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Newport Living

A little different from your average Twilight story- Jasper Whitlock has recently moved in with his cousin, Edward Cullen after his mom dies from cancer. He meets neighbor, bad girl, Bella Swan, & her older brother, Emmett, & Shortly after he meets, Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie Hale & Bella's best friend, famous actress, Alice Brandon. Join them as they deal with being students at an elite Prep school, alcoholic parents, acting gigs, make ups, breakups, and a lot more... Think The O.C meets Twilight. We promise, it's a lot better than the summary makes it seem. Pictures for the story can be found here:
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001037472823&ref=profile Rated M: for underage drinking, language, possible lemons, and drug use.

This story has ideas from both Twilight, and the show The O.C, we tried to mix humor, drama, and romance to appeal to everyone, we also tried to make it a little different from your usual fanfiction... it doesn't start out canon couples, but we have plans on making sure it ends up that way. Disclaimer:: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight & the writers/producers of the O.C own anything we may have borrowed from them =]

13. Blue Balls

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It had been about a week and a half since Cullen and I had kissed again on the Ferris wheel. School had started this week. And Edward and I had been sneaking around the entire time. I felt horrible. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was amazing being with Edward, and part of the fun was sneaking into janitors closets at school, and sneaking between our houses, never knowing if we were going to get caught, it was kind of hot. And that boy and his tongue, oh. my. God. If he could do such wonderful things to my mouth, I couldn't wait until he did those things to my lady business.

But, I felt bad because of Alice and Jasper. And because we were still lying to Emmett. It was a huge mess, basically a ticking time bomb, and I was waiting for it to explode in my face. Everything was going too good to last for very long, shit always had a way of biting me in the ass in the end.

School had been all right, I had all AP classes, Renee and Emmett were both thrilled, but it was a lot of fucking work, and I hated it. Luckily Edward, Jasper, Alice, Victoria, and Angela were each in a few of my classes, so I always had someone to talk to, and partner up with. It worked out well.

Cheerleading had been awesome, the vice principal Jane, and Headmaster Aro, had both told us that they saw a lot of potential, and they both agreed that if Angela and I kept up the amazing job, we could make it to Nationals, which was fucking awesome. Plus how cool is it that teachers and staff let you call them by their first names?

School had ended for the day, Alice had drama rehearsal, and Rosalie and Carlisle had taken Jasper car shopping. Emmett was taking a late class at UCOC, so I was on my way to Edward's, still wearing my cheerleading uniform because he seemed to really enjoy it, which in turn made things better for me. I made my way into the pool house, not bothering to knock, that was still a bad habit, clearly.

"Cullen?" I called, kicking off my sneakers, and walking towards his room. I rounded the corner, and stood in the doorway, watching him as he played his guitar. He was really good; part of me wondered how I had overlooked everything over the years. The last I knew, Esme was making him take piano lessons.

He looked up, and smiled, putting the guitar pick in between the strings to hold it in place, and set the guitar back on its holder. "Hey beautiful," he crossed the room in two steps, and his lips were on mine as his body pressed mine against the wall.

"Well hello." I laughed when the kiss broke, walking over to his bed, flopping down on my back.

"How was practice?" he asked, sitting beside me, playing with a strand of my hair. Even that sent chills down my spine. Only Cullen could do this to me, make me feel like some giddy little school girl and I fucking ate it up.

"Good, Aro says we may make it to Nationals this year." I told him, happily. He smiled at me, excited for me. Which was new, Jake usually accused me of being a cheerleader to meet guys to fuck.

"That's awesome, B." he grinned, still playing with my hair.

"So, the back to school carnival is this weekend." I told him. He rolled his eyes, from what I remembered, he never went to the carnival in the past, that would change as of now. "I signed you up for the dunk tank." I giggled, "But don't worry, Alice signed Jasper up for the cotton candy booth with her."

"So, you're working the dunk tank with me?" he asked with a grin, "You're going to be dripping wet?" he asked, his eyes glossing over like he was imagining it. I punched his arm, and he winced. Sometimes Cullen was my bitch and I really fucking ate that up.

"No you ass, I'm going to be working the Kissing Booth, like I do every year, with the rest of the cheerleaders." I rolled my eyes at him. Duh.

"The what booth?" he asked, his face growing serious.

But before I could answer him, Jasper and Alice came in.

"Hey guys!" Alice chirped, jumping on the bed, almost in Edward's lap, I looked away quickly as Jasper came to sit on the other side of me, giving me a kiss.

"Hey." I said to his lips, feeling like the worst friend and girlfriend in the world. Awesome.

"Did you pick out a car?" Edward asked him.

Edward POV

"Rose helped me get a great deal on an awesome classic Camaro." Jasper explained jiggling his keys at me. I had my Volvo, what the hell would I do with a classic aka old Camaro? Silly cousin, muscle cars are lame, Volvo's are freaking awesome.

Jasper went on about horsepower, torque, and wheel span, I think. I don't speak gear head car guy shit, so I was honestly zoning out. Yeah I had seen The Fast and the Furious movies, which was the extent of my car knowledge. I was so glad Dad and Rose went with him, I would have been able to tell him it looked nice, and that would be pretty damn embarrassing. Not that I wasn't happy for my cousin I was, but Bella mentioned a Kissing Booth she would be working at, I think, and that shit just didn't sit well with me.

I was going through possible ways to either get Bella out of having to work the Kissing Booth or ways to be her only customer. I mean, yeah I could buy an ass load of tickets and then just wait until Bella was working and just sit there exchanging tickets for kissing until her shift was over, but I don't know, that seemed a little stalker-ish to me. Not to mention Bella would likely kick my ass, she was scary when she was wanted to be, and to be honest it was kind of hot. I mean, I'm not into the whole "hit me, whip me, spank me, fuck me" sex, I don't think so anyways, I would have to have it first, but Bella bossing me around was a turn on. I would have to find a way to keep Bella's lips off any random guys, sharing with Jasper was annoying enough right now, without pissing her off. Oh shit, Jasper was looking at me like I needed to say something. Fuck.

"Sounds awesome Jazz, when can we take a ride?" I asked hoping not to make an ass out of myself.

"Now! Come on let's all go cruising'." Jasper replied and looked pretty damn happy. Whew, said the right thing, go Cullen, damn it Bella has me even calling myself that now.

We all left the pool house and went to see Jasper's black Camaro in the driveway. I let out a nice long wolf whistle, to try and keep up the front that I knew what was so damn special about this car. It was older than any of us, but it did look kind of bad ass so that was pretty awesome.

We all piled in and I ended up in back with Alice, who looked like she was glaring at Jasper and Bella, probably upset she was sitting up front when Alice should have been, pretenses and all.

"So how was drama club? Aren't you guys doing Picasso at the Lapin Agile for the winter play?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to be Suzanne, who is a more minor role, which will allow me to help assist the director. I swear Taylor doesn't know a shit about staging." Alice explained and I could feel the excitement flowing off of her when she started talking about acting and directing, it really seemed to be her dream.

"Sounds like it'll be great. I know Steve Martin is a genius, so I imagine his play would be entertaining." I added and was excited to see it. Wonder if Bella would go with me?

"Where exactly are we going?" Bella asked and I realized we never selected a destination for this little road trip.

"No idea, I barely know how to get anywhere in Newport." Jasper replied and I suddenly felt pretty damn nervous about his driving. Not that he was a bad driver, I just was starting to freak out being in the back of a car when the driver had no idea where we were headed.

"Let's grab some coffee and some snacks and head back. I know school has just started but AP Geometry is already kicking my ass." I suggested. Okay so maybe it was a lie, but it was only a little lie. I could do the homework in my sleep. I might have just wanted to give us a valid destination or maybe just wanted to get back to the pool house so maybe during breaks from homework I could find a way to kiss Bella more.

Luckily Jasper knew the way to Starbucks so we got our caffeine fix. Bella and I both got Venti White Chocolate Mocha's, Jasper got a black coffee, and Alice got some Chi Tea stuff I wasn't too sure about. I feel few greater things in this world are as perfect or as rewarding as a properly made White Chocolate Mocha. After we got our coffee's, we stopped at Philly Pete's and grabbed some pizzas. Extra meat lovers for Jasper and I, and Spinach, Mushroom, and Garlic for the girls, yum.

We got back to the house and ended up slipping our junk foods quickly and unseen into the pool house and flopped down and started working on homework. Thankfully no one had much, but I did go over notes with Bella on our AP Bio class. It wasn't too much but it gave us a chance to huddle together and get a few stolen kisses from one another while no one was looking.

After a little while, the girls got up to leave and I offered to walk Bella back to her house, while Jasper took Alice home, you know, to keep up appearances. Thank god, I was able to really kissed her on the path between our houses.

"Fuck." I groaned when she sucked on my bottom lip as we parted. God, this woman was driving me insane. My hands roamed her hips as I captured her lips with mine again. Our tongues immediately intertwining, I started pressing my thumbs into her taunt stomach, causing Bella to giggle slightly so I stopped poking and just started rubbing circles with them, which caused her to moan, God Bella making noises like that drove me insane. I had to break the kiss.

"We are going to need to be someplace where we can lie down if this is going to continue," I exclaimed.

"Promise?" Bella asked and I could see the lust dancing in her eyes.

"Yes I want you more than you know, we just can't seem to find enough alone time together." I explained. I mean I REALLY wanted more alone time with Bella, but we just couldn't seem to work out being able to do more than kiss and grope a little, not that it wasn't awesome, but I think we both needed more.

"Maybe we can make an early exit from the Carnival without telling anyone, which should buy us some time." Bella said her devious plan as she placed my hands on her boobs. Fuck, she had awesome boobs.

"Sounds good baby, I'll see you later." I said and gave her one last kiss before heading back to the pool house to dream of my time with Bella after the Carnival.


Tonight was the back to school carnival! I was so excited, Bella and I worked it together every year, she always did the kissing booth, and I usually did the easy things, like games or cotton candy. This year Bella signed Edward up for the dunk tank, which was going to be hilarious, except that he had to work it with Whoren, which I don't think he knows yet. I signed Jazzy up to work with me, I was excited for that.

As I drove up Bella's driveway, I couldn't help but feel bad, Jazzy and I had been sneaking around, a lot, behind her and Edward's back. I felt horrible, she was my best friend, I didn't want to hurt her, and Edward was so sweet, and Jazzy's cousin, I didn't want to cause family tension either. I would tell Bella. Right now. It would be better this way, it'd be out in the open.

As I opened the front door and jogged up to her room, seeing her put the final touches on her cheerleader uniform, a knot twisted in my stomach, I felt horrible, but I knew I couldn't tell her, I wouldn't ruin her time at the carnival. I'd tell her tomorrow. Right, tomorrow sounds good.

"Hey Bells! You look so hot in that cheerleading uniform, I know that's the only reason you don't bitch about wearing it." I giggled as she rolled her eyes, flipping me off in the mirror. "Someone is extra strength bitchy today."

"Renee is making my party out-fucking-rageous." she admitted, grabbing her pack of cigarettes and shoving them in her purse.

"Did you expect anything less?" I asked her, "She does this to you every year."

"I know, and every year I tell her to cut the mother fucking bullshit." Bella was such a classy girl. "But this year she has gone completely over the edge. Do you want to know what the theme is?" I nodded, biting my lip to stop the giggles I thought would for sure be coming when she told me. "Fucking circus themed." she snapped, and I was right, I erupted into a fit of giggles. "Bitch, this is far from funny, I fucking hate clowns, hate them, ill kick him in the junk if he even looks at me!" she insisted, "And what am I, seven?" she huffed.

"You know how Renee is with her themes..." I trailed off, and it was true, for Emmett's birthday, she had done a monster truck theme, and last year for Bella's was a Barbie party. They seemed to get worse every year, it's like Renee's vodka induced brain thought Bella and Emmett were forever eight year olds. I swear sometimes I thought all the alcohol had pickled Renee's brain, and this was one of those times.

"Oh, but don't worry, she has enough alcohol to sedate a fucking elephant though." Bella snapped as we made our way down the stairs, into the kitchen where Emmett, Renee and grandfather Winston were eating lunch. Renee was already sipping on whatever drink of choice she was having for the day, and good ol' Winnie looked like he was having serious problems getting his food transferred from his plate to his mouth, poor guy.

"oh hi Alice!" Renee smiled, hugging me, and kissing both my cheeks. I plastered a fake smile on my face, and did my best not to choke from the scent of alcohol waving off of her.

"Hi Renee." I smiled at her, and looked at Emmett who was rolling his eyes at her, and giving Winston weird sideways glances, he seemed to be a little spooked, I bit back my giggles.

"Where are you girls off to?" she slurred, I heard Bella sigh, she had probably told her already three times today.

"The back to school carnival. The one I help organize every single year." Bella sighed, balling her hands into fists at her sides. Renee really got under her skin.

"Have fun!" Renee smiled, swaying a little bit, "kiss a lot of hot boys Bells, I know you're dating neighbor boy, but you're a pretty girl, you shouldn't limit yourself to only one." she lectured, such motherly advice.

"Yeah, right, okay. See you later Em?" she asked, obviously done with Renee.

"Yeah, Rose and I are going to head there when she gets off from the shop." he grinned, "and, don't kiss any boys except Edward." he grimaced at the thought.

"Jesus fucking Christ, let's leave before these two make me combust." Bella grumbled as we walked out of the house and to my Porsche. We listened to music the entire way to the carnival, and then once we got there, we parted ways, Bella wanted to stay by the car and smoke a cigarette, and probably drown herself in her flask, and I had to head towards the cotton candy booth to get it all set up before I could steal time with Jasper away for a awhile before our shift started. I had sent him running some crazy errands so I knew he would be going into the cafeteria soon. Since no one was in the cafeteria I figure we can have a little evening delight before our shift in the booth.


Alice was driving me insane, how someone so small could be so damn bossy was beyond me. I mean I liked her bossy sometimes it was a turn on, but when she had me running errands like a little lost puppy it pissed me off a little, okay maybe more than a little, but it was Alice asking, or maybe telling, me what to do so I would do it, but not happily.

I walked to the cafeteria frowning, I had to somehow transport bags of sugar to the cotton candy booth. No one was in the cafeteria so I went into the back where I figured the ladies kept the sugar. I was walking around looking for the damn sugar when I heard someone behind me.

"Holy shit!" I yelled not like a scared girly yell but a tough manly battle cry, yeah it was more like that then a yell.

"Calm down Jazzy it's just me" Alice replied with a giggle.

'What are you doing here Alice, please for the love of all that is holy tell me you don't have more errands for me?" I asked a little freaked out. I mean I was her public boyfriend and her friend in private but lately it had been more public boyfriend and private well even more boyfriendier if that is possible, but she was working my like she was my pimp and that was not cool.

"Silly Jazzy why do you think I gave you that list and was waiting in the empty cafeteria backroom for you?" Alice asked, answering my question with one of her own.

I had to think about that, my first instinct was to reply 'Because you are an evil devil woman who finds amusement in my torment' but I quickly put that aside. I mean we were here, all alone, hidden from everyone else and not needed at the booth for another almost twenty minutes.

"You planned all that to get us some one-on-one time. God Alice you are amazing." I said as I strode over to her and picked her up and set her tiny ass down on a nearby table.

I cupped my hands around her face and brought our lips together before she can answer me. Yum, she really does taste like cotton candy now, and it was amazing.

Alice's arms quickly went behind my neck and pulled my lips against her harder which caused my whole body to press against hers. God, she smelled so good, like sweet fruit, and it was driving me crazy. I could always smell her on my clothes hours after we had parted ways and I hoped tonight was no exception.

I moved my hands from her face down to her sides, she giggled slightly so I guess my ghosting my fingertips over her ribs had tickled a little. I let my hands rest on her hips. Damn, she had sexy hips.

I lost myself in the softness of her lips, the taste of her tongue, and the curve of her hips. I swear when I was kissing Alice everything else melts away and swirls into a puddle of nothingness that just backdrops us.

"Alright Cowboy, as much as I would love to stay here kissing you all night we need to hurry up or else we will be late for our shift." Alice said breaking the kiss.

"Okay darlin' but I plan on picking up where we left off later. Maybe we can sneak back to the pool house while everyone else is enjoying the carnival." I replied.

"Sounds like a plan Jazzy" Alice said as we exited the cafeteria and made our way to the carnival walking hand in hand.

Good glad we had plans for later that would make spinning colored sugar less depressing. Of course with Alice around nothing could ever be depressing, it's like her will would not allow it.

Bella POV

I normally had fun at the kissing booth previous years. I mean how fun was it that guys paid to get a simple kiss from you, right? Well this year I was all sorts of fucked up. For starters, I was still pissed off at Renee and her circus theme bullshit. Like really, I didn't get her themes, she seemed to fucking forget that I was in high school, not elementary school. And of course Winnie didn't fucking help shit, he just went in to some ancient story about a time where he got to ride a damn camel. What the fuck? Damn maybe I wasn't that far off about the whole riding dinosaurs joke.

And plus, I had been kissing both Edward and Jasper these past few weeks, I was pretty sure my lip's plate was full for now.

And not to mention I could see the Dunk Tank from where I was and Whoren was shamelessly flirting with Cullen, and it was taking every ounce of strength that I had not to go kick her scrawny, fucked up boobed little ass. Bitch.

"I swear, if Mr. Robert's comes back again, I'm resigning." Victoria said from her spot next to me, her face crinkled in disgust, which caused me to laugh, "for real Bella, it's creepy, first of all he's like thirty, and second I used to babysit for him when I was like thirteen. Gross." she shuddered.

"Yeah, that's the only thing about this damn kissing booth, if they have a ticket, you have to kiss them." I sighed, and it was true, even though it was a school run function, since we put the money together and hired all the venders and everything, the school had very little pull in what happened, I mean yeah, the dean's were here and everything in case something got out of hand, but they couldn't stop people from buying tickets, and plus we needed all the money we could get to help pay for things through the year.

"So, I got the invitation for your birthday party in the mail this morning." She told me, smirking. Everyone in Newport knew that Renee and I never saw eye to eye, and they all fucking knew I hated her god damned ridiculous themed party.

"I swear, my mother is a damn moron." I told her, sighing. "I've been scared of clown's since I was like four and she made me go to that Ringling Brother's circus thing, and she got drunk and forgot about me, so Loopy the Clown had to babysit me until my dad showed up." I frowned at the memory, "I swear he was looking at me funny and he smelled like feet. Don't even get me started on the fucking clown from 'IT'. I had nightmares for a month after Em tricked me into watching that shit."

"Bella, clowns are just real people who wear makeup." Victoria laughed, shaking her head at me, her fiery red curls bouncing wildly.

"Dude, could Whoren be more of a whore? I swear I want to go smack the skank off of her but it would take all damn night." I groaned, watching as she brushed her nasty tits along Cullen's arm.

"So, what's going on with that, are you dating Jasper, or Edward?" Victoria asked noticing where I was looking, and I groaned.

"It's kind of complicated." I told her, "The thing is, Me and Jasper are really dating, and my brother told us we needed to take a break, so me and Cullen started fake dating as a cover, but now it's all sorts of fucked up."

"Ah, I'm glad I can't tell you I know how you feel." she laughed, "It sounds complicated."

"Yeah, it is." If she only had an idea of just how complicated my shit was, it would melt her brain.

"But, if it helps you at all, I always thought you and Edward were meant to be, even when we were little kids, he was all about you, even back then," she smiled, I smiled back. I liked Victoria; she was a sweetie, one of the few people I liked in this place.

"Yeah, he's a good kid." I agreed, not wanting to say too much, she was friends with Alice too, after all.

I sighed, thinking about Alice, I was the worst friend EVER. Really, if they made awards for that, I'd win without a challenge from anyone. I was the ultimate friend fail, damn it.

"I have a ticket for a kiss." a voice said, I looked to see, James, he was a newer, younger teacher at the school, he was definitely hot, and he insisted everyone call him by his first name, that calling him Mr made him feel old. I got a weird vibe from him though, he really creeped me out.

"Faculty can't buy tickets to the kissing booth." I told him, crossing my arms over my chest, that was one of the few rules, because seriously? Who the fuck wants to kiss their teacher? and of course there were rules and regulations and all that bullshit.

"Well, I did, and I want my kiss." he said playfully, but I didn't like it.

"James. No." I said, standing my ground.

"Don't be like that, Miss Swan." he pouted, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't cute, but still, kissing a teacher just seemed all sorts of wrong even if he did look pretty damn good. Damn it Bella, do you really need to add anymore fuckery to your dating life right now? Sure, while juggling Cullen and Jasper, we'll just add a teacher to the mix too, sounds bloody brilliant.

"We're actually breaking for awhile, if you come back in an hour we promise someone will have a kiss for you." Victoria told him, her voice sweet, as she put up the gone for lunch sign. He frowned, but nodded, seeming to be okay with it, as he walked away.

"I'll grab Headmaster Aro on my way back." She told me, and waved as she put her phone to her ear, probably calling her boyfriend to meet her.

I grabbed my purse, putting a cigarette to my lips and lighting it as I walked toward the dunk tank.

"Lauren, stop rubbing your crooked tits all over Cullen." I told her, putting my hands on my hips. She looked at me and frowned, about to say something but I turned to Cullen, not bothering to listen to her. "Give me three balls."

"Yes ma'am." he grinned, giving me three of the blue throwing balls with a slight giggle. Yes my boyfriend just giggled because I asked him to give me balls, God, he is such a nerd, a hotnerd but still a nerd. I took another drag of my cigarette, trying to ignore the dirty look Cullen was giving it, and then grabbed one of the balls, missing, which made Whoren laugh. She had yet to get wet, but I would for sure fucking change that. I missed my second ball too, which made her laugh harder. I took a deep breath, and centered myself, trying to remember what Emmett had taught me about pitching, but it didn't really help me, so I threw the ball hard, and with dumb luck, hit the target dead on, sending Whoren directly into the tank of water.

"Cunt." I grumbled, and turned to Edward who was grinning from ear to ear.

"Thanks for saving me, baby." he said, kissing me quickly. Which made me frustrated, sneaking around was fucking shitty and we were double sneaking around. I was sneaking around to see Jasper behind all of the parents' backs, and then I was sneaking around to see Edward behind Alice and Jasper's back. All sorts of fucked up.

I hung out with him until my hour was up, enjoying every time Whoren was dunked, and then headed back to the booth, where Emmett was sitting with Rosalie, eating balboa bars.

"Thank god your here, there were definitely some creepers." I told them as I sat behind the counter again.

"No need to worry about that now, B." Emmett grinned, and held up the entire roll of tickets.

"Emmett, you stole the tickets?" I exclaimed, even though I was a little bit grateful, we needed that money for equipment and traveling and whatever else the school spent money on.

"Nope, I used Renee's black card, and bought them out." he grinned, Rosalie rolled her eyes at him, but she smiled, she thought it was sweet.

I laughed, and noticed the shirt Emmett was wearing, it was his school shirt. We always joked that University of California in Orange County was a great school name, because it got shortened to UCOC. Emmett loved to swear his school sweater everywhere like some fucking 1950's jock.

"Nice shirt seems very fitting for you Em," I said smartly and smacked at his arm.

"That's what she said". Emmett replied and laughed, I really didn't get it but I laughed anyways. I imagined Emmett would always be like this, making stupid jokes. At least until he had kids, especially if he had a little girl. Oh my fucking God, she would be fitted for a chastity belt hours after her birth. I giggled at my own thought.

"God, if you guys ever have a daughter she's so fucked. He is going to be all Papa Bear over her from day one." I laughed, and he nodded agreeing with me. "Good thing she'll have awesome Auntie Bella." I grinned, and they both frowned, which made me giggle.

"All right B, since I have nothing to worry about here, we're going to go walk around." Emmett told me, and I waved goodbye to them, and watched as they walked away. I saw them stop at the dunk tank to talk to Cullen, and it made me smile, I was glad Emmett approved of him, but then it made me grimace because of everything really going on. I looked back up to see Edward stuff something in his pocket, which made me wonder, and make sure to remember to ask him about that later.

Edward POV

"What did Em hand you earlier?" Bella asked as soon as I walked up to the booth to pick her up.

"Oh he handed me about-" I pulled the huge role of tickets out of my pocket and guesstimated "two hundred tickets for your booth." I replied.

"Whoa, planning on kissing a lot of girls there Hot Lips?" Bella asked playfully. Oh I liked Playful Bella, she was sweet, feisty, and fun.

"Just one girl babe and you're the one in case you were wondering." I said giving her a sweet kiss on the lips and handed her a single ticket. This could end up being a lot of fun.

"Cullen, maybe we can work out some kind of package exchange rate of some kind. Seems a shame to just trade in this many tickets and only get some simple sweet kisses." Bella replied giving me a kiss and taking another ticket.

"I like the sound of that babe." I said and Bella lead me away from the booth and to my car.

I never let go of her hand during the whole walk to the car or drive to the house and she kept running her other hand up and down my arm and it felt damn good. As soon as we parked, her lips were on mine and I was in heaven.

Bella and I stumbled into the pool house door and somehow managed to fall back on the couch without our lips ever breaking contact. Yeah, I'm not sure how we managed that other than just sheer willpower to never separate our lips since they seemed to be made for each other. It would have been cruel to make them part ways, they were meant to be together and who were we to separate them?

God, there are not enough adjectives to describe making out with Bella. Her mouth was fiercely attacking mine and I wanted more. I always seemed to want more, it could be more kisses, more tongue, more touching, and more friction. The only thing I could have wanted less of was clothes, but I felt like we were working towards that. Yes, I wanted Bella, but I also wanted it to be right and special, she deserved that.

I felt Bella's hand graze my stomach under my shirt, scraping her nails across my abs, which was making it hard for me to think, or even really breathe at that point. We continued kissing and touching. Bella's hand and nails making patterns on my stomach as I softly caressed hers with my thumbs, it was awesome. But then I felt Bella's hand traveled lower inside my boxer briefs and grab my dick. Now this was beyond awesome, and it took all the self control I had to not explode all over her as her soft hand pumped my dick.

"Bella, what the fuck are you doing? not that I mind, it feels amazing." I asked not really sure why I was even speaking, since it just took brain function away from enjoying the feeling of Bella's hand on my dick.

"See Cullen, when a boy and girl like each other and they are horny they-" I cut off her smug explanation.

"Yes Bella I know about sex, but why are you doing that to me now?" I asked clearly not thinking because if I had been I would've just enjoyed the wonderful feeling and kept my damn mouth shut.

"Damn it Cullen, while I like you being a gentleman and treating me like I'm something special, sometimes a girl has needs, and right now-" she squeezed firmly for emphasis, "I need to do this." she answered and honestly I was in no position to argue.

"Yes baby." was all I could think to reply, since blood flow was clearly being redirected.

"Good boy Cullen, you're learning" Bella replied and then attacked my lips with her mouth.

Who was I to argue with logic like that? I mean seriously, some hot as fuck girl tells you to shut up and let her play with your dick, what are you suppose to say? No, hahaha fat fucking chance.

To say her hand job felt good would be asking a dehydrated man if he was thirsty, yeah ,really not a need to do that. So I relaxed and let Bella do what she wanted while my hands wandered up her shirt to her bra covered boobs. I flicked her nipple ring twice quickly which earned me a low moan from Bella. I would have to remember that spot because that sound was now a close second to Bella's laugh as my favorite sound in the world.

We both continued kissed and fondling each other and I was enjoying it, like really enjoying it. Like enjoying it so much I was about to embarrass myself, and probably be forever shamed in Bella's eyes. So, since she wasn't so keen on stopping last time, and I was a little scared of her honestly, I decided to try a different tactic.

I flipped Bella so she was on top of me, and straddling my groin, which caused her to remove her hand from my pants, which thankfully solved the 'about to get sticky' problem, but now I could feel the heat from her pussy directly over my dick and that might have been worse, but I went with it because she seemed to enjoy the friction we were both creating. I kept moving my hips up and down enjoying the sensation hopefully as much as she was.

"Fuck, Cullen." Bella exclaimed breathlessly, her hands running through my hair. Damn, I felt proud.

"God Bella, you feel so good baby." I said lowly into her ear, kissing her neck.

"Oh! Alice!" Bella said. Now I was a little confused.

"Bella?" I asked hoping I hadn't broken something in her brain.

"Fuck Jasper!" Bella answered.

"Damn it Bella this is getting fucked up." I groaned pausing what I was doing for a second, and looking up at her, which is when I noticed Bella's eyes were locked on the pool house door which when I followed with my own I noticed it was where Jasper stood with Alice attach around his waist and her ankles hook just above his ass.

Busted, fuck my life.