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Renesmee Cullen has stuck out her entire life. She doesn't really fit it in with any of her friends or family - vampire, werewolf, or human. Will she always stick out? Her best friend Jacob Black tries to help her feel better about her differences, but he can only do so much. Their feelings for each other are changing, but Jacob has made a pact with Edward and Bella not to tell Renesmee that she is his imprint until she is seven years old and full grown. When nature takes it's course and things start to change, Renesmee needs to get out of Forks. Will she get away from her problems, or just create more? Meanwhile, Jake tries his hand at college - will he be able to get a good job and provide a good life for his imprint? He doesn't want the Cullens to look down on him forever. Renesmee encounters some new vampires along the way, and for the first time in her life, she is presented with one new thing: a choice. She will be faced with more dilemmas than she ever thought possible as her need for life experiences weighs against her need for love - but who will she give her love to? Will her heart take her back to Jacob, or will fate take her in another direction? Photobucket Enjoy my fic about life for the Cullens, the wolf pack, and several other of their friends after the end of Breaking Dawn! A big Thank You to my beta, Rain-It-Shall for her continued awesome work and support! **Stephanie Meyer owns all, I just elaborated my view!** ATTENTIONThe next chapter of this story is in the que and will hopefully be updated soon. I didn't give up on this story! Please check back! Hopefully it will get validated soon : ( Sorry guys!


1. Chapter 1 - Untouchable

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Chapter One - Untouchable

She dreams. And tonight she dreams well.

Renesmee was the only member of the Cullen family that had the ability to sleep, and even better - to dream, and she took full advantage of that. Especially now.

She ran, the pads of her feet barely touching the mossy forest floor, the quick flutter of her speeding heart the only sound besides the heavy pants of the shape-shifter that followed her. She sped past countless bushes, forest streams and trees, slowing only until she heard him behind her. She sped up again with a soft giggle, continuing their playful game of cat and mouse.

He was the cat, and she was the mouse, and this particular mouse wanted nothing more than to be caught.

Currently, she was winning as she loped through the forest in what would look to human eyes like fast forward on a television. Not wanting to get that far ahead of him ever, to risk losing him for even a split second, she glanced over her shoulder to ensure he was still chasing after her in continuation of their playful game. Even in wolf form she was tied to him. Bound to him.

She suddenly slowed, wanting to appreciate the sheer beauty of the moment. Closing her eyes, she relished the feeling of the tree branches and greenery as they brushed past her stone-like body.

All at once, she stopped as she heard the familiar shimmer of her wolf, phasing back into human form in the bushes behind her. He appeared from behind his makeshift privacy curtain of the thick, mossy underbrush of the Washington forest. His warm brown-eyed gaze met hers as they first took in each other and then the scenery around them.

"Where are we?" she asked, her voice like singing bells in the wilderness.

She turned to survey the scenery that they now found themselves in. This was an unfamiliar place - strangely comforting yet new.

Jacob, now in human form, smiled at her slyly as he sauntered up to her and into the light. He had to have known how exquisite he appeared to her now as he approached, the sunlight catching his brilliant white teeth when he smiled sheepishly at her. Renesmee gasped softly to herself as the warm beams of sunlight hit his beautiful, russet form.

"Somewhere I've been before..." he breathed. He motioned for them to walk further into the meadow that was tucked far up into the mountains above her hometown.

Renesmee looked around her, taking in the beautiful meadow that they were now standing in. Secretly, she was just enthralled with the idea of being somewhere secluded and this wondrous with Jacob.

"It's beautiful," she said. "Have I been here before?" she asked, searching her sharp memory for this place.

Wildflowers twinkled in the sunlight, their vivid hues reflecting a rainbow of colors off of the luminescent petals that adorned them. A pair of sparrows danced together in the air above their heads, and the sun shone brilliantly through the thick trees that lined the edges of their haven in the mountains. Her breath caught in her throat at the sheer wonder of it all. This meadow glowed with happiness...and love. How had she never been to this place before?

Jacob shook his head in reply. "I thought you would like it...was I right?"

She nodded silently, suddenly unaware of her breathtakingly beautiful surroundings; now only aware of the magnificent creature in front of her.

"Jake, why are you just showing me this now? Right before you have to leave me..." she trailed off sadly, moving closer to him.

"I know I have to physically leave soon, which is why I wanted to bring you here," he replied softly. "I'll never be far away from you ...we’ll always be together, especially in our hearts."

"I don't understand, Jake." Why would he bring her to this place and make her fall even more in love with him before leaving her? Again, she took a bold step forward.

Jacob bowed his head and mirrored her movement, stepping closer. She heard his breath hitch in his throat as he inhaled her sweet scent.

She too, felt hers stop shortly as she caught a whiff of his clean, woodsy pine smell. His dark eyes flickered up to hers, catching her staring at him in wonder.

"I won't ever leave you, Ness, and please believe me when I say that," he replied, his voice strong and sure in her ears.

"But, what about college?" she asked, her brown eyes growing wide with confusion. Jake had been planning on going to college for almost two years now - it was his only other dream besides becoming Alpha of his now complete pack.

"I'll never leave you, Renesmee," he said, placing his hand on her chest, just above her heart. Innocent enough of a touch, but it set her icy skin ablaze and made her inhale deeply, her eyes closing ever so slightly. She felt the tips of her ears burn with excitement and lust as he called her the 'proper' version of her name, as her mother once said. Her copper hair blew in the soft breeze, swirling their scents around them.

As she inhaled the two, she couldn't help but think how different they were - his, a woodsy, fresh rain smell, complete with a cinnamon-like tinge that burned her nose slightly in the most delightful way, and hers, which he had always described as a 'cool mix of freshly fallen snow, honey, and cupcakes that my mom used to make for my sisters birthdays.' She couldn't help but think how different the two were, but how similar. Neither one belonged in normal society - him a shape shifting werewolf, and her a half breed vampire and human mix.

"Renesmee, I brought you here today to tell you...”

"Tell me what Jake? Tell me what?" she prodded, stepping close enough to run her hands down his blazing hot arms. He shuddered from the pleasure that her cool, yet comforting touch brought him.

"I....I just wanted to bring you here because this place seems to have magical powers."

"Magical powers?" Renesmee repeated, a small giggle sneaking itself into her tone.

Jake smiled down at her sheepishly. "Yeah, I guess you could say that," he replied. "It's a place where..." he paused, as if to collect his scattered thoughts.

"It's a place where there are no shape shifters, no vampires and no half-breeds...only two beings who care for each other."

Renesmee looked up at him into his warm, chocolate eyes - eyes not so different from the ones she inherited from her mother. Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed at him, speechless. Never had such beautiful words been uttered to her.

All of her life she had felt like her one-of-a-kind status had not really been as exciting as her family made is sound - instead she had felt isolated in a world where everyone else seemed to have a solid foundation.

She looked at him expectantly to continue, and he seemed to pick up on her need for him.

He ran his hot fingertips over her shoulders, down her arms, and slowly picked up her hands to hold in his.

"Renesmee, this is a place where there aren't any labels on who we are and...most importantly...how we feel. I brought you here...kinda hoping that maybe this is the one place I could bring you to show you that even sometimes the things we think are out of reach and...untouchable...are really quite...” he leaned closer to her, his eyes slowly dropping down to meet her expectant gaze, "possible."

For what felt like the thousandth time that day, her breath hitched in her throat as she realized exactly what it was that he was hoping to communicate to her.

"Jake..." She gazed at him, her eyes conveying her feelings. "This is beautiful....all of it."

Jacob smiled at her, his hands tightening on hers as he felt them between their now seemingly blazing bodies. Her hummingbird-like heart seemed to skip a few thrumming beats before it sped up to an even faster speed. Jake smiled faintly as he leaned closer to her, their bodies now touching in the slightest way.

Out of the corner of her warm brown eyes, she saw two yellow butterflies bouncing through the air, swirling and spiraling up towards the clouds. She smiled as she compared them to how her heart felt at the moment - she felt as if she was slowly but surely floating blissfully towards the heavens.

Jacob was now just mere inches from her face, his sweet, musky breath blowing on her face in quick anticipation of what was to come. She smiled, the corners of her mouth turning up just ever so slightly, not wanting to move them too much for fear of breaking the blissful trance they were now locked in as they moved towards each other.

She felt her cool body shiver as his blazing hot skin touched her – first her arms, then her waist, locking her tight against his body. Her skin exploded when he finally pulled her flush against him. Licking her lips, she glanced down from his eyes to look at his mouth, greatly anticipating what was to come.

She exhaled and let her heavy eyelids droop, silently cursing herself for missing one instant of his undeniable beauty as he stood there before her, his skin glowing as the sun beams were absorbed into his perfect skin. Renesmee bit her lip as she felt wetness begin to pool in-between her legs – she knew he would smell her arousal instantly.

He inhaled deeply, his nostrils widening slightly as he breathed. “You want me as much as I’ve been wanting you it seems…” he replied softly, his voice ridden with lust for her.

She nodded wordlessly, her eyes suddenly shy. Feeling bold, she pressed herself tighter to his warm body, silently begging for a response from his.

Both of their hearts were beating furiously in their chests as he leaned in. "I've been waiting so long..." he murmured. Renesmee stopped breathing completely in anticipation of his lips softly brushing against hers.

"Oh, holy crap!" her aunt Alice squeaked in suspense, dropping her hand.

"Huh?!" Renesmee started, sitting straight up in her bed, startled beyond belief. She looked around frantically, still sure for an instant that she was in the meadow with Jacob. Her bedroom was cloaked in the scent of her obvious arousal, and instantly she felt her cheeks start to fill will blood as she blushed scarlet.

She yanked her hand back from the edge of her bed where it had been to cradle it against her chest protectively.

Her eyes darted around her bedroom before she met the golden ones of her aunt, who had skittered away in surprise and was now sitting sheepishly on the end of her bed.

"Alice!" she screeched, her brown eyes going wide with rage and embarrassment. She had caught her favorite aunt red-handed watching her dream.

"I'm sorry, love!" Alice replied, burying her face in her hands. Shamefully, she peeked between her long, white fingers. "I'm so sorry, Renesmee, but I couldn't help myself!" she trilled. Alice’s eyes pleaded for forgiveness, but she was still upset about her aunt watching her basically have a sex dream about her best friend. And her room still reeked with physical proof of what she had been dreaming about. Not good.

She was used to having her family act extremely overprotective of her for her entire life – but that didn’t mean that it didn’t get old every once and awhile. Her half human, half vampire status meant that she didn’t get a ‘normal’ teenage life or a ‘normal’ vampire life either. As much as she yearned for a generic ordinary upbringing, she got just the opposite.

Her mother, Bella, would worry incessantly about her not running too far on her hunts. Her father would read the minds of her wolf-pack friends and Jacob to make sure she was perfectly safe in their care, and wouldn’t hesitate to let a challenging growl out if he heard anything he didn’t like. Her aunt Alice would scour the future in her visions for hours, even if it did give her headaches. Her uncles, Jasper and Emmett, wanted to spend hours with her in the backyard showing her how to fight off other vampires. Rosalie constantly reminded her of how to act like a lady and to never hesitate to remind people when she wasn’t being treated so.

Needless to say, Renesmee didn’t exactly have much leeway when it came to doing as she pleased. If she got to escape on a daily run or hunt with Jacob it was always a welcome freedom, not that he was much less protective.

Jacob had always made it a priority to look just one step ahead of her and make sure she wasn’t in any danger, but he still always made sure that they had fun. He took her cliff diving on First Beach, they took runs all the way up to Canada, and they had definitely taken turns play-fighting with each other. Not that she minded – her outings with Jacob were always exhilarating and challenging to her, and he didn’t make it feel like a babysitting expedition, which was what it really was.

It had always just been different when it was Jacob watching out for her – he had a way of doing so that made her feel protected and special instead of feeling smothered like she did around her family members.

“Nessie…” Alice whined.

Renesmee rolled her eyes, throwing her covers back before exhaling sharply and running her hands through her penny colored hair. She glared up at her aunt, who was looking at her with a grimace as she bit her granite lip with her teeth.

"Can you ever forgive me?"

Signing again, partly because she was still horrified from being caught dreaming about her best friend finally kissing her and partly because she was annoyed at having to wake up so early. She threw back her covers and stood slowly, taking a human moment to take in what had just happened.

Renesmee's life was full of 'half human' and 'half vampire' moments that she had to take - it was one of the pains of being a half-breed.

"I wasn't trying to spy..." Alice assured her, prodding around verbally to try and gauge how upset her niece was with her. Renesmee finally met the warm eyes of Alice, and she tried to smile weakly. She knew that her aunt meant no harm or embarrassment, despite the fact that she was thoroughly humiliated. At least it hadn't been someone like Emmett, or even worse, her father Edward. Alice had taught her many tricks to help keep her father out of her head over the years of her short existence, but nothing was ever fool-proof.

So far, she was pretty sure that no one in her family, including Jacob himself, had any idea exactly what kinds of feelings she had developed in the past few months. They were, should she say, not so 'friend'-ly type feelings?

"I know, Alice, but..." She twirled in her place, throwing the pillow she had shoved off the bed in her sleep back onto the bed.

"You just have to be careful, what with my dad and everything...if he knew..." she trailed off, eying the vampire that stood before her. Not even crafty Aunt Alice could keep everything from her mind-reading father.

“Edward doesn’t know anything, relax,” Alice chirped quickly.

“Good, because we would both get our heads torn off if he did.”

“Us and a certain four-legged friend of yours,” Alice added, watching as her niece made her bed. Renesmee’s eyes widened in horror just at the idea of her father knowing about her childish crush.

“I don’t sleep in my room here so that you can spy on me, Alice,” Renesmee reminded her with another scowl.

Alice shifted uneasily and Renesmee frowned again and almost laughed at seeing her vampire aunt attempt to fidget.

“You don’t have to pretend to fidget for my sake.”

Hurt was reflected in Alice’s wide eyes. “I wasn’t…really…” she trailed off, averting her eyes from Renesmee’s.

“You guys have to start giving me some privacy! I would have just stayed at the cottage while mom and dad are in Denali if I would have known I would be this much trouble…”

“You’re no trouble!” Alice quickly interjected, holding up her hands. Renesmee crossed her arms and smirked.

“But staying in the cottage alone would have been better than you seeing….what you saw,” she finished uncomfortably.

“I know, I’m sorry…But we love it when you use your room at our house, Nessie. It’s so great to have you here when your parents go out of town,” Alice whined.

“I know, Alice, but no one was supposed to know about Jacob! How would I ever live that down in this house?”

“I know,” Alice repeated, her eyes falling to the floor sadly.

Jacob had been a steady fixture in her life for as long as she could remember. Not that she didn’t expect him to be; he was her mother’s best friend after all. They had even been friends when her mother was a human, before Jacob knew he could phase. Renesmee was secretly proud that the two of them hadn’t let the fact that they were now natural enemies come between them. Sure, she knew Jacob probably didn’t want to spend most of his time babysitting her as she was growing up, but she would have wanted to be around her best friend too, no matter what the cost. She couldn’t blame him one bit for wanting to hang around her mother.

She walked to the other side of her bed, pulling the comforter up before arranging the pillows that went on top of it, scowling at her aunt. She wanted Alice to squirm for at least a little while. Walking to the windows, she pulled open the long, golden curtains and observed the dull, rainy day that Forks had to offer.

A rush of air in the large, now bright room made Renesmee purse her lips as Alice flitted to her side.

"I can keep a secret," Alice assured her, touching her niece’s arm softly.

"Some secrets aren't yours to keep, Alice!" She hissed, her bronze curls flying as she whipped her head around to look at her aunt. Stalking back to her bed, she picked up a golden pillow and began fiddling with one of the tassels that hung from a corner.

"I know, which is why I'm so sorry that I peeked...I couldn't help it." She gave her a knowing smile, silently assuring her that her child-like crush on her best friend was strictly in their confidence. "I just can't help it sometimes; I'm really very sorry, Ness."

Renesmee dropped the pillow she was absentmindedly fluffing from her bed. She never would have guessed that the rest and escape that sleep could provide would be irritating. Living in a house where she was the only one who did so made her quite aware that it was a gift not to be taken lightly for a half-vampire. She walked over and pulled her aunt down to sit on her bed with her, sensing that her aunt had more to say.

Alice, taking the opportunity to speak, tried her best to reassure her niece.

"You know, the only reason I'm curious about dreams is because I've never had one," she said softly, her voice barely audible.

Renesmee nodded, feeling her embarrassment begin to fade away. She knew that Alice had no memories of her human life, thus no memories of sleep or dreaming. Feeling her heart ache a little for her aunt's loss, she continued to listen.

“I don’t hold that against you, Alice, I honestly don’t…but I just need some privacy right now, and no one in this house seems to understand that.”

Alice blinked her golden eyes, staying silent as her niece gently ranted from the bed.

“I know that being a half-breed makes me a target for certain things…it’s just that…I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to live this way. I agreed not to go to normal school for at least a few more years, and I never made a big deal of it. I agreed to not have any close friends outside the family,” she replied.

“But you have me!” Alice trilled, cocking her head to the side.

Renesmee felt herself smile. “Yes, I have an aunt who spies in on my dreams!” she joked. Alice’s face fell, and Renesmee knew that she truly felt bad for her accidental spying.

“You know I’m sorry, right?” Alice asked softly.

Renesmee nodded. “I still don’t see what the fascination is!”

Alice scooted closer to her and sighed, resting her cool hand on hers. She inhaled, pausing to think a moment before she spoke again. Renesmee watched as her normally chatty aunt turned quiet while she organized her thoughts.

"Imagine never knowing the peace...” she reached up to softly stroke Renesmee's face again, "and tranquility that it can bring. I'm just curious Ness, and I would never tell anyone what you dream about."

Renesmee felt her face begin to soften and relax, a contrast from the shame that had seemed to burn her cheeks since she had first been woken up by her aunt. It wasn't uncommon for her family members, who were all incapable of sleep, to use their stealthy abilities to gently lift her hand up to their stony cheeks as she slept. For most of her life, she had become accustomed to her family watching as she chased butterflies, explored forests, ran with her parents, and frolicked with Jacob in her peachy colored, cloud-filled dreams.

Only recently had the tenor of these dreams changed, and her family's innocent, almost nightly past-time had become a problem.

A really big problem.