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Wolf Desires

Not an ADULT story it just has (i guess) a few swear words... Sequal to WOLF HATE!!!Third story to the Obsticles to Face Series! Bella and Devang are now happily married. With a son named Samar, and more on the way, Bella thinks that nothing can get better then this. But when her past comes back to haunt her Bella just cant seem to get away. With a Stalking Vampire and a sulky ex-werewolf best friend, Bella finds things go from better to worse. With the desire to be with the one that was truly meant for her, Bellas life goes downhill. Good Byes are meant for a reason. But sometimes some people just cant seem to let go.


2. My Baby Wolf

Rating 3/5   Word Count 966   Review this Chapter

One year Later (after marriage)

“Aghhhhhh!” I screamed in agony as a stabbing pain in my abdomen hit me a second time. “Hurry!”

Devang was rushing me into the car and trying to get me seated correctly. He didn’t reply, but I could see the panic in his eyes. He buckled me in and slammed the door to race to the drivers side. He hopped into the driver seat and revved the engine. As we speeded down the highway I was hit with another stabbing pain. I screamed bloody murder. This pain was by far the worse I’ve ever experienced. Tears were rolling down my face and the car felt like on oven. I was heating up and my stomach was literally killing me. Not even two minutes passed before the next contraction came.

“Ugh!!” I yelled aloud.

“Bella don’t worry. Oh please god! We’re almost there Bella.” I heard Devang say in the background of my screaming. I managed to nod my head.

Finally we made it to the hospital. It felt like years until finally I was in the maternity ward. The whole way there, Devang was at my side. Pain visible in his eyes.

“Im so sorry Bella. Oh please!” he turned toward the nurses, shaking. “Will you hurry up and do something!”

“Devang.” I said softly, managing to keep the pain from my voice. His head whipped towards me. “Calm down, im alright.”

My voice cracking at the end as I was hit with another stab of pain in my abdominal. I held his gaze avoiding the pain I felt. I willed him with my eyes to stay strong and to calm down. His body relaxed under my gaze.

We were fast approaching the birthing room. Nurses were going nuts and my contractions were coming closer together, barely a minute between them. Devang was running besides me as another nurse pushed the wheelchair I was in. Devang held my hand the entire way.

“I love you Bells.” He whispered as he kissed me on my forehead.

“I love you too.” I whispered back as another jolt of pain came.

--------------------------------------------***time skip***--------------------------------------------

“Push!” the doctor encouraged me. I squeezed Devangs hand harder as the next contracting came and I pushed with all I had. This was worse then getting bitten by James.

I looked up at Devang. My eyes locked with his. My forehead was beaded with sweat and my body hurt all over.

“Push bells.” Devang said. Another contraction came and I pushed harder then the last time.

“Half way there!” the doctor said.

“Bella I see him!” Devangs eyes shining as he saw the baby I was pushing out of me. “Come on love, you can do it. Push!”

When the next contraction came I gave it all I got. I pushed, I screamed, I cried, and I screamed some more. Until finally I heard the most wonderful sound to my ears. My baby’s first cry.

“Whaa! Whaa!” My baby screamed. My body relaxed and Devang kissed me on my forehead.

“Looks like you have yourself a boy!” the doctor told us.

“He’s beautiful Bella.” Devang said as he rubbed both my hands.

“Where is he?” I asked. I wanted to see him already.

A nurse came and handed me something in a small baby blue blanket. Devang helped me sit up as the nurse handed me my child, my son. As I held him in my arms, tears came falling down my face. He was beautiful. Two big brown eyes starred up at me as I looked at my sons face.

“He has your eyes.” Devang said as he looked over my shoulder.

“You want papa?” I asked my baby. He blew bubbles out of his mouth and I took that as a yes. I started handing him to Devang.

“What are you doing?” Devang asked me surprised.

“Letting you hold your son.” Devang looked at me. His eyes telling me he was afraid.

“But, I -” I cut him off and handed him his son. As Devang held our child his eyes shone with pride and caution.

“He’s so tiny.” he said holding our son oddly. I giggled.

“Devang, you don’t have to hold him like that.” I said smiling. As Devang tried to hold our son correctly, he started to cry. Devang looked startled and scared.

“Maybe you should him for now.” he said handing back our son to me. I laughed again and took my son back.

“its okay. Mommy’s here. Daddy’s just a little scared, that’s all.” I said whispering into my sons ear. As I said that he stopped crying and looked up at me with curiosity. A smile spread across his face. His first smile. A smile I knew would break a lot of hearts one day. I smiled at the thought of my son being a teenager and dating.

“He has your nose.” I said looking at Devang. I saw him smile the sly smile I loved. A nurse then walked up to us.

“Sorry to disturb you, but have you guys thought of a name yet?” She asked us. I looked at Devang. We talked about a name but haven’t really decided, well I thought of one.

“Umm…” I said, thinking of the name I found online. What was it?

“You name him.” Devang said.

“I want to name him…” what was the name. it took me about a minute until I finally remembered. “ I want to name him Samar.”

I looked down at my child that was in my arms. There was no doubt he wouldn’t be like his father. He smiled up at me as if he read my thoughts.

“Yes, Samar would be a lovely name.” I said still looking my son. “Samar Tohopka. My Little Wolf"