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No Worries

Summer after graduation, Victoria is no longer a problem. And Bella decides to postpone the wedding until next summer. No worries, right?


9. Chapter 9

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I can't believe I never thought of it that way CHEATING on Edward WITH JACOB of all people. Talk about guilt trip. I am just so glad he can't hear my thoughts. Well I can't keep doing this Emily was right, if I wait till January to end this Jacob might lose it and then I would lose everything. On my way back to the dorm I was lost in though as Edward sped down the freeway. Alice was to involved in the music to notice me dazed and Edward was concentrating on his driving.

I stayed busy most of the time keeping my mind from thinking about Jacob and the incredibly mind blowing sex. On the weekend I was supposed to visit home with Alice and Edward I used studying for mid-terms as an excuse to stay behind. When really I was avoiding Jacob. And for the following weekend that is was a paper that I insisted on finishing for my excuse. As far as everyone was concurred this was normal Bella behavior. Jake did call a few times to catch me up on the latest in La Push and made me promise to come to the Halloween party. I just had one more weekend to avoid and I manged to talk Alice into having a girls weekend with just me, which did not take much persecution. We stayed at Edward's apartment since he was in Forks. She gave me the works, a manicure, a pedicure and a facial we even shopped for a costume for Emily and Sam's party . We even went over some wedding plans with made me feel sick. If only I could tell her. She was my best friend and I owed it to her but she could keep it from Edward forever, it would slip one day. And then I would be crushed. Alice could see something was bothering But I told her it would not do any good talking about it, it was just per-wedding gritters because the wedding was only 9 months way. She laughed and said she would hate to see me when it gets closer.

The weekend of the Halloween Party was not the same weekend Alice and Edward were gonna drive down to Forks so Edward drove me down just the two of us. It was nice we talked about some of the things he wanted to show once we moved to Alaska and some place I wanted to visit after my change. Wow my change to think this time next year I was gonna be a whole new Bella. I thought about losing Jacob as my best friend, he would then be my natural enemy.

Edward dropped me off at my house around 5 on Friday. I went inside and started supper hoping Charlie had remember I was home this weekend instead for next weekend. When I came home he greeted with a hug "Now kid I hope you have all A's with the way you have been voiding home for "studying' and whatnot" He grinned. He sat down and we chatted over dinner and about things round Forks I had missed over the last month. He and Sue had become somewhat of an item. But when they get to that age there is no boyfriend/girlfriend. No matter what thought I was happy that Charlie was happy. That night I stayed in it was nice. I decided to call Emily and ask if I had to wear a costume to the party, I just did not feel in the costume mood I told her. She said it would be fine to just be me.

Saturday evening rolled around, I had not been down to La Push yet today. I had no idea how to act around Jacob, no clue what expect I just knew he would want a lot of answer to a lot of questions that I was not sure I could answer yet at this point. Nevertheless I at least dressed nice. I wore a pleated black skirt that hung just above the knee, some teal argyle knee high socks, a really low cut teal sweater that was really tight on me. It was one that Alice had pick out on our last shopping trip. As for shoes I was lost so I just slipped on a of black flats. I pulled the top half of my hair back in a barrette and curled the bottom a bit. Remembering how Alice did my make up at prom I tried to mimic which turned out really good, I was surprised. Thinking ahead I garbed my black Pea Coat and kissed Charlie on the forehead as I head to Sam and Emily's.