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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

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6. Chapter 6 - Separations

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It was still dark when I awoke. It must still be night. The same night that Nathan had put me in bed and cover me - I remember his sweet words asking me to rest and a soft kiss on my forehead, like he used to do when I was a child.

I had fainted while still in the car. All I remember was seeing an old hotel along the road and hear Nathan saying that we would make a stop. I was still too confused and couldn't really decide if I was awake or still dreaming. Those strange images of huge beasts misshapen and angry chasing me through a dark and unknown forest while looking for Nathan, still seemed very real to me. I opened my eyes and instinctively looked through the drab hotel room that we had to stay. No sign of Nathan. A chill ran down my spine as if anticipating the worst. Nathan had left me. Immediately, my mind tried to calm me: no, no, he would never do that! But then, where was he?

After a few minutes I finally managed to control my legs and was slowly returning to control the rest of my body. It answered me and then I stood up. I looked for a message. Anything to indicate that Nathan would return soon, but there was nothing. Only a few pieces of old clothes I had packed for the trip, my bag and some money that was on the bedside table. What should I do now? Where to start searching for my father? Where he would be? Why had he left me here alone, with no message or explanation? Immediately I remembered that I did not know anyone here. Actually I do not know anyone anywhere! All I had was Nathan and now he was gone. What would I do?
Alone and in a place unknown - I did not know where was that place. I felt my breathing becoming heavier. The place started spinning and my legs seemed not able to handle much more pressure and were about to collapse when a gentle tap on the door brought me back. I stopped. The surprise made me static. It could be Nathan! But he does not need to knock before entering! But who could it be? There was no one who knew of our presence here. Nathan had been very careful not to let any clues that would indicate or to denounce our destination. The soft knock at the door again and then a voice: "Angel?"

Oh, my God! He knows my name! I do not know that voice! Has Nathan been discovered? Is Nathan dead and his killer came looking for me? "Angel? I know you're there!" The unknown voice called me again "Do not worry, please. My name is Carlisle Cullen and come at the request of Nathan. Angel?" he said trying to calm her. Nathan? The stranger knew Nathan? And Nathan asked a stranger came to see me? Carlisle Cullen? My father never told me about this man. I had never heard that name before. No, it could not be true! Nathan was too careful and never asked for help to a stranger.

"Listen to me my dear" the stranger said when not answered "I understand you are scared. But you need to hear me out. I have here a letter from your father and will pass it under the door. Nathan knew that you would not hear me and not trust me, so he wrote this letter" A large white envelope appeared at the doorway. I reached and I recognize Nathan's handwriting. It was intended to me "Read the letter Angel. I'll be here when you finished" the strange messenger told me.

I opened the envelope. I pulled its contents and began to read what could be the last words that my father had for me. The first page was only a small letter and the rest seemed to be pages torn from an old diary, the diary that Nathan had always carried, I remembered it well, I had asked him about it once and all he had told me was that it wasn't time to tell me yet. The note itself read:


I'm sorry for having to say goodbye to you this way. But this is the only way to resolve this situation we got into. I do not know if you can forgive me for everything I did , all the harm I have caused you and more. Shame and repentance are all I feel now, but it is too late.

My darling daughter, if after reading this letter and discover the truth about your past, you can still love me anyway or at least you still feel a little sorry for your poor father, I beg you Angel, please, accept the this man help. His name is Carlisle and he promised to take care of you. Not quite the kind of protection I wanted for you, but somehow I know you'll be safe while in his care.

I need you to know how important you are to me. I love you, sweetheart! Always have! From the moment I saw you until the last day of my life. And that was the only reason I was motivated to do what I did with you. Please forgive me daughter.

I'm leaving you now because I know that this is the best way for you to follow. I know you will be safer away from me. You should move on, always! You must go threw your life without me, without any further interference on my part.

You will forever be the reason of all for me.

"I'm sorry, Angel! I'm sorry for everything. "

Love daddy.

Tears began to flow from my eyes prevented me from continuing to read. My hands have not responded more and shook so that caused me pain. A complete stranger would take care of me. My father had abandoned me. I gave up and dropped on to the cold and dirty floor. All my body wanted to do was fall into a thousand pieces. All I could think was "Why? Why me? What have I done to deserve this? What did I do wrong? ". That's when I remembered the other sheets in the envelope. Perhaps they could tell me. Maybe they could prove that Nathan had not really party, this would be only a temporary separation.

Somehow, I found the strength to reach the rest of the letter of Nathan and I began to read. I could see that those pages had been handled over and over again and yellowish complained that they were quite old. There, Nathan recalled the days that anticipated my birth. The joy he felt when meeting Renée. And then his anguish of not being able to help her. Forks? Nathan had been in Forks? And… Charlie? Who was Charlie? My mother was married and her husband had been named Charlie?

I always knew that Nathan was not my biological father, but it never was very important to me. But now my father had a name. Charlie… And Isabella? The first baby? How so? I was Renee's first baby! The only baby! I continued to read those words as if discovering a new world. As if they contained the secret of another life. A life that should have been mine. If not for Nathan stealing me away.

I got lost in time. There was so much information that my brain could not bear any longer. Everything looked like a bad taste movie - meaningless and surreal. The exhaustion caused by the tension of recent days seemed to finally exert its effect on me. I was so tired that I could no longer discern the letters from each other. Everything was becoming a big blur of ink on paper. I felt my eyes closing. My conscience was giving up and pulling me into the darkness. Cold. Deep. And lonely darkness.

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