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Black Sunrise

A new wolf arrives in la Push. An unmistakeable bond forms between her and Jacob, but will the complications with Victoria and the newborns tear them apart? Jake/OC all the rest are canon.


1. Chapter 1

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Oh, what the hell am I doing here? I thought as I drove into the small town in La Push, Washington. I parked my car in front of a house that had a plaque that clearly read, the Blacks. Oh God, what kind of a mess am I in? I should just leave; I could sort through all of this on my own. I had just lifted my head from the steering wheel when someone knocked on the car window. I turned in my seat to look at whoever it was, and he was freaking huge. I opened my door and stepped out. "Who are you?" the huge man said. "Allianna. I may ask you the same thing," I said looking him straight in the eye. His already hardened features hardened even more. "I'm Sam Ulley. What do you need here?" "I need to talk to Billy Black about a problem of mine. You know, now that I think about it, that may be the reason why I parked outside of his house," I said sarcastically. "Billy? Why not Old Quil?" This guy is seriously annoying, I hate him. "I. Don't. Know. My father told me to talk to Billy. I don't know who these people are, and I definitely don't need your crap. So please, just let me deal with this," I pleaded. "Alright. Go on," he said as he stepped aside so I could go up to the house. I walked up to the old house, and was about to knock when the door opened. "Can I help you?" An old man with long, thick black hair with silver streaks through it said. He was in a wheelchair looking up at me expectantly. "I, um, I'm looking for a Billy Black?" I said more like a question. "That's me. What can I do for you?" "I, uh, can I talk to you in private?" His eyes strayed over to where that Sam person was still standing a few feet away. "Sure, come on in. I don't think I caught your name…" he drifted off. "Allianna Aiiya Markson." "James Markson's daughter? I haven't heard from him in ages," Billy commented as he led me to the small living room. "Yes, that's me. He's the one who told me to come here," I said as I sat down. "How is he?" "He died a few weeks ago." His expression dropped to a deeply sad one. "Oh, I'm sorry. Where's your mother?" "She died in a car accident while she was still pregnant with me. They delivered me by emergency c-section. I barely survived," I said quietly. "Amazing. You're a miracle child." "Hardly. The reason that I came was to find out if there are any Quileute legends about people who turn into wolves. I… I've been wondering. I just wanted to know." He nodded his response solemnly and his eyes flickered to the hallway behind me. "How true is it?" He sighed then answered," Why don't you ask Jacob?" "Where do I find this Jacob?" This was getting to be like a Sherlock Holmes mystery. I hate Sherlock Holmes. (A/N: I really do dislike Sherlock Holmes. Don't know why... I just do… lol) "Turn around and find out." I gave him a curious look before turning around and catching my breath in my throat. I suddenly felt like I was going to float away, but he was holding me here on the ground. I saw his already big, beautiful brown eyes open wider. Almost as if he felt the same way. "Hi. Y-y-you must be Jacob," I finally managed out after at least a minute of silent staring. "Yep. I'm Jacob. And you're Allianna," he said. I felt like I was flying as his husky voice swirled around me. I nodded and a gentle smile grew across his face' it took my breath away. "I usually go by Alli." He nodded and smiled. "Now Jacob, can you take Allianna here down to the beach and tell her about the wolves." Jacob nodded and held a hand out to me. "Sure, sure. You comin'?" I nodded eagerly and took his hand. I was positive that I was dreaming as his large warm totally enveloped mine. "Why the beach?" I asked curiously. "I guess we could go to the garage, but we'll have more interruptions there. The beach is quieter." " 'Kay. Are the legends really true?" I decided to get straight to the point. He glanced down at me and took a deep breath like he was debating whether or not to tell me. "Yeah, they are." "So the people here turn to wolves?" He chuckled at my question. "Not everyone. Only a few of us do. I'm one of them." "Really? At least I'm not the only one. I thought that I was some weird freak of nature," I said quietly. Thanking the gods silently that this amazing guy was just like me. "Wait?! You mean that you turn into a wolf too? No way! This is way too cool! My Imprint is exactly like me. Oh my freaking god!" He babbled excitedly. "What's an Imprint?" "Uh… Well, an Imprint, in theory, is like our soul mate. We don't exactly know what an Imprint is, but that's what most of us think. I personally think that it's who we are meant to be with. The Imprint directs to that person more than a normal relationship would. Sam thinks that who we Imprint on is who is best suited to carry on the wolf gene for us." "How do you know that you've Imprinted on someone?" I had think inkling that I may have just Imprinted on Jacob, but I wanted to be sure. "When you Imprint, that person becomes the center of the universe for you. Everything revolves around that one person." "So you feel that way about me?" He nodded and his smile was joyfully radiant," Do I ever. You're the most amazing person I've ever met. You're beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, sexy... The list goes on. I love everything about you even though I just met you about 10 minutes ago." His sudden admission made my heart race, and his face burned with complete embarrassment. "I-I-I'm sorry. That was uncalled for. I shouldn't have said that. I'm so—." "Stop. Don't be sorry. I think that I kind of Imprinted on you too," I said shyly. "You're kidding me, right? Oh my god, this is the best day ever!" He yelled and picked me up into a tight embraces and swung me around. We were both laughing when he set me down and jumped when someone said his name. "Jake? Is that you?"