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Doctor Love

Set in 1918, Bella Swan the new nurse has been assigned to take care of the Masens. Now she must do what she can to take care of them and of her heart too.


2. Bonding Time

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I woke up from the sun beaming threw my window onto my face. I blinked a couple times then sat up. Luckly it was the weekend so I didn't have to go to school. So I got up and got ready for my day at the hospital.

Charlie my father was downstairs eating breakfast when I came down the stairs. "Good morning father. I'm going to the hospital." I said as I grabbed some fruit and bread and stuck it into my bag. I was out the door before he could say anything. I got into my car and quickly drove to the hospital.

I walked into the hospital, checked in, and grabbed my clipboard. Then I wwent over to the Masen's room and knocked then entered. The elderly nurse looking nurse smiled to got up from her seat and left. I was about to turn around ask her for the papers but then I saw them on the table.

I slipped them on my clipboards and looked over to the Masens, both were asleep. I first walked over to Mrs. Masen and checked her. She seemed a little warm but not to bad, but still pale. Then I walked over to Edward and checked him. His tempature was fine and didn't look that pale. I quickly jotted the information down then walked back to the table. I sat the clipboard down then heard a cough.

I jumped and turned around and saw Mrs. Masen coughing a little, I rushed over to her side and helped her sit up. I handed her a glass of water fromt the counter and she gladly took it. After a couple seconds she stopped coughing and she handed me the water back. I sat it on the counter and looked at her. "Are you alright?" I asked her a little worried.

"Yes, and thank you dear." She smiled to me, so I smiled back. "Why don't you pull up a chair so we can talk? I promise I don't bite." I laughed quietly, so I didn't wake up Edward. I went over to the table and grabbed a chair and brought in between her bed and Edwards. After I placed the chair down I went back and grabbed my cliboard and bag then went to the chair and sat down. "I hope you don't mind but I have some questions." I nodded for her to continue and her face lit up a little. "Okay, thank you. So how old are you?"

"I'm seventeen." She had a thinking face on for a second then smiled again. "Is it alright if I ask you questions also?" She nodded. "How long have you been at the hospital?"

She had her thinking face on again then looked at me. "I think for a couple weeks now, Edward has on been here about a week. " I nodded taking the information in. I looked down and noticed on her left hand she had a wedding ring on. It was a beautiful ring with a gleaming dimond on it. I havent seen her husband since I've been here. I must have been staring for a long time because she spoke up. "My husband just passed away from this flu going around."

I looked up her sad and in her eyes I could tell she was a little sad. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to stare either, its just you have a beautiful and unique ring." She smiled to me brightly and raised her hand up to look at it herself.

Then she sat her back onto her lap then looked over to me again. "Do you have any wedding plans coming up soon?" I blushed deep red and she laughed. "I'm sorry dear I didn't mean to embarrse you. You are indeed beautiful I was just over thinking, so sorry."

I blushed even redder if that was possible. "No, no it fine. And thank you."

She had her thinking face on again then quickly covered it with a smile. "Is there any guy that might fill that picture right now?" She asked to me nicely. Again I blushed but not as bad.

"No one right now." I said to her softly, my eyes looking at my hands.

I think I heard her murmmer something like "We'll fix that" or something but I wasn't quiet sure. I looked back up to her and she smiled to me a motherly smile. "I am sorry, I didn't mean to embarrse you."

"Its quiet alright. I blush quiet easily, alot of things make me blush." She did a small laugh then her eyes flickered behind me. I turned around and saw Edward sitting up in his bed watching us with a smile. He looked like he just woke up and had massive bed head, but it suited him. I quickly picked up my clipboard and wrote down what time he woke up. Thats when I noticed what time it was, almost two hours have passed. I got up from the chair with my clipboard and felt Mrs. Masens face and felt she was a little warm, I jotted it down onto the clipboard.

"Your going back to work already?" She asked still smiling but rolled her eyes playfully.

I laughed and answered, "Well we did talk for two hours." She looked suprised by that but then laughed. Then I walked over Edward and he gave me a lopsided grin, and it made him look more beautiful. My had was a tad shakey from the smile but I don't think he noticed. He felt the same as before and wrote it down. "How are you feeling today Edward?" I asked as I took my hand away.

He shrugged his shoulders casually then looked up to my eyes. "I feel fine, actually good." I smiled and wrote that down. I was about to ask Mrs. Masen the same thing when I noticed she looked like she was sleeping, the sneaky woman. I looked back to Edward and noticed he was still staring at me, that caused me to blush a little. "Are you feeling hungry?" He made a worried face, probably because he didn't want to have the hospitals food again. I laughed and that caused him to smile again.

"I'm hungry if theres edible food today." He said with his charming lopsided smile. I laughed again and went over to my bag.

He watched me couriously when I reached into my bag. "Do you like apples or grapes?" He thought for a second before he settled on grapes. I placed the apples back into my bag and sat it back on the ground next to my clipboard. I walked over to him and was going to hand them to him when he scooted over and patted the space next to him. I smiled and bit my lip and sat on the edge of the bed. But I guess he wouldn't have that because he pulled me fully onto the bed next to him by wrapping his hands around my waist. I did a small shriek and he laughed at that. I laid down onto my side facing him and he did the same but with his arms still around me.

I placed the grapes inbetween us and placed my head onto my hand that was on the bed. He smiled to me a breath taking smile than spoke softly, "Since my arms are preoccupied I guess I can't feed myself. Can you help me?" I laughed at his foolishness but nodded. His smiled widened but then opened his mouth.

With my other hand I pulled a grape off the stem and placed it into his mouth. "Do you make all your nurses feed you grapes in your bed?" I asked jokingly and he laughed after he swallowed his grape.

"Nope, your the only one. But alot of the nurses here are old. And none are as pretty as you." I blushed and he smiled. He took one of his hands and brought it up to my face and cupped one of my cheeks and lightly rubbed his thumb. I was a little suprised by this action, but then again it felt natural.

I plucked another grape from the stem and held it up. "Open your mouth." He did as I said and I plopped another grape in his mouth. He chewed and swalloed and opened up his mouth again. I placed another one in and smiled. "Much better than the food here?" He nodded and opened his mouth again. "Well you will have to have something to eat other than these grapes." He groaned and I laughed.

"Do you know if its edible today?" He asked looking into my eyes with his emerld green eyes.

"I'm pretty sure it is. I think Dr. Cullen did something bout it yesterday." At that exact moment I heard his stomac do a little growl and his cheeks turned a little pink. I did a small laugh and sat up, his arms breaking off me. "I think I should get you some food." I picked up the grapes and sat them on the counter and got up from the bed. I turned toward him again and said, "I'll be right back." He nodded and I left out the room but I could feel he was watching me as I left out of the room.

I went out to the cafiteria and quickly got some food and went back to the room. When I stepped inside I noticed Mrs. Masen was still asleep and Edward was looking over to his mother. When I closed the door his eyes snapped over to me and he smiled. I brought the tray of food over to and he took it out of my hands and sat it on his lap. "Do I need to help you eat this too?" He laughed and shook his head.

"This does actually look edible." He took a bite and nodded smiling to me. I took a seat in my chair and grabbed my clipboard. I wrote down the time he ate then walked over to Mrs. Masen. I felt her temperature and she felt fine. I was about to sit when Edward spoke, "Aren't you going to check me?" He asked, I looked up to him smiling as he smiled back. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his face and he did feel a little warm, I also wrote that down.

I grabbed a moist cold cloth next to the bed and dabbed his forehead. After I finished he went back to eating. Several minutes later he finshed eating and laid back into the bed. I got up from my chair and got the tray. I placed it under the counter, as I was about to sit down Edward made a noise and I looked up to him. He was on the side of the bed again his hand lightly patting the spot next to him. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

I slid onto the bed next to him and smiled. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer. I looked up into his eyes and saw his emerald eyes sparkling with his beautiful smile. I smiled and bit my lip while blushing and looked down to my hands that were softly placed on his chest. "Isabella." He whispered, I didn't want to look up because I knew I was going to blush again. He took one of his hands off from my waist and stuck it under my chin and softly lifted my chin.

I looked up to him between my lashes and he softly smiled to me. He cupped my cheek again with the hand that was under my chin. Before I knew it we were both slowly leaning in. Edwards eyes kept on flickering between my lips and my eyes. He turned his head slightly and I felt my lips part themselves slightly. I closed my eyes leaning in more.

Then suddnly the door opened and I quickly opened my eyes and pulled away. The elderly nurse was in the door way and luckly was looking down at some papers so she didn't see what was about to happen. I looked over to Edward and saw he was staring at me with some sadness in his eyes. I looked back over to the nurse and saw she was staring at us quiestionly. I quickly got up off the bed and gathered my bag and clipboard. I handed the clipboard to the nurse and she did a small smile to me. I did one back then walked to the door. Before I went out I turned to look at Edward and saw he was still watching me, I gave him a small smile then left out the door.

On the way home I thought about what almost happened in the hospital. Did I really almost kiss Edward? I've never felt like this before in my life . I was so confuised, but one thing was for sure. I was starting to like Edward, alot.