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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

I woke early to find Charlie had already left for the day. Something must have been up at the station for him to go in on a Sunday. After a nice hot shower I wonder toward the kitchen for some breakfast. Nothing really looked good so I settled on a bowl of Fruit Loops. After I cleaned up around the house a bit I I headed out to La Push. It was kinda nice driving myself there without the worry of Alice seeing me in her visions and then Edward stopping me right before the treaty line.

When I got to the Jacob's it was a little past 9, I was not sure if Jake would be wake but I knocked anyway. Billy answered." Good Morning Bella, come on in Jake's in the shower he should be out shortly."

I sat on the couch and waited when he came out ,Billy excused himself. He head down to the Clearwater's for breakfast.

Jake sat beside me he took my hand and kissed it. "What happen yesterday, Bells?"

"That's the million dollar question it seems" I chuckled . "Jacob I am not gonna lie yesterday I felt something I have never felt before. And it scared me because I had someone respond. I am so confused right now. I just need to figure some things out."

He looked at me with the most sincere eyes and asked" Well Bella what can I do to help?" And that was all I need to hear. I reach up and cupped his face in my hands praying to god that I would not lose my never. Then I kissed him and I did not stop. They were so warm and soft like I had remembered. The more I kissed the more I wanted. I wrapped my arms around his neck as the passion flamed. I had never felt so alive in my life. Jacob broke our kiss" Bella what are you doing?" he said trying to catch his breath. I looked him in the eye and said" I don't know and I really don't care right now."

And then I pushed him back onto the couch as I climb on top straddling him. I had no clue what I was doing and just went with it, whatever felt right. He placed his hand on my waist and moved them to the small of my back as I started kissing his up neck to his ear and down his jaw back to his mouth. His hands moved under my shirt rubbing my back and I felt his erection grow from under me. He sat up moving me off him went to the front door and locked it. He turned look back at me and said "I hope you know what you are doing Bella" scooping me up carrying me to his room.

He kicked his door shut once we were inside and laid me on his bed . Pulling off his shirt he hovered over me . His eye were heavy and full of lust . It seemed like minutes before he started kissing me. I pulled him closer and his tongue traced my lower lip before slipping it into my mouth. He tasted so sweet and minty at the same time. I ran my fingers throw his hair as he massage my tongue with his. I could fell my heart race more as he moved his kisses down my neck then pulling my shirt over my head . Tossing it on the floor he then turned back to remove my pants. Once they were off my kissed me on my stomach making his way back to my mouth. He slide my bra straps down one at a time kissing each shoulder before undoing the clasp in one fluid action. I gasped before speaking" Have you been practicing?" He smirked "No I have not, it is the werewolf reflexes." I reached down and unbutton his pants never taking my eyes off his. Sliding my hand down into his pants I stroke him a few times making him toss his head back and moan. I then found myself pin to the bed as he ripped my underwear off. He slide a finger inside me and then two. It made me moan and want more. "Oh god Jake this is unreal" I manged to say breathless. He pulled his fingers way " We can stop at any time Bella." With a little frustration in my voice I said."No I want all of you ....now!" He hopped up from the bed and went over to his dresser in the top draw he pulled out a condom. Standing at the foot of the bed he drop his pants reveling his large erect penis to me. Holy Shit its huge! I laid me head back on Jake's pillow and took a deep breath. He climb back onto the bed spreading my legs part with his knees. With one hand he held himself up and with the other he guided himself into me. OHMYGOGOHMYGODOHMYGOD!! This is it no turning back. He was slow and gently as he entered me. I could fell my hands trembling at this point and I knew Jake could feel them to. Trying to remember to breath I told Jacob" Don't hold back I want this, I need this" He nodded and trusted harder, after a few pushes I felt him break thru. The stinging pain sent chills over my body as I gaped, he was in me fully. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist pulling him closer and deeper into me. My head at chest level I could hear his heart race and his breathing become more rapid. I dug my nails into his back as he begin to thrust faster and harder. Then out of no where a sensation overwhelmed me and I could not hold back "oh god Jake" I screamed as my whole body quivered in pleasure. Soon after I heard Jake give out a load moan followed by one hard and fast thrust.

He looked into my eyes still breathing hard he kissed me before he pulled out then laid next to me on the bed. As we caught our breath Jake spoke" Bella I did not expect this at all when you walk through my door this morning." I grinned. "Well I figure something like this would happen".

He sat up a looked at me."Really, you planned on this, what if I had not been so willing?"

" Right Jacob like you would have refused after what you said yesterday."

"So I can assume that this is a one time thing?" He asked.

"It don't have to be, but we can't say a word to anyone about this."

He grinned "Friends with benefits kinda thing then."

I sighed. "If that's what they call it.