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Renesmee Cullen has stuck out her entire life. She doesn't really fit it in with any of her friends or family - vampire, werewolf, or human. Will she always stick out? Her best friend Jacob Black tries to help her feel better about her differences, but he can only do so much. Their feelings for each other are changing, but Jacob has made a pact with Edward and Bella not to tell Renesmee that she is his imprint until she is seven years old and full grown. When nature takes it's course and things start to change, Renesmee needs to get out of Forks. Will she get away from her problems, or just create more? Meanwhile, Jake tries his hand at college - will he be able to get a good job and provide a good life for his imprint? He doesn't want the Cullens to look down on him forever. Renesmee encounters some new vampires along the way, and for the first time in her life, she is presented with one new thing: a choice. She will be faced with more dilemmas than she ever thought possible as her need for life experiences weighs against her need for love - but who will she give her love to? Will her heart take her back to Jacob, or will fate take her in another direction? Photobucket Enjoy my fic about life for the Cullens, the wolf pack, and several other of their friends after the end of Breaking Dawn! A big Thank You to my beta, Rain-It-Shall for her continued awesome work and support! **Stephanie Meyer owns all, I just elaborated my view!** ATTENTIONThe next chapter of this story is in the que and will hopefully be updated soon. I didn't give up on this story! Please check back! Hopefully it will get validated soon : ( Sorry guys!


2. Chapter 2 - like a distant diamond sky

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Chapter 2 – like a distant diamond sky….


After she had been caught dreaming about her best friend by her aunt Alice, Renesmee had only expected that things would be a little different around the Cullen household. However, her favorite aunt had not let her down by spilling her deep dark secrets to the others.

Alice left soon after to give her some rare privacy and Renesmee was happy to have it. She walked around her room, mindlessly tidying up as she put off going downstairs for breakfast. She didn’t really want to know whether or not Alice could keep a secret just yet.

When she was finished, she glanced around her tidy bedroom with a look of satisfaction. Her room was done in a similar theme to the rest of the house; the walls were painted a warm, golden shade and her carpet was a complimentary honey color. Her bed and thick curtains were a pretty mix of white and gold, a stark contrast to the usually gloomy, thick grey clouds the adorned the skies of Forks, Washington.

Sighing, she knew she had put off breakfast for too long. Her family would be waiting.

Her tight-knit family joined her around the breakfast table that morning as she ate, as was tradition. In a household where she was one-of-a-kind, most of the time her normal, simple habits were a topic of interest, especially between her aunts and uncles. Unfortunately, these were simple things such as eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom.

Needless to say, there had been a plethora of embarrassing situations growing up in her household.

Renesmee had tip toed into the kitchen that morning, her warm brown eyes darting around the large, white tiled room, gazing at her aunts and uncles who had gathered to keep her company while she ate her food.

Emmett was standing at the counter, his nose buried in the sports section of the morning paper. If he noticed her arrival, he didn't acknowledge it. Renesmee felt herself exhale a little. If her uncle Emmett knew about her secret, he would have been bellowing it from the top of the snow-tipped mountains that weren't far from their remote home. Jasper stood at the wall of windows, surveying the forest as Alice danced to stand beside him. They were probably planning a hunt later. Carlisle and Esme stood behind the stove that was on the center island of the large white kitchen, bent over a large skillet containing scrambled eggs for their granddaughter.

"Good morning," Carlisle greeted her.

"Hey grandpa," she said, slipping up onto a stool at the counter. "Any word from mom and dad?"

"They began their run home from Denali last night," he replied, his golden eyes dancing as he smiled at her.

"Well what's taking them so long? Usually it only takes a few hours for them to run home. What's the hold up?"

Her parents had decided to go visit the Denali’s a few days ago. The Cullens usually ran up there in pairs for visits, and they had been doing so frequently. As Renesmee understood, things had been much more cordial in the vampire world since her birth, and the Cullens were determined to keep up the bonds they had made the last time the Volturi had come.

"They're...running," Jasper added, giving her a slightly awkward wink.

"Oh." Renesmee knew what that meant. She chose not to push the subject further.

Her parents went for a lot of 'runs', but she was thankful that everyone in the family seemed to keep what her parents were really doing labeled as 'going for a run'. Although she was only half vampire, her hearing and senses were very much like those of a vampire and that meant she could hear her parents very well...at all times of the night. They had only been married just under seven years and that was considered very much still in the 'honeymoon' stage of their vampire marriage.

The look on her face must have been one of disgust - her uncle Jasper chuckled. "Aren't you glad you have a have a room at our house, darlin?" He asked, his soft southern accent caressing the words.

She smiled at her uncle. For a fierce fighter, he could be very tame and gentle, especially when it came to her.

"Yes, I am Jasper. I mean, I know that a typical vampire honeymoon lasts ten years, but really?" She made a disgusted face before sipping the juice Carlisle placed in front of her.

Her audience laughed at her joke about her parents’ active sex life, giving each other knowing looks.

"Ulgh, how could I forget for a split second that I live in house full of married people!"

"It's alright honey, your parents aren't the worst...I'm just glad I can't read thoughts like your father can. Otherwise those first few years with Rosie and Em would have been torture," Carlisle replied, winking one of his golden eyes at her. Alice just snorted and looked in Rose and Emmett's direction.

"Most of us are just very happy to find someone," Carlisle explained, smiling down at Esme as she put the eggs she had made on a plate.

Renesmee just rolled her eyes. She knew that it was beautiful thing that vampires who eventually did find a mate and fall in love were in love forever - but sometimes it was hard to live with four couples of them. In fact, sometimes it got downright sappy.

"Enough with the mushy stuff!" she replied, taking another sip of her juice. It was a struggle for her to eat human food sometimes, and thinking about her parents having sex definitely didn't make it any easier on her stomach.

Sighing loudly to signify the end of the conversation, she turned her attention back to clearing her head and finishing her breakfast.

Renesmee's life was not what one would expect the life of an almost seven-year-old vampire-human to be. She lived quietly with her two parents, who seemed normal enough to her, in their cottage that was tucked away in the deep woods. Ever since the Volturi had left their family alone at the start of her short life, things had been quiet, slow, and, well - normal.

Any free time she had was always spent with Jacob, who had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. He had originally been her mother’s best friend, and Renesmee knew that there had been some tensions within her family about that friendship since the start. However, her vampire family had made amends with the were wolves, and everything had been fine.

Most of her days were spent with her family members, all of which who take her education very seriously and her sponge-like mind into much consideration. Not that Renesmee minded in the least - she loved to learn new things about the world around her and the world of the past that many of her family members had lived through themselves.

Afternoons with her father had resulted in Renesmee being well versed in several foreign languages, the sciences, and the mathematics. Bella was constantly scouring Carlisle's extensive library for new works of literature for her to read, and the two spend hours discussing the classics of the past and present. Rosalie, the best musician in the family, had taught her piano and violin, and was currently teaching her how to work on anything with a motor, much to Jake's delight. That was the only thing they agreed on, as Jake owned a car repair garage in La Push. Carlisle and Jasper were her history teachers, spending hours at a time giving firsthand accounts of famous battles, plagues that had killed thousands of humans, and the reigns of kings and queens that most people could only imagine. Renesmee was anything but ill-informed of the ways of the world, but she couldn't help but long for more experiences of her own instead of just listening about others’. And that's where Jacob came in.

She had always pictured her life in the future with her best friend always by her side. She dreamed of running away with him to explore the world that she had only heard about.

Yearning for this desire filled her thoughts constantly - she longed to see the Philadelphia diner where Aunt Alice had waited for Uncle Jasper. The hillside caves where Carlisle had spent his first few agonizing months a few centuries ago. The dry, scorching deserts of Phoenix that had captivated her mother Bella during her early years of human life. The Chicago rooftops where her father had hidden, discovering his gifts of mind-reading. The mountains in the east where her Aunt Rosalie had saved Emmett and made her journey back home to her family to beg for his transformation so that he could share immortality with her.

Renesmee felt like each member of her family had had their own exciting, yet tumultuous past, and she couldn't help but ache for experiences like that of her own. She didn't know where these expeditions would take her, but she knew one thing - she couldn't see them happening without one other person beside her - Jacob.

"So what does my little niece have planned for the day?" Emmett asked, quickly sliding onto the stool next to her at the counter.

Renesmee rolled her eyes. What he really meant was, 'Are you going hunting and can I come?'

"I'm going hunting with Jake tonight, Uncle Emmett, and it's our last time to hunt together before he leaves for college, and, no, you CAN'T come," she replied, scooping up a forkful of eggs from her plate.

Her grandparents, Carlisle and Esme, gave each other a small smile from their positions on either side of the counter where they were preparing more food. They both knew that her Uncle Emmett wouldn't dare miss out on a chance to follow his beloved niece around for a day to playfully poke fun at and go for a run in the nearby snowy mountains, a favorite past time.

"Are you looking forward to hunting with Jacob this evening?" Carlisle asked her.

"Yes, very much," She replied, smiling to herself. “NO interruptions, either,” she added, eyeing Emmett.

Her grandfather smiled, shaking his head. "You never cease to amaze me, little one."

“Why’s that?”

“You never say what I think you’re going to,” he answered, his golden eyes dancing.

"Story of my life!" she replied, scooping another fork-full of eggs into her mouth.

"Do you want any more eggs, sweetheart?" Esme asked her. Renesmee shook her head no, reaching up to show her grandmother how full she felt at the moment. She also showed her that she didn't want to be too full to go hunting with Jacob that evening.

"I see," she replied, giving her granddaughter a secret smile. Renesmee pulled her hand back quickly, suddenly afraid that she had shown her too much.

Esme dropped her eyes to the skillet she was scraping clean, and moved to place it in the sink. Actually, Renesmee thought, if she was sure she could trust her Aunt Alice, then she knew that her loving, somewhat timid and soft-smiling grandmother would take her secret to the grave. Well, figuratively.

It was appalling how much food went to waste in that household; however, vampires that hadn't eaten anything for multiple decades took it as a personal challenge to see who could learn how to cook the best from the Food Network.

Alice watched her finish the last of the scrambled eggs on her plate and sip her juice again. Renesmee, feeling cute, smirked at her aunt.

"Want a sip?"

Alice pursed her lips, knowing that her niece was playing with her. She leaned closer to the counter where Renesmee's juice sat, sniffing daintily. Jasper watched her with amusement.

"It smells...kind of...bitter?" she guessed. Renesmee shrugged.

"It's just grape juice," she replied. "It's not bad."

“That’s what you told me about V-8. You said it was like blood. You lied,” Alice said with a smirk.

“It’s okay, I did the same thing with Emmett and a bloody mary when he was a newborn. Didn’t go so hot,” Rosalie said, sticking her tongue out at her husband. He snorted and grimaced, remembering the joke.

“So you want some or not?”

Alice lowered her nose to the rim of the cup and sniffed again. Vomiting up grape juice due to her curiosity did not sound like fun.

"That's okay."

Renesmee laughed, her eyes darting around the room. It was so funny to her how they all participated in researching food and recipes, and they took cooking so seriously in that house, yet none of them ever tried a bit of it. Renesmee understood that it wasn't pleasant to have food sit in their dormant stomachs, but for her, the curiosity of trying new things is what got her to eat most of it.

"What have you got planned for this afternoon?" Alice asked her.

"Nothing really, Jake has a tribe meeting today, and those things usually take most of the day," she replied.

"Wanna go shopping?" she asked, her golden eyes gleaming. Alice had been ecstatic when she discovered one of the few traits Renesmee hadn't inherited from Bella was her hatred of shopping. No, Renesmee would always take her aunt up on a shopping trip, and with her extensive bank account, it was always interesting.

Most of the boutique owners in the city of Seattle were on a first name basis with her Aunt Alice after just a few trips to them all. Yes, they always paid special attention to the petite, striking beauty that was Alice and her dazzling black Visa with which the sky was literally the limit.

"Thanks for breakfast," she replied, reaching up on her tip toes to kiss each of her grandparents.

She threw a meaningful glance at her Aunt Alice before flitting from the kitchen at vampire speed. She was already eternally grateful to her for not blabbing about her smutty dream. Throwing open the door to her bedroom, she gasped slightly as she met a pair of bright golden eyes.

"Beat ya!" she giggled, dancing over to Renesmee's bed. Instead of throwing herself onto it, she gracefully hopped up, bouncing glee-fully.

"Aunt Alice, you're going to break another bed of mine before the day is over!"

"Sorry," she replied sheepishly as she bounced one final time before sitting perfectly still, her short yet slender legs crossing daintily. It would be a cold day in hell if I could ever do anything with a quarter of the grace and poise that Alice could do.

Renesmee got dressed quickly with her help, modeling several outfits as Alice watched with excitement, clapping softly when she settled on one that seemed to fit our shopping expedition – black leggings and a soft, emerald green tunic dress.

The two spent most of the day wandering around downtown Seattle, perusing the shops that lined the city streets. They avoided larger chain stores, much preferring the smaller, quirkier boutiques that were nestled into the bustling, rainy city. Renesmee really enjoyed her time with her aunt - Alice had always seemed to know what to say to help calm her, and after that morning she really needed it.

Her thoughts kept shifting to the dream she’d spent with Jacob. Their relationship was clearly not romantic – in fact, he had made it painfully clear that he thought of her as a little sister, and himself as an overly-protective big brother to her. Her father was constantly checking in with Jacob to make sure that his daughter was safe and not doing anything she wasn’t supposed to be doing.

She could recall countless times when she and Jake would be about to go for a run, or a hunt, or even just heading to the beach in La Push and her father would sternly remind him of where they were allowed to go and what time she needed to be back. She could always tell that he was scanning his thoughts, as he did with everyone, but she knew from simple observation he was especially careful to listen to Jacob‘s. Of course, Renesmee didn’t know why. Jake had always been cautious with her, and he was constantly looking out for her and telling her things she should or shouldn’t do, much to her chagrin.

However, lately that had changed a bit. The changes were subtle, but she could see a definite shift. It could have been her imagination, but she seriously doubted it. Lately it seemed like Jacob either wanted to spend time with his pack brothers and their girlfriends, or just with her, alone. She couldn’t blame him, though, for not wanting to be around her family; they were his natural enemies, after all. Even their steadily growing relationship had been somewhat strained lately, and she couldn’t decide why that was.

“Oh Ness, what do you think of these?” Alice chirped, interrupting her thoughts, holding up a pair of over-the knee boots.

Renesmee looked up, smiling faintly at her aunt’s choice of shoes for her.

“Something the matter?” Alice asked, her golden eyes softening a bit.

She shook her head, clearing her thoughts of Jacob. “No, just thinking.”

“’Bout what?”

Renesmee smiled, not looking up from the display of eclectic jewelry she was surveying.

I know if I look at her, I’ll cave…

Alice, sensing she was not going to get much of an answer, moved on, her tall boots of choice tucked under her arm.

While she was examining a rack near the front of a store, a hearty laugh caught her attention from the sidewalk outside. Two teenagers, a boy and a girl, walked hand in hand down the crowded sidewalk. They stuck out to her because their moods didn't match those of the other annoyed people bustling through the busy streets. No, the cool rainy day had no effect on these two people. The guy looked down at the girl he was with, smiling warmly at something funny she said. The rain dripped off their happy faces, neither one even noticing their surroundings.

I bet they're in love... Renesmee thought wistfully. Why can't that be me and Jacob? Will he ever look at me that way?

Once they were in Alice's car, speeding down the back roads to Forks, Renesmee leaned her head back against the seat, watching the trees and greenery flash by.

"Okay, missy, time is up. I know that forlorn look when I see it. You have to tell me before I go nuts!”


“Your mother used to get that same look on her face when your dad went all cryptic and vampire on her…I know that look. What’s wrong?" Alice asked, her voice ringing in the quiet car.

Renesmee signed. "I want to fall in love, Alice. I want to have someone to look at like you look at Jasper...like my mom looks at dad...I want to feel what that's like," she admitted.

She placed her palm on her aunt’s arm and shot images she had seen over the years of her married family members...kissing...holding each other...laughing...touching...the moans coming from their bedrooms late at night when they thought she was sleeping...

She pulled her hand back quickly; embarrassed that she had let that slip in there. "Sorry," she said guiltily.

"It's okay Ness," Alice replied, her golden eyes turning back to the road that was swerving and twisting below her tires.

"Why so concerned with this all of a sudden? That's the beauty of being immortal...plenty of time," she said.

Renesmee turned to look at her aunt. "It's just...imagine living with four couples who were blissfully happy, always kissing and laughing and sharing private jokes, and... other things...and then imagine having to live with Jasper, but he's just your friend. You couldn’t do half the things with him that you wanted to, you know? Like…not just intimate things, really. Like, just holding his hand and kissing him. How would that feel?"

"You mean to have him think of me that way, or not at all?"

"Either...I mean, I don't know if Jake thinks of me that way, but I know how I feel about him. Imagine not being able to do what feels natural. It feels like we should be doing those things, Alice. But it's so confusing. He's my best friend.”

Alice bit her lip, her eyes flashing over to Renesmee. She had strict instructions from Edward and Jacob both to never breathe a word about the imprint to Renesmee until A) Renesmee was seven-years-old, and B) It came from Jacob's mouth and Jacob's mouth only. They had all agreed on the fact that it should come from him first.

"Ness, I think you still have some time before you need to worry about that...I would just wait it out and see what a little time will do. You might be surprised what time can change."

"But Alice, I don't want to wait! I'm ready now!"

"Did you ever stop to think that maybe Jacob isn't ready?"

"Well...no, but...he's a guy, I mean, aren't all guys ready for this sort of thing?"

"Not necessarily."

Renesmee pressed her palm to her aunt's arm again, showing her flashes. Jacob looking at her differently than he used to...Jacob’s skin feeling different on her skin...Jacob looking at her body...


"I see....But, Ness, that still doesn't mean anything. Yet. Just give it time."

I can come tonight, right?

Yes, we've been over this Quil. We need to hunt before we patrol anyway.

Okay cool...you'll never guess what Claire did this afternoon, Jake, it was so cute-

Can we save the nine-year-old talk for later? I've got other things on my mind!

Yeah, sorry...jeez...

The two wolves continued to run through the forest. It was twilight, and they were going to join Renesmee on her hunt.

Jacob Black bowed his head a bit as he ran, allowing his nose to touch the ground a few times to make sure they were running in the right direction. He had found a herd of young elk earlier and had been nonchalantly tracking them all day so that he knew where they would be tonight for the hunt.

He felt bad for cutting Quil off, but lately he just didn't have as much patience to hear about his best friend and his nine-year-old imprint. Sure, he loved Claire very much and thought of her almost as a little sister, but he was getting sick of listening to Quil's mushy, protective, big-brother thoughts about her. There was only so much he could take, especially given his current situation.

As he ran in the direction of the Cullen’s house, his thoughts drifted to Renesmee.

Oh, Nessie...

You know, you sound like a bad country song when you think her name like that. Oohhh Nessieeee…. Quil sang in his head.

Jacob snorted at him and kept running.

Renesmee was indeed his imprint, and the rest of his pack didn't understand why he had chosen to keep that piece of important information from her for such a long time. It was a topic of much frustration when they were in wolf form, for the rest of his brothers could hear every little thought and picture that popped into his mind about her...and that was a lot.

But it’s more complicated than just telling her, he thought to himself. He had made a promise to Edward after her birth that he would wait for her. In fact, that was the one thing they had agreed on from the start. The topic of imprinting itself was so touchy and not much was known about it to begin with; therefore, they had decided to just let things happen naturally.

As Renesmee's seventh birthday rapidly approached, he found himself getting more and more panicky whenever he thought about telling her about the imprint. Renesmee was a fierce, independent young woman who would definitely have her two cents worth of an opinion about the imprint, and he was unsure what she would say.

Just tell her...

Quil, stay out of it.

That's hard for me to do, and you know it. Every thought you have is about her.

It is not!

Well, almost. Look man, I'm sorry...it's just that...I know she's not ready for it...It’s just so big...

Quil was silent. He knew the feeling. Telling a girl that she was the subject of a wolf member imprint was a huge step in the relationship that they shared. To tell someone that you were made for each other and no one else tended to put a tad bit of pressure on the relationship. Jacob snorted. And on top of that news, usually the announcement that the guy would turn into a giant, snarling, vampire-killing wolf usually sent the girl into shock.

Another aspect to add into the equation was that his imprint had no idea that she actually was his imprint, and her father was a mind-reading vampire.

No, Jacob thought, this was something that was just going to have to wait.

By the time they returned home to the main house, Renesmee felt much better. Alice had sensed that she didn't want to talk any more about Jake, and she had reveled in the comfortable silence they had shared during the rest of the drive home.

"Hmm...you'd better get dressed," Alice mumbled to her as they hung the last of their new purchases in Renesmee's room.

Renesmee was lucky enough to have her own bedroom at the main house as well as one at her parent’s cottage, and her family had made sure that both rooms were fully stocked to fit her needs. Renesmee loved her parents' cottage, nestled into the thick Washington forest, but it was nice to have an escape when her parents were feeling...well, rather 'newlywed-ish'.

"Already? It's not even dark yet!" She gasped, flying back to her closet.

"I see you disappearing in about ten minutes..." Alice trailed off, her eyes glazing over slightly. The more time Alice spent with Renesmee, the easier it was for her to 'see' her, which she hadn't been able to do when she was first born.

"Silly wolves, they make things so cloudy!" Alice trilled, rubbing her temples daintily.

She rolled her golden eyes and stood to pace the room. Renesmee signed happily, throwing on a faded pair of blue jeans and a loose black tank top to hunt. She hated wearing good clothes to hunt with Jacob, as they usually got dirty or ripped in the process.

She emerged from her large closet, her copper curls hanging down on both sides of her face, which was flushed with excitement for her hunt with Jacob. This was their last hunt before he went away to college in a few days, and she wanted to take full advantage of being alone in the woods with him.

"You're wearing that?”! Alice asked, halting her paces across the carpet.

Renesmee glanced down at her tattered jeans and tank top, her brown eyes darting back up to meet Alice's.

"Well, yeah, I mean...Jake usually wants to run, and I just get dirty when we go through rivers and mud, and sometimes we even wrestle..." she trailed off when she saw her aunt cross her arms disapprovingly. She felt her breath hitch in her throat from excitement and anticipation of the evening ahead of her. Nothing was better than the feeling of running through the dark forest, Jacob by her side, his warm eyes smiling back at her in the night...Suddenly; she was snapped out of her hunting reverie by Alice stomping around the room in frustration.

"Nessie, if you want me to help you get his attention, you have to let me help you," She replied, retreating back into her niece’s closet. She emerged a few seconds later with a pair of black skinny jeans, a long, fitted violet sweater, and a pair of sparkly black flats.

"You want me to wear designer jeans and sparkly shoes to go hunting...with Jake?" Renesmee asked, a look of shock crossing her face. Before she could speak again, her aunt had ripped the worn tank top from her body and replaced it with the form fitting sweater.

"Yes, I do!" She replied, tugging at the fabric to get it to lie perfectly on Renesmee's body. She arranged the 'V' of the violet fabric just right so that it showed a bit of cleavage. Renesmee felt herself blush as she glanced down at her somewhat new set of breasts. Growing to be almost an adult in a matter of six short years had given her little time to get used to her new woman physique.

"It's fine, you're almost seventeen!" Alice said, urging her out of her faded blue jeans. "Well, kind of," she added. Renesmee stepped into the skinny black jeans and fastened them around her slim waist, turning to admire her figure in the full length mirror that adorned the back of her closet door.

"I know, but...I just feel weird showing it off in front of Jacob," she replied, smoothing out her sweater. My Jacob...

She had to admit to herself that the black of the pants and the deep violet of the top made her skin look almost....ivory and beautiful instead of what she usually classified herself as- sickeningly pale. Alice helped her add a few gun-metal gray bracelets to complete her look as she stepped into her black flats.

"Accessorizing to hunt, I see?"

Both Renesmee and Alice whipped around to see Rosalie standing in the doorway of her closet.

Renesmee felt her heart rate speed up as a blush crept into her cheeks and Alice arranged and calmed her unruly curls that cascaded down her back. She swept one side off her face and secured it with a small black flower clip.

"We're just...maturing her look," Alice replied shortly, not making eye contact with her smirking sister.

Rosalie's eyes swept over her niece’s body, clad tightly in stylish, designer clothes. After a few moments of scrutiny, she pursed her lips and chuckled to herself.

"Rose..." Renesmee started, giving her other aunt an exasperated sigh. She knew that Rosalie would always have a special place for her in her un-beating heart. The two had spent those first long days of her life together, Rosalie comforting her and re-assuring her as her mother ‘burned’ upstairs. Renesmee also knew that Rosalie wasn't too keen on her niece spending the majority of her free time with a dog, as she put it, but her happiness always came first.

As if on cue, both vampire heads whipped in the direction of the windows that lined one wall of Renesmee's room, a low growl escaping from Rosalie's lips.

Renesmee inhaled slightly with excitement, pausing slightly to press her palm against Rosalie's cheek.

Please be nice, Aunt Rose... she asked her silently, before bounding to the window. She felt a shy smile creep onto her lips as she looked down two stories to the woods below her. And there he was.

Jacob stood, clad in only a pair of torn off, worn shorts below her window. The silky moonlight seemed to bounce off of the green leaves and mossy branches around him, but somehow stuck to his dark body, giving it an unnaturally appealing glow. Jacob smiled up at her, his white teeth gleaming in the soft glow of the moon, just like in her dream. If her heart normally fluttered like a hummingbird as her family said, right now it felt like a jet liner about to take flight.

Renesmee barely acknowledged her aunts’ reactions to the exchange happening before them; Rosalie snorted in disgust and Alice let out a peaceful sigh of longing. No, nothing like that mattered to her now. She quickly leaped to the door leading to the balcony that ran the entire back length of the house, jumping softly to the mossy ground below.

"I thought you would never get down here," Jacob's voice broke the silence of the dewy forest around them.

"I thought you'd never get here!" she exclaimed, throwing her arms around her best friend. Instantly, her already speeding heart seemed to go faster, if that was even possible.

Jake let a loud laugh escape his lips as he threw his arms up in mock exasperation while she hugged him tightly. He rolled his dark eyes and let his arms wrap around her as well, breathing in her scent, a smile still on his lips. Her heart beat even faster and she blushed, knowing he could definitely hear it with his sharp senses.

They hugged 'hello' for a moment before pulling back to look at each other. "Whoa, where's the fashion show?" he asked, his eyes running up and down her body.

Renesmee felt her cheeks start to flush with embarrassment. He had noticed her attempt to catch her attention. She watched as his eyes ran from her feet all the way up to her face, pausing when they fell her on chest. His appreciative gaze quickly met her eyes, and he sucked in a quiet breath as if to clear the image from his head.

Score... she thought to herself.

"Yeah, you planning on hitting the town without us?" another voice asked.

Renesmee and Jacob both dropped their arms that were casually touching at the sound of the third person. Quil appeared from behind a tree nearby, smiling widely.

"Oh, hey Quil!" Renesmee replied, quickly side-stepping away from Jacob. "I didn't know you were hunting with us."

"Yeah, Claire had to go to bed early," Jacob teased his friend and fellow pack member. He punched Quil in jest on the shoulder, sending the other russet-skinned boy into a bout of chuckles.

"Yeah, yeah, I know..." Quil replied. His eyes met Renesmee's and she flashed him a sympathetic look. Even though Claire was now almost nine now, it still wasn't easy for him to deal with the questioning looks constantly being directed at his frozen, eighteen-year-old body.

Jake continued to laugh at his pack member and other best friend as he motioned for the three of them to head deeper into the woods. The group passed over the Cullen's lawn at a slow jog as Quil and Renesmee teased each other - him about her new clothing, and her about his nine-year-old 'girlfriend'.

Jake rolled his eyes again as they broke into the forest, his eyes catching hers as she continued to giggle about the troubles of imprinting. He suddenly felt a pull in his chest as he caught Renesmee looking over at him, making their way through the forest.

Why is she looking at me like that? Is that...longing I see on her face? Why hasn't she ever looked at me like that before? he thought as her brown eyes flashed back to the trees in front of her.

He had to admit, his 'secret' imprint, as he referred to her in his own mind, looked stunning in the bright violet shade of her sweater. It reminded him of the tiny violets that grew in the forest at the first signs of spring, almost as if to remind them that warmer weather was on its way to the frigid forests of Washington State. His thoughts prompted him to think of another one of his problems - How was he going to tell Renesmee that she was his imprint? His mind wandered to her father, the mind-reading vampire, and how it was getting harder and harder to hide the lusty thoughts about his now teenage-looking daughter.

I'm only a man for shit's sake..., he thought. Daddy vamp can't expect me to ignore that fact forever, especially when his daughter dresses like that. Wait a second, is she showing cleavage?! His mind screamed at him. His eyes darted to Quil, who was running on her other side, still laughing and joking. Jacob felt like he was a million miles away as he thought.

Did I just see him look at her chest?! He thought, a small growl escaping his lips. His eyes widened a bit as he realized both his companions had heard him.

Jacob casually shook his head at Renesmee and Quil, trying to brush off the slip. Renesmee took this opportunity to bolt ahead of them into the woods, her body starting to blur as she increased her speed. Jacob just shrugged off Quil's questioning look and began to run faster as well.

The pulling feeling in his chest slowly turned into one of guilt. He felt his stomach start to churn as he thought about the topic of imprinting. So far, Renesmee only thought that Jacob hung around her from a friend perspective; always wanting to be near her and her mother. He and Bella had been best friends for years before Renesmee was born. However, the feelings of guilt he was developing had been increasing lately as he continued to put off confessing to her the real situation at hand - that she was actually his imprint. Signing, he halted, signaling to Quil that it was time to phase and get this show on the road. Maybe Quil could offer him some advice once their minds were connected and Renesmee couldn't hear.

He could only hope that his friend would help him deal with his secret feelings. This is driving me crazy..