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Clair De Lune

A story about bella being apart the family of the volturi. She is a daughter of Aro and a mysterious vamp woman. Bella meets edward at her 107th birthday. How will things turn out differently in this (one of my many) story.VOLTERRA!!!! BannerFans.com

This story is sorta in a bit old fashion, so they speak different and have bad grammer... sorry...Hope you like this story.

4. Another party

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Be fore I knew it, it was morning and Rose and Alice had gone out with her family to help put up decorations. Yep another party... I hate my life so much right now!! My birthday was a day before my sister Haley's and she was older than me. Another day another party as I would always say... Why did I have to greet everyone? I had the roll of the host at ever party even though some weren't even mine. I scratched my head and rubbed my eye, I hated mornings. It was the time where I wish I could sleep... I got out of my PJ's and into my morning gown. I didn't get to wear normal clothes like Rose and Alice did, it was always dresses and gowns. My PJ's were even a gown.

I put on my lip stick and earrings, combed my hair out and put it in a bun. I took a shower last night and I was too lazy to take one right now. Besides I smelled fine, more than fine. I stared at the mirror and at my eyes. I hated how they were different colored; I only got that because I was half. My mother was human and my dad humped her... I know that's some sick way to put it, but its true! I only say true things. I wanted so bad to get contacts, but dad said ‘No you'll look like a hippie!' He's so dumb sometimes...

I shrugged my shoulders, nothing I can do about it right. I went to my floor length mirror and looked at my gown. My hem dragged across the room every time I walked. My sister always said that I was to short for the dresses to fit properly. But I didn't believe that it was a fault my gracefulness, I've never tripped or fallen at all.

I sighed and slipped into my shoes. I still had that improper stunt I pulled I my head. I tried to distract myself. I went down stairs and helped tidy up and set things out. The ball would start in an hour and Haley was missing, along with Felix. It was my job to go smell them out and get them ready. I walked through every hall and searched every room. But there was one I did not check and I was headed that way right now. It was my dear Felix's room. How convenient for their interment life style together. I walked down the hall and heard a thumping noise. I held my lips tight together so I wouldn't laugh at the sounds I heard.

I quietly knock and heard Felix ask ‘what do you want?' I replied "My sister. The party is going to begin in an a half an hour." "Be right there." Haley replied from inside. "Now!" I yelled and hit the door. I wasn't going to wait for them so I just walked off. I went to get my ball gown on, white with egg shell colored gloves. I had my hair in twists around my bun. I had ribbons every where and a white translucent sash around my waist. I would have loved a blue or green dress but no!! Virgins have to wear white at balls in front of men. Ridiculous!

. . .

The party had started and I had greeted all the guests in the room and now the dancing had begun and I'm still sitting here with out a single man to dance with. Or who would have been so bold to of asked me. I sat there, staring at my spoon, daydreaming of last night and my fault actions. I couldn't help but wonder what had that Edward Cullen think of it, of me. He probably thought of it with most prudence. I couldn't help but wonder why I felt like someone was staring at me from behind.

I dare turn around but what more badly could my day get. But when I did see someone staring at me, and that someone had bronze hair. I turn back around in the second our eyes met. I heard him get up and I froze, please let him forget the kiss!! I keep my gaze strictly on my empty plate not glancing once up, at the now right next to me, Edward. "May I have this dance madam?" He asked me, holding out his hand. I looked up at him and smiled politely. "You may." I said and took his hand. He clutched my hand and led me to the dance floor before the music started. I stared at him nervously as the music started...