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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

All characters in the Twilight Saga and the original plot are the property of Stephanie Meyer. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

4. Chapter 4 - Sudden Changes

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After two hours of delay the flight finally landed in New Orleans. I was electric and desperate; I had made several connections to get home as quickly as possible. But everything seemed to go wrong. It was as if fate was playing with me, giving me more time to think and torture myself with fears and regrets. As soon as I got to the landing room I saw a telephone kiosk and ran to call Angel. The phone rang several times, but nobody answered. The despair came over me. I thought in a million things and all led to my greatest fear: Angel might be dead. Was Giacomo faster than me? Does he already had contacted Jean and the other Loup Garou and told them about our meeting in Canada? Did Angel get lost on the way? Or had she disobeyed me and returned to Toronto to see me? Where is that girl?

I could not wait any longer. I had already waited too long; I had to go back to Angel right now. In the gate of the airport there was a fleet of taxis waiting for passengers, eager for the next race. But I could not bear such a slow pace of those old and outdated cars. I decided to change, because that was the quickest way to get home and somehow it always calmed me. I really did not like to use my skills for nothing extra. But my situation was critical and had to use all the time still available.

When I got home, I looked carefully for any sign of invasion, any unusual smell which could indicate that Angel could be in danger. But found nothing. I went into the kitchen and saw that everything was clean and tidy. There was a piece of fresh bread resting on the basket on the table. But any sign of Angel. I went up to her room and saw the bed tidy as ever. In the bathroom, the shower was still wet. I went to the garage and noticed that the van was gone. Angel knows that I do not like when she drives it. But why on earth she would have left home when I told her specifically to wait for me?

A few moments passed and then I could hear the loud noise of the old van engine far way. I could hear the march jam when Angel missed the curve on the garage entry. With some difficulty, she finally managed to park in the driveway. I was waiting at the kitchen door impatiently “How many times do I have to tell you that you do not have permission to take the van?” “Daddy!” Angel said throwing the bags to the floor and hugging me “I missed you too!” “Oh, honey! My dear daughter, of course I also missed you! But I was very worried when you did not answer the phone and I almost had a cardiac arrest when I did not found you at home!” “Cardiac arrest, you? As if that would be possible!” Angel said as she laughed of my sarcasm “I went to the market. The pantry was pleading some attention, you know?” “All right, my dear, I understand” I nodded while reaching the shopping bags and placed them on the table.

Angel began to store and clean up as usual. I felt a tremendous grip while trying to work out how to tell her that we would not be at home to make use of the shopping. “Angel?” I called “What is it, father?” “We, uh ... well, we have to leave. We will make one more trip, honey” “But you just got here! Where do we go?” Angel asked surprised. “Well, first I must tell you what happened in Canada after I left you at the airport” “Okay, why you don’t start while I prepare my dinner?” She said nonchalantly. “Why don’t we sit in the living room baby?” Angel noted the seriousness of the matter and followed me to the sofa where she sat and waited, I started: “Angel we can no longer stay here ... we have to go to Seattle to look for some friends of mine” I said trying not to reveal the severity and urgency of the matter. “Seattle?” “Yes dear, Seattle” I immediately remembered the headline in the newspaper I read in the departure lounge on our way to Canada, when all this horror seemed distant and surreal – Epidemic Murder Continues in Seattle - Police have no new leads.

A wave of violent killings was sweeping Seattle, the victims seemed chosen randomly and the crime scenes were always clean of any clues that could lead to a suspect. A shiver ran down my body while I pondered if this would be the best place to take Angel. But I knew that this was the only solution.

“How long Nathan?” Angel interrupted my thoughts “How long will we have to stay away from home?” She said when not answered “I do not know, honey” “But why should we go? What will we do in Seattle?” “Well, we have to look for Theodore and Janet Leaf. Do you remember when I told you about them, right?” “Yes, that doctor one, the werewolf physician and his wife ... my sponsors, are they not? But you have not spoken with them. By the way you have never spoken with them since I came into your life, is that it father?” A pang of guilt ran through the Angel eyes “Sweet Heart! Don’t be like that! I never tried to contact Theodore before because of my own reasons and you have nothing to do with it, do you hear me? But now I can not afford to feel shame. They are the only ones who can help us and I know that Theodore and Janet would never deny me help” “Help? How so? I do not understand” “Angel let me tell you what happened in Canada” I said as I sat beside her and embraced her with a tight hug “I had to take you out of there because I met an old comrade of mine, from the Loup Garou, Giacomo. He wanted to talk to me and I could not risk putting you in danger again. Then after I left you at the airport I went to meet him. We talked about many things and one of them bothered me too much. Jean Vincent, you remember him too? From my stories?” I asked. Angel was concentrated in my history and only nodded to not disturb me. “Well, Jean has made many visits to Canada and also to the United States. Giacomo said he is particularly interested in me and would like me to get in touch with him. I tried to distract Giacomo and change the subject, but he insisted and found that we or rather, Giacomo knows that I live in New Orleans. And I know it will not be long until I meet Jean here. You understand why we can not live here anymore?” “We can no longer live HERE?”

Angel began to yell “I mean we'll have to run away now? We have lived almost incognito all this time, isn’t that enough? All this years, so far from any human contact, isn’t that enough either? We have to flee and leave everything we have achieved so far? Leave our house?” “Yes dear, I'm sorry” I said, trying to apologize. “NO! That’s enough father! I'm not going to put up with it! We're not going to hide anymore! You have to change me now! It’s the only way we can address them as equals and end this bullshit once and for all” Angel said with hatred in her eyes, something I had never seen before. “Angel, sweetie, I said that this will never happen to you; even the threat of Jean can not make me change my mind” “What? You can not be serious! Why do you have to be so stubborn father? Did not see that this is the only solution?” “No! This is not the only solution, Angel. That is exactly why we need to find Theodore. He is the only one that can help us now” “Father that's crazy! I do not agree with that”

That would be a long discussion and it would lead to nothing, as usual. But we had no time to lose, so I got up and said: “We are leaving, Angel. And I mean right now!” Then

I made my way to the kitchen and started making some calls to arrange our departure. “Pack your things! Take only what is necessary” “No, I will not! - Angel said arrantly this time what really made me quite angry “Oh, yes you will! Nor will I have to tie you up and drag you to Seattle! So if I were you I would stop complain and begin to pack right away!” Angel grunted loudly and sighed, then climbed the stairs knocking the doors hardly in her way.

I needed money for the trip. I do not know how long it would take until everything back to normal or if things would ever return to normal. I went to the city to get some extra cash. During those years I had not done a lot of economy, only a small savings fund for emergencies and the college fund for Angel. I did not like having to use it, but this really was an emergency. On the way back I passed by a few restaurants and grocery stores for those who I supplied vegetables to tell I was going away and leave a false trail by saying that I was moving to Los Angeles to take care for a sick sister. When I came back met Angel preparing snacks for the trip. Her mood had not improved yet, but at least she was working. I had achieved some forged documents for both of us a few years ago, and I remembered grateful for this small precaution that was taken. At least one thing I had done right!

I drove us to the airport and parked the old van. Angel was very sad to leave everything she knew as home behind, not knowing when we would come back or if we would come back someday. The flight to Seattle arrived on time and we boarded without any delay. In a few hours we were landing. I decided to rent a car to carry Angel more comfortably and have more mobility and speed to Theodore home.

When we reached the place where the Leaf house should be, all we found was a commercial building that was in its place. The city of Seattle had changed a lot since my last visit seventeen years ago. I went to the hospital where Theodore used to work, but found nothing. Theodore and Janet were no longer working at the hospital. All I could find with the moody receptionist was that they had moved to Atlanta seven years ago, leaving no address, telephone number or any contact that could help me.
I was lost and no longer knew what to do. Suddenly I remembered Forks. Theodore could have moved to Forks to be able to do his investigations about those old myths that we both were interested in the past or might have made some contacts that might indicate his whereabouts. So Forks... I shall return to Forks...