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Newport Living

A little different from your average Twilight story- Jasper Whitlock has recently moved in with his cousin, Edward Cullen after his mom dies from cancer. He meets neighbor, bad girl, Bella Swan, & her older brother, Emmett, & Shortly after he meets, Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie Hale & Bella's best friend, famous actress, Alice Brandon. Join them as they deal with being students at an elite Prep school, alcoholic parents, acting gigs, make ups, breakups, and a lot more... Think The O.C meets Twilight. We promise, it's a lot better than the summary makes it seem. Pictures for the story can be found here:
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001037472823&ref=profile Rated M: for underage drinking, language, possible lemons, and drug use.

This story has ideas from both Twilight, and the show The O.C, we tried to mix humor, drama, and romance to appeal to everyone, we also tried to make it a little different from your usual fanfiction... it doesn't start out canon couples, but we have plans on making sure it ends up that way. Disclaimer:: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight & the writers/producers of the O.C own anything we may have borrowed from them =]

10. Hello Kitty

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Chapter 10.


"All right girls, good job today, see you tomorrow for practice." I called to my team of cheerleaders. I had worked my ass off to become co-captain with Angela. We had always helped the captains years before, and we were both co-captains in middle school, we always tried to be over achievers, and the best at the routines, we deserved it, and everyone knew it, except, of course, Jessislut and Whoren. But, who cares about them anyways.

"Bye Bells! See ya tomorrow, early again so we can continue working out this routine." Angela smiled at me, giving me wave as she walked into the locker room. I really liked Angela, she was one of the few real people in this school.

I stayed back, and stretched out my muscles as I sent Emmett a quick text to come pick me up. I was really sore, and let me tell you, it wasn't the good, I – was – up – all – night – fucking – my – boyfriend – senseless kind of sore. It was more like, I drank wayyy too much last night, so I had a pounding headache, and body aches, and jumping, lifting, throwing, and yelling with girls was not a good way to nurse the hangover.

It had been about two weeks since Cheerleading tryouts, and a week since the team had been formed, and we started doing two-a-day practices. Our school took everything serious, all of the fall teams had started practicing as well, it was good to see some people, and others I could really give a fuck about. But it gave us about two and a half weeks to get our shit together before school started up, something I was certainly NOT looking forward to.

It had also been over three weeks since Edward had walked in on me and Jasper, and caught me in a really awkward position, to say the least. I had been doing my best to avoid Edward, which unfortunately meant I hadn't seen much of Alice, or Jasper either. Of course I still texted Alice daily, Jasper too, and we still saw each other, just not as much, and never at his house anymore. He could probably tell that something was weird, but he didn't push me for an explanation, which I was more grateful for than he probably knew.

I had pretty much been hanging out at home with Emmett and Rose, and Alice whenever she came over, which wasn't much because she had been hanging out with Edward and Jasper a lot, they always invited me, but I always had some kind of excuse to get out of it. I couldn't face Edward again, or Jasper, and I couldn't face Alice either, even though I wasn't even sure she knew what happened. It was just easier to stay away. So when I wasn't with Em or Rose, I was at cheerleading practice, or at the gym trying to think of new moves for our routine. Or, I was having very deep conversations with my flask. Hence the horrible hangover I was still dealing with this afternoon.

"Heyyyy Sis!" Emmett boomed as he pulled up in front of the school, where I had walked out to wait for him. I really needed a car, relying on other people sucked.

"Hey." I grumbled, throwing my bag into the backseat, and climbing into the front.

"How was practice?" he asked, Emmett loved that I was a cheerleader, Rose was a cheerleader in high school, and he played Lacrosse and football, he loved being the 'IT' guy, and he wanted me to be the 'IT' girl like Rose was, even though she was bitchy, she was well liked, respected, and looked up to, and envied of course. I loved cheerleading, as believable or unbelievable as that sounds, I loved the little outfits, and the flips, I loved choreographing the moves, and I loved being thrown in the air, especially that part, not knowing if someone was going to catch you or not, it was a rush.

"It was good, Ang and I have a pretty good routine worked out this year." I told him, grinning, he grinned back, he was proud of me for becoming co-captain, especially because I was so young, but I knew what I was doing, and I was good, as cocky as that sounds.

"So, you gonna hang out with Alice and the guys tonight?" he asked, raising his eyebrow at me, "She said they were going to go to dinner and then some bonfire on the beach." he told me, which I already knew, both she and Jasper had texted, asking me, I hadn't responded yet, they knew I was busy with these two- a- days.

I shrugged, playing with the edge of my shorts, "I don't know, I gotta be up kind of early for practice tomorrow." I told him, knowing he probably wasn't going to buy that, not at all.

"B." he groaned, not looking at me, "What's going on with you lately?" he asked seriously, I hated serious Em, that meant he was worried, and I hated making him worry. Fuck. "First, you got all crazy and drunk when you broke up with Jake at the beginning of summer, and then you started hanging out with Cullen and J-Dawg for the middle of the summer, and you were my little happy sister again, you were smiling, and staying out of trouble, and you rarely drank. Then all the sudden now at the end of the summer, you don't hang out with anyone unless they come over, or they happen to be at cheer practice, and I can smell the booze, B, I know you've been drinking again." he lectured, and I internally groaned. How did he know? How did he always know?

I shrugged again, "Nothings the matter Em, I promise," I lied, feeling like a horrible fucking person, I wanted to tell him, but I couldn't, he would freak out, and plus we had an unspoken rule, we don't tell each other about our sex lives. Disgusting. "I just wanna be a great captain; I wanna prove to everyone that I can do it, that I can be as much of a legend as you are." I told him, which was the truth, just, with some omission. I was already going to hell, anyways.

"I don't know if I buy that." he frowned, furrowing his brow, trying to decide if he should believe me or not.

I sighed, grateful as we pulled into the driveway, "Would it make you feel better if I went out with them this weekend?" I asked him.

"Yes, go and have fun, these are the best years of your life." he grinned at me as he shut off the car and we got out. It was an awesome day out, I was thinking of walking down to the beach, or maybe borrowing the jeep and taking a drive to the cliffs. I needed a drink; it'd cure this shitty hangover.

"Alright Em, I'll text them all and let them know I'm down to do something this weekend." I smiled at him as we walked in the house and I jogged up the stairs towards my room to take a shower and to change.

Once I was finished, I grabbed my flask from my purse, and walked out my french doors, and onto my balcony that overlooked the beach and the ocean. I sat on the edge and slid my legs through the rails dangling them as I sipped my Jack. I could see Edward's old balcony to my right, when we were kids we used to sit out here and talk to each other late at night, until usually Esme, Carlisle, Charlie or Emmett would yell at us to go to bed.

The memory made me smile, Edward and I used to get each other, and ourselves into a lot of trouble. Our families would call us 'Double Trouble' or 'Team Trouble,' usually any kind of nicknames that ended in trouble.

As I took another sip from my flask, movement from the pool house caught my eye, I looked down to see Edward, Jasper, and Alice walking out, they were all laughing, genuinely laughing, and Alice and Edward were holding hands, Jasper was playfully bumping her shoulder. I sighed as I watched them disappear into the main house, and took another large gulp.


Edwards POV

I was an asshole.

I had driven Bella away, again, not only from myself, but Jasper and Alice had barely seen her either. She was so pissed at me seeing her semi-nude she all but refused to hang out with me anymore, again. I feel like I broke up our little group, hell our happy little family.

"Well Bella's text said she would see us at the bonfire, so that's some progress." Alice whined, shutting her phone and snapping me out of my brooding mood.

"Yeah, so where do you guys want to go for dinner? I'm thinking Mexican." I said.

"All Mexican food outside of Texas sucks ass, but whatever dude." Jasper replied kind of surly.

"How about Bandito's Burritos, they have the best salsa ever!" Alice said bouncing on the heels of her feet. Damn that girl gets excited over anything, sometimes it's cute, other times it can get on your nerves.

"Sounds awesome, come on Jazzhands let's go." I said and grabbed Alice's hand as we exited the pool house.

We headed towards the main house. Yes, I know it's lame to admit to telling your parents when you come and go, but I liked my allowance so I did it. We were all laughing at Jasper grumbling about his nickname Em had given him. I noticed when Em was happy with Jasper his nickname was J-Dawg, when he was pissed or in brother mode it was Jazzhands. I wonder if Jasper noticed this yet. I hoped not, it was kind of funny to listen to him grumble about it.

Dinner was wonderful, I had tacos, Alice ate her weight in chips and salsa, and I think our waitress Maggie slipped Jasper her phone number in between shoving her boobs in his face.

"Do you think Bella will show up?" Jasper asked with a sigh. I think he might have thought Bella was pissed at him instead of me about this whole thing, and I felt bad for him.

"We invited her Jazz, that's the best we can do." Alice explained.

"So it's just Jazz now, what happened to Jazzhands?" I questioned, kind of shocked they already shortened Jasper's nickname.

"Jazzhands makes him sound like a dandy, which he is clearly not, so Jazz sounds better." Alice explained to us.

"I like Jazz better then Jazzhands, or J-Dawg, thanks darling." Jasper said laying his southern charm thickly on poor little Alice.

"No problem sugar." Alice shot back in the same drawl.

"Kids don't make me get the hose." I said a little louder then I needed, their exchange was making me uncomfortable.

We finally arrived at the beach not too long after, and unloaded the cooler Mom had packed with some snacks and sodas for us. Yes, we were taking sodas to a beach bonfire where everyone else would likely be drinking, we were nerds but that was okay, we were happy.

I was carrying the cooler while Jasper had the chairs and Alice was, well, 'supervising' is what she called it, I called it bossing us. That's when I was approached by the two biggest sluts in the school. Seriously, if sleeping around was an Olympic sport their faces would be on condom box and they would do sex shop openings after tying for the gold medal every damn year.

"Wow, Edward looking good." Lauren said as she eyed me up and down. I felt violated by her eyes, it was that disturbing.

"Yeah Edward, did you get your haircut or something?" Jessica or Bimbo #2, as I'm sure she would be cast as once her acting career took off after a few years in the porn business, asked.

"Edward has always been hot, just some people don't look deep enough to see it." Alice said as she stepped towards me and got up on her tip toes to run her fingers through my hair and give me a deep kiss. Subtle Alice, real subtle, but it got the Skank Sisters to leave so I was okay with it.

"Damn dude, I thought those girls were going to eat you alive, literally. They looked famished!" Jasper exclaimed, chuckling.

"Thanks for the save Alice." I said and gave her a firm hug, shooting a glare at Jasper over her head.

"Oh, shit! look who decided to finally show up and hang out with her friends! get over here and give me a hug!" Alice squealed, breaking our hug and running in the direction behind me, I turned around to see Bella, she didn't look like she was sober.

"Hey guys, let's get this fire started and party!" Bella said after Alice released her and she took a big swig from her flask. Oh hell, drunk Bella showed up, this can't end well.

"Joy, we hardly see you for weeks and when you do decide to grace us with your presence it's as Drunkella." Alice lectured.

Bella just rolled her eyes and took another swig from her flask.

"Yeah nice to see you Bella." Jasper said coldly. I think he was pissed she was avoiding him as much as she was.

"Hey Jasper, I missed you." Bella whined and went over towards him, unsteady on her feet.

"Well you know where I've been, trust me, even though you've avoided being there like the plague." Jasper said as Bella gave him a hug, but when she went to give him a kiss her lips only connected with his cheek since he turned his head.

"Jasper don't be a little bitch just because Cullen caught us dry humping and he got to see my boobs." Bella slurred and pushed herself away from Jasper.

Ugh Bella. I sighed and grabbed the bridge of my nose. I had caused all this fuckery for our group and I didn't even mean to. Fuck my life.

"Come on Alice, you should just show Jasper the girls so we can all be even stevens and put this shit behind us." Bella suggested as she moved behind Alice and started raising up her shirt.

"Whoa there Handsy McGee, if I want to show the girls to anyone I won't do it at the beach in front of an audience." Alice said and she removed Bella's hands.

"Bella why don't we take a little walk and try and find you some water?" I suggested and handed the cooler over to Jasper and gave him a look.

"But I have my flask, duh." she replied, rolling her eyes.

"Then lets just take a walk." I tried again, knowing both Alice and Jasper weren't happy.

"sure cutie." Bella replied and walked towards me losing her balance. I quickly grabbed her around the waist to steady her.

"You okay?" I asked as we started walking.

"My hero." she replied as I put my arm around her waist to keep her upright so we could walk, I needed to get more water than alcohol in her and get her to sober up.

"We started drinking a little early today didn't you B?" I asked hoping if I kept her talking she would drink less.

"It is never too early for a cocktail… heh I said cock." Bella giggled.

Well, at least Drunkella had a good sense of humor, a bit immature, but I could deal with giggles over ignoring us any day.

"How many drinks have you had today?" I asked concerned about just how drunk she was.

"I don't know, Jack and I have been conversing often these past few weeks." Bella responded, completely avoiding the question I had asked.

"B, look, I'm sorry I interrupted you and Jasper. If I had known I would have went in and talked to Mom and Dad or something until you left or were finished, whatever." I said becoming flustered.

"Oh Edward," she paused as she stumbled along, "I was just embarrassed to be caught by you and then the look on your face. You looked so hurt, like you were disappointed in me." Bella explained.

Okay, so Drunkella is funny and honest, maybe there was something to this drinking thing.

"Is that why you've been avoiding us the past few weeks, because you were embarrassed?" I asked.

Bella just nodded and looked down at her feet.

"God B, I've been thinking that you've hated me these past few weeks. And then you wouldn't hang out with Jasper or Alice which sucked, but you barely spoke to me so I thought you hated me again." I admitted.

"I never hated you E, ever." Bella said and before I could ask her more about it I heard the voice of Jake, the asshole.

"Already moved on to the cousin, Bella?" Jake sneered as he walked in front of us.

"Fuck you Jake, go away." Bella spat back, I could feel her body tense.

"I always knew you were a drunk like your Mom, but I didn't realize you had inherited her slut gene as well, such a fucking whore." Jake said and started laughing, "since you're such a slut, that means you and I can go for another round." he laughed, and grabbed Bella's arm, jerking her towards him, and of course since she was drunk she didn't hold her ground very well.

"Fuck you" she spat, literally, in his face.

"You little bitch." Jake growled.

I'm not a violent person, in fact the last time I got into an actual fight was with Emmett when I was six and he thought he caught Bella and I playing doctor, but I wasn't going to let Jake talk like that and man handle Bella.

I launched my right fist and connected with his nose and then brought left around to connect with his eye. I'm not sure about what happened next, I think I had what everyone called a rage blackout.

"Edward! are you okay?" Bella asked, seeming a lot more alert and sober then before.

"Yeah I feel fine, are you okay?" I asked back.

"My arm hurts where he grabbed me but your hands, they are all cut." Bella explained.

I looked down and sure enough my fingers were cut and bloody.

"Jake?" I asked not really sure to ask if he was okay or dead or what.

"You beat on him pretty good and then some guys broke it up and brought you over here to cool down , you just sort of seemed out of it." Bella said explaining why I didn't recall anything.

"I just got so fucking mad at him, and what he was saying about you and then he grabbed you and that was the last straw Bella. I didn't think about it, I just hit him and once I started I couldn't stop even if I wanted to" I said.

"That was kind of hot Cullen." Bella said seeming a little drunk like she was before.

"You know me, a regular teen heart throb. The photographer for Tiger Beat should be here shortly." I said with a smirk.

"Shut up Cullen, no one likes a smart ass," Bella said and then added "except maybe me."

"Let's head back to Alice and Jasper. I need to go home and get my dad to look at my hands, they fucking hurt." I said and Bella helped me up since I was sitting on the sand.

Funny, I was helping lead her away from our friends she had pissed off, and now here she was leading me back to them after I beat down her shitty ex. Odd how everything got all reversed in just a few minutes time.



"Perfect timing." I smiled at myself as I pulled the Porsche into Bella's driveway behind Emmett's jeep, where he and Bella were just climbing out, she was wearing her workout clothes, which meant she just got back from cheerleading, which meant I had awesome timing. She looked like hell and was probably very hung over with the amount of alcohol I can only imagine she had consumed last night.

"Hey little one!" Emmett boomed, smirking at me, his dimples prominent on his face. He was such a teddy bear, I loved him like the brother I had never had.

"Hi Em!" I waved at him as I set my sunglasses on the top of my head, "Hey Bells!" I smiled skipping over to her, she looked sick watching me, which made me giggle, she was definitely hung over.

"Hey Al." she smiled at me as we made our way up to her room, she grabbed the things for the shower, and I followed her into the bathroom, sitting on the sink, my back to her so I wouldn't see her naked, we had done this since we became friends, it started off as a way to talk about boys without anyone listening.

"So, do you have plans for the rest of the day?" I asked her, "cancel them, you have better ones now." I continued, not bothering to let her reply as I typed out texts to the boys to meet us here in ten minutes with a car with backseats.

"Uhh.. okay." she said starting the shower, "What are the plans?"

"Well, you know how I've been saying I wanna get something pierced, but I couldn't figure out what exactly I wanted pierced?" I asked her, "Well, I finally figured it out! I want to get my belly button pierced, and I thought, who better to bring along than my best friend!" I told her, "And plus, with your tats, you've been to the shop before, so the people will know you, and they won't try to haggle me or anything." I explained to her.

"Awesome, I've been wanting to get another tattoo, I'm not done with my design yet, but I've been thinking about getting my tongue pierced." she replied.

"Your tongue, really?" I asked, not really surprised, Bella was into the crazy stuff, anything to set Renee off, when she first got her Music note tattoo, well, it might have been because it was basically on her vajay, but Renee totally freaked out, and tried grounding her. And then not too long after when she had gotten her side tattoos, Renee freaked out even harder. Bella loved pissing Renee off.

"Yeah, are the boys going to come?" she asked, shutting the shower off.

"I texted them, they're meeting us here in a few minutes, so hurry up lady." I joked as I hopped off the sink and walked into her room so she could dry off and change.

She was ready in about ten minutes, she had on a jean skirt, a white tube top, white Chanel converse, and she had thrown her wet hair up in a bun. "Ready, let's go." she said, grinning. I laughed, as we walked out of her room and down the stairs.

"EM! Going out with Alice! Be back later!" Bella bellowed, exactly like her brother would, as we walked out the front door to see our boys leaning against Edward's shiny silver Volvo in deep conversation.

"Hi boys!" I said happily, making my way to Edward, standing on my toes to give him a peck on the lips. I smiled when I saw Jasper and Bella holding hands and kissing, it seemed that all was forgiven.

"So what exactly are we doing today?" Jasper asked as he pulled Bella back into his chest, resting his chin on her head.

"We," Bella pointed to the two of us, "are going to get pierced, and I think you," she pointed to the two boys, "are getting something done." she smiled.

"I've actually been wanting a tattoo." Edward admitted, which took me by surprise.

"I want to get something for my mom, as well." Jasper told us, his face sad for a minute, which made my heart break a little bit, I knew the feeling.

"First, do you guys have fakes?" Bella asked, looking between them, I doubted it.

"Fakes?" Edward asked, me and Bella laughed as we both pulled out our ids. I handed mine to Edward, and she did the same to Jasper.

"Bella McCarty, born May 20, 1987" Jasper laughed, "so that makes you twenty two?" She nodded proudly as she took it back and slid it into her wallet.

"Alice Hale, born September 23, 1987" Edward read, "you're about to turn twenty three." he laughed, handing it back to me.

"Those are really good; they don't look fake at all." Jasper said, approvingly. "How do we get one?"

"We go see Jenks." I said, looking at Bella who already had her phone out dialing.

We got in the car and once Bella had confirmed with Jenks that we were on our way, I gave Edward the directions. Jenks had graduated about two years ago, and he had made a very nice living off of making fake id's, and giving the answers to tests. No one knew exactly how he was able to do all of this, and no one asked.

"Bells! Ali! So good to see you!" he said opening his door after we had knocked, he was wearing his usual basketball jersey, and jeans. He opened his arms and hugged us both at the same time.

"This is Edward, and Jasper, they need I.D's." I directed him as we walked inside, the guys shook hands and Jenks immediately got to work, taking their money, and doing his magic.

"Don't be strangers girls! Text me, we should be having a rager soon!" Jenks called when we walked out about an hour later, we waved and hopped in the car.

"Let me see!" Bella said as soon as we were leaving. They handed us our I.D's.

"Edward Masen, born April 1, 1987" I read aloud, laughing.

"Jasper Cullen, born July 24, 1986" Bella read, and giggled. "old man!"

"Hey now!" Jasper teased, taking his I.D back from her.

"Off to the Tat shop!" I ordered, grabbing Edward's free hand as he drove.


Jaspers POV

Having a good fake id was going to make getting work done a lot easier. While I didn't think Esme and Carlisle would really fight me over having more ink added to my body since I already had so much, still not having to ask was nice. What is the old saying 'it's better to ask for forgiveness then beg for permission' yeah we would go with that.

I wasn't sure how I felt about Edward getting ink done. If his parents found out, they might blame me and then get pissed.

"So where are we going exactly?" I asked Bella since she was leading us on this trip.

"We are heading to Blink Tattoo and Piercing Shop. They did all my ink and I love the guys there" Bella explained and seemed to almost glow.

"Sounds good to me" Edward chimed in.

"Is Emmett going to be pissed if you get another piercing?" I asked.

"Nah, Emmett is cool with whatever, as long as I'm safe and happy." Bella explained.

"That's cool of him." I said trying to say something nice about Em who found every chance he could to give me shit.

"So I was thinking about grabbing something to eat after this, anyone else interested?" Edward asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Good plan Cullen." Bella added.

"We're here, and sure." Alice as we pulled into the parking lot.

We all got out and piled in the worn down looking shop. I will never understand how all the shops look like hell on the outside but are all cleaned and neat on the inside.

"Welcome to Blink, I'm Roxxx-e, what can I help you with today?" the chipper girl behind the counter asked while pointing to the ink on her bare shoulder. Yeah it was spelled with three x's then a hyphen and an e.

"I want to get my belly button pierced. What all jewelry do you have to go in it?" Alice asked clasping her hands together and almost vibrating with excitement.

'Sure right over here on top of this display, and just so you know I'm piercing, so I will take it easy on you" Roxxx-e said and gave Alice a little wink.

"I want to get something to remember my Mom, I think Mom in cursive script with something under it maybe?" I suggested.

"Why don't you sketch it out and we can give it to Zeke and see if he can work out an outline." Roxxx-e suggested and handed me a pencil and paper.

"I want a tongue stud." Bella said sharply.

"Come on here and pick one out and we'll get started once I'm done with the little one's belly button." Roxxx-e said and pointed Bella to the correct display, "And what can I do for you sweetie?" She asked Edward in a sickly sweet voice.

I noticed both Alice and Bella head's shot up and glared at her. Neither seemed happy by her flirting with Edward. This could get really interesting.

"I want to get my last name, Cullen across my back in Old English script like the guy on the cover of that Sublime album." Edward explained.

"Oh, that would look so hot on you honey!" Roxxx-e practically purred.

"I want this one" Alice said, holding up the piercing she wanted.

"Follow me and we'll get started, Zeke or Buzz should be done shortly and be out to help you guys with the ink" Roxxx-e said and led Alice into the piercing room.

"Hey Bella! what are you doing here?" A burly man asked as he came out of the back room.

"Hey Zeke!" Bella said and went over and gave him a hug.

"So time for more ink?" Zeke asked.

"Not for me, my friends here want some. Jasper is still working on his design, but Cullen here knows what he wants." Bella said and gave Edward a bump with her hip.

"Yeah, I want Cullen across the top of my back in Old English, like on the Sublime cover." Edward explained again.

"I can do it. Can I see some I.d first?" Zeke asked.

Edward showed him his I.d. Zeke looked and it and frowned. Oh no we are busted.

"Another Jenks special, huh Bella?" he asked.

"Yeah," She answered.

"I guessed since he wanted Cullen, but his I.d says Masen. Oh well. I did my part and asked and he had proper I.d so let's head to the back kid and we'll get started." Zeke said and opened the curtain for Edward to follow.

Edward looked like he was second guessing himself, he looked like he was going to puke.

"Come on Cullen, if you want I'll hold your hand while the mean man pokes you with needles." Bella giggled and grabbed Edwards hand.

'Can I have a lollipop when we're done?" Edward asked.

"Only if you're a good boy." Bella replied as they vanished behind the curtain. Those two and their crazy banter, always amusing, I went back to working on my design hoping the tat guy could get it to look close to what I had drawn.

"What do you think Jazz?" Alice asked lifting up the hem of her shirt to show me her piercing. It was very cute and had a small jewel almost looking like a diamond and with a few strands of dangling stars. It was sexy even on Alice's taunt stomach.

"It's hot darlin, very hot." I said.

"Thanks Jazz." Alice said almost blushing.

"Hi I am Buzz, Roxxx-e said you are looking to get a custom job done, is that the piece?" Buzz asked.

"Yeah it's pretty simple and I want it on my left inner bicep." I explained showing him my design.

"Looks doable, want to follow me back and we can get started?" Buzz asked, I nodded and followed him back with Alice was right behind me.

"I'm not staying out there with Slutzilla, I swear she kept asking about Edward the whole time she was doing my belly button." Alice exclaimed.

"Heh its okay darling, I think Bella is holding Edward's hand so you can hold mine if you want." I said with the best drawl I could muster. I liked Alice she was feisty and fun.



Okay, remember how I said Cullen was hot? Yeah, after sitting in the tattoo shop, holding his hand, for a few hours, watching his sexy, muscular back being tattooed makes him about fifty times hotter. I was so fucked.

"Only a little while longer, kid." Zeke said as he wiped the excess ink, and blood from his back.

"How ya doin?" I asked, kneeling over a little so we were even with each other. I squeezed his hand reassuringly; his face was contorted in pain. He was really ballsy, usually, the normal person anyways, starts out with something small to make sure they can handle the pain, not Edward, obviously.

"All right, it's... different than I thought." he admitted, and looked down at our joined hands, "thanks." he smiled, as the door opened and slutty salll-e, or whatever the fuck the girls name was walked in, with the piercing stuff. Of course she'd wanna do it in here.

"Hey girl, you ready for your piercing?" she asked, setting up her stuff on the chair next to the one I was sitting in.

"Hell yeah!" I said, squeezing Edward's hand nervously, even though I had my nipple pierced, I was always a little nervous before getting any work done, and especially by this girl.

"Your little friend out there picked out your stud, she told me not to show you until it was already in, you cool with that?" she asked, grabbing my chin, a little tightly for my liking. I nodded sticking out my tongue. She had the clamp in one hand and my tongue in the other as she centered it, and made sure it didn't go through the vein, thank god, I didn't feel like dying.

When she rubber-banded the clamp shut, that shit hurt, like a fucking bitch, I squeezed E's hand, a little worried for the pain.

"B, you sure?" he asked through clenched teeth as Zeke continued on his back. Esme was going to kill him.

I saw Skankzilla run her hand up Cullen's arm as she walked by to get whatever she needed next. I swear I would cunt punch this bitch if I wasn't afraid of the diseases my fist would get from her cesspool of a coochie.

I gave him the thumbs up sign as I watched Roxxx-e sterilize everything. She was taking her sweet fucking time, the little whore. She turned back towards me, full of concentration.

"All right, on the count of three I'm going to do it." she told me. "One... Two..." and suddenly I felt the needle pierced through my tongue, and oddly enough, it didn't hurt, it was probably one of the weirdest feelings I had ever had, but it didn't hurt, even though that little whore had lied to me, bitch.

I half listened as she explained everything I couldn't do, and how to take care of it. Wow, the first few weeks would suck, that is, if I decided to actually follow her weak ass rules. I looked in the hand held mirror she gave me and stuck out my tongue, to see Hello Kitty staring at me, ugh, Alice, what a bitch, I showed Edward, who laughed at the ridiculousness of it.

"All right kid, you're all set." Zeke told Edward as he rubbed A&D lotion on his tattoo. Edward stood up and put his back to the mirror, and that shit looked awesome, it was bad ass.

After he was covered up, and Zeke explained to him how to take care of it, we were walking back out to the lobby, it felt weird not holding his hand anymore, I missed the warmth. As soon as the thought entered my mind I immediately cursed at myself, I was not with him, I was with his cousin. I was such a mess.

Jasper and Alice were in the main room waiting for us, Jasper had a bandage on his arm, I was curious to see what he got, and hoped he would show me.

"Hey guys, ready for dinner?" Alice asked, immediately lifting up her shirt to show me her new piercing, it was adorable, per usual. I stuck out my tongue while giving her the finger, and both her and Jasper laughed at me, assholes.

"Great fucking idea." I mumbled to them all, "eat food after we've all been poked with needles." they laughed at me, but no one said anything, because they knew I was right.

I slid my hand into Jasper's as we made our way back to the car, Edward drove us to Daniella's, and I decided not to eat, I could feel the pain a little bit now, and I didn't want to chance biting my tongue ring, or my tongue. As the three of them ordered, I just got a water, and felt my phone vibrate in my purse. I grabbed it and saw a text from one of the other Cheerleaders, Ashley.

Hey girls! Party tonight at my house! Multiple Kegs, & plenty of hard shit! Bring friends! The more the merrier! See ya soon! 3 Ash

I smiled, this would be a great way to make things up to Jasper for avoiding him the past couple weeks. And it would be a great way for him to actual get to know some of the people we'd be going to school with.

"Hey, do you guys wanna go to Ashley's party tonight?" I asked them, setting my phone on the table, leaning into Jasper.

"My back hurts, I'm just going to go home, and just lay on my stomach. It really fucking hurts." Edward admitted, almost sadly.

"I'll go with you, we can watch movies!" Alice said excitedly, always so excited.

"Babe?" I looked up at Jasper, working my puppy dog face, "please come with me, let me introduce you to my friends, you'll wanna meet people, and, let it be my apology for being a bitch lately." I leaned up and kissed his chin, hoping he'd say yes.

"I'll go, sounds like it'll be fun." he smiled down at me and kissed my nose playfully.

After they were done eating, we drove back to my house, Edward let us take the Volvo, and he and Alice walked back to his house.

"Are you sure you should be drinking with your new piercing?" Jasper asked as we made our way to Ashley's. I shrugged, not too worried about it.

"It'll be fine the alcohol will help keep it clean, ohh! Let me see your ink!" I said, feeling stupid for forgetting. He grinned happily as he lifted up the arm of his shirt, and peeled back the covering, it was really nice, and sweet.

"You got it on the left because it's closer to your heart, right?" I asked.

"How did you know that?"

I lifted up my shirt, displaying Emmett's name down the left side of my body. "That's why his name is down my left." I told him.

"So, why did you get those tats?" Jasper asked curiously, "I mean, mine is pretty obvious,"

"Emmett and I have always been close, he's a pain in the ass ninety percent of the time, but when it comes down to it, he's the only person who has always been there for me, in a lot more ways than one, and a lot of times where I didn't deserve it." I started, "he and I have different dads, he doesn't know his dad, Charlie is the only father he knows, but he never actually adopted him, Renee had given him her last name, McCarty. But, when things got shitty, we were worried we would be separated, and because we're really only half siblings, it'd make things more complicated. So literally, the day Emmett turned sixteen, he appealed for a name change, and changed his last name to Swan." I explained, smiling.

"Wow," Jasper said, "that's really awesome."

"I know, after I got my music note," I slid my skirt and band of my underwear down to show him the music note, "I knew I wanted to get something for him, and I wanted it to be close to my heart." I told him.

"How long have you had your nipple pierced?" he asked, waggling his eyebrows playfully.

"Around the same time as the Emmett/Bella tattoo's." I laughed; he joined me as we pulled into Ashley's driveway, which was filled with cars.

We walked in the house and I wasn't surprised that it was packed with people. Kids in Newport loved parties.

"Wow." Jasper said, taking it all in. I laughed as I grabbed two beers from the fridge handing him one and opening my own. As we walked around saying hi, and of course I did a shot with most people I said hi to, I introduced Jasper to everyone, giving him a brief explanation to fill him in on the Newport hierarchy.

He seemed to get along with most people; everyone seemed to like him, especially the girls. Which annoyed me, but I had my red cup filled with Jose, who always knew the right things to say to make me feel better.

I'm not sure how long later, three beers, another cup full of Jose, and more than few shots for me, Jasper was nursing his second beer, and clearly Not drunk at all, Whoren and Jessislut walked over to us. You see, Jessislut wasn't as bad as Whoren, although she tried to be, but they were both annoying as fuck. I categorized them with Renee.

"Hi again, Jasper." Whoren said, waving, and pushing her crooked boobs out, I laughed when Jasper tightened his grip around my waist, obviously not impressed, I was very concerned for the mental state of all the guys who had unfortunately had to see those things.

"Girls." I said curtly, sipping my beer, hoping they'd be on their way.

"Wow, so at the 4th of July party, you guys, Edward, and Alice were all over each other, like, all four of you. Then at the bonfire last night Alice was all over both of them, and you were all over Edward, and now you're here with Jasper?" Jessislut asked, laughing. I felt Jasper grab my side, knowing I wasn't going to react well to that.

"Are you guys practicing swinging or something? You dirty slut!" Whoren added, smirking.

I'm pretty sure Jasper mumbled something about disgusting Wonky boobs under his breath, and I laughed out loud, trying not to let what the Slut sisters said bother me.

"You're just jealous because you girls can't get in on the action." I spat. "I've seen the way you always ogle Alice's ass in gym class." I added.

"Ew Bella, you're so nasty." Jessislut said, scrunching her face in disgust.

"You just want to have your cake and eat it too." Whoren said, "You can't choose, so you want both Cullen boys." she added, and admittedly hit a nerve, the exact feelings I had been fighting for the past month.

"There is only one Cullen, this one here is a Whitlock." I said, putting my arm around Jasper's waist, telling the girls to fuck off without saying a word.

"You can't have them both Bella, even if you are kind enough to share with Alice." Jessislut said "You have to let us have a shot too you know." she added.

"Bitch, I swear to god, if you don't fuck-" I began, fully prepared to give them what they deserved, but was interrupted.

"Oh look! There's Tyler!" Jessislut said, and with that the Tramp Twins were off to terrorize someone else.

"Stay away from them," I warned Jasper, rolling my eyes as I searched for some more hard shit, "unless you want to get some funk that will rot your dick off." he laughed, leaning against the counter as I found an almost empty bottle of vodka, I poured two shots, and offered him one, but he turned it down, so I did both, and then just decided to finish the bottle.

And that's the last thing I remember.


Emmett's POV

Just as I was about to climb into bed, I heard a weird noise from outside, and groaned as I made my way back down the stairs, wondering what the hell the noise could be, I swear if Mike Newton was trying to toilet paper my house again I was going to beat thirty different shades of pain onto his ass.

Sweet baby Jesus, mini-Em would never work again! I thought as I opened the door to see my baby sister almost completely nude and being chased around by Jazz-motherfucking-hands.

"Really dude, in the driveway?" I yelled and walked over to them, trying to figure out the best case scenario of what was going on right now.

"Em, please help me get her inside.," Jasper suggested. Yeah like that was going to happen.

"Emmy, Jasper won't fuck me!" Bella whined trying to take off her panties, thankfully Jasper was able to grab them, and hold them up. Oh, this was so not my fucking night.

"Jasper whatever you do, do not let her pull her underwear down. I don't think my heart or eyes can take it." I told him.

"I've been trying to keep her in her clothes for the last ten minutes Em, but she went all Showgirls on me. Damn, drunk Bella is a force to be reckoned with." Jasper said and looked defeated. I almost felt sorry for the guy until I recalled that we were trying to keep my sister in clothes and get her almost naked, drunk ass inside. This was all Jasper's fault.

"Why did you let her drink so much?" I asked.

"Dude, I was her date, not her babysitter." Jasper shot back.

"Sometimes with Bella her date has to be her babysitter." I explained trying to chase down my sister and not see or touch her lady parts, she was pretty fast for being wasted.

Now, I knew Bella had tattoos and I wasn't thrilled about them since they just attracted more eyes and attention towards her body, but I liked them. They meant something to her and I thought it was sweet she had my name down her left side. But, I didn't know about, nor approve of, her nipple ring. I swear mini-Em was going to leave me after all this fuckery tonight. Stupid fucking Jazzhands.

"Why are you holding her clothes instead of her wearing them?" I asked trying to catch my sister and figure out what the fuck happened.

"She was all over me and when I said I didn't want to have sex because she was drunk, she flipped out and started stripping asking if I thought she was fuckable." Jasper explained. I wasn't sure if I was happy or more pissed at this information. Dumbass did not refer to my sister and the term fuckable in the same sentence. I swear as soon as I got Bella inside and clothed Jasper was dead. D-E-A-D. Dead. I'm sure Carlisle would be upset, but I think if I could explain the situation, he would see that it was justifiable homicide.

"What the hell is-why isn't Bella wearing her clothes?" Edward asked shifting gears in his head as he and Alice came up the path.

"Ask your cousin" I replied, not wanting to explain this shit, because honestly I didn't even understand it myself.

"What the fuck did you do Jasper?" Edward accused, clearly pissed. Good, he could help me convince Carlisle that Jasper had to die. I think we could probably get Alice to backup our story, yeah we could do this.

"Damn it, I;m sick of explaining myself. We went to a party. Bella got shitty drunk. I got tired of all the fuckhead guys trying to get her into a bedroom even when she said no, so I brought her home. She was all over me in the car and then when we got here she wanted sex. I said no, and she got upset and started stripping and running around the yard. Then Emmett can out and started chewing my ass out, for trying to be a good guy." Jasper explained again. Well, maybe I wouldn't be digging a shallow grave out in the woods tonight. Jasper seemed like he was telling the truth and since he was a good guy I could give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean he was trying to catch Bella and get her clothes back on her.

"Bella, honey, look what I found, it's your flask! Do you want your flask sweetie? Come over here and you can have it." Alice said and held up the flask.

I'll be damned if Bella didn't go to Alice and the flask like a dog to a treat. Alice was the Drunk Whisperer and I loved Shorty for it.

"Em, you go inside and get a blanket. Jasper, just hand me her clothes." Alice started bossing.

I ran inside and grabbed an afghan off the back of the couch and rushed back outside to see Bella curled into Alice so I threw the blanket over them both.

"Can you get her up to bed okay Tiny?" I asked Alice.

"I got her Em." Alice replied already leading Bella towards the door.

Just one more thing to sort out and then I could go deal with my drunk sister, again. I walked over to where Jasper and Edward were talking only catching the last bit of their conversation.

"Edward, I swear I didn't try anything with her. Hell that's what I was trying to protect her from at the party until she started stripping and saying she wanted sex." Jasper said, clearly tired of explain himself to everyone tonight. I couldn't even say anything, not that I had to, Edward seemed to be chewing his ass out good enough for both of us.

"Jasper, you should have gotten her inside first, or hell came and got Alice and I." Edward spat.

"Edward calm down, I believe J-Dwag. I'm not happy with how things went down tonight, but he seemed to try and do the right thing for Bella." I said, kind of apologizing for jumping to conclusions, but I knew he wasn't going to like this part, "but, I think Bella and Jasper need to take a break from each other because clearly they are not operating on the same level, but tonight is Bella's fault, not his." I explained and while I wanted to beat Jasper down I know my sister, it was always her fault.

Jasper nodded, his lips in a tight line, he was clearly not happy I was bossing him around, but he didn't protest, which was good.

I headed back into the house to see how Bella and Alice were doing. I walked up the stairs and was at Bella's door when I heard the all too familiar sound of Bella puking her guts up, and she was still wrapped in the blanket from earlier.

"How goes the purging of the vile liquor?" I asked as I entering the bathroom, seeing Bella bent over the toilet with Alice holding back her hair.

"We said three Our Fathers, and I think we're on our sixth Hail Mary." Alice replied. That's why I loved that little pip squeak, she got me.

"I'll get her hair do you think you can find her some clothes? Rose and I did the laundry but I think it's still down stairs." I instructed Alice and took over her hair holding duties. I had seen enough of Bella and her panties for one evening, thank you very much.

"Sure Em, I'll be right back" Alice said and gave me shoulder a squeeze.

Bella wretched a few more times than seemed to be better, she laid her head on my lap and I stroked her hair.

"So what brought this on B?" I asked curious what actually caused her exhibition earlier.

"I like them both Em, well more one than the other I think, no I'm sure." Bella rambled on.

"What them are you talking about B?"

"I like Edward more then I like Jasper." Bella admitted and started to cry. I didn't know why that was a reason to cry or to try to hookup with Jasper, but I have never claimed to understand girls and their logic, especially Bella.

"Have you talked to any of them?"

"Who Edward? yeah I'm sure he wants to talk all about getting involved with me after tonight, same goes for Jasper. Oh, Alice god! Her and Edward are so cute together. I can't fuck this up for everyone Em, not again." Bella sobbed, sounding so sad.

I just held her and let her get it all out and then after she was done and likely passed out Alice entered the bathroom and helped get her dressed and I put her in bed. It had been a long night.