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Unseen Images

Good grades, and intimidating good looks were the only things people knew about Renesmee Cullen; what they didn't know was that she was a half vampire that has a certain glow to her when in the sunlight and can show people images of her thoughts and feelings by the touch of her hand. Although without her ability, expressing her emotions and thoughts was a different mess all together. To make matters worse, her werewolf best friend, Jacob Black has become more protective and clingy as ever, and a whole new dilemma in her life starts when a mysterious senior boy suddenly wants her attention. Can she hold onto her families secret, or will she end up giving in to her hearts demand like her father had in his high school years?


1. Unexpected Decision

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I touched my mothers cheek with my hand once she asked how my day at school went. I played my entire day in her head, not leaving out a single detail. I showed her my struggle in the sunlight, and I showed my biology teacher and his rampage at the class. I showed her the feeling of the sunlight when I was walking home from school; she sighed as the memory came back, but I knew the sunlight was just another memory that was vaguely there. My mother can't remember most of her human memories; they seem to be all tucked away in a safe spot in her mind where no vampire memories can erase them. I sometimes show her how she looked when I first saw her when I was born, so she doesn't forget how pretty she was before my father turned her after she gave birth to me; a half vampire. I let my day finish up until the present moment, and then let my hand drop lightly back down to my side. I allowed her to take in all the pictures I showed her, and waited for her to respond.

"I see." she smiled. "Why did your biology teacher yell at your class today? Did they misplace a microscope?" she chuckled. I smiled, and brought my hand back to her cheek, and showed her a replay of what happened. Jason Delray, one of the more popular students, thought it would be funny to set a tack on Mr. Taos's chair. Considering he was much too over weight, Jason said that he wouldn't feel it. Jason was sent to the office 5 minutes later when a goody - two -shoes classmate, Natalie Spoon, turned over Jason, and Mr. Tao spent the next half an hour of class trying to get the tack out of his behind, and telling us that disrespectful behaviour was forbidden in his classroom. I let the replay go on until the colors and people faded, and let my hand drop once more.

"That Jason is always getting in trouble isn't he?" My mother asked as she walked effortlessly from my room, down the stairs, and to the kitchen. I followed just as effortlessly, but not as quickly. Being half human, and half vampire, my talents aren't as pronounced as a vampires would be. I don't have venomous teeth, my skin doesn't glow as much as my families does, and the speed at which I run isn't quite as fast. When I go hunting with my father, I usually loose my prey quickly, so I let him get it for me, although he hates how the deer taste. I don't see a difference in how blood tastes in each animal, it all basically tastes the same. I guess that's another thing that is not all that developed for me.

"Jason doesn't have any life path." I said as I sat down at a chair seconds after my mother had entered the same room. "I think his brain is hardwired wrong."

"Now, Renesmee," my mother scolded lightly. "Everyone has a life path. Some people just don't what theirs is yet. You hungry?" she asked as she took out a glass from a near by cupboard, and walked over to the fridge. "Your father won't be back for awhile. He left a few minutes after you came home. He and the guys have gone hunting quickly."

"He didn't wait for me?" I asked, a little disappointed. "I told him I wanted to join him, Uncle Emmett, and Uncle Jasper the next time they went." My mother smiled sympathetically.

"Maybe he didn't want you missing too much school. Exams are coming up soon you know." she suggested. Her head snapped up quickly for a fraction of a second then, and her golden eyes wandered around the room before her eyes shifted back to what she was doing, and poured cool red liquid into a cup, and set it down on the table in front of me. The sweet scent of the blood flowed through my nose and into the core of me instantly. I could never get over the smell.

"Jake's here." my mother said in a mono-tone, and poured a glass for herself. I turned my head full of long chocolate brown curls around and looked behind me, instantly seeing my best friend, and werewolf, Jacob Black bouncing happily towards me from the front door. Just to bother him, I took a sip of the red liquid, and let is run deliciously down my throat as soon as he entered the kitchen, and smiled mischievously at him.

"Hey Nessie," he greeted happily just before he realized what I was drinking, and then grimaced. "Ugh, I still don't get how you can drink that stuff."

"There are a lot of things you don't get Jake," my mother replied as she sat down at the opposite end of the table. "But then again, that's what comes with being Jake." Jake looked at my mother with a hint of hurt, and confusion. I don't think my mother ever got over the fact that Jake had Imprinted with me the first time he saw me as an infant. I mean, I know what he said about wanting to be apart of the family, but I'm guessing my mother didn't expect for him to be apart of the family this way. I smiled up at Jake, trying to lighten the mood in the room. I put my hand up to his cheek, and showed him the part where Mr. Tao sat on the tack. Jake kneeled down as he watched. At the end, he burst out laughing.

"They still play those play school pranks in 11th grade?" he asked, a little surprised. "I swear, out every prank I've seen someone play on a teacher, this place beats them all." My family used to live in Forks, Washington, but we moved after we showed the Vulturi that I wasn't a blood thirsty monster, considering my mother had already finished school, and wasn't going to age anymore with her friends, and on top of that, I was growing so rapidly that people would start to notice a 6 week child would look like a 2 year old in a matter of days. My father wasn't going to take any precautions with us staying in Forks, so we moved to Juneau, Alaska. Of course, Jake knew that if we left without him, he would be hurting forever, so he begged his father to let him go, and finally after 3 months of begging and pleading, his father finally let him come. I was delighted that he was coming and staying with us, but my parents were a little iffy about the idea; they only agreed because they knew it would make me equally happy.

"Where's Edward?" Jake asked as he pulled a chair up beside me, and plunked down onto it.

"He's hunting." I replied for my mother, taking another sip of my sweet snack. Jake nodded. My mother watched us for a moment before getting up from the silent table, and sighing a little before rinsing her cup out, putting it in the sink and walking out of the room. I watched her leave, feeling a pang of unsure guilt, or maybe it was sympathy. Somehow I knew my mother deep down inside wished she hadn't broken Jakes heart, and wished that he wouldn't be apart of the family like he is now, but then again Jake would have been unhappy considering he wouldn't have Imprinted with her, at least not properly. Even now I think Jake wishes he was Imprinted with Bella instead of me, just to make his first best friend happy. From time to time I thought of the possibility of my mother being with Jake, but I wrongly do so because that goes against my father in so many ways. I love my father, honestly, but sometimes I wondered about other possibilities as well.

After I finished my snack, Jake and I talked and joked around for a good half an hour before my father got home with my uncles. I smiled in a somewhat proud manner at my dad as he came through the kitchen entrance, enveloping me into a crushing embrace as I stood up gracefully.

"How's my little girl doing?" he asked as he kissed the top of my forehead with care. I smiled up at him; his golden brown eyes glistening with the proud satisfaction that I was his daughter. I touched his cheek -although I didn't have to- and showed him pictures of all the better moments of my day. I showed Jake multiple times to give emphasis on the fact that I was in a great mood. My father nodded, and smiled down at me.

"You've had something to eat?" he asked, curiously. I nodded, and let him into my mind and showed him the sweet liquid that had quenched my thirst and hunger. He nodded once again, smiled lightly, and patted my shoulder before greeting the ever silent Jacob. Soon after, Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper came in the room with huge, playful grins. Jaspers hair was wildly out of place, and Emmett seemed quite pleased with himself. I giggled at Jasper. He smiled down and winked at me before ruffling my always perfect hair. Emmett leaned against the side of the kitchen wall, and chuckled.

"I suppose you're not up for a rematch then, Jasper?" Emmett grinned. "Considering I beat your a-"

"Language." Edward warned his brother, then motioned his glance quickly to me. Emmett held his hands up in playful defence. I chuckled lightly. Jake shook his head in amusement.

"What? It's true." Emmett laughed, then backed away a slight bit when he realized that Jasper was about ready to tear his eyes out. "Just saying." he said quickly, but keeping his face beaming in amusement.

"Where's your mother?" my father asked suddenly. I looked up at my fathers emotionless face and shrugged. I played him a replay of her leaving the kitchen, and then my father left immediately out of the room to search for her. I looked at Jake slightly confused. He just shrugged, and continued slouching in the kitchen chair. I got up, and walked over to Emmett, who was still smiling to himself. I touched his temple lightly, and put an image of Rosalie and Alice, asking where they were. Emmett shrugged apologetically.

"Sorry Nessie, I haven't. They might have went shopping." Emmett suggested, then shuddered ever so slightly. "God knows what they do on their shopping spree's." I looked at Jasper then, asking him the same question, but he only shrugged.

"My guess is as good as Emmett's, Ness." Jasper replied. I sighed, and sat back down at the table at which I have been sitting at for well over 2 hours now. It didn't seem like 2 hours; it felt more like 10 minutes. I toyed with the ends of my hair, and finally looked up at Jake. I noticed he was more alert then he was a few moments ago. He was still slouched over however, but his eyes were ignited with an odd flame of...protection? I couldn't quite tell. I watched him for a moment longer, wondering in confusion about what he was thinking, or listening to.

"Jake?" I asked finally. He didn't answer for the longest moment, but got up when my mother and father had come into the living room abruptly. I stood up slowly, a little frightened. I looked at everyone until my eyes landed on Jasper accidentally. He looked at me, and a rush of calmness flooded over me. I wanted to smack him and say ‘Jasper, this is serious.' but I knew it wouldn't do much. I looked at my parents. They seemed pretty calm, but something about the way they stuck close together; as if something was about to attack them made me think that they were hiding something from me. My father was the first one to speak.

"We're moving." he announced. I stared at him along with everyone else, except Jake. Moving? "People are starting to wonder again, and I think we need a fresh start." He smiled at everyone. People were starting to wonder? I guess that was quite possible. I had to skip grades to make it look like I was actually the proper age, and within 3 years, my growth has slowed tremendously, and I now look like an average 17 year old girl... Okay, maybe not totally average, but you get what I mean. I looked to my side at Jake. He looked rather uncomfortable, but he hid it well. "Alice and Rosealie are on their way and will be here shortly. We leave on Friday." My father concluded. His gaze upon mine, and he smiled his usual smile, but something in his eyes told me that our move had much more meaning to it than just humans starting to notice.