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Love Bites

When Renesmee and the Cullens go to Lima Nessie meets Rachel Berry, Rachel then convinces her to be in Glee. Nessie eventually falls in love with the guy that Rachel has been pining after for a while. Just one problem he has a girlfriend and she's pregnant. Love Bites

Nessie has Venom and all haters of the story later in back off and write your own damn story.

4. Audition, Emotion, and Invites

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We were walking down the hall To the auditorium for our auditions for Glee. To tell you the truth I am kind of nervous. Though Rachel, Rachel she is anything but apparently when it comes this sort of thing she is the epitome of confident. We walked in and there was a girl with jet black hair pulled up in a pig tails, you could see she died her hair blue. She was dressed in all black. We went to sit in the front row waiting for her to be finished.

"Next." Mr. Shuster called.

"Do you want to go?" Rachel asked me. Now I was frightened.

"N-no you go ahead, I'll go after you." I said and she walked proudly on to the stage.

"Hello I'm Rachel Berry and I'll be singing On My Own from the seminal Brodway classic Lame Is."

"Fantastic." Mr. Shuster said urging her to continue. The pianist started playing and it hit me what I wanted to sing.

"On my own

Pretending he's beside me

All alone

I walk with him till morning

With out him

I feel his arms around me

And when I loose me way

I close my eyes

And he has found me

In the rain

The pavement shines like silver

All the lights are misting the river

In the darkness

The trees are full of starlight

And all I see is him and me forever and forever

And I know it's only in my mind

That I'm talking to myself and not to him

Although I know he is blind

Still I say

There's a way for us

I love him

But when the night is over

He is gone

The River is just a river

Without him

The world around me changes

The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers

I love him

But every day I'm learning

And all my life I've only been pretending

Without me

His world will keep on turning

A world that's full of happiness

That I have never known

I love him

I love him

I love him

But only on my own"

I could have sworn my jaw was on the floor but I clapped enthusiastically anyway. Wow she was really good. I suddenly felt self conscious. Though I knew that as soon as I stepped foot on the stage all of that would disappear.

"Very nice Rachel." Mr. Shu complimented. "Alright next." Rachel got off the stage quickly hugging me before returning to her seat. My nerves have yet to settle only one way now.

"Hey do you think I could use the piano for my audition? Can't make things perfect if you don't do it yourself." I said.

'please say yes, please say yes.' I chanted in my mind over and over again.

"Sure." He said. The pianist got off the seat and walked out the door. I must be the last.

"I'm Renesmee Cullen and I'm going to sing My Immortal." Ironic huh? Personally I think this song relates to the period of time when my parents were separated. I was feeling in a shitty mood any way.

"Ok." he said writing something in the folder he had in front of him. I started playing the notes expertly probably better than the person who played the song in the track.

"I so tired of being here

I'm suppressed by all my childish fears

And if you have to leave

I wish that you would just leave

Your presence still lingers here

And it wont leave me alone

These wounds seem to heal

This pain is just too real

There's just too much that

Time cannot erase

When you cried I'd

Wipe away all of you tears

When you'd scream I'd

Fight away all of your fears

I held your hand

For all of the years

Would you still


Love me

You used to captivate me

By your resignation line

Now I'm bound by the life you've left behind

Your face it once

My Pleasantries

Your voice it chased away

All the sanity in me

These wounds won't seem to heal

This pain is just too real

There's just too much that

Time cannot erase

When you cried I'd

wipe away all of your tears

When you'd scream I'd

Fight away all of your fears

I held your hand

Through all of these years

Would you still


Love me

I tried

so hard to tell myself

That your gone

But though your still with me

I've been



When you'd cry I'd

Wipe away all of your fears

When you'd scream I'd

Fight away all of your tears

I held your hand through all of these years

Would you still


Love me






The last note echoed through the quiet stadium. I wiped the trail of tears that always formed when I sang this song away. I turned towards my two person audience. Looking for some sort of response. Mr. Shu and Rachel both looked astonished.

"Wow Renesmee that was - Wow." Mr. Shu struggled for words

"You honestly think that." He nodded. Still looking completely amazed.

"Wow I've never actually sang in front of other people before. Thanks Mr. Shu." I smiled through watery eyes.

"Alright you girls lets get out of here." Mr. Shu said gesturing to the door. I trailed behind

"Hey Renesmee-" I cut him off.

"It's Nessie, or Ness, Mr. Shu." I corrected him he started again.

"Right well Nessie, you seemed pretty emotional up there would you like to talk about it."

"It's nothing really. I was just remembering a time when my brother was in pain, it kills me to think about that. He wasn't in physical pain really, he was emotionally hurt, he broke his own heart. I wasn't actually there I was actually in a boarding school, but the mental image is just as painful." I explained lying in places here and there where I couldn't tell the truth.

"It's nice that you care for your brother that much. How did her break his own heart?" He asked. Rachel was listening intently.

"Do you know Edward's girlfriend?" I asked they both nodded. "Yeah well a couple of years back he broke up with her to protect her. A little confusing but that's how it was. From what I understand they were both devastated. One thing led to another and he got up from his ass and asked for forgiveness. They are stronger and more in love than ever than now." I finished up skipping a few parts.

" Wow You really do love you brother don't you?" I smiled earnestly.

"Yeah he's all I have left of my birth family." I lied again.

"Right well I better head home." I said. Mr. Shu walked to his car and drove off.

"Didn't your brother take the car home?" I looked around the now nearly empty parking lot for my car. I spotted it in the spot that the Volvo once occupied.

"Yes but someone always brings my car when I don't go home with them." I pointed to my Blood red Comaro.

"God How many nice cars do you own?" Rachel asked in amazement. I contemplated for a second.

"Eight." I answered sweetly. Her eyes widened a little more.

"Right well I'd better get back home." I said while opening the car door.

"Hey Ness!" She hollered as I started the engine. The sound sounded like a cougar on the hunt, and I loved it.

"Yeah?" I asked out my window.

"Will you have a sleepover with me this weekend. You know just us girls. I want to get to know you a bit more." She said. Why the hell not I haven't had a friend in a while since I was always confined in the house all day in Forks.

"Sure I'd love to!" She Waved at me and I drove off into the direction of the new house. This year is going to be fun.