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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

All characters in the Twilight Saga and the original plot are the property of Stephanie Meyer. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

3. Chapter 3 - The Trip

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APOV Angel

I always had this strange feeling of emptiness in my soul. Despite everything (ok, I'm not a very demanding person). I always studied at home, so I do not have many friends. I do not even know many people. My father and I are very private people and always enjoy our quiet lifestyle. We live in Louisiana, near New Orleans. We have a small house, nothing very luxurious, indeed luxury is far from reality here, but I never needed much. I never had a car or a bicycle; I have no ability to do so. But I had a mare that never let me down, until last winter, when she suddenly became ill and died. I have a father who loves me deeply and would do anything for me. But somehow I know there's something missing in me. Maybe if Dad finally agreed to change me, I would be perfect, perfect as him. And so, we could fail to hide all the time and, finally, we could live together for eternity.

My father has a small farm and work in growing tomatoes and other organic vegetables, but he once was a teacher in Toronto. We have an old van that helps us in delivering the harvest, that is one of the few times that Nathan gives me some contact with other people.

My father is a little different from other parents, he is special. I like to think that fate brought us together, because only he could protect me, care of me. And I have to admit that taking care of me give a bit of work. He, on the other hand, disagrees. Nathan believes he is cursed and always says I'm his only redemption. The paranormal nature of my father never scared me, not even his diet scared me. Indeed, the fear was the exact opposite of how I felt. I am simply fascinated by the supernatural - a legacy from Renee, I think. Becoming a werewolf was my major goal, since I can remember at least. A fact that always bothered Nathan. I had already made several requests to Nathan - I have done some blackmail too - but Nathan never gave up. For him, there is nothing in me which could be improved, because in his mind I was his "perfect" Angel.

I was adopted by Nathan, after my mother died during my birth. Although I was not really the fruit of their love, Nathan always loved me as such. When I was little, I used to ask Nathan about my mother. He always told me that she was the most beautiful woman he has ever known; I could see love in his eyes. He told me how they met, but despite his great ability to act, I knew those memories hurt Nathan, so I made the questions less frequent until one day they stopped. Nathan and my mother, Renée, met in Vancouver, when she traveled to search for lost relatives, something about psychic abilities and witchcraft in her family. My mother was a very curious person and irritatingly restless - Nathan used to say.

The day of my seventeenth birthday was coming. And although I never liked gifts, I knew this would be an unforgettable year. Nathan had promised to take me to Canada, to know the city where he lived for so long and met my mother. To be honest, what encouraged me most was the journey itself. I had never left the state, let alone the country. I was ecstatic and looking forward to these holidays. The excitement in my eyes really bothered Nathan. For him, I never even come out from inside the house. Nathan was obsessed with my safety and said that by going out around the world was a terrible idea for those who should hide. He knew that if others of his kind knew about my existence and how much I knew about them, I was doomed. And I knew it was true: “Only one more reason for you to turn me, right father?” “Angelique Marie Fischer! We will not have this conversation! You know what I think about it and will not change my opinion”, said Nathan on our way to the airport. “But dad, you know it's the only way to ...” “That’s enough Angel! If you will start with this blackmail of yours again, I think it is better to stay at home, don’t you agree?” “Ok, ok! Already quit!” I muttered.

We arrived in Toronto on September 5th. Nathan wanted us to be in Montreal for my birthday, but before he had planned a tour of other cities in Canada. We rented a car and visit all the small towns around Ottawa. When we finally arrived at Quebec we stayed in a small hotel, located in the old avenue Wilfrid Hamel. I was exhausted, but my stomach would not let me rest. So we decided to go out and look for a restaurant. We went by bus this time. We were in Auclair Boulevard when Nathan stopped, was static. He looked surprised at something across the street. “What's wrong, father?” I asked.

Suddenly, Nathan grabbed my arm and started running desperately “Dad? Father? Nathan! What happened? Why are we running?” “Be quiet, my daughter, just run!” He replied.

By the time we reached the hotel, I was almost fainting - I was not fast enough or even have physical form for so much effort and speed. Nathan started to pack our luggage, or rather, began to throw everything into the bags, without saying a word. “Nathan, please? Tell me what's going on” nothing, it seemed that I was not even there “Dad?” Then I cried. Nathan stopped, as if out of a trance and looked serious. The fear was all I could see in his eyes “Angel, my dear, we have to leave! We need to get out of here as soon as possible! Before they find us and...”

The intercom buzzed. Nathan was static again. The intercom buzzed again. When I leaned over to attend, Nathan was faster “Yes?” He said politely “Who? Ahh, yes, yes. Ask him to wait, I'm going and I'll be in the lobby shortly”.

NPOV Nathan

How could I be so reckless, so irresponsible? How did I not foresee that this would happen? Destiny always stuck with me, and now, certainly would not be different! I should have taken more care. I should have protected Angel! It was what I was here for, to take care and protect Angel. My Angel.

“Angel, my daughter, I need you to trust me again. I do not deserve your trust ... I do not deserve to have you in my life, but now it's too late to regret it” I said trying to compose myself before facing Giacomo. “Dad, I do not understand. What's happening?”

“Angel, you should listen to me, at least this time, you should hear me and do as I ask you, okay?” I pleaded. “But ...” Angel said confused, almost crying. “Honey, I'm coming down and talk with an old ... friend (the word friend does not fit in that context, but it was all I could find) I need you to stay in this room and wait until I return”

I still had no idea what I would do, but Angel should stay out of the reach of his eyes (and claws). “Promise me you'll do what I'm asking you, Angel! I need you to promise me and in return I promise you I will explain everything” “Yes father, I'll stay here. But, please ...” “I'll be fine, nothing will happen. Wait for me.”

The old hotel elevator seemed too slow for me. I decided to take the stairs. In a heartbeat I was in the hall and saw Giacomo at the entrance. He was leaning against the door with a cigarette dangling in his mouth half smiling “Well, well, my old friend Nathan!” Giacomo greeted me maliciously. “Good night, Giacomo. Long time no see. It's good to see you again!” I said politely. “Is it, Nate? It was not the impression I had when you ran that way...” I smiled “Well, I had company ... actually I have company. I know that you can understand” “Sure! I see that you remain discreet as always” Giacomo said suspecting something. “I like privacy, that's all. And I prefer to savor every step of the process.” I bluff. “AHAHHH!” an evil laugh reverberated from Giacomo throat “I did not know that you had acquired a taste for seduction games, Nate!” “I found that a bit of mystery always makes things easier” I said. Giacomo is not easily fooled. I had to silence him once and for all. I had to kill him; this was the only way to keep Angel safe.

“Yes, yes, that's true. But tell me Nate, what brings you back to Canada? Where have you been in recent years? Jean Vincent misses "very" much your absence.” At that moment I realized that Giacomo - the bastard – would be missed by someone and that sooner or later they would come looking for him. And if they had only a suspicion of my presence here, the whole effort would be futile. “Listen Giacomo, why don’t we continue this conversation in a more private location?” I said, gesturing toward the receptionist who was watching us with curiosity. “Of course! We can go to the pier ...” Giacomo wanted to continue the conversation. “Excuse me my old friend! But as I said before I have company tonight and... I have to take some arrangements later. For discretion matters only, if you know what I mean” “Oh Nate! Of course you do! No doubt this is the most annoying part of the game, isn’t that?” “Yes, but in short, much needed” I said gritting my teeth in a weak smile. “Tomorrow then? At the pier, ten o’clock. Is it good for you?” Giacomo asked. “Perfect. Ten o’clock. Good night, Giacomo.” “Good night, friend! Well, I know you will have a great night!”

I waited until Giacomo disappeared in the dark night and only then went to the bedroom. When I met Angel, she was leaning on the arms of the couch watching peacefully a movie. “Angel? Why did you not do the bags?” I asked puzzled. “I did not know if we would go away, father. I thought it'd be a little more. Maybe we had to stay a little longer now.” “And why you thought we would?” I asked curious. “Oh, Dad, now that we were discovered, the only solution is the transformation...” “No, no, no! Stop already with this, Angel! I don’t want to hear the rest!” - I cried really angry this time.

“But what do you have in mind anyway? Do you really think there is another solution? Or you do not even care if I die? Is that it? You prefer me to die to change me, right?” Angel told me with tears in her eyes. This was not the reaction I was expecting. I expected to find Angel distressed and desperate, but here I am in front of this stubborn girl that even facing imminent danger finds the strength to blackmail me! “We will not have this conversation again, Angel. Pack your things now!” “I want…” “Now! Angel!” I said with a harsh tone.

Instantly, I picked up the phone and called the airport looking for the first flight to the United States. After much persuasion I finally managed to change the flight for Angel. It would be very tiring, with various connections and long holding hours, but at least she would be away and safe. For now...

The sun was not yet born when I left Angel in the departure lounge of the airport and watched as the plane took off. I returned to the hotel to prepare me for the meeting with Giacomo. At ten o'clock, I was on the pier as we combined. I watched the waves that seemed so riots as my mind was. “Good morning Nate!” Giacomo welcomed taking me out of the trance. “Hello Giacomo” I replied. “So how was your night?” “Good, as always” I lied, that was one of the worst nights I had in my entire existence. “Very good Nate. I must confess that when Theodore and Janet told us about...” My instinct was preparing my body for the attack. “You all right, Nate?” Giacomo interrupted me again.

“Ah, yes, yes, you were saying?” “Well, on our last visit to the United States, we met Theodore and Janet. They told us about that little "accident" of yours!” He laughed sarcastically. “Oh, did they!?” I nodded my hands in claws under the coat. “I knew you would not resist for much longer! I told Jean that you were not that disturbed, not so to exchange us for that pet of yours!”

I felt my muscles tighten at the mere mention of Renee name, but kept my composure and said: “Ah, Theodore said that, then?” “But it is obvious that yes! He knows that can not keep secrets from the family! But I tell you Nate, Jean was not happy to hear that after you kill that human you decided to self flagellate further. Theodore told us how guilty you felt and fled to hide your shame. But guilt, Nate? And shame? Ashamed of what?” “I am not able to explain why I felt so, Giacomo. And also do not like to be remembering those days” the pain of losing Renée was too strong for me, which seemed shame for Giacomo. “I understand, my friend! But I really think you need to spend more time with us. Family always helps, you know?” “Yes, I'll be back when I’m ready, thank you” I said mumbling. “I know you will” Giacomo responded really moved.

We talked for a while. Giacomo told some news and other unimportant things and no doubt he would continue so for a long time. When I interrupted him: “Giacomo, I'm sorry friend, but my flight leaves in an hour and I must go now”. He almost looked disappointed and said “But you already have to go? To where?” “I'm going back to the United States, this place really is not for me” I said smiling. “Okay. But let me at least accompany you to the airport”. I did not want to be one more minute near that damn bastard. And his presence will certainly prevent me from calling Angel to tell her that I was going home. But I had to accept and endure this torture for a little longer.