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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


8. Chapter 8

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I came out of Jacobs bathroom to find him in the kitchen making us lunch. "Hey were is your blow dryer, I don't want wet hair question might arise". He looked up for the table "Um....under the sink...maybe?" I returned to the bathroom and sure enough it was under the bathroom sink. After about 15 minutes my hair was dry I went back into the kitchen Jacob had made a mountain of sandwiches. "Ah Jacob think you gotta enough here?" I laughed. Billy and Charlie came in about that time. "Oh good lunch" Billy said as he put the fresh catch into the sink. Well all talked and ate before Jake and I headed down to the beach.

When we got to the beach the guys were playing with a Frisbee and Emily was sitting by herself off to the side. Jake joined the guys and I sat by Emily and watched.

"Hey Emily"

"Hello Bella, you look good today"

"Thanks I feel good and I am a whole year older"

"Oh that's right your birthday was this past week. Well Happy Belated Birthday"

" Jacob made me this" I showed her my new charm.

"Oh that is cute, it's your truck"

"I know right" I was beaming.

"So Bella, on a serious note, how did you and Jacob resolve your issue back in June? It seems Jacob never really told Sam what happened just that you talk in over and things were fine. "

I thought for a minute before I spoke "Well me and Jacob have an understanding. I know how he feels and he knows how I feel so.........."

"So what Bella......"

I covered my face with my hands tying to hide my embarrassment. "Emily you promise not to say a word, please not even to Sam.

"Yes Bella I promised then and I meant it any and everything said between us stays between us."

I took a deep breath before telling her"Okay me and Jake have been..." and then I whispered it ".......having sex." I was prepare for a nice long speech but I was surprised.

"Really...and you are being safe?"

In shock I spit out "Well yes...I mean you not upset?

"Nope... because this can only mean on thing" Emily said with confidence and a smile.

"And that would be..." I was curious.

" That what you have with Jacob is stronger then what you think and that in the end regardless what you might think you will be with Jacob. And if you can't honor your future husband by not cheating on him then he really does not mean all that much to you. "

It was like someone had punch me in the stomach. Once again someone was telling me that marring Edward was a mistake. But it did not fell that way to me." What me and Jake have is purely a friendship with some added benefits."

"Really... does Jacob know that?" She looked at me like there was something I was missing.

"Yes he does and he knows next August I am marry Edward and then I am moving to Alaska with him and the rest of the Cullen's. We have agreed that this between us stops at the beginning of the year."

She pressed he lips together before she continued " You really think you can just stop like that. What about Jake? Look I am not trying to grill you here Bella, I just want you to realize that you have gotten yourself in deeper then you thought. And Jacob is not going down without a fight. I would not be surprised if he did not tell Edward himself about you guys have sex just to break you and Edward up."

My jaw dropped " Jacob would not do that , if it meant hurting me he wouldn't."

"But if it meant he could win he might."

" I am some kind of prize and I am tired of refereed as such."I hissed . Jacob and Sam walked up and sat by us ."So Bella you coming to our Halloween party this year?" Sam asked as the tension started to fade from Emily and me. "Sure, I bet it is a blast. Cullen's really don't do anything so count me in"
I smiled a Jacob "So what do you wanna do now?"

* * * * *

On Sunday Alice picked me up and told me they had to something small planned for my birthday at the Cullen's house. And true to her word it was small just some cake and a few gifts. Dad gave me an I pod that could record, he thought it might be useful in those class that failed to interest me. So if I missed anything by not paying attention I could always play it back. Esme and Carlise got me one of those printers for for digital camera. Emmett and Rosalie went in together and got me a gift card. Edward's gift was thoughtful like always he had gotten me a 18k white gold necklace with a charm on it shaped like a key. On the back it was engraved with the day we first met and said 'You held the key from the Start'. I was stunned by the gift and as Edward fastened it around my neck I felt not only guilt but sick to my stomach. Emily was right this not gonna work. Jake would just back off that easy. And I knew this? Yes I knew this how could I not. How could I be so stupid not to think Jacob would not fight for me. I sat there with a blank expression as Edward tried for my attention. " Bella love do you like your gift?"

" Oh.....oh yes Edward it is lovely and every thoughtful" I smiled trying to forget my sudden smack of reality.

"Well I am glad but we really need to be head back before it gets late." I hugged them all as we said our goodbyes then Alice and I climbed into Edward's Volvo and started our 3 hour trip back to our dorms.