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Clair De Lune

A story about bella being apart the family of the volturi. She is a daughter of Aro and a mysterious vamp woman. Bella meets edward at her 107th birthday. How will things turn out differently in this (one of my many) story.VOLTERRA!!!! BannerFans.com

This story is sorta in a bit old fashion, so they speak different and have bad grammer... sorry...Hope you like this story.

8. Author's Note...(HELP WANTED)

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Hello to all my readers!!! Srry i haven't been putting anything up but i need help!! I need ideas for the next three chapters and you all have to give them to me!! Well you dont have to but one of you will be lucky and your ideas will be put in the next 3 chapters!! Plus i have desisded that this story is going to become a series!! So be ready to help me finish this story and on to its sequel!! Yay!! ^_^ thanks much and remember where we are... Living room and the door just opened on bella and Edward in the moment! Thanks much!