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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


7. Chapter 7

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It had been two weeks and I was about to bust if I did not see Bella today. I knew she was coming Charlie had said she would be over soon. And he was right. About an half hour after they head out to fish I heard the truck pull up. I ran from my room to the door and throwing it open.

There was my Bella about to knock. I yanked her inside by the arm as she screamed out "Jesus Jake!" , slamming the door behind her I locked it then pushed her against the door. I grinned"Miss me?" and then kissed her like I had never kissed her before .Both hands on the sides of her face pressing my lips onto hers forcing my tongue in her mouth. God I missed this. I missed seeing her, smelling her, tasting her. I missed everything about her. I broke our kiss. She smiled "I missed you to Jake but at least let me keep my arm next time."

Bella flopped onto the couch. "Oh before I forget Happy Birthday Bella" I picked up a small wrapped box up off the coffee table and handed it to her. Her birthday was Wednesday but she was at school. and my gifts were always hand made which she ways like best it seemed. She opened if carefully "Oh Jake I love it, it is a charm shaped like my truck. It is so cute. Here help put it on my bracelet." I hung it on the other side of the wolf charm I had given her in May. She reached up and hugged me before leaning in for a kiss. I slide my hands around her waist as she inched closer to me. For the last three months I leaned what it took to make Bella oblivious to the outside world. So I lightly kissed her starting at her collarbone and made my way up her neck nibbling along the way. Once I reached her ear she was already aroused so I whispered heavily in it "So do you plan on me undressing you or do you want that honor?"

She laughed and took me by the hand leading me to my bedroom." It is more fun when you do it, just don't rip my pants this time I really like this pair." I sat down on the edge of the bed and she sat in my lap straddling me. I ran my hands thru her hair as she moved hers up and down my chest and abs. Then a deep intense kiss followed as she leaned into me making fall back on the bed. My hands made there way under shirt softly caressing her , she broke our kiss" Jake, oh god you have know idea how crazy a girl can go without being touch." I pulled her shirt and bra off leaving her breast free hovering over me. I couldn't help myself , I reached up and squeezed them before bring my mouth to one. Bella moan out load. I flipped us over making my way down to her waist with each kiss. I slowly pulled her jeans off taking her panties with them. As I was about the slide my fingers into her she yelled out "Damn it Jake! No games just FUCK ME!" I was in shock, did those words come out of Bella's mouth. What have I turned her into? I turned to get a condom out of my sock draw and dropped my shorts. Sliding the condom I turn towards Bella "You need to learn some patients my dear" I said before I leaned back onto the bed. She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me onto her, looked right into my eyes and said "Just shut up and fuck me." I did as she asked. I slide right into her. Wow I see why she is so wet and hot.. No need for a warm up then I guess. I buried deeper into as she wrapped her body around mine it was like she couldn't get enough me. "Oh Jake you feel so good" she gasped as I plunged into her. "Harder..faster...please Jake" I groaned loudly before I spoke. "Bella I can't without....." She breathed heavily before speaking again" that's fine Jake I can't last much longer either" With that said I just let it all go once I felt her body tense up in convulsion as she screamed my name.

I collapsed onto her kissing her all over. "Wow....that was intense" I was still short of breath as I rolled back onto the bed next to her. "You think." she sighed as she looked over at me. "Can't wait for round two."