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Clair De Lune

A story about bella being apart the family of the volturi. She is a daughter of Aro and a mysterious vamp woman. Bella meets edward at her 107th birthday. How will things turn out differently in this (one of my many) story.VOLTERRA!!!! BannerFans.com

This story is sorta in a bit old fashion, so they speak different and have bad grammer... sorry...Hope you like this story.

7. bRoKeN

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I woke up with a start and screamed when I found Edward watching me. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you." He chuckled. I felt myself blush and covered my face with a pillow. "What's wrong?" He tugged at the pillow and tried to get me to uncover myself. I finally did but I was embarrassed so I just acted more like an idiot. "Get out you... you... Just get out!" The words seemed to refuse to come out the way I hoped they would. Then I looked like a rose, now I looked like a tomato. I started to push him out before he could notice my embarrassment. Too late, He twisted around and caught my wrists into his grip. Trapped and with no escape.

His beautiful face grew closer to mine until I could feel his breath on my face. I inhaled deeply and decided to play his game; he wanted to see if I would really budge that sneaky bastard. I closed my eyes and positioned my face into full pout mode. I move my face so close to his I could feel his ragged breathing. I laughed and moved my lips to his ear and whispered gently. "Two can play at this game, love."

He had let go of my wrists and watched my eyes. I could feel the electric pull between us and took advantage of it. I locked my hands through his and pressed every inch of me against him. His heavy breathing made him cough in embarrassment. My lips wandered forward, where they were practically on his lips but not there yet. I smiled and released myself and walked away from him. He was stuck there for a few minuets until he was finally able to turn around and look at me.

I pointed to the door and held up my clean clothes. He nodded and stumbled out the room. I quietly laughed at his reaction, that move would come in handy sometimes. I got dressed into my new bathing suit, red with white poka dots. Rosalie's ribbons held back my long hair securely and up into a ponytail. I slipped into Alice's white flip flops and skipped down the stairs where I bumped into Edward. Literally, I bumped into him and we both fell. I slammed my head against his rock hard chest and my ankle twisted half way around.

I screamed in agony at the pain and reached back at my ankle, bleeding. Oh crap no! I could feel Edward stop the flowage of air and stiffen. I tried to move but the pain kept me fix to him. He finally got a grip on himself and picked me up into a cradle. I wiggled and squirmed around trying to get down. "Stop that, your ankle is broken." He told me and tightens his hold around me. "No I'm fine, really let me down." I continued to try and worm my way away from him.

He seemed to be angry because he started to yell. "Stop it, your hurt! Stay still!" I knew he was concerned but I also knew that this was hurting him far more than it was hurting me. I finally got loose and sat on the floor and held my cracked ankle. He bent down and grabbed both my hands securely in one of his own. With his other, he lightly lifted my foot and examined my deformed looking ankle.

I was so embarrassed with myself. "As soon as I get here I have to break something and ruin my day huh?" I asked aloud and heard Edward chuckle under his breath. He then looked up, pain filled his eyes. "I don't think I can do what needs to be done..." He whispered and measured me reaction. I sigh as he released my hands. I had to put the bone back in place and then I would be better, great... I took hold of my ankle firmly... Took a deep breath and... "Ow!!" I screamed in pain and lay down on my side, ankle sill in my hands.

He lifted me and took me over to the couch at super speed. He sat down with me still in his arms and sat me on his lap. "Did I hurt your head?" He asked whole heartedly, pressing his cold palm to my temple softly. My heart pounded as his other hand lightly trailed up my spine on the outside of my shirt. Though my conscious was going wild with reasons why this was so wrong, a weaker side of my finally spoke up and wished he was doing that inside my shirt. My cheeks blushed a deep pink and looked down at my ankle.

It was back in place and the cut had healed. My family used to tease me about my healing process, saying I was more like a werewolf than a vampire. I didn't think that was very funny considering my mother was killed by werewolves. I shock my head as if to shack out those bad memories. I took breath and focused on the present.

Focusing on what was going on now wasn't as hard as I thought. Edward had shifted under me so I was lying on top of him. I also noticed he was holding my left hand and playing with my fingers. It was so warm and comfortable here, in his arms. I don't know what came over me but I found myself falling into the sweetest kiss. It was perfect, the sweetness of his breath filling my head and the consciousness of my protective side fading into the background. Heaven, until the sound of the door creak open entered the quiet room...