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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Sam I really fucked this time." I said as soon as I heard his voice on the line.

"Oh man Jake what did you do?" Sam whined. " Please tell me you did make a move on her?"

"Well not exactly but I doubt she will ever want to be around me again"

"Jake man just start from the top, what happened?"

I took a deep breath knowing I was gonna get an ear full when I was done." Well during the movie Bella became aroused so I decided to take the advantage of the situation I told her that she did not need to fight what she was feeling and that I was all to willing."

There was a long pause followed by Sam telling Emily to go find Bella.

"Jake, this was not what I had in mind when I told you to find out Bella's true feelings. You are a complete morn no girl is going to responded lightly to something like that. And this is Bella we are talking about here one of the most modest people I know."

"Sam just tell me how to fix it, I know I screwed up. I can't lose her not know...not ever!"

"Just let her have her space, she'll talk when she is ready. But don't go any where near her till then. Do you understand, if you wanna fix this do as I say."

"Yeah, yeah I hear ya Sam. Just pleases don't say anything to the guys".

After I hung up I wondered out on the porch. Trying to do what Sam suggested I sat on the porch . Then she appeared coming for the beach Bella head towards me. As she reached the porch I stood up but before I had a chance to say anything she spoke " Jacob I think it would be best if I head back home with Charlie tonight spend some time with him and give us both time to think about what happened today." I was stunned but at the same time I knew that this is what she needed. So I just nodded and left it at that. Then dad and Charlie appeared with the fish that had caught. Bella looked and her dad "Hey dad why don't we head on back to the house and I can cook these up for you." She took his arm and lead him toward the cruiser." He waved back at dad "Alright well see you later Billy."

I followed dad inside he sat the fish on the counter and look at me and chuckled" You look like you lost you best friend there son." I punched the table leaving a indention in the wood. "Jacob what has gotten into you it was a joke son." He paused for a minute before he spoke again. " What happened ?"

"Nothing Dad, I just made a fool of myself."

"Tried to profess you love to Bella again?" Dad ask with a half smile on his face."When are you gonna give up Jacob?"

Gritting my teeth I spit out. "The day she says 'I do' to the filthy bloodsucker" and then I went to my room.