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Fallen Star

After Edward leaves, bella is depressed, my take on that first week without him. And suicide. and im sorry, i suck at summaries. and this is my first story ever, so crytasizm is welcome. PLEASE REVIEW. C'mon people, SERIOUSLY?? 19 reads and 0 REVIEWS?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!! Is my story really that horrible??


1. Chapter 1

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A Fallen Star

A Broken Dream

She Sits Alone,

Wishing, Hoping, Praying

That He Will Come

Stares At Her Window

Listens. For Him.

But She Knows

He Won't Come

The Thought, Breaks Her

Kills Her. She Wishes To Die.

To Have Never Existed.

To Be With Him

To See Him. One Last Time.

Before She Dies

She Knows It's Impossible

So She Grabs The Knife

Raises It To Her Heart

And Falls To The Floor

In A Peaceful Unconciousness

Where She Sees Him,

And She Thinks,

"Death Is Peaceful, Easy

Life Is Harder'