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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

All characters in the Twilight Saga and the original plot are the property of Stephanie Meyer. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

5. Chapter 5 - Forks

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Forks Washington. One place I did not want to go back. A place that brought back so many painful memories of a time that almost destroyed me. The guilt, the shame for what I did when I kidnapped Angel and took her with me to escape the pain. Then there was the possibility of finding Renée again. Would she and Charlie still be living in Forks? And if they saw Angel would they recognize her? And if Angel found out what I had done and decided to stay with her family? I could not leave her to mere humans! Weak and helpless, they would not be able to protect her, if necessary. I had to be very careful to not make any mistakes and take no risks of having hatred from my daughter for the rest of my life.

We stopped in Port Angeles to rest. Angel had to eat something that was not potato chips and soda, and really needed a good night's sleep. Port Angeles was a safe place, far enough from Charlie and Renee and close enough that I could turn and run to look for Theodore.

At night when Angel finally fell asleep, I decided it was time to go to Forks. I changed and followed the path through the woods that connected the two cities. The forest surrounding Forks was really old and certainly home to a mystical air that sang very well with the old legends of giant wolves - part of local belief. To my luck and surprise, Forks had not changed at all. The same streets, the same houses, the city was still damp and cloudy as in my memory.

Find the city hospital was not difficult. But finding the courage to face Theodore again was excruciating. I stole someone baby, someone who I swore to love and protect. And take my crime would not be easy. Even more when I see the disappointment in Theodore eyes. But Theodore and Janet had forgiven me. I was sure, because that was the only plausible explanation for the lie that they told to the Loup Garou. They told Jean that I had killed Renee and fled in shame. Theodore and Janet lied to protect me, risked their own lives to protect me. I did not deserve their pity, their friendship. I had lied, stolen and destroyed a family. Even though I was not worthy of such loyalty, I was willing to ask for their help once again. Angel was my life now and I would do anything to keep her safe.

A heavy snowfall had reached Forks a few weeks ago, but that particular night was clear and mild - which resulted in less movement at the hospital. After a long moment of hesitation, I finally managed to enter the waiting room. The receptionist was on the phone and I thought it would be polite to sit and wait until she could meet me - maybe if I was nice she would be willing to help and give me the information I was seeking. While waiting, I saw the newspaper and fell a relief through my body while reading the headline of the day:


I never wanted to save the world. But I did not like knowing that people were killed with cruelty and so little time. Those crimes in Seattle aroused my curiosity. For the short time it occurred and also the apparent "clean" in the sites that it supposedly occurred. It was so familiar to me, because I knew that this was the way we werewolves were leaving the remains of our meals.

”Can I help you, sir?” The receptionist said interrupting my concentration “Yes, Miss?” “Strauss. Beth Strauss” “Well, Miss. Strauss I'm looking for an old friend who has worked in this hospital and I wonder if you could help me. I really would appreciate it ”I kept a polite tone suggesting a flirtation “His name was Theodore. Dr. Theodore Leaf, do you know him?” “Hmm, Leaf? Dr. Leaf? Yes, yes, I think I remember him. I was an intern here when he left without explanation. I remember the sadness and disappointment of everyone in the hospital when he left us. He really was a great man. But we were not let on hand for a long time, you know? Dr. Carlisle soon moved to Forks and started working here. Dr. Carlisle was really a godsend! A holy man! I think that even better than Dr. Leaf. But you must understand that some of this information is confidential, is not it?” “Of course! I would not want to cause you problems... and absolutely no way I could hurt you, Miss. Strauss, but look...”

A pungent odor invaded my nostrils forcing me to stop my attacks. I could recognize that smell. It burned my throat to the point where my muscles involuntarily contract, getting ready for the attack. Was a vampire. A nasty odor that could only come from a vampire. I tried to stay calm and kept leaning on the balcony facing the eyes of Beth, but was aware of any movement that would indicate an attack. Did not want to expose humans to a more frightening reality that existed around them. Unfortunately, my instincts led me to believe that a confrontation was inevitable. A soft voice caught me by surprise “Any problem Beth?” “No, Dr. Carlisle, everything is fine. This gentleman…” Beth hesitated “Nathan” I completed “Yes, Mr. Nathan is looking for a friend and thought I could help him. But as I was saying such information is confidential and I...” “I can understand ... I'm sorry for the inconvenience” I said before Beth could finish.

I got up and stood to leave when the vampire turned to me “Maybe I could help you, Mr. Nathan. Why don’t you accompany me to my room so we can talk?” The confrontation was imminent, it was obvious “Yes” I said dry and followed him.

When we turned the aisle toward the private rooms - away from Beth’s prying eyes - I could feel my muscles twitching causing a wave of heat radiated by my members. Small and light convulsions crossed my body. I was about to turn when the doctor vampire turned and said “Stay calm. I do not look for a confrontation with you! Particularly here! In my workplace. Relax child and you'll be fine. I promise.”

That voice. That smell. Those words. I knew him! I had met this strange vampire before. My memory kicked centuries back and arrived at my first memory, the night of my creation “You!” I said in an accusatory tone “It was you! You are the reason for all this! You allowed me to transform to this monster I am today! You sentenced me to this eternal torture! This is your entire fault!” The vampire could not understand my words, my complaints. He began to pull away defensively “I do not understand child! I can not have changed you to this! Not even by accident! You do not know what I am? Do you not know what my poison is?” “Oh, I know! I know very well what your venom can create! Your toxin, like mine, has the power to perpetuate our species! But it was not your poison I ordered! It was your cruelty that took my life!”

The vampire kept static in its position of defense, but I could see the doubt in his face. So I continued to face him “1576. Romania. Gotland Forest. I was that young dying boy that you left on the floor! You let the poison in my blood spread through my body. Miserable blood sucker! Damn you! You could have finished with that pain and saved my soul, but you allowed the devil take it away forever!” “Oh!” Was all that came out of the mouth of that damn vampire “I...? I do not... I do not...” “Shut up” I cried, “I could not even remember where we were at all; all I wanted was to kill that monster. Revenge for all the misfortunes that he allowed happen to me. Then Beth appeared frightened “Is everything okay, Dr. Carlisle? Do you want me to call the security?” “No Beth, it's okay. This gentleman here and I are just talking. Thank you. Please go back to the reception and I will call you if I need” Carlisle said, but Beth has static, concerned about the apparent discussion.

”Listen child...”

“I'm not a child!” I snapped.

“I'm sorry, Nathan. Why don’t we finish this conversation in my office?” Knowing that Beth was not resign, both of us composed our position and I followed him into the room. He opened the door and invited me in - that seemed a polite vampire - I agreed and went inside. Before closing the door, Carlisle said “Do not worry, Beth, I’m fine. Thank you.”

Carlisle walked slowly to the window, as if to emphasize his words “Nathan” he started “I never wanted to cause any harm to you... but if I did, all I can tell you now is that it was not intentional. That night when I left you alone in the woods I thought I was saving your life. I did not want my ... colleagues to finish you. I see now that I made a mistake. But understand, this was never my intention.”

That vampire was really different. I could see the sincerity of his words in his eyes. I felt that, even if unlikely, that vampire - Carlisle - was ... Carlisle was good. It was then that I realized what he had spoken. The hurt I felt. I was transferring the guilt I felt I someone who I even knew. I understood at that moment, I was solely responsible for all the mistakes I had committed, all the crimes and deaths. I blame him because it was easier than admit that I was the culprit. I had made choices that led me to this situation. I had made the wrong choices all from the beginning. And Carlisle had nothing to do with it. Then I remembered Angel. I would never have known Angel or Renée. If I was not what I am today. I would never have found my Angel and lived the happiest years and more complete than I had in my entire existence. And now, if Angel was in danger, I was the one responsible! I was not able to protect her. And even worse I was the cause of this danger. I had caused this entire nightmare to her. I could not find Theodore and was giving up search for a spark when a light hit my mind:

”Listen, you blood s ... Carlisle. I beg your pardon for the way I acted. I can understand why you left me there that night. And I believe that if the situation were reversed, I probably would have done the same for you. So, I'm sorry and thanks, I think” Carlisle seemed more relaxed with my words and allowed himself to sit. We were face to face. Only a few inches away from each other. Separated only by a small table. I then continued “But you must understand all the inconvenience it caused me” Carlisle bowed his head as a gesture of shame which made me feel a huge regret for take advantage of the situation and his apparent good heart “I believe that today we are both in a situation highly unlikely and I can say too embarrassing. But I will confess that I'm desperate and so I find myself obliged to ask you a favor...”

Carlisle now looked directly into my eyes and I could see his willingness to compensate me somehow. That was my last chance and I promised myself I would not lose it.