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Better Left Unknown

Banner for the Twilight FanFiction Story 'Better Left Unknown' by MaeFlowers Vancouver Island is harbouring a pair of dangerous criminals, but each horrid crime is disguised as an accident. Disguised so well that no one suspects a thing. The sadistic pair must be stopped. In a small town on the outskirts a curious girl and her best friend become just a little bit too involved in a game of spying. A new family moves into town and Callie Hennesy is determined to find out just what the elusive family is hiding. But some things… some things are Better Left Unknown. Post-Breaking Dawn, from Callie's and Bella's POV.

88 reads and no reviews? Boohoo... If you don't like it please tell me why!! I want to know how this story is so that I can make my writing, and this story, better!

4. Chapter 3--Tonight

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Our rooms were perfect. I had Esme to thank for that, of course. She had gone a little bit overboard designing the floor plan of this house. Edward and I had two rooms; each one looked just like the average teenager’s bedroom, albeit a little larger, but a hidden door connected them through the oversized closets.

We’d unloaded the vehicles and set up both rooms in record time, and now Edward’s wall-sized stereo was playing one of our favourite songs as we twirled together silently.

Sometimes I got so lost in his eyes that nothing else mattered. There’s nothing else in the world that could matter. It was just he and I. We really were made for one another.

The first couple of years of our relationship had been a whirlwind. Everything had moved so fast. It seemed like we had encountered everything and anything that fate could throw between us. Every hindrance, every stumbling block, and every danger possible, but we overcame them all.

Danger. That time was fraught with danger. It was one of the problems of being a human girl falling in love with a vampire. There’s a dangerous world out there. One that the human race is blissfully unaware of.

My being a human wasn’t the problem, per se, but not being a vampire brought a plethora of issues. It did come between Edward and I, in more ways than one.

I’d had at least five vampires try to kill me at some point in my history… that’s not counting the ones who’d wanted me dead but never did anything about it. Well, now I was dead.

And I was so perfectly, wonderfully happy. I was a vampire, but I loved it. It was sort of a dream come true for me. I’d spent a lot of my last moments with a beating heart wishing that I also belonged to the realm of the immortals. Now I did. I belonged here, in Edward’s arms.

The song changed. I smiled. It was an older song, from 2005, if I remembered correctly. The album had been released in November of that year and was a huge hit. We were using the shuffle feature on the stereo to go through the extensive playlist of our favourite songs. This song always reminded me that only two months after I first heard it, I met him.

I’ve never been the kind that you’d call lucky

Always stumbling around in circles

But I must’ve stumbled into something

Look at me; am I really alone with you?

I smiled a little broader as I thought of my now much improved balance. I hadn’t stumbled over anything in a long time. The song described so many of my feelings about Edward.

I wake up feeling like my life’s worth living

I can’t recall when I last felt that way

I guess it must be all this love you’re giving

Never knew, never knew it could be like this

It was perfect for this moment. I hugged Edward a little tighter as we spun around and began to sing along with the chorus.

But I guess

Some hearts they just get all the right breaks

Some hearts have the stars on their side

Some hearts they just have it so easy

Some hearts just get lucky sometimes

Some hearts just get lucky, lucky sometimes

Now who’d have thought someone like you could love me?

You’re the last thing my heart expected

Who’d have thought I’d ever find somebody

Someone who, someone who makes me feel like this

Well I guess

Some hearts they just get all the right breaks

Some hearts have the stars on their side

Some hearts they just have it so easy

Some hearts just get lucky sometimes

Some hearts just get lucky sometimes


Even hearts like mine get lucky

Lucky sometimes

Even hearts like mine


Edward let go of me for a fraction of a second and I stopped singing, he had turned the music down significantly.

“Don’t stop,” he whispered into my ear. I shivered lightly.

“But you turned the music off,” I accused.

“You can still hear it. Besides, her voice is horribly unappealing compared to yours.”

Carrie Underwood is a trained, professional singer who’s sold millions of her albums. If I remember correctly she started it all off by winning a nationwide contest… American Idol. I don’t think she could have done that if her voice was that unappealing.”

“It’s a simple matter of perspective,” he told me. We were dancing once more, spinning gracefully. “The masses haven’t heard anything better, so they call her the best. We both know she’s not.”

“Because you are,” I tried playfully. I loved his voice; he had the voice of an archangel.

“No, I do believe that it’s you, love.”

“Maybe I should try out for Canadian Idol…”

“Never,” he said lightly.

“And why not?” I teased. I knew what he’d say. We did have one rule to abide by, after all.

“I have no doubt that you would win, however, I know from experience that the singer who wins the competition will not always be the one with the best voice, but the one who is most appealing to watch on stage,” he explained with a crooked smile. I laughed.

“You still think I would win?” Flattering.

“Indisputably. But I’d rather not have to listen to the thoughts of a nation full of Mike Newtons…” I snorted in a rather unladylike way and was about to respond when he suddenly stiffened.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, knowing that he must have heard something in the minds of the others.

“Tonight,” he said tersely, his jaw taut. “They know we’re here. They are going to force a showdown tonight.”

“Alice?” I asked. He nodded. Of course. Alice must have seen it. But ‘they’ didn’t know about my nearly omniscient sister. “How are they planning on getting us where they want us?”

“I…we don’t know yet. Come on.” He pulled me out of the room. I flicked the switch on the stereo and the music was instantly gone. Just like our carefree mood.

We flitted together down four flights of stairs faster than human eyes could have followed. We were in the huge, open living room in a matter of seconds. Alice was already there. Having heard Edward’s and my conversation the rest of the family soon joined us.

Carlisle was not due to begin work at the hospital for two more days, the same time we would all join high school. He vacated his study and moved into the room, standing just off to one side. Esme appeared at his side, whispering into his ear in low comforting tones.

Jasper leapt down the last few steps, unable to wait. He bent over Alice protectively, lightly rubbing her arms.

Emmett and Rosalie followed more conventionally, but were both more than a little excited. Contrary to the rest of the family, they were looking forward to facing the sadistic pair of vampires who were tormenting the island. Emmett, obviously, thought it would be fun. Rose, on the other hand, wasn’t so easy to predict. Not for me anyways. Edward refused to tell me, saying she’d tell me when she was ready. I’d scoffed at the likelihood of Rosalie purposefully seeking me out. Regardless of the reason, however, Rose was nearly as excited as her enthusiastic husband.

“Tonight, eh?” Emmett asked looking pointedly at Alice. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Since we’d decided to move into Canada, Emmett had been tacking an ‘eh?’ onto every sentence he could.

“Tonight. I don’t think that even they know how they are going to catch our attention, but--” she began.

“They already did,” Emmett pointed out unnecessarily.

“But they don’t know that,” Edward said quickly. Then he continued what Alice must have been about to say. “Alice can see enough of what will happen to give us the element of surprise.”

“We won’t hurt them,” Carlisle interjected. “Whatever happens tonight, we will not be attacking anyone without provocation.”

Alice sighed as he spoke, and Edward also seemed to relax. Because of Carlisle’s decision something had changed in her visions.

Rosalie hissed. “Provocation? What further provocation could we possibly need? They are murderers!”

“Besides,” Emmett added. Edward tensed beside me again, his gaze locked with Alice’s. Both were looking into the future, and obviously were horrified by what they saw. “What did we come here for if not to stop them?”

“We came to confront them and ask them to stop,” Carlisle said.

“No need to ask…” Emmett boomed. “We can just tell.”

“Carlisle’s right,” Alice said softly, moving only her lips. Rosalie snarled a little under her breath. “We can’t attack them. They are going to stay in the middle of the city…” Her voice trailed off. Her expression became even more aghast.

“Victoria?” Jasper asked. Alice nodded absently, then shuddered. There was silence for a few seconds while we all waited for further information. Were Edward’s and Alice’s expressions simply due to the devastation that would be left on the city if it came to a fight? Would someone get hurt? Edward was completely still; I looked up at him. He was growing increasingly angry on top of the horror and… disgust that masked his features.

“Rose,” he said roughly without breaking his focus. “Say you’ll follow Carlisle tonight. No matter what happens.”

Rosalie studied both him and Alice. Neither of them relaxed their pained expressions or showed any signs of life. They weren’t even breathing. After several agonizingly long minutes, Alice blinked and shot a pleading glance at our breathtakingly beautiful sister.

“Fine,” Rosalie snapped at her. Edward’s finger began rubbing small circles on the back of my hand.

“No matter what?” Alice asked. Rosalie didn’t answer. “You don’t want to know what will happen if we try to attack them…”

When he spoke again Edward sounded abruptly frustrated. “I don’t understand it. How could that happen?” I had no idea what he was talking about, but Alice looked at him quickly and his confusion disappeared. “Oh—that could be a problem.”

Emmett growled. I smiled a little at his irritation; he couldn’t stand only hearing parts of the conversation. The rest of us were at least confused. We were missing some vital pieces of information Edward was pulling out of Alice’s mind.

“What will happen if we attack them? I promised I’d follow Carlisle’s lead, and I will, but don’t you think the rest of us should know?” Rosalie demanded.

“Unless we all stay calm and talk to them civilly like Carlisle plans to, we will end up killing humans,” Alice said. We all cringed as she elaborated. “I can’t see anything else happening. If we even try to attack them somehow we don’t even go near them. We all start draining humans in the middle of the street.”

“Impossible,” Esme said softly.

“That’s what I thought until Alice reminded me that one or both of them may have special abilities that we don’t know about.”

“But physical manipulation? Is that even possible? To be able to make us do something we don’t want to?” Carlisle asked skeptically.

“It may not work that way,” Edward answered. “We just don’t know.”

“Something in the mind,” Carlisle nodded. “Of course… Is it possible that it’s something Bella can protect us from?”

No one answered. I looked at Alice’s absent face and knew she was probably running through the future again, keeping my shield in mind. I decided to help her out a little. I convinced myself that I would encase my family tightly the entire time we were close to the dangerous pair. It only made sense anyways, with us unaware of any damage they might be able to inflict with their minds.

“Is it something I can stop?” I prodded once I knew that my decision was firm. Edwards arm tightened around my waist as he watched whatever change I’d caused. I squeezed his fingers, which were laced tightly with mine.

“No,” Alice told me. Then she continued in a low voice. “It’s the male, I think. It’s hard to pinpoint what he’s doing… It takes longer if you use your shield, Bella. We might actually have a chance if you--”

“No,” Edward said, interrupting her sharply. “That doesn’t count. There is no chance.”

Alice frowned and then amended her statement. “There is a difference when Bella uses her shield while we attack them, but it won’t end well… The only chance is if we do not attempt to attack them at all. We may still end up in that situation, but we won’t end up killing people.”

“What about if we don’t all go? Or what if most of us wait out of sight of the pair? Do you see anything like that making a difference?” Jasper asked.

“I… don’t think so…” was Alice’s only response.

“We’ll all go together, introduce ourselves, and nothing more,” Carlisle said. “Maybe we shouldn’t even try to speak with them about their… habits.” Noticing Rosalie’s and Emmett’s displeasure he added, “At least this time.”

“I’ll be glad when I can hear their thoughts,” Edward said.

“Yes,” Carlisle said. “So will we all. We will learn a lot about them, no matter how little changes tonight.”

No one moved for several seconds, and the tension gradually wore off. We had a plan. I wondered what Alice had meant about them maybe having a chance. Something I might have done to give them more time. What could it have been? Edward had stopped her from saying it, so I could only guess. She’d also said that it probably wouldn’t end well, did she mean that one of them would get hurt? Maybe I would.

I shrugged it off. It didn’t matter.

Alice sighed and turned to go back upstairs. She grabbed a pair of scissors from the counter and scooped up another of her boxes. The rest of us had unpacked nearly all of our belongings, but for some unfathomable reason Alice was moving at a slow, human pace as she carted box after box into her room.

Suddenly Edward chuckled. I gave him a quizzical look.

“Have you noticed how sluggish Alice is today?” He asked.

“Yes, why’s she doing that?”

“We got a little unlucky in the matter of our neighbors.”

“Neighbors? You mean they’re spying?”

“Mhmm. Alice left her curtains open this morning when she started unpacking, and two girls saw her. They haven’t put their binoculars down yet. One of them is actually taking it very seriously. She’s collecting every tiny piece of information about us she can. It’s kind of funny.”

“Serious about spying?”

“She seems to think there’s something strange about our family.”

“I can’t comprehend why that might be,” I teased.

“Actually she’s way off… She’s disturbed mostly by the fact that we painted the house pink.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that.


The path we were on was dark and cold, but we took no notice of those things. We were standing completely still, scanning the darkness, waiting. There wasn’t anything else we could do. The moon hung heavily in the sky, blanketed by an obscuring cloud. A large, ancient building loomed above us. Like so many of the buildings in Victoria, this church was magnificent.

I thought back to that afternoon.

We’d spent a couple of hours helping Esme unload boxes from several of the other rooms, including the massive kitchen. The entire house had a rather larger than life feel. Instead of making me feel small, however, the spaciousness left me feeling like there was room to move. After all, none of us were human anymore. The extreme strength and speed that I now possessed meant that small spaces felt more constraining than ever before.

We all laughed when Alice announced how the other two vampires were going to get our attention. They had just decided on it, though, so we had to wait several more hours before it actually happened.

We heard human-paced footsteps coming up the walk, but the sound of a heartbeat was so conspicuously missing that I doubted they could have fooled any of us if we didn’t have Alice’s visions. The vampire dropped something on the step, hastily rang the doorbell once, and ran away. Ran away at full speed. Full vampire speed.

I asked Edward if our neighbors had watched that.

“No,” he said. “They watched the house all afternoon, but just now they got bored and went inside.”

Carlisle made a show of swinging the door open and then stopped to look around as though he were extremely confused that there was no one there. His eyes fell on the small envelope and he picked it up, withdrawing back inside the house.

We all knew what the note said, but he ripped it open and read it anyways.

“You are not welcome here. Our coven has claimed the entire island as our hunting range, and so long as you wish to keep all of your body parts, you would be wise to evacuate the area.

“Those who are foolish enough to wish to stay may meet us tonight. There is an old church in Victoria on the corner of Quadra and Mason St. A private walkway behind the monument will serve our purpose for the evening. We will attempt a civil discussion, but if you are not on the mainland by dawn, we will kill you all.”

“Unimaginative brutes, eh? Passing notes,” Emmett said. “Reminds me of the bully at elementary school.”

“It reminds me of you, Em,” Edward said. Emmett growled playfully and might have lunged at his brother had Esme not interrupted them.

“Not here, boys. You can wait for this weekend can’t you?” She pleaded. We were all anticipating our trip ‘home’ on the weekend. They both smiled rather sheepishly and nodded.

“Wrestling match, Edward,” Emmett insisted. “This weekend in the woods.”

Click, click. Click, click.

Click, click. Click, click.

Two sets of footsteps jerked me back to the present. Two vampires strode towards us on the winding path as we all began breathing once again. The small female was wearing stilettos. Maybe she would get along with Alice, if we weren’t enemies. Her heels were making such a sharp noise on the walkway I was sure she would wake up every human in Victoria. She was beautiful; I’d never seen a vampire like her before. She looked like a porcelain doll. Her features were very distinctly Chinese, unique and distinct. Her almond shaped eyes studied me under arched eyebrows. Her bleach-white skin served to add a ghostly quality to her visage.

Standing next to her was an average sized Caucasian man with dark hair who was wearing a tuxedo. Between them they looked fit to attend a formal party. Her dress was a deep shade of purple. I recognized the designer; it was one I had in my own closet. Yes, this girl would get along well with Alice.

I reached out my shield until I could almost touch them, and then let it snap back to enclose each member of my family. I would do my best to keep them all safe.

“Toby and Mei,” Edward informed us, nodding to each of them. Carlisle shot a glance at him and he shrugged. I wondered idly what unspoken information had passed between them.

“Zhao Mei-ling,” the girl snapped harshly, her voice bouncing through the syllables as though she were singing. I assumed she was correcting Edward’s use of her name.

“Clever trick,” the male, Toby, said smoothly. With each word he pronounced I felt a slight stabbing pressure on my shield. It was aimed directly at Edward. “It that your only gift? Knowing names of those you have never met?”

I forced my face to remain emotionless through the onslaught of spears his words fired towards my husband. How long would it take him to realize that whatever he was trying to do wasn’t working?

“It may be,” Edward answered.

“We are all here on business, are we not?” Toby asked smoothly.

“Indeed,” Carlisle’s answer was delivered just as effortlessly.

“We are not alone. We are simply two representatives whom our coven has sent to speak with you. But the others are not far away.” I wanted to wince. Toby spoke each word carefully, enunciated each perfectly, and set off a wave of pressure that actually did cause pain. I shook a little with exertion. It was the first time my shield had ever felt like it might not hold up.

“Really? I have scented only the two of you on the island,” Carlisle said. Mei-ling shot a quick glance at Toby, confusion filling her eyes. Edward touched my arm then, and I turned to look at him. He gave me a small nod, one that was nearly imperceptible. I smiled. He knew what Toby’s abilities were.

“We could be wrong though Carlisle…” Edward said, letting his words trail off. “We have not seen all of the island.”

Carlisle nodded, not in understanding, but in acquiescence.

Edward twisted his head and blinked at Jasper then. Oh, how I wished I could be inside his head sometimes! What was going on now? Whatever Edward had learned from Jasper must have been important, for he looked down at Alice, and she lifted her head and smiled. That was a good sign. Maybe Edward had figured out how to extricate us from this situation without coming to the brutality Alice had predicted earlier.

Toby lifted one hand in a gesture of peace and began to speak again. I wondered how many of the silent exchanges going on he had noted. I was so in tune to them that I saw them all. “Our threat is not idle. You shall be gone from this place by tomorrow morning or we will gather our forces and burn and every one of you who is left.”

As he said this I felt the greatest pain so far. A point on my shield representing each of my family members throbbed in rythym with his short speech. I took a chance and opened my mind to Edward. The next second his hand curled around my waist protectively. He even shifted me further behind his body.

Edward tapped Carlisle on the shoulder, and Carlisle turned slightly to face him. Esme reached out and clasped my hand in hers. Her other hand was on Carlisle’s shoulder.

“We’ll be okay,” she whispered, to all of us. Mei-ling laughed a slow tinkling laugh.

“If,” she said to Esme. “You leave.”

“We will,” Carlisle said. We all looked at him, except Edward and Alice, trying not to show our shock. We would follow Carlisle, as promised. Rosalie was especially perturbed, and her anger showed. “Of course. We did not wish to intrude. I am sorry.”

“There is no need to apologize. We have no quarrel with you, other than that you are here. Now that you have agreed to leave we see no reason to tarry any longer. Goodbye.” This time, unlike any other time he’d spoken, nothing tried to pierce my shield. He had stopped. He slipped his arm out from around Mei-ling’s waist and captured her hand. Then they began to glide away. The click of Mei-ling’s shoes was the only sound for several minutes.