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Wolf Desires

Not an ADULT story it just has (i guess) a few swear words... Sequal to WOLF HATE!!!Third story to the Obsticles to Face Series! Bella and Devang are now happily married. With a son named Samar, and more on the way, Bella thinks that nothing can get better then this. But when her past comes back to haunt her Bella just cant seem to get away. With a Stalking Vampire and a sulky ex-werewolf best friend, Bella finds things go from better to worse. With the desire to be with the one that was truly meant for her, Bellas life goes downhill. Good Byes are meant for a reason. But sometimes some people just cant seem to let go.


3. Three Angels

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5 years later

“Samar, Nisha, Breakfast time!” I called out to my two children. I didn’t know where the time went. I remember when I first had Samar, oh was he a handful. I can’t even imagine raising a real baby wolf.

I then saw Samar come running into the kitchen. His light brown hair swirling around him and a huge smile plastered on his face. My heart leaped at the sight of my beautiful son. Nisha came in after him, tripping of course. I caught her before she fell. I guess my clumsiness was hereditary. I held her in my arms and kissed her on the nose. She giggled that cute little laugh she had. I can still remember when she was born and I held her in my arms. She had my chocolate brown eyes and hair that matched. She was breathtaking when I first held her. She was a year younger then Samar.

“Mommy, mommy!” Samar said, jumping up and down. I laughed and put Nisha down.

“Yes sweetie? What is it?” I asked him.

“Rochan is crying!” Samar said. I looked at the baby speaker and turned it up louder. I heard a soft crying. I smiled at Samar and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“Thank you for telling me. Now, why don’t you and your sister eat. Your food is on the table. Make sure she doesn’t make a mess now. Okay?” I asked him, ever since he turned five he always wanted to help me with whatever he could.

“Okay!” He replied excitedly .

I hurriedly went to the baby’s room. I went to my crying baby and picked him up. As soon as I held him in my arms he stopped wailing. I kissed him on his cheeks and I rocked him back and forth. He was so adorable. Unlike Samar or Nisha, he had my grandmother’s blue eyes and blonde hair. When we took our family portrait when he was only a month old, he stood out. Devang, Samar, Nisha, and I all have dark hair and eyes and well, Rochan didn’t. He was unique, like a ray of sunshine in our lives. Eventually his beautiful blond flaxen hair would get darker and turn into a light brown. At least that’s what everyone else said. I honestly hoped it wouldn’t. I loved his hair and for now he was my tenth month old blonde and blue eyed baby.

When he was born Akash, Samir, and Chapel all laughed and asked me if I had an affair. Devang didn’t think it was funny and told them to get the hell out. Of course, I had to convince Devang to let them stay. That made Deshna, Tamasi, Rohini, and Ajala laugh when he caved in and agreed.

Tamasi and Chapel also had kids, two twin boys. Every time I see them they are fighting. Chapel literally has to pry them apart. They were about a year older then Samar and just full of life. Their names were Chetan and Veer. You could tell they have a wolf spirit in them. Akash never imprinted and was still a lonely guy. Samir however did imprint on a girl named Ajala. They have a cute four year old daughter named Tara, she's the same age as Nisha. Deshna fell in love with a guy she met in college and are getting married in a few months. As for Rohini, well she hasn’t found the right guy yet, but she was successful in her business. She had a line of her own clothes and was only 27 years old.

“Bella?” Devang called out to me as he stepped into the baby room and interrupted my thoughts. I smiled at him as he entered. He smiled back at me and quickly crossed the room to kiss me. As he kissed me, my lips exploded with that burning heat. I smiled as we kissed.

“Want me to take him?” Devang ask, looking at our son. After he got used to holding Samar while he was a baby, Devang was practically a pro at holding babies.

“Yeah. I have to go check on Samar and Nisha and make sure they aren’t making a mess.” I said while handing him Rochan and kissing Devang on his lips once more before I exited the room. He followed after me.

When I got into the kitchen, Samar and Nisha were just finishing up their food. But they did manage to get food all over their clothes. Devang laughed at the sight. I just smiled and chuckled at my two kids.

“Mommy, can we go to auntie Tamasi’s house and play with Chetan and Veer?” Samar asked me and he munched his food.

“No, I want to go play with Tara.” Nisha said with a determined look on her face. I laughed at that.

“Of course you can, I just have to make sure they’re home.” I replied and headed towards the phone and dialed Tamasi’s number.

Ring, ring, ring. The phone rang, until Tamasi picked it up.


Tamasi? Hey it’s Bella.

Hey Bella! What’s going on?

Can we come over? Samar wants to play with his cousins.

Yeah, no problem. Samir, Ajala, and Tara are coming over also. Oh, and Akash. I was just going to call you guys to come over.

Okay. That’s great. We’ll be there in a short while. Got to get the kids ready. I don’t know how they manage to get their clothes all dirty when all they’re doing is eating breakfast.

I know! Tell me about. Just a while ago Chetan and Veer made a mess of the kitchen. It was like they took all the food out of the fridge and had their own food fight. Chapel had to have a stern talk with them. They were crying a while ago, but now they are fighting again. Wait hold on.

“Chetan stop hitting your brother!” I heard in the background. “Damn it, I just cleaned the kitchen up! Go to your rooms now and clean up!”

UGH! Sorry Bella. These boys are driving me insane. Tamasi said talking back into the phone.

Ha-ha. It’s fine. I’ll see you soon. Bye!


And with that I hung the phone up. I nodded my head back and forth and giggled.

“What?” Devang said looking at me.

“Your nephews.” I replied. “Tamasi just told me they massacred the kitchen and now they’re going at it again. Was that how you and your brother was?”

“Pretty much.” Devang said laughing along with me. “He had the upper hand though because he was older then me. Chetan and Veer are matched up because they’re twins. I guess they fight just to see who’s stronger. It’s a boy thing.”

“Well boy thing or not. My son’s will not be fighting. No way.” I declared. I then kissed Devang on his lips again, my heart beating faster. I then turned towards our other two kids.

“Come on munchkins, let’s go get you two dressed.” I said. They instantly got up and started jumping up and down. I just wondered where they got all the energy from. I grabbed both their hands and led them to their rooms.