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Newport Living

A little different from your average Twilight story- Jasper Whitlock has recently moved in with his cousin, Edward Cullen after his mom dies from cancer. He meets neighbor, bad girl, Bella Swan, & her older brother, Emmett, & Shortly after he meets, Emmett's girlfriend, Rosalie Hale & Bella's best friend, famous actress, Alice Brandon. Join them as they deal with being students at an elite Prep school, alcoholic parents, acting gigs, make ups, breakups, and a lot more... Think The O.C meets Twilight. We promise, it's a lot better than the summary makes it seem. Pictures for the story can be found here:
http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100001037472823&ref=profile Rated M: for underage drinking, language, possible lemons, and drug use.

This story has ideas from both Twilight, and the show The O.C, we tried to mix humor, drama, and romance to appeal to everyone, we also tried to make it a little different from your usual fanfiction... it doesn't start out canon couples, but we have plans on making sure it ends up that way. Disclaimer:: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight & the writers/producers of the O.C own anything we may have borrowed from them =]

6. In One Ear

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Chapter 6


I slowly opened the door to my house, trying to be as quiet as possible, but, because I had been drinking out of the flask the entire way home, my perception of... well, everything was a smidge off. So of course, I tripped over my own to feet, and the door flung open, slamming against the wall. Announcing my presence to everyone that was home.

"Bella!" Emmett's booming voice bounced off the walls, and high ceilings as he stomped into the entry way. He took one look at me and palmed his forehead, "are you still drunk?" he asked, crinkling his nose in disgust. "God Bella, you reek of booze." he mumbled something about Renee, and not knowing how to handle something, but I couldn't quite make it out.

"God Em, when did you become such a fucking lame brother?" I asked, pulling away from him as I made my way, slowly, up the stairs, him right behind me.

"When you started going shot for shot with some strange guy triple your size, or maybe when you started getting yourself on the covers of magazines!" he exclaimed. "You're lucky no one knew your name, and that the pictures are fuzzy, Newport Prep would have kicked you out!"

"Good, fuck that school." I groaned, throwing my bags on my floor, and flopping down on my bed.

"Bella!" He sighed, his hands going wild, as if they had minds of their own. "What is going on with you? You used to enjoy school! You always drank, but what the fuck? You're like mom's twin!" he snapped, which sobered my up enough to make me angry.

"Don't you DARE, EVER, compare me to that bitch!" I shot back at him, instantly feeling bad. Emmett had never done anything but care about me, and take care of me, god, he practically gave up the best of his teenage years for me.

"Bells..." he trailed off, his expression softening a bit. "You're all I've got, okay? I don't want anything to happen to you, the things you do they aren't always the best for you, you could really get hurt someday." he sighed, shaking his head fiercely, as if he was trying to shake the thoughts from his mind.

"Listen, you never cared when I drank before, with Alice, or Angela, or even Jake!" I told him.

"You were only around the corner, with people I knew, not in some unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people." he explained.

"Listen Em, I was just drinking to get my mind off of everything with Jake. He may be an asshole, but I mean, we've been together since freshman year that's three years. Ya know we've been through a lot, and I really do want it to be over, but the finality of it" I trailed off, shrugging. "I just wanted to stop thinking about it all, and have fun." I admitted, looking up at my brother with big brown eyes, that I knew he could never resist.

"Bella." he sighed, smirking a little, his resolve crumbled into a pile of dust. "Just- will you promise me to lay low for a while? And stay away from anything crazy?" he asked, giving me his own puppy dog eyes, he looked so pathetic, of course I couldn't say no.

"I promise Em, I'm sorry." I apologized, hugging him, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck.

"Thanks Bells, I love you, it's the only reason I'm so protective." he told me, wrapping his arms around me. "but damn girl, you are going to make me look 50, before I turn 20."

I laughed into his shoulder, and shook my head. "I'm sorry, Em, you know I love you. You're all I got, too." I smiled, sliding off of my bed.

"Where you going?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow at me.

"Next door." I answered simply, and smiled, not waiting for a response I walked out of my room and out of my house, grabbing gum from my purse, and body sprayed myself as I crossed the distance between my house and the Cullen's. It had been a while since I had been inside their house, sure I went over when they had parties, but they were usually in the yard, occasionally Esme would drop by and we would talk, but I never went over there, not since grade school when Edward and I used to play. I took a deep breath as I reached the front door of their massive house, and rung the doorbell, and waited patiently. Only about a minute or so later, the door opened to reveal Esme. When she realized it was me, a huge smile crossed her face. Esme was always so pretty, and elegant. Her long hair was swaying free in the ocean breeze, and she was wearing a light pink summer dress, and of course heels, and all the correct accessories.

"Well if it isn't little Bella Swan." she smiled, wrapping me in a hug, and I would be lying if I told you I didn't hold on to her tighter than I should have. Emmett and Rose were great, and Alice was great, but sometimes I just needed a mother type figure to be affectionate towards me. I felt like I was missing that nurturing thing kids needed so damn much. "Not so little anymore, though" she smiled as we pulled apart.

"Hi Esme" I smiled, sheepishly, as she moved aside and motioned me inside. The house was still as elegant as ever, they décor had changed since I had last been inside, but it was still beautiful.

"It has been quite a while since you came knocking on my front door, the last I remember, you were in overalls and ninja turtle sneakers, covered pigtails to toe in mud." she chuckled at the memory. Esme had once been like a second mother to me, I saw her still, but very little, and far between, I didn't realize how much I had missed her.

"I had almost forgotten about all of that!" I admitted, finding myself laughing as well.

"I still have pictures of you kids, and video tapes, even of Emmett, chicken legged, and missing teeth, and covered in whatever mess you kids decided to get into that day." she smiled, her eyes glossed over as if she was back there, all those years ago. "How I miss those days, I miss the sticky kisses, and even the mud tracks all through the house."

I laughed with her, enjoying the mother- daughter like reminiscing.

"So what brings you here today, dear?" she asked, smiling at me.

"I came to see if Edward and Jasper are around..." I told her, biting my bottom lip, wondering how she felt about her kids hanging out with me. Everyone knew everyone's business in this town, and living next door to the "Slutty Swan's" she got front row tickets to all of the crap that had ever gone on. Of course we weren't always dysfunctional, only after Charlie left.

"You know what," she paused, looking towards the backyard, "I know they left this morning, I'm not sure if they're back yet, but you're welcome to go back in the pool house and see if they are there." she smiled warmly at me. I wondered when Edward got to move to the pool house, when we were kids he was always talking about how great it would be when he could finally live there. Had I really been so in my own world that I didn't know anything about him anymore? I sighed.

"Thanks Esme." I thanked her and made my way towards the kitchen so I could walk out to the back. As I was opening the slider, I heard her call to me, so I stopped and looked back.

"Bella, I'm glad you guys are hanging out again, we've missed you around here." she said softly, as if she was worried what my reaction would be, "You were always the daughter I never had." she smiled wistfully, and then quickly began to wipe down the already pristine counter top.

"Me too." I told her, truthfully. I left the main house and headed towards the pool house.


Emmett POV

I heard the doorbell ringing, breaking me from my thoughts. I swear, if Bella forgot her keys again I was letting her ass stay the night outside, which would serve her right. I groaned when the stupid doorbell went off again. That is it- whoever was at the door was dead. I smirked as I made my way to the front of the house, please let it be some stupid solicitor from the He Has Risen or We Bask In His Eternal Glory Tabernacle or some shit. I hated people who peddled their religion door to door. If I was interested and wanted more information on your crazy religion I would come see you, no need to stalk me over it.

"Who is it and what do you want?" I asked as I jerked the door open to see Jasper, Carlisle's nephew.

"Is Bella home?" He asked. Kid looked like he had been in a fight recently.

"No, but you look like shit Jasper. What the hell happened? Please tell me you didn't insult Esme's tofu?" I asked, only half kidding. I made fun of her health food crap once and she slapped me upside the head pretty damn good. For an older lady she has a mean backhand.

"Um no, I had a run in with Jake yesterday at the grocery store." Jasper replied, shrugging.

"And why did you get in a fight with Jake? Not that he isn't naturally an asshole or anything" I asked but honestly I think I already knew the answer.

"He ran his mouth about Bella and it pissed me off." Jasper said clearly getting pissed off recalling what Jake had said. Now I was even more interested.

"So what did he say about my darling little sister?" I inquired.

"Emmett, it's already over. He ran his mouth, and I put my fist in it to shut him up. Just let it go man." Jasper replied.

"Tell me what he said, NOW!" I spat getting pissed at the kid for keeping it from me. It had to be pretty bad if he was nervous about telling me. "I won't hold it against you" I said calmer.

"He said she would be back on his dick in no time, once she was done fucking everyone else, that is." Jasper said flatly, obviously not happy to be repeating that.

"That son of a bitch, I will fucking kill him!" I exclaimed angrily.

"Calm down, I already beat his ass so just chill dude. Last thing we need is to have to bail you out of jail for beating on a minor." Jasper explained to me.

"Come inside, we need to play video games." I said and lead him to the family room.

"Okay- why do we need to play video games?" Jasper asked clearly confused.

"Because we need to have guy talk and you can only do that while playing sports, watching sports, drinking or playing video games. You can't surf, there isn't a game on, and drinking has caused too much drama lately, so that leaves video games." I explained while tossing him a controller. We started playing some random fighting game that was in the system already. Mortal Animators sixteen or something, beating people up in the video game helped with my anger issue.

"I swear if she goes back to him again I am tempted to just throw her ass out" I said, completely kidding, mostly.

"Do you think she will go back to him?" Jasper asked and looked a little hurt.

I ran both hands down my face, feeling older by the minute trying to look after my teenaged sister. "I don't know kid, honestly she seems a lot happier since she has been hanging out with you, Alice, and Edward. You guys have gotten her away from her typical crowd, so I really hope not." I replied.

"Me too."Jasper said as he launched into some wicked combo on the game, kicking my ass.

"I'm sure Bella will be back soon if you want to hang out here until she comes back, once she isn't pissed at me she'll come home." I explained.

"Why would she be pissed at you?" he asked.

"We had a pretty nasty fight over everything that happened in L.A." I responded.

"Oh, so you know about the drinking contest?" he asked.

"Yeah, real proud of my kid sister when she can drink guys as big as me under the table. Mom and Dad should be so proud, if they were around or cared." I replied sarcastically.

"I thought it was funny." Jasper admitted.

"It's not funny when your little sister is turning into a lush." I told him harshly.

"Emmett, did you ever drink when you were sixteen?" Jasper asked.

"Of course, what's your point?"

"Did you ever have drinking contests with your friends?" He kept on grilling me. I felt like I was in some police interrogation room.

"Yeah all the time."

"Did you ever win?" Jasper kept coming with the questions. Damn that kid was inquisitive, he just kept asking questions.

"Hells yeah!" I replied with a fist pump.

"So Bella isn't doing anything you never did then, right?" Damn the kid has some pretty good logic.

"You don't understand dude. Bella is more than just my annoying kid sister. Hell our dad is gone and our mom isn't around much in a lucid state anyways. And saying Bella doesn't like Renee is putting it mildly, I am so scared that Bella will end up hating me for letting her become like Renee." I replied honestly to Jasper.

"I understand, my dad was never around either but thankfully my mom was awesome and now Esme and Carlisle are great. But dude, it seems to me that Bella is following in your footsteps more so then Renee's." Jasper explained. I was starting to really like this kid and could see why Bella did as well, so I figured since he did me a solid I would return the favor.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you Jasper. I tell you what, you helped me so I will help you. You like Bella right?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah she is a great buddy." Jasper replied quickly. What was this, seventh grade?

"No, I mean you like her, like her. Christ Jasper don't turn this into an Oprah moment dude." I said. He looked at me like he was confused or afraid, or maybe a mixture of both. "Okay kid, then just listen to what I am saying. Bella likes you, not like a friend, like a potential boyfriend. So if you really don't want to see her back with Jake, which none of us want, then maybe you should figure out just how you like her and let her know." I explained, slowly to Jasper just in case. I mean Carlisle had never said anything about him being slow, but I didn't want to take any chances.

"Um, okay Emmett." he replied.

"Dude just call me Em everyone else does, except Rose, but we won't go into that now." I winked, and then got serious again, "But seriously, be warned, if you end up treating my baby sister anything near how Jake does, I will hurt you." I said and cracked my knuckles for emphasis.

"Oh thanks, I think." Jasper replied.

"Anytime kid." I answered.

"So I'm going to be heading home, please tell Bella I stopped by?" Jasper asked.

"Sure thing Jasper, see you around" I said and escorted him to the door.


Edwards POV

I awoke from my nap to the music blaring from the stereo in the common room. Jasper better not be putting on any of that whiny ass country western shit again. I swear, how that guy could be so cool and have such shitty taste in music never ceased to amaze me. I climbed out of bed, and headed in the direction of the music, preparing myself to give my cousin a lecture on what music constituted good music was not someone bitching about someone stealing their truck or shooting their dog or whatever the hell those guys were bitching about now a days. But as I got closer, I heard the song clearly, and knew it wasn't Jasper.

The chorus to Cage The Elephant's "In One Ear" was going strong and loud from the speakers, I was curious to see who exactly had raided my music collection. I entered the room and saw Bella thrashing around, singing along with the song but instead of happy she looked like she had been crying.

"Hey." was the most intelligent thing I could think to say to her at that point. Yeah I know Edward Cullen, always smooth and suave with the ladies.

"Oh, Edward I'm so sorry was the music too loud?" Bella asked as she went to turn it down a bit.

"No it was fine, I needed to wake up anyways. I'm just glad it wasn't the twangy western shit of Jasper's." I replied.

"He does not really like that shit does he?" she asked

"Less than I imagined with him being from Texas, but more than I am comfortable with him playing it." I responded and went to sit down on the black leather couch in the middle of the room.

"Speaking of Jasper, have you seen him?" Bella questioned, joining me on the couch.

"He said he was going to your house to last time I spoke with him." I answered.

"Oh, I must have missed him then."

"So, why are you here looking for him?" I asked but thought it sounded a little rude so I added "not that you aren't welcome. You know you can come over anytime, it's just been a while."

"Em and I had a fight." Bella admitted and buried her face in her hands.

"I know I'm not Jasper, but I'm here if you want to talk about it." I offered.

"Do you think I am turning into my mother?" Bella asked and looked at me and her face looked so sad.

"Honestly B, I don't really think I know you well enough to make that call anymore." I responded, wanting to be honest but not wanting to hurt her feelings at the same time.

"Whoa, you haven't called me that since we were kids." Bella admitted. "and it's not my fault you don't know me anymore." she said, defending herself.

"It's neither of our faults I guess, life happens, and we went our separate ways in middle school and just sort of kept drifting farther apart." I said. "We went from playing every single day, to talking in class, to saying 'hi' in passing, to never speaking at all."

"I know," she said sadly, "It wasn't on purpose." she smiled a little, "Your mom was just talking to me and reminding me of when we all played together in the yard. You were always so sweet letting me be the cop and you were always the bad guy." Bella said with a small smile. "Emmett and his friends never let me have my way."

"I thought you had cooties, so running away from you was easy back then." I said with a smile of my own. Just then the door opened and Jasper appeared.

"Edward have you seen…oh, hey Bella." Jasper said as he entered.

"Hey Jasper, I came over here looking for you, actually." Bella replied.

"Haha, that's funny, I went to your house looking for you. So how was your trip?" Jasper asked, plopping down on the other side of Bella.

"Wonderful, Alice and I had a great time, I think. Now to actually remember it, I can go to YouTube and pull up videos, not only of Felix and I having a drinking contest, but also us dancing on the bar together. Then some photographers got pics of Alec and I talking, so now I am Breaking Dawn's slut girl. Oh, and my over protective brother got pissed and we had a huge fight just to put a cherry on the crap sundae that is my life." Bella said with a huff and flipped her head towards the back of the couch and closed her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Bella." was all I could think to say. Yes, Smooth Moves Cullen strikes again.

"Yeah, Em seemed pissed when I got there but he seems to have settled down. We had 'guy talk' as he put it." Jasper explained. I had no idea what a 'guy talk' was, but if he helped Emmett calm down it had to be a good thing.

"God Jasper what happened to your face?" Bella asked noticing the bruises, she reached her arm out as if to touch them, but stopped herself quickly.

"Jake." I said before I even realized she asked Jasper and not me. From the dirty looks Jasper began sending me, I could tell he didn't want her to know about that. Shit.

"Son of a bitch, I'm going to kill him." Bella sighed as she started checking Jasper's bruises, but Jasper was laughing.

"What is so funny?" I asked.

"Bella and Emmett said almost the exact same thing when I told each of them I got in a fight with Jake." Jasper replied, still laughing.

"Jasper, tell me what happened with Jake." Bella demanded, she wasn't asking him to tell her, she was informing him he was going to. Jasper stood quietly, making it obvious he wasn't going to tell her, Bella turned her glare at me.

"Tell me what happened." she commanded me. I would like to think I could take a girl staring me down, promising to hurt me only with her eyes, but I wasn't that strong or maybe I was just really afraid of pissing Bella off. Either way, I cracked like an egg and broke down and explained everything that happened from our quest for contraband junk food, to running into Jessica and finally ending with Jasper and Jake's throw down. "Tell me you ripped his balls off at least?" Bella asked, looking at Jasper.

"No, but he does look worse than me, although, shit, does he have a hard head." Jasper replied.

"I'm sorry you had to do that, Jasper." Bella said sadly, "but thank you." she surprised me as she wrapped her arms around his neck in a hug. I watched as they hugged for a minute, a little uncomfortable.

"I'm bored and hungry, Let's go grab something to eat." I suggested.

"From where?" Bella asked as she and Jasper finally broke their hug.

"I don't know, why don't you call Alice and see if she wants to go?" I added.

Bella looked at me for a moment before she replied. "Why don't you call Alice and invite her?"

"Yeah cuz, you can call Alice and invite her over and we'll think of someplace to go." Jasper said. I realized what they were pulling, but I wasn't going to fall for it.

"Sure, I'll just shoot her a text" I responded pulling out my phone.

"NO!" they both shouted and turned to look at each other and smiled before turning back towards me. I wasn't sure if I heard them saying 'Wonder twin powers activate' or if I just imagined it. But either way it seemed they had officially teamed up against me. I'll admit it, I was now pretty scared. One on one I could take them, but I didn't like my chances against them both at the same time.

"You need to call her, not text her." Jasper scolded me first.

"Yeah, it's always better to call a girl over texting her." Bella added to complete the one-two punch combo. It seemed I was being cornered by Stupid Cupid One and Stupid Cupid Two. I liked Alice, I really did but I was apprehensive. I mean I was a geeky high school outcast and she was an Academy Award winning actress who had already traveled the world and went to celebrity parties. Hell, she hung out with Breaking Dawn, one of the biggest bands on the planet, just this past weekend. Sure, we all hung out as a group and had fun but I didn't know if Alice was just my friend or she wanted to be more. I was afraid, not only of being rejected by not being up to her standards, but also messing up our nice group dynamic we had going. So I decided until I got my shit together, the best defense was going to be a good offense.

"So, Jasper calls you a lot then Bella?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"No, but I did have a boyfriend until just the other day. It would seem weird to call another guys girlfriend, I'd imagine. But I know for a fact that Alice is single and she likes you so it shouldn't be a problem." Bella explained. She was as good at deflecting as I was, this could be fun-wait did she say Alice liked me? I would have to come back to that.

"But you guys have been texting back and forth since Jasper got here." I countered.

"Yes we have. Friends text, more than friends call." Bella replied, shaking her head, muttering something about stupid boys and heading towards the bathroom. Ugh Girls.

"Come on Edward, we're just trying to help you out." Jasper said.

"Yeah, I know, and thank you, I'm just nervous" I replied as I ran my hands through my hair. It was getting long and shaggy, I needed a haircut.

"What do you have to be worried about cuz? Alice likes you, so I doubt she will turn you down."

"That is what I am afraid of." I replied.

"So you're afraid she will say yes?" Jasper asked, clearly confused by my logic.

"Jasper, this is Alice Brandon, world famous movie star, not just any girl next door." I explained.

"That just means her liking you is that much better, since she has met a ton more guys than your typical high school girl." Jasper explained.

"How can I compare to the co-stars and musicians she has dated?" I asked, needing someone to explain this to me.

"She has never dated any of her co-stars. It's always rumors spread by whatever company is producing the movie to sell more tickets. And I don't recall her ever dating a musician. Actually, I don't recall her dating anyone seriously, ever." Bella replied. Oh good, she rejoins the conversation at my most embarrassing moment, wonderful. Thankfully I was saved much more embarrassment, I think, when my mom buzzed and asked if Bella was staying for dinner.

I looked at Bella who nodded her head in the affirmative. Time to man up and have some shred of self worth. "Mom, can you set any extra place for Alice as well? I'm going to invite her, too." I said, ignoring the high five Jasper and Bella were giving each other.

"Sure thing, dinner will be ready in about an hour." Mom replied through the intercom.

With that I scrolled down to Alice's name on my phone and hit Send.

"Hello." Alice answered on the first ring, of course I couldn't catch a break and leave her a voice mail inviting her to dinner, that would be too easy.

"Hey Alice, it's Edward." I said.

"Yes I know that Edward, I do have caller ID and your picture came up when you called as well. So what's up?" Alice asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner?" I questioned, suddenly feeling like my stomach was doing back flips.

"Uh sure" Alice replied "I would love to, when?"

"Mom said it would be ready in an hour. Just come back to the pool house, Jasper, Bella, and I are hanging out back here until it's ready." I answered.

"Okay, see you then Edward, and thanks for inviting me, bye!" Alice said as she hung up. I sat there stunned, not only had I made some progress with Alice, but she accepted it and even thanked me for it. I wasn't rejected, I was thanked by her and that made me feel a lot better.

"Congrats cuz, I think your balls finally dropped!" Jasper said as he hit me in the arm. Oh well, nothing can spoil my good mood now.