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Love Bites

When Renesmee and the Cullens go to Lima Nessie meets Rachel Berry, Rachel then convinces her to be in Glee. Nessie eventually falls in love with the guy that Rachel has been pining after for a while. Just one problem he has a girlfriend and she's pregnant. Love Bites

Nessie has Venom and all haters of the story later in back off and write your own damn story.

2. Revenge Is Oh So Sweet!!!

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It's lunch time and I want revenge. Yeah you remember the two jocks that gave me and Rachel a slushy facial? Yeah well if I have to sit through the lunch period hearing Alice complain about the ruined clothes then they're going to pay.

"What's that smile for. If I were you I would be scared to death. One, I would be scared of your sister by your description of her, and two, lunch is usually when I get the most slushy thrown in my face." Rachel said beside me. I didn't realize that I had my up-to-no-good smile on my face.

"I'm not scared of Alice, and for your first question I'm planning revenge." Rachel quickened her pace and stopped me.

"No. It's not worth is Nessie. I don't know where your from but here guys aren't afraid to hurt girls." At this statement my smile grew wider. Good I love a challenge.

"If anyone is getting hurt it's them." She sighed in defeat.

"Just don't do anything really, really stupid and reckless."She said. She seemed genuinely concerned.

"No promises." I said and started walking again. She gave me a stern look.

"Renesmee." She said sternly. Her eyes staring daggers in to mine. For someone so sweet like her she sure can frighten me.

"Fine! God, you sound like my mother!" I threw my hands up in the air in agitation.

"Speaking of parents, what are yours like?" Alright Nessie here come the acting part. I pretended to look sad. I looked in to eyes I found it extremely hard to lie to her but I pulled it off for my family.

"They died when I was three. I don't remember them well. I live with my adopted parents Esme and Carlisle. Though I've lived with them for so long that they're basicly my birth parents. I'm just really lucky that I didn't get separated from my brother. What about your parents?" I asked trying to change the subject so I wouldn't have to lie to her anymore.

"I live with my two Dads. They're really nice and supportive. They're always telling me to be the best I can be and to go for my dreams. Which is why I'm joining Glee. I dream to be a celebrity and to sing and perform."

"That's a big dream you have there. I hope everything will work out for you in the end." By now we were in the cafeteria. I looked around the room and smiled when I saw the jocks that slushied us.

"Hey why don't you go and find us a table? I've got some . . . unfinished business to attend to." She caught on to what I was about to do. Luckily she didn't argue.

"Fine." she said.

"I'll see you in a minute." I said as she walked off. I turned my attention to the two jocks. I smiled a sly smile and stalked towards them. When I stopped in front of the table they looked up.

"Why hello there can I help you with something? Need a date? I'll be happy to oblige." One of the jocks said. I rolled my eyes. What a typical human male response.

"No actually, I'm the girl you threw a slushy at before third period." I said in a sickly sweet voice that was loaded with sarcasm.

"Oh sorry 'bout that we were aiming for Berry, now about that date-" He didn't continue, partly because I rammed my hand in to his nose. I held my breath and thanked my lucky stars that the rest of my family's classes were running late.

"What the hell was that for?" He yelled wiping some the blood off his nose.

"That one was from Rachel and unless you want another punch I suggest you stop doing that unless you want me to do more damage, because trust me I can and will." I threatened giving him a hard look saying that I wasn't kidding. He ran out of here as fast as he could. I smiled triumphantly the rest of his friends looked at me in shock. I turned on my heel and walked towards where Rachel was sitting with a shocked look on her face also. I sat down with a sigh.

"Oh. My. God. That was so awesome!" She said as I reached for a napkin to wipe off the blood before it dried.

"I just don't like hardheadedness. You don't deserve to be picked on your just working on your dream." She engulfed me in hug.

"Oh thank you! No one has ever stuck up for me like that! Your truly are the greatest friend in the world!"

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my family come in, well most of them Jasper and Alice stayed outside for a bit, then came in. I pretended not to notice their presence. Until a roll hit the back of my head, quite hard actually far too herd for a human's doing. I looked in the direction from which the roll came from. Of course it was Emmett. I mouthed 'what'. He motioned for me to come to the table.

"Hey Rachel do you want to meet my family. I got to chew out Emmett for throwing rolls anyway." I asked her, she looked surprised.

"Er . . . Sure." I stood up and walked to my family's table.

"Rachel this is my family, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Edward, Bella, and . . .-" I trailed off looking for Jacob. "Where's Jacob?"

"He's preoccupied at the moment." Dad said. I took that as 'He's on duty with the pack'

"Oh OK. Everyone this is Rachel Berry." I said. "Now what do you want Emmett?" He gave me an innocent look.

"I dunno I just felt like throwing things."

"I swear sometimes you are so immature." I accused.

"Right well lets just cut to the chase, you're joining Glee." Aunt Rose said. It wasn't a question.

"Yes it sound like fun." I said.

"K just clearing it up." I gave her a questioning look, but before I could answer a human approached me and tapped on my shoulder. I turned to look at who it was. It was a woman with short blonde hair, wearing a blue jumpsuit, she a had a smug look on her face. She was overall a very frightening woman.

"Figgins wants you in his office along with you Berry." Rachel looked just as frightened as me. We both nodded, got up and headed towards the principles office. Me, I wasn't afraid of anything especially some small town principle though I wasn't so sure about Rachel.