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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

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2. Chapter 2 - Nathan, Renee and Charlie

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After some years of living in Toronto, I decided it was time to move again. I bought a small farm near Vancouver. I lived quietly for a while; I was slowly starting to feel a little closer to normal. One day I met Renée - the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She was only nineteen years old and an American girl, so full of energy and goodness.

Renée was taking a year off before college to visit some of her family, and to study her family tree. She was staying with some distant relatives who lived in Canada, some of whom were said to be "paranormal". She had laughed when she had told me - "Some old stories of witches and other fairy tales ..." I was dazzled, fascinated and I can even say obsessed with her.

I knew the day would come that I would have to leave Renée, but would I be able to let her go after having known such beauty and perfection? However fate, itself took care of that decision for me when Jean Vincent and others from Loup Garou came for a promised visit. Despite my efforts, Jean found out about Renee and concluded that she represented exactly the kind of risk that we could not stand.

Renée was judged and convicted without even knowing, but I could not allow it. I decided to run away with her and fled to the United States. After a long flight, I finally decided to let her go; it would be safer for her without me. There was no way to tell Renée about the situation without telling her the whole story of my life; I just said that I was tired of her company. Renée, of course, refused to believe it and begged me to stay with her, but I persisted and convinced her that she was not desired anymore. I gave her some money and told her to return to her parents' house in Washington. Renée was devastated but went anyway. Following her the whole way, I made sure she was home safe and away from danger. I had promised myself that it would be just this once, but I broke my promise many times and stood close for a couple of weeks.

When Renée finally went to college, she made new friends and had several boyfriends before meeting Charlie Swan. He had just graduated from the police academy. He was a bright young man, his career looked very promising. Charlie wanted to change the world - he certainly had the strength and courage to do it or at least try. But what really mattered to me was that Charlie was deeply in love with Renée. I knew that Renee would be happy with him. However much it hurt me to see her happy, I knew I had made the right choice.

Disconsolate, I traveled through Latin America, made new friends and also reacquainted myself with old ones. I returned to the United States and ended up in Seattle, where I met Theodore and Janet Leaf. Both had become doctors and to my surprise, they no longer hunted humans, but worked to rescue and help them. I stayed in Seattle as their guest, and I enjoyed their familiar company once again. One day, joining Theodore in his work, we found ourselves in a small town called Forks, Washington. Theodore, now an obstetrician, was following a case of high-risk pregnancy. The woman in question had several miscarriages, but she was now pregnant with twins. She was very upset and afraid of losing those babies. Theodore was her doctor in Seattle - when she was undergoing fertility treatment - and offered to continue her care in Forks. But he also wanted to investigate some legends about huge wolves that apparently lived in this corner of the country.

“Do you think there is another family here?” I asked him “Oh no! I doubt it! They look different, a sort of hybrid, perhaps” “Do you really think that is possible?” “I do not know… Maybe”

The idea was fascinating and I could understand what motivated Theodore. But I never had much interest in the mystical world, much less now that I, myself, was a monster. I left Theodore at work for a while and decided to take a walk around the small, hazy town. Back at the hospital on my way to the parking lot, I saw Renée. Initially I thought I was going crazy, but then gave another look and yes, it really was my Renée. She was beaming and seemed so happy, even more beautiful than I could remember. Then I noticed something different about her, something that had never crossed my mind, Renée was ... pregnant! Renee was pregnant. Pregnant with Charlie’s child!

A whirlwind of feelings emerged in me. I felt hatred, envy, and began to feel sorry for myself but then I realized that Renée was the patient of Theodore. Suddenly, Theodore’s words came back to me: "high-risk pregnancy”. I panicked. She could not die! I could not lose my Renée again. I knew I could not bear it. Not again, not her. I could not let that happen. That would not happen to her.

On the way back to Seattle I told Theodore my story - how I had lived before I had met him and Janet, and about my fascination with Renée. After much discussion and some considerations, Theodore and Janet agreed that the best thing I could do for Renée was to let her live the life she had now.

“You know you can not give her what she needs. And you also know that by interfering in her life again, one day Renee will have the same fate as us, or even worse. Do you really think this is what you want for her? If you really love her, you will let her live her life the way it should be,” Janet told me.

“I know,” I said, defeated. I sincerely knew that. Renée was the only reason I never ended my miserable existence. I did not have the right to end her life, and I could not sentence her to the same life that fate had given me. But I also knew I could not walk away from Renee now. I promised to stick around, just to help with the delivery. Then when I was sure that Renee would be fine, I would leave again and never return.

At that time Renee was very sad, but always managed to hide her despair from Charlie. I almost thought that Charlie was an idiot for not seeing how Renee suffered, suffered from carrying his children. But when I noticed how he looked at her with his bleak eyes, I realized that he was lost. Charlie was feeling the same fear I felt. I almost felt sorry for him. But at least he had Renee, he could take her hand, hold her in his arms in a way that I never could. Then I understood the meaning of my feelings. It was not pity, it was envy. I wanted what he had! He had what I could never have!

On the night of September 13th, 1989, from the bushes where I hid, I heard a crashing sound then something hit the floor. Renée was screaming in pain. All I could see was Charlie with her struggling in his arms. She had fallen down the stairs. Charlie should know that as Renée was clumsy, stairs were never a good idea; she was like a danger magnet. He put Renee in the back seat of the police car and drove like crazy to the hospital. I followed as close as I could before calling Theodore and asking him to come and help. He agreed and asked no questions about how I knew Renee was in trouble. So when Renee and Charlie arrived just a few moments before me, Theodore was prepared for them.

She was rushed into the operating room. One of Renee ribs had been fractured, injuring a lung artery and causing severe pulmonary hemorrhage. Theodore quickly began the operation; a caesarean section would be necessary. From the window where I watched, I could see the first baby born. It was big and healthy. Her heart was beating strong and fast.

“Isabella ... let me see her…” gasped Renée. Charlie was there too, holding Renee’s hand, ”Yes my love, this is our Bella”, he said, proudly holding the baby for Renee to see before handing baby Isabella to the nurse.

The birth of the second baby took a little longer. When she left Renée’s body, she did not cry, did not move, and seemed lifeless. The nurses came and took her immediately and soon began resuscitation. She was not breathing and they had to incubate her. Renée was crying and whispered, “Angel! My Angelique! Charlie, help her!” She began to cry and Charlie seemed paralyzed. Renée then collapsed; she had lost a lot of blood. Charlie was removed from the room and the assistants began working to save Renée. That was too much for me. I could not stay there. I just started running, trying to escape from that place, just wanting to run away from the pain.

It was almost dawn when I finally calmed down and decided to return to the hospital. This time, I went in and saw Charlie on the phone, “Maria Swan, please? Arrrr… hi Mom. Yes, yes ... hum ... no. She had a cardiac arrest, but she’s stable now. The doctor didn’t say, but...” He was making a great effort to not to cry, “Well, the babies are not much better either. No, no, mother! Bella is fine, but Angel... she suffered a respiratory failure. I don’t know! I don’t know anything, Mom!” His hand was shaking, and though no sound escaped him, I knew that Charlie was falling apart.

A morbid curiosity took over me; I needed to see those babies, Renée’s babies, the babies that had nearly claimed her life. So, not understanding why I was looking for the girls, I made my way to the nursery. I saw Isabella. She slept peacefully, was pink and looked strong. Isabella's mouth was Charlie’s and she had his hair too, but her face was certainly Renée’s. In the right corner, in the incubator, I could see Angelique. They were identical, but unlike Isabella, Angelique seemed weak and sick. She was so small and fragile. I automatically leaned over to touch her angelic face, when I heard an annoying sound, shrill and persistent. I heard Charlie screaming,” Noooo! Renee, I want to be with her, let me go! I need ... Renee!” I was lost; so much hatred clouded my mind. I realized that Charlie was the reason for my misery. He had done this to her. This was all because of him. I hated Charlie Swan! All I could think of was killing him. But I knew Renee would be lost and alone without him, I managed to contain myself for her wellbeing.

A commotion began down the hall. People ran to Renée’s room. Amid the turmoil, I felt something warm and gentle touching my fingers. I looked down to find it was Angelique. She held one of my fingers with such force that seemed she was begging me to hold her in my arms. I could not control myself and I did as she asked. The heat radiating from that little body was so lovely; such an innocent creature, so beautiful, so helpless. I instantly knew - she was mine!

Obsessed by taking Angel as my own daughter, I formulated a plan in seconds. Although I was anxious, I could contain myself for a few days. Back then, Forks’ hospital was not more than a clinic, simple and quite basic. The most serious cases were routed to Port Angeles or Seattle.

I approached one of the nurses who worked at the hospital, Bernadeth, and through her, I discovered how the hospital routine worked. I paid particular attention to the shift changes of the four nurses working there. Bernadeth also told me that Theodore had finally persuaded Charlie to take Renee to the intensive care unit of Seattle Hospital, where she would have more chance of survival and recovery from the trauma. This was my chance.

Theodore was Dr. Frederic’s assistant, an elderly gentleman, who was responsible for the entire hospital. Dr. Frederic owned a private clinic in Port Angeles, fifty miles from Forks. He was called only in case of emergencies.

A few days passed. I saw when the ambulance left with Charlie and Renee, leaving the infants under the care of the nurses. Charlie's mother had not yet arrived and Theodore had accompanied them. My heart sank as I watched Renee being accommodated in the ambulance stretcher. Her body inert and lifeless was covered in endless tubes and wires; the only things keeping her alive.

That same night I invited Bernadeth for a date. And even though I was still shaken by recent events, I did not find any difficulty pretending to flirt during dinner. After two or three glasses of wine, I watched Bernadeth’s reflexes decreasing. Finally, I offered to take her to the hospital where she supposed to relieve another nurse.

It was quite late at night when we entered the small reception. There were only two nurses there, but Bernadeth would be alone the entire night along with the watchman and the janitor. The watchman was very elderly, and when not chatting, soon felt into a sleep so deep that even a bomb thrown at his feet could not wake him up. The janitor, on the other hand, was a very distracted young man, always using a flashy yellow headset. So while Bernadeth composed herself in the bathroom, I headed to the nursery. Angelique was awake and alert. She toyed with the blanket that covered her body when I approached and touched her beautiful face. She smiled at me and erased any doubts that remained within me. Charlie and Renee could keep with Isabella, but Angelique would be mine forever. She would be my piece of Renee and I would protect her for a for as long as she lived.

Still determined to complete my plan, I took the tiny baby in my arms and headed for the exit, but first I took her to Isabella’s nursery and touched her face lightly. When she woke up I let them exchange a last look. Isabella raised her arms toward Angelique and threatened to cry.

”Shh... Isabella, do not worry. I'll take care of her. And you... take care of your mom for me, okay?”

Even before Bernadeth was back from the restroom, I made my escape without any major problems. I passed the sleeping watchman, still snoring in one of the reception chairs, and the janitor, lost in one of his noisy songs. So I ran away from that place; with my sweet Angel in my arms.