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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6


Dad came home to find us both in better moods assuming we talked things over. She left shortly after to get cleaned up before the Cullen's got back from there hunting trip. I called Sam to tell him that Bella came to see me that morning and we had a long heart to heart and things are fine between us. He gave me a big told you so speech and then I thank him for his help and advice.

The day pretty much was uneventful. Dad made me clean up my room a bit. While doing so I came across Bella's panties I had ripped off her. I stared at them for a minute then brought them to my face and inhaled. God I missed her already. I shoved them in between my mattress and box spring hoping no one would find them there.

Quil and Embery came by a short time later. " So we did not get to see Bella at all this weekend and we where just wondering if everything is okay with her?" Quil asked.

"Yeah I just said something stupid yesterday and she left early ,but things are fine now." I reassured them.

Later we went out to the garage and tinkered around a bit before heading in for the night.


When I pulled in I was surprised to see the Cruiser in the driveway. I wish dad would have called I could have gotten supper ready. I opened the door to find Charlie in the recliner eating pizza. "Dad you could have called me and told me when you were off, I could have had supper ready"

"Right there that is what I was talking about last night"

"Dad, I am confused what are you talking about?"

"That smile I said you have when you have spend the day with Jacob."

I was unaware I was smiling, but this was not time for that I smelled like Jacob and sex and I had to shower before Edward showed up. "Dad lets not get into that , I am gonna go take a shower Edward and his family should be back soon."

While I was in the shower I could not keep my mind from wondering back to my day with Jacob. How incredible it was. So much passion and pleasure, his tender touch that sent chills down my spine. Then I snapped back to reality when I ran out of hot water. When I got out I could hear Edward telling Charlie about his weekend camping and hiking. I slipped into my room too get dressed. When I came down the stairs Edward stood up and greeted me with a hug."Hello love, did you have a good weekend?" I nodded and sat down on the couch. We just lounged around for a bit until Charlie decided it was time for him to leave. On our way to bed I reminded Charlie that Alice and I were going shopping tomorrow for our dorm. He hand me his credit card and assured me that he want to help.

Once Charlie was asleep Edward joined me ,he pulled me close and kissed me with more passion then I had ever remembered, it was like he was trying to prove something. I shrugged it off knowing it would lead to anything and snuggled into him as I drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * * * *

The rest of the summer went smoothly, I spent my weekends at La Push and when not there I was at the Cullen's. I even went fishing with Charlie one Saturday. Before I knew it classes we do to start. Tomorrow I was gonna head on up to the University, Alice went up a few days in advance to decorate our dorm room. She insisted that next year we would live off campus after you described the cramp living space aka lack of closet to me over the phone once she got there. And then I reminded her this time next year I would be married to her brother and be living in Alaska with her and the rest of the family.

While I finished packing Edward decided to try and talking me into living with him again. "Bella you know you don't have to live in the dorms there is plenty of space in the apartment I am renting for you and Alice." He begged . "Edward I told you why I was doing this, you insist I get a normal college experience and this is the only way I know how. And besides Alice is with me and you are only a mile away. Plus Charlie won't have to worry this way either...about you know us alone...together."I smiled. He kissed me on my forehead. I had won this round but I knew he had not given up. He just wanted the best for me and I promised after we were married he could provide me with what ever he felt necessary but until then I was my own women. I needed to make my own way.

Edward and Charlie loaded up my stuff and Charlie drove me up to my dorm. I called Alice once we reached the campus, she helped carry my things to our room. She did a wonderful job with it . She even repainted, how she manged that I have no clue. The walls were now a creamy beige color. The room was decorated with in navy blue , brown and tan. The beds had matching bedspreads and throw pillows. Alice had really out done herself. There was even a new laptop setting on my desk. "Alice why the new laptop?" She beamed. "Happy Early Birthday".

We settled into a routine over the next week. Every morning Edward greeted us by the dorm with a hot coffee for me and walked us to our first class. We met at lunch and talked about how our day was. Our last classes let out at 2:30, most of the time Alice and I headed back to our dorm to start on whatever homework was given. We even participated in some of the campus activity's. After two weeks we planned to leave Friday after our last class let out to go home to Forks for the weekend. They needed to hunt and I needed Jacob. Edward and Alice dropped me off at my house before they head home themselves.

Charlie was not home when I came in so I decided to surprise him with supper. Nothing special but at least it was home cooked. I had the table set when he came thru the door." Bella is smells wonderful, but yon know you didn't have to" He kissed me on my forehead. Then hung up his jacket and gun. "I know dad but honestly can you tell me your not tried of eating at the diner."

He sat down and took a bit. "Well Bella actually Sue Clearwater has been graciously cooking for me and I head over to Billy's a few times a week. Which reminds me Jake is going crazy without you around, make sure you pay him a visit." He rambled on like he had not said anything new or out of the ordinary.

"Ah dad " I gasped "You and Sue Clearwater.....is there anything I should know." I raised one eyebrow in question. " I am happy for you if there is ,I just want a heads up."

"Well I would say it is a maybe" he grinned." So how is college life?"

"It is okay, nothing like a good routine for ya." I took a bit." But I am only in class for 8 to 2:30 so it is not that bad. Oh and I love my history class we are studying European history starting with the Romans and Greeks up until the Black Plague. Let me tell you some of them guys were beyond crazy and sick in the head."

Charlie chuckled "Well at least you enjoy it. Do you care for your other classes?"

"In English were a going over the basic parts of a sentence and in College Algebra we are reviewing just about everything I learned in High School Algebra. But other then that it is just peachy" He could her the sarcasm in my voice.

"I see " he murmured. "Sorry I asked. It will get better I promise."

I cleaned up after supper and settled on the couch in the living room to watch whatever game was on with Charlie before heading off to bed. Tomorrow I was headed to La Push and was gonna spend the day with Jacob and the pack. But first some one-on-one time with Jake was a most. Try to imagine the day if we didn't ,talk about sexual tension!

After a quick shower and a pathetic excuse for a breakfast, aka a cup of coffee, I drove down to La Push. Charlie and Billy had already left to go fishing so we would be alone. I did not even get a chance to knock on the door when Jake throw it open and grabbed my arm yanking me inside." Jesus Jake" I screamed as he slammed the door behind me then locking it. He pushed me up against the door and before he kissed me he grinned and said."Miss me?"