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Newport Living

A little different from your average Twilight story- Jasper Whitlock has recently moved in with his cousin, Edward Cullen after his mom dies from cancer. He meets neighbor, bad girl, Bella Swan, & her older brother, Emmett, & Shortly after he meets, Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie Hale & Bella's best friend, famous actress, Alice Brandon. Join them as they deal with being students at an elite Prep school, alcoholic parents, acting gigs, make ups, breakups, and a lot more... Think The O.C meets Twilight. We promise, it's a lot better than the summary makes it seem. Pictures for the story can be found here:
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001037472823&ref=profile Rated M: for underage drinking, language, possible lemons, and drug use.

This story has ideas from both Twilight, and the show The O.C, we tried to mix humor, drama, and romance to appeal to everyone, we also tried to make it a little different from your usual fanfiction... it doesn't start out canon couples, but we have plans on making sure it ends up that way. Disclaimer:: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight & the writers/producers of the O.C own anything we may have borrowed from them =]

1. Welcome to Newport

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Jasper POV

My mother Charlotte Maria Whitlock has just passed away.

Though I had time to prepare for her death and was able to say goodbye and was not taken by surprise, still does not mean I would this rather have this situation turn out differently. Yes I had a chance to say goodbye to the physical body that my mom's soul and spirit occupied, but that did not help me deal with the anger and the pain that came with that realization.

My mother had cancer, everywhere. We tried chemo and surgery to at least stall and prolong our time together and with the rest of our family. We were able to get as much time in before we finally had to admit enough was enough and stop trying to keep her alive and just let her end her days peacefully and on her own terms. My mother was a brave woman and fought a long and hard battle just to spend as much time as she could and for that were grateful. Admittedly I had hated to see my mom, hell my whole world suffer but I was glad she was still with me and loved me enough to endure what I am sure as hell on her body just for me.

I will forever be eternally grateful to my uncle, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, who gave me as much time as was humane with my mother. That alone earned the man a special place in my heart, but that was only one of many things he has done for me since.

My mother and I were living in Texas and while we were happy it was far from the ideal life. Mom never talked about my…father I guess you could call him but since the man left his pregnant wife I considered him little more than a sperm donor to be honest. Anytime I asked about him when I was younger I was told not to worry about him and that she loved me enough for both parents and I never doubted her and she never disappointed me.

In hindsight I was stricken by memories of every stupid thing I ever did that upset my mother, which honestly was a lot. I think the worst was when my friend Peter and I tried to give ourselves homemade tattoos last year. Mom came home and saw us and flipped out, she sent Peter home and took me silently in the car to a local tattoo parlor and had them fix the scars on my arm. I now have the Japanese symbols from Intelligence, Strength, Courage, and Love on my forearm, at least that is what I hope they say. Mom did make me pay for having the tattoos fixed which emptied all the funds I had been saving for a new guitar for the past year. Mom said she was disappointed in me and if I would have just told her instead of letting my stupid friend do it she would have taken me here and consented to do it to begin with. I felt horrible about disappointing my mom.

After my mom was initially diagnosis with her severe level of cancer she called her sister Esme Cullen. My mom and her family grew up in some hick town in Washington State. I had thought my mom had just called to give her sister the bad news and get some emotional support, but it seemed Esme's husband was a renowned Oncologist and she wanted him to treat her. I was not with mom but it seemed either she did not like the news the doctor had given her or just wanted a second more experienced opinion. So arrangements were made for us to go visit the Cullen's and stay with them throughout mom's treatment.

A few weeks later we flew from Texas to California to meet our family and get mom checked out by Dr. Cullen. As soon as we arrived Esme wrapped mom and I up in a giant hug and both ladies water works started flowing. Now woman crying is like my kryptonite, so I started wandering toward the baggage claim area as soon as I was able to pry myself from the grip of both women.

"Don't worry she is not usually that weepy, she just misses her sister." said the nerdy kid from behind our mothers.

"Edward ?" I asked and held out my hand.

He nodded and shook it.

"Jasper" I reminded him, it had been a long time since we had seen each other.

"Great, Texas Ken Doll, just what we need here in Newport." he replied and laughed, I presumed at his own wit. I didn't think he was very funny.

"Ya'll knows we aim to please, Nerdward." I shot back, now it was my turn to laugh at my own joke.

"Oh, Nerdward, how original, next are you going to try and call me Emoward, Grouchward, or Dickward?" Edward replied and looked slightly miffed.

"Chill out, I'm just messing with you. Man, are you always so high strung?" I asked suddenly concerned for the mental stability of my cousin.

"Yeah I just get tired of being teased. Kids here well they don't get me. So either I get made fun of because I am not like them or they think I'm snob for avoiding them. Pick your poison." Edward said with a sag to his shoulders and a sullen look on his face.

"Well, we're family. If I can't take the piss out of you, who can? Besides I'll be Beavis to your Butthead and we'll show these Newport kids something new." I added trying to be upbeat because it was sure as shit better than worrying about my mom right now.

"Okay, I guess I can let you be Robin to my Batman, you seem cool enough. Anyways let's grab your bags and get the Weeping Willows to the car so we can make it home sometime today." Edward replied while jerking his thumb towards our mom's still locked in a sloppy crying mess.

"Sounds good Batman, lead the way" I said and Edward smiled, like a real genuine smile and that is when I realized, maybe Newport wouldn't be so bad.

The Cullen's compound, palace, mansion; I am not sure if house is the correct term used to describe something so huge and grand as the Cullen's monstrous estate. I swear we could have fit our whole house back in Texas in just the kitchen and maybe a small part of the dining room. Their house was so large it had its own baby house. Now I am not sure if they had to contact a house breeder or if something this ginormous was able to reproduce asexually, but they had what they called the guest house. Guest house is an ironic term since it was where Edward lived and I would be staying. I'm not sure why one lives in their own guest house, but when said guest house is the size of a large house, I don't think the logic needs to be questioned. Said baby house had three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a huge lounge area which looked like a living room to me. I was not sure why the Cullen's needed house(s) this large but they were beautiful and I would not begrudge them any comforts then or now.

That was weeks ago, since then Carlisle has tried to treat my mother's cancer, but it was not…enough. She passed away about a week ago and I officially became the legal dependant of Carlisle and Esme Cullen.

The Cullen's were having a small barbeque today, to introduce me to some of the neighborhood families and kids I would be going to some prep school with, this should be fun.

My life would never be the same…



"Emmett!" I whined. "I don't want to go." I was a second away from stomping my foot like a toddler whose mommy wouldn't buy her the toy at the store.

"Isabella. You are going." Renee said walking; more like stumbled into the room, dirty martini already in hand.

Let's catch you up to speed. I'm BELLA Swan; note I hate being called Isabella. Renee calls me this because she thinks it's classy, and she wants me to be prim, and proper, basically, she wants me to turn into a gold digging, lush, and slut like her. But anyways, we'll get to that in a minute. I'm 16 years old, and I live in Newport Beach California, and go to one of the most prestigious prep schools with all the other rich kids in the area. Renee is my drunken mother, who not only comes from money, because her parents were rich as fuck, but she's also been married and divorced with huge settlements at least three times now, and I'm pretty sure she got drunkenly married to some poor cabana man in Mexico, but I think she had it annulled, obviously I can't tell you for sure, because she's never here. She spends most of her money on trying to make us look the part of the typical Newport elite, but mostly on her booze, and plane tickets to wherever she disappears to all the time. She's probably only home a few times a month, and that's only to make sure Emmett and me are alive, and to make it look like she's being the good mother.

Emmett is 18, my older brother, but actually more like my father; he just graduated this year, and is going to the University of California in Newport County aka UCOC, he got accepted to a lot of colleges, but decided to stay close, probably because of me. Renee got pregnant with him in high school, and the sperm donor took off because he probably didn't want to be stuck with a whore for a wife. Before she popped Em out, she met Charlie Swan, a townie going nowhere fast. They fell in love and when Em was born, he stuck around. Renee was actually smart enough to give Emmett her last name, and Charlie never actually adopted Emmett, but he's the only father Emmett knows. His biological father never tried to get in touch, and neither did Emmett. About a year after Em was born, Renee found out she was pregnant again, with yours truly. So her and Charlie got married, a shotgun wedding pretty much. Emmett was their ring bearer, and we were all a happy little family, until about five or six years ago when Charlie and Renee decided that they hated each other and Charlie took off, and we haven't heard from him since.

Great parental units we have going on, right?

It's usually just Emmett, and me, which I'm totally fine with. It's better that way. His girlfriend, Rosalie Hale, the blonde glamazon, sleeps over a lot too. Which is fine, she is kind of quiet, but we get along pretty well, she is always nice to me, and she's good to Emmett. She knows how close we are, and always gives Emmett space so that he and I can hang out. She's also helped me out a lot when Renee should have, whenever I needed girl advice, she's been the one to give me advice; it's kind of like having an older sister. Hell even before she was dating Emmett, Rose was like a second and much better mother to me, she is the one who taught Alice and I how to use tampon's for Christ sake. I was thankful because that was not a lesson I wanted to be taught by Emmett.

Her cousin, Alice Brandon, yes, THE Alice Brandon who was on every child show in the 90's, has been my best friend since we were kids, Alice is usually always around too. Alice is kind of like a little sister to Emmett as well, so when we're all here, it's like our own little dysfunctional family.

"I'm sorry, who are you again?" I snapped, glaring at Renee, who was straightening out whatever imaginary wrinkles her drunken mind made appear on Emmett's shirt. He hated when she did that, but he was always better at tolerating her than I ever was.

"Bells." Emmett warned.

"Baby, I know I'm not around a lot, I'm sorry for that, I'm just trying to give us a better life, and make us a family again." She said, taking a sip of her drink.

"But, Jake's on his way to get me." I told Emmett, ignoring her.

"Bells, it's the Cullen's, come on, Carlisle and Esme are always so nice, and Edward's not so bad. Just come for a little while, and then you can go hang out with Jake, okay?" he reasoned, and he hated Jake, so the fact that he didn't throw in some crude comment was his way of bartering with me.

"Fine." I sighed.

"Cool, come on. Rosie and Alice are meeting us there." He said, throwing his heavy arm around me.

Rose hated Renee, I think almost as much as I did if not more. So she usually avoided the house whenever she was home. Lucky bitch. I was unsure of the exact reason why, I'm pretty sure it had to do with the fact that she lived with Alice and her family, and not her own parents. Emmett never told me the reason; just that she had a good one. I believed him, and didn't ask any questions.

"All right my babies, let's go." Renee chimed as she opened the door and we followed her out.

The Cullen's had been our neighbors for as long as I could remember. Carlisle was one of the best oncologists in California, people traveled from all over to see him. He was also great looking for an old guy, and like the best dad ever. He and Emmett went surfing together all the time; Emmett really looked up to him and I was glad he had a fatherly figure in his life.

Esme was super sweet wonder mom. She was a Social Worker, and even though it didn't pay well (she also came from mad money, most of the families around here did) she just loved to help people. She was always taking care of people, and she always sent Emmett home with home cooked meals for us. I had a hard time being around them both, since I got the short end of the stick for parents. Edward Cullen had no idea just how lucky he was.

Edward is their only kid, he's in my grade, and I guess as kids we used to play together a lot, up until like middle school, but then we just grew apart, and he just stopped talking to me, and we had different groups of friends, he was nerdy, but he definitely had cute potential, and I'm pretty sure he thought he was gods gift to the earth because he never talked to anyone except his group of very few friends. Most people thought he was either stuck up or nerdy.

They were having a barbeque because Esme's nephew Casper, I think that's his name, who names their kid Casper? I mean, come on, just moved in and when school start's they wanted him to know everyone. And in this town, when someone has a party, if you aren't invited, then you're a no one.

As we entered their backyard, I immediately spotted Alice and Rose talking under a nearby tree. Alice was so cute; she had a different look every single day. I'm not kidding. Yesterday was the gangster princess look with huge chains and cornrows, today she looked like a naughty school girl, her hair had bright pink highlights, and was pulled back into pigtails, and she had a button up white blouse that didn't cover much, and a short pink plaid skirt complete with knee high socks and Mary Jane's. Whenever anyone asked why she was different every day, she claimed she was trying to find her signature look for when she got back into acting. She had taken time off and decided when high school was over she was getting into more adult, serious roles. She figured by the time she landed a role everyone would have forgotten her cute little innocent kid roles and she would have more success than if she hadn't taken a break.

"Hey Bells!" she smiled, waving at me as I approached them.

"Hey guys." I smiled at them as I watched Emmett from the corner of my eye as he and Carlisle were in an intense animated conversation, and I also watched as Renee swayed as she talked to a worried looking Esme.

"I thought you were hanging out with Jake?" Alice asked, and I could have sworn I saw Rose scowl at the mention of him.

"Emmett said I had to make an appearance here first." I shrugged.

Jake Black was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks that no one liked. We had been together on and off since freshman year. I lost my virginity to him, but since this was like our 500th time being back on, it wasn't a huge deal.

"How's stuff at home?" I asked them, changing the subject. Rosalie had been living with Alice for a few years now; they lived on the other side of town with Alice's parents. They had the whole second floor to themselves; they each had their own rooms that were connected by not only the biggest bathroom I had ever seen, but the biggest closet I had ever seen as well.

"It's all right, you know Ma & Pa Brandon, and they never do much." Alice shrugged. Alice was a "Change of life" baby; her parents didn't think they could have kids after many failed attempts, so they were older, but they really were great, and pretty hip for being older than most kids our age's parents.

"I'm going to steal Em from Dr. Cullen." Rose informed us with a smile and walked in that direction.

"So, Renee is wasted already I see." Alice stated as we people watched.

"Of course, it's a day that ends in y." I sighed, as a flash of bronze caught my eye. I looked over to see Edward and who I think was Casper. And can I just tell you that he was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. The tattoos that peeked through the sleeves of his rolled up plaid shirt was the cherry on top of the entire thing. I recognized the way he walked from the occasional time I would see him coming and going from the Cullen's house, but this was the first time I had seen him up close.

"Wow, Edward's cousin is hot!" Alice exclaimed as quietly as possible. I nodded, agreeing with her as I watched the two boys approach, Edward looked like he was going to throw up at any second, Esme must be making him introduce his cousin.

"Uh, H-Hey Bella." Edward said, stuttering a little as they approached, swaying back and forth nervously,

"Alice." he nodded to her.

"Hi Eddie!" Alice said loudly, and giggled when he grimaced at her nickname for him.

"Hey Edward." I responded, looking past him, at Casper curiously.

"This is Jasper, my cousin." Edward said motioning to Jasper. Still a weird name, but much better than Casper. "Jasper, this is Bella Swan, she lives next door, and Alice Brandon." Edward explained.

"Hey." Jasper smiled, and nodded casually.

"Welcome to Newport, Jasper." I said, smiling at him, he chuckled and before we could get much more conversation in Esme came over and pulled the boys away to help her set out the food.

The rest of the barbeque Alice and I joined our other friends as they came and just relaxed, laughed, and ate and had a pretty decent time, it was definitely better than I thought it was going to be, and luckily, there was no drama, like there usually was during these sorts of events.

After about an hour or so, I decided I was ready to go, Jake had been blowing up my phone the entire time and I was getting annoyed anyways. Once I made my rounds to say goodbye, luckily avoiding Renee who was flirting shamelessly with Dr. Cohen, and convincing Emmett that I had been there long enough, I made my way towards the front to wait for Jake.

I smiled to myself as I pulled out my pack of cigarettes, I couldn't remember the last time I had one, I had to hide it, Emmett hated it, and Renee would probably have a heart attack if she saw me smoking. But smoking helped me deal with her crazy whore ass.

"Ya know cigarettes kill people?" a sexy southern voice said, jolting me from my reverie.

I laughed as I took a seat next to Jasper who was sitting on the curb, smoking his own cigarette.

"Is that so?" I asked, taking another drag.

"Very bad for you." he continued, chuckling at himself.

"Nice ink." I said, reaching over and running my fingers over the tattoos on his closest arm, causing him to finally make eye contact with me.

"Thanks. You got any of your own?" he asked as Jake pulled up in his jeep.

"I do. Maybe I'll show you sometime." I winked and hopped into the car, waving as we drove away.