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Clair De Lune

A story about bella being apart the family of the volturi. She is a daughter of Aro and a mysterious vamp woman. Bella meets edward at her 107th birthday. How will things turn out differently in this (one of my many) story.VOLTERRA!!!! BannerFans.com

This story is sorta in a bit old fashion, so they speak different and have bad grammer... sorry...Hope you like this story.

14. How will it End??

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Before I was able to finish the note, Edward suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me back out of the door way. I was confused until I saw my father, Felix and Haley rushing down the hallway toward us. After that, I knew I was dead. Edward stiffened as they came closer. Just let me handle this. I thought and saw Edward nod and walk off behind me in the opposite direction. By the time I turned back around from watching him stride off, they were standing in front of me. I let my face reveal nothing, my perfect poker face. Fury burned deep in my father's eyes. I opened my mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Felix.

"Aro would like to speak to you privately, in his office." I shock my head.

"No. Here, I will not go back into the main building." I stood my ground although they all threw me angry glares.

"Fine, both of you leave us." Aro's words were sharp, stern.

Haley turned on her heel and disappeared back the way they came, Felix following behind shortly. I took a step forward and took in a deep breath.

"Father, I must-"

"No, you will listen to me young lady." My father interrupted me then continued, not giving me time to object.

"I don't understand what makes you act like this, but it ends now. I will not let you do this to us, to yourself. I am ashamed of you." His words hurt. But I wasn't going to stay, not a chance.

"I'm not going to stay, Father. You can count on that. As for my actions, I have nothing to say, I did no wrong. Is it so awful to watch your daughter be happy with a man she loves? Edward loves me. He loves me... And that's more than I could say for you." Tears streamed down my cheeks, but I was far from finished with him.

"You have no idea how much you have put me through. I have done everything you have ever asked of me. I stayed, even when you and Haley and everyone treated me like nothing. As if I meant so little, and yet I stayed! I have never asked anything of you! And now, I have this one thing, one thing of my own. Why can't I just keep it for myself? You are robbing me of my only friend!"

I hate him. The man who claimed to care about me oh so much, I hate him. By now I was sobbing quietly to myself. It was content that I never speak of my true feelings to anyone. Aro knew so little about me. But the truth was that, I was in fact a prisoner in my own home. All he ever wanted me for was an heir. It had been said that I was able to conceive offspring. No one knew for sure but the best way to find out was to try. And we all knew he fully intended on forcing me to try.

"I'm done. No more of this... I'm done." The words were barely a whisper, but they were more powerful than anything else ever said between us. It was over. He and I both knew it was finally over. I took a step to motion myself out of the room but he grabbed my wrist. I sighed heavily, as he spun me around to face him.

"You have made a very clear statement, and I have come up with some agreement terms you might easily consider." I was stunned. What did he mean by Agreement terms?

"I am leaving, with or without your consent, Father. Did I make my self-" He cut me off.

"You have made yourself very clear, but I have worked to hard just to let you walk out. Let us make a deal." I sighed. He was just never going to give up.

"What do you want?" My question was put in a rather rude tone.

"When you were born, you had a certain purpose. That purpose was to become queen, marry a prince, and bear the first heirs to the new generation of kings. Now that you have chosen a different life over the one offered to you, I will not let all my hard work go to waste. After you leave here, what do you plan to do?" I was surprised at the question. It was a typical, father-like question to ask.

"Umm... Edward and I plan to go back to Forks, where we will live together." It never came to my attention before how little we had planned this out.

"Ah, Do you plan to marry the boy?" I simply nodded. If Edward would have me, then I would fully plan to marry him. Aro stretched his neck out towards me, nearing him closer to me, and my face. The look in his eye's was very serious, viciously so.

"I want your first born..."