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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Saturday morning, I had waited for this day all week. It was my weekend with Bella and I was gonna make the most of it. Last time she spent the weekend with her I noticed she was looked at me in a way I had seen before. It was almost lustful and it was not like Bella. I spoke with Sam about it, he agreed that it seems Bella may have new feelings for me But why now, why not 6 months ago when it was just me and her and not her and Cullen. I have to test this theory, I need to catch her emotionally off guard. And what better way then a chick-flick. After talking with Emily Monday night it was suggested to me that since Bella enjoyed Pride and Prejudices she might enjoy Casanova. After some die-hard convincing I got Emily to let borrow her copy but for one night.

After we were headed back Bella out of know ask " So what do you have planned for this weekend?" Planned? Do we really plan anything " I figured we could just hang out at the house for a bit then head over to Sam and Emily for a bonfire tonight" I rambled off, it was true there was a bonfire tonight but then again there was one almost every weekend. " That sound good to me" she said weakly. At that pint we were just pulling in when I saw dad and Charlie Man they had not left yet! But then they told us to have fun. .
When we got inside Bella took off towards the bathroom "Oh Jake, I will be right back just gonna use the bathroom. Pick out a movie will ya" She spoke with a quiver in he voice. "Sure thing Bells" I said as I reached for the movie. After I put the movie in I flopped on the couch letting out a sigh as I took off my shirt. I think I am getting to her already, damn I wish I knew what it was I could have been do it along time ago. I heard the bathroom door open at the point. She walked into the living room and stood there for a moment before she sat down next to me. I started the movie then pulled her close to me. I want to be as close as she would let get. Then I wrapped my arms around her and it felt as if she had melted in my arms.
At some point in the movie Bella started to fidget. At first I thought it was because she had lost interest but the she shifted her weight and it hit me. Sweet Jesus she is hot for me. Do I say something? Or just wait for me to make a move? Bella would not do that it not like her to do something like that. I am gonna have to make the first move then. Well here goes. I leaned in close , god she smelled good like strawberry's. But I as I took in scent of her shampoo I heard her heart start to race. This is it I know it, she is putty in my hands. Nodding her neck I debated where not or to kiss her but as I did her breathing quickened. I figured what the hell I have her worked up this far lets see what can happen. So then lightly I kissed the back of her neck three times. Then I whispered in her ear the magic words " Ya know Bells you don't have to fight it and you know I would be all to willing." She spun her head around and looked right at me. I could see it in her eyes the confusion and before I could let her get out what she had to say " Bells I am not blind I see the way you have been looking at me lately plus I can hear your racing heart and your scent of arousal."

She jump off the couch and headed for the door " Jacob...I..uh...this is not happening..I gotta go". The she was gone. Shit! So stupid! She is never gonna talk to me again. Why did I think she would go for that, she has told me time and time again just friends. God I gotta fix this. I picked up the phone and called Sam.