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A Vampire, A She Wolf and A Nosferatus. Bella, Angel and Ivy are three sisters with different natures, three lives intersected throughout the centuries to create a new generation of supernatural beings. One Origin. The Swan

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7. Chapter 7 - Acquainted - Part I

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I opened my eyes and looked around carefully. White walls surrounded me and I felt disoriented, I had no idea where that place was. I slipped my fingers through the cotton sheets - so soft and silky - they were not at all familiar to me. But again, there was nothing familiar there. I had absolutely no memory of what had happened. The silence of that place, the fear and my usual anxiety mingled all together, I felt lightheaded, and everything started spinning, I was panicking. Then I lay down looking around the room once more, trying to calm down, but my body was stiff, as if I had slept for a long time.

"Honey, I fear for her. She looks so fragile," I heard a woman's voice softly saying throw the door.

My arms and legs seemed made of jelly and my head seemed to split into two. I forced myself to sit down - slowly at first. I moved my legs to the side of the bed, closed my eyes tight trying not to faint again. Suddenly I noticed a movement at the door. She hesitated when she entered. It would be someone who I could trust? "Oh! Sweat child, you finally woke up!" she said with a big smile on her face. Her voice had a sound like anything I had ever heard in my life. Her amber eyes were full of joy to see me. Her skin was so white, just like white snow. She had brown hair that shone in the sunlight and she moved so slowly. She looked like a dream, a princess or maybe a fairy in a dream. And her face was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

My mind was full of images and words that did not make any sense. It was like a book that I needed to read, but a lot of pages were missing. "Are you okay? How are you feeling, dear?" She asked, taking me off the glimpse her figure had caused me. Suddenly I was back to the white room again. I looked into her beautiful, now curious eyes. "Uh, I do not know. I think I'm fine," I said, "I do not remember how I got here. Ahnnn… Where am I? Where is Nathan?" I started throwing questions, searching desperately for an answer. "Be calm, my dear. Do not be alarmed, we'll take care of you now. That's all you need to know." "But where is Nathan and who are you?" I cried with anger, tears already close. The beautiful woman came and sat on the bed, a little closer this time, "Angel, you don't need to be afraid. We'll take good care of you, I promise." she said softly, touching my arm gently.

Her touch was cold and I shivered. The texture of her skin seemed wrong. It was good, but there was something different about the texture that I could not recognize. "Oh, forgive my rudeness. My name is Esme and my husband is Carlisle, the one who brought you up here," she said putting my hand under hers. I had to control my shaking with her casual touch. She pretended not to notice my reaction.

I was eager to learn more about that strange woman. And Carlisle, the mysterious messenger sent by Nathan to help me. Maybe they could take me to Daddy or tell me anything about his sudden departure. "Hello there," another strong voice said opening the door. It was a male voice this time, Carlisle; I suspected but had no idea of his appearance. He was a handsome man, blonde and young, Carlisle's honey-colored eyes were a lighter shade than Esme. His skin looked like a blanket; clean, fresh and white, "Oh, dear! You're awake! How are you feeling?" "How should I feel?" I asked already irritated by the lack of responses. "Are you in pain?" Carlisle asked, ignoring my bad mood and approached to touch my forehead. I turned away, "My head fells like it will explode." "Oh, this is bad," Esme said with a worried look. "Take this and drink this, they should help," Carlisle reached out his hand and handed me two white dots, "just painkillers, honey!" "Ah, okay. Thanks," I said taking the pills to my mouth and the cup of water in my hand.

"Maybe a good bath would help you relax; I could prepare one for you. Would you like that?" Esme asked in anticipation. "Yeah, a bath would be great!" I said, feeling an immense need to change those weird clothes. Esme smiled and vanished like a blur. How can she move so fast? I must have hit my head or something like that, it's simply not possible. I decided to ignore that and I got up, following her with caution. The bathroom was huge and I gasped when I entered. Everything was so tasty, bright and looked like new. In the corner was a white robe, refined as the rest, I recognized my old jeans and my faded black T-shirt. I felt a relief and tried to disguise, but Esme decipher, "my daughter Alice chose some clothes that could fit you. But I thought you would be more comfortable with something familiar," she said with a shy smile on her lips.

At that moment the bedroom door opened again and a jumpy girl showed up. She had the same white skin of Esme, but her hair was short and misaligned framing her delicate face and her sweet eyes, she looked at me with curiosity and clear excitement, "Oh! The similarity is remarkable!" said the girl. "Alice!" Esme called apologizing. Carlisle had already disappeared from the room. "Humm... Hello?" I said to Alice, looking with a bit of shame. "Oh! Finally Angel! I thought you would never wake up!" she replied with a grin as she approached me.

"Oh! Alice," Esme said with disapproval in her tone, "Alice was too excited and it was almost impossible stop her from waking you up, Angel." Even before I could compose myself Alice began to push me back into the bathroom while chattered "Come on now, you need a good bath. So, get into the shower and wash everything very well, do you hear me? We must get this awful smell off! Wash your hair with this and then rinse it with this other one. Use this to rub your body and make sure to wash every bit carefully, but do not let the water too hot; it could dehydrate your skin. Oh! And don't forget the moisturizer. I'll be back in fifteen minutes to pick you up," then she hopped out of the huge bathroom and vanished as a blur before I had the chance to thank her.

I approached the sink and did my best to gently slide the bottles; I did not want to screw up those fancy things. Then I opened the shower door and turned the water on, my body was relaxing slowly and I could stay there for hours and hours. I took the shampoo and unsuccessfully tried to untwine the knots of my hair. It was impossibly messy so I gave up. Alice said something about my smell; I thought it was rude, but I wanted to make sure no smell had left. Suddenly a soft knock broke me, "finished?" "Yes, I'm ready," I said turning the water off. "The towel is on the counter. I'll let you dry, but do not forget the moisturizer!" the door clicked.

I have to admit, I felt much better. I leaned over the sink to rub my hand on the tarnished mirror so I could see my reflection. I gasped when I realize how darker the dark shadows under my eyes were, almost purple, and my skin was whiter than normal. My brown hair was a mess; locks hung down to my shoulders and looked like a bird's nest. I was wearing my clothes without moisturizing; those sticky things were too annoying. They knocked on the door.

"Are you ready now?" Alice asked.

"Yes, I guess." – I said leaving the bathroom.

Esme was waiting for me, and again a smile on her beautiful face, but Alice had disapproval on hers.

"These are not the clothes I chose for you. Humm, the same stubbornness... the same bad taste! At least use these sandals! Or do you prefer to be barefoot?" - She said shaking her head, truly offended.

"Come on, come on! They are dying of curiosity!" Alice said a little more satisfied. Then she turned and headed for the stairs. I went after her. Alice took me to a large and clear room. All the furniture was elegant, the carpets in a varied shade of white. In the corner, beside the grand piano was a couch. Alice indicated with her hands that I should sit. I obeyed and immediately felt a light blanket wrapped around me. It was the maternal Esme that had appeared out of nowhere. I felt a deep affection for that woman always so kind and gentle. She looked like something I always wanted. Esme looked like a... mother! I gave her a broad smile trying to thank.

I do not know how it happened, but suddenly there was a tall woman in front of me. She was beautiful! So beautiful it made me feel ashamed for being what it was. She had long wavy hair; the gold color seemed to glow in the sunlight. Her skin was as white as Esme and Alice and her amber eyes were large and almond. "This is Rosalie, my other daughter," said Esme already sitting next to me on the couch. Rosalie moved away a little. She seemed annoyed with my presence. The only one so far, which made me feel bad as if I were unwanted there. "Humm, Alice! You said you'd get rid of this awful smell!" Rosalie cried in disgust. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. How can a woman so sweet as Esme could have a daughter so annoying? "Rose!" Esme and Alice shouted at the same time, "Oh Angel! What a shame! Please forgive Rosalie! She did not want to offend you," Esme tried to apologize. "Just ignore her Angel," Alice said, "but you really should have accepted the clothes separated for you!" "Alice! Not you too!" Esme said indignantly. "Does she know?" Rosalie asked abruptly interrupting. "Know what?" I asked. "Rosalie, why don't you go to the kitchen and bring the snacks I prepared for Angel?" Esme said trying to distract me.

Despite knowing that there was something they were hiding from me, I felt my stomach churning in the vacuum. I did not realize I was hungry and the mere mention of food made me forget the sudden curiosity.

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