wanted me to marry Jake or continue to live in sin as most would perceive it. And I dreaded the phone call to Renee, mostly because I feared the disappointment it is gonna bring hear to hear that I of all people didn't even get thru one semester of college before running off and getting pregnant. Fortunately it would be weeks before I would have to make that phone call. And to top it all off I had yet to really talk to Jake about the baby. He is still in high school for god sake, probably scared to death about the whole idea of being a father. Not wanting to face the day just yet I lounged in my bed till my bladder demanded relief and my stomach grumbled in protest. It was near noon when I did finally sulked into the bathroom, one long hot shower later I was met at the end to the stairs by a worried Charlie. " I...ah ...was about to check in on you...a bit worried you might be upset over the Edward thing."

I could see the sincere concern in his eyes, I hugged him before leading him towards the couch. Staring down at my hands I began to tell Charlie the one thing I hated to admit. " Dad...you were right I don't love Edward not like I did before he left. I felt that I owed him and the Cullen's for all that they had done for me. I guess I thought marrying Edward was the answer. Then I would have been the sister to Alice, Jasper and Emmett and the daughter to Carlise and Esme. They had done so much to protect me I just wanted everyone happy. I was to blind to see what I was passing up and Rose tried to make me see it. "

Charlie sat quite I was not sure if that was a good sign or not but he pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. " You are much to selfless, and that is what makes you a wonderful person Bella. But you have got to learn to sometimes put yourself first. Amazingly Jacob has the same personality and I think that well benefit you both on the long run. But for now you need to focus on Bella and no one else. With that being said what do you want to do about you and this baby?"

I was beyond stunned that he was not making demands of marriage or whatever else he thought was the right thing to do. As I sat there in shock I could only focus on one thing and that no matter what this baby was mine and no one could change that. Tears swelled my eyes as I thought back on the mere suggestion of have it aborted. How could someone who spoke countless times about holding onto the last shred of humanity suggest ending a life that had yet begun. In the mites of my inner dialog those tears began to fall. " Bella sweetie what's wrong why are you crying?" Charlie sounded panicked as I became aware I was crying. I wiped the tears away with my sleeve. "Dad I am okay...I just can't get over the fact Edward suggested I get rid of it the way he did. Now as for me and this baby I want to have it and keep it. And as for Jake that is up to him to decide. I know he is still in high school but I also want what he wants. So if he wants us to be a big happy family then I am all for it. If not well then I will figure it out from there."

Charlie sat back on the couch and seemed to be in deep thought. In the silence I decided it might be best if I went to Jacksonville if Jake was not into the big happy family idea. It was then Charlie spoke "Well I will support you in your decisions, but I also want to you know that you don't have to put off any school if Jacob is not willing to do his fatherly duties. I will help you care for this baby and I am certain Sue would be more then happy to play grandma." I smiled weakly. I knew Sue and Charlie had become close but I was not aware they had gotten this close. " So I take it you are planning on marring Sue then?" Charlie nodded briefly."Well not right away, we talked about it had planned on something this winter but right now you need me." He patted my knee . " Dad I am sure I can handle you getting married besides it is about time you moved on." I looked at the clock and saw it was almost one. "Dad I told Jake I would be at Emily's around two to talk to the pack. So I think I will try and talk to Jake after . " I hugged Charlie again before heading into the kitchen. Not feeling up to cooking I just grabbed me a turkey sandwich and an apple before heading out to Sam and Emily's.

About ten till two I pulled up at the Uley house greeted by a very eager Seth and a pissed off Leah. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to know what pissed Leah off but I figured why not I will just be hearing about it later anyways. I hoped out of the truck just as Seth pulled me into a smothering hug. I glanced over to Leah and took a deep breath. "Leah?" I frowned . "Are you okay?" With a cheesy grin on her face she answered." Sister dear I am just peachy! " My mouth dropped open in shock. I knew Charlie mention to me about them possibly getting married but wow Sue must be serious " That's right Bella daddy dearest has been shacking up with my mom and to top it off now my mom wants to run away and get married. But hey I why am I complaining in a few months you won't be around to share the joy." With that Leah turn and stomped off into the house leaving me dazed and confused. I figured by now the whole pack would have know about the baby and me leaving Edward. I shock myself from my daze and followed Seth into the house.