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banner for story "Earth hath changed. Feel it." These are true. The years of the thirty-first century are devastation. The Cullens have seperated for various reasons. Alice, for saftey. Edward, to find Bella. Rosalie, for her confusion. Each has their own journey to meet one another. We can never know what we have till it is gone. Even if it is life it's self.

I hope it tickles you like it did me. I can't decide where to infuse the wonderousness of mystery. I hope you like my Rose. Ps, I need a beta for this. Anyone interested?

1. A World Apart

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I can only describe my surroundings as deserted. The whole town is ruins. Of course, that isn't very different from the rest of the world. Broken pieces of buildings, cars that are completely obliterated...The bones. All is what is the planet Earth in our year 3320. Hannah Combs has been in control since the year 2555. I can't describe what she is at the moment, mostly because I have a mission.

Just because we a in an apocalyptic world doesn't mean that I must forsake my fashion sense. I've been traveling for so long in rags! And this little town of Green River is the perfect place to grab some of the things I need. Clothes!

I moved quickly, a blur maybe, along the shadowed walls until I drew upon the remnats of an old boutique. Katty's Place, it's called. Or was. The clothes are ruined, I seen as I went closer, stepping over the blocks of rubble and plastic body parts. Such pretty things they would have been twenty years ago. Now? Most definitely not. With a bit of skill, and luck, I suppose, I see a blue shape in the corner. As I went closer, I seen it was a dress. I thanked my lucky stars! A beautiful dress, kept safe by a box. I smiled and immediatly stripped off my ripped blouse and drenched jeans. I had long ago tooken off my high heels. Goodness knows they would have never survived the long journey to Boston from Dallas. I pulled on the dress. I could hear Alice's voice chimming in my head. "OH! So lovely! At least I don't have to dress you, Rose!" If I could have, a tear would've slipped down my cheek. I hadn't seen that little imp in nearly five years. I believe she was walled up in a bank vault. But, that is a different story.

I managed to find some black boots in a nook down the road. The darkness had settled around me. I could have cried.

I can now tell you a bit about history.

In 2178, some of the world's most brilliant scientist joined together to design a machine which would put an end to so many things. The first was world hunger. Oh, the world dream! Of course, they did not have the resources to do such a thing, but they planned. Oh yes! Magnificent plans. But...in 2384, those very scientist, their children, they built it. The wonderful Hannah Combs.

Hannah's main objectives were to acess computer worldwide, so that she may speed them up and make them more efficent. Naturally, the very prospect made investors giddy. She was tested in a small African country. The rates of starvation, lack of clothing, money....The difference was enough to make the world leaders lose reason!

So you see, Hannah Combs is a computer. She is designed like a little girl though. Her name is a story in its own. Hannah comes from her number H4NN4H. Then, Combs comes from an old war story of the World War III. A man named Fredrick Combs became a martyr after he sacrificed himself in a partriotic attempt to end the War. Actually, this happened. It ended. All I recall was that there was plenty of explosions and flying, bloody limbs. Some American I am. Ha! Anyway, dear Hannah was to be a colorful blessing. Naturally, it was not.

Come the year 2598, Hannah Combs hacked every national system to send out a message. I know the exact words mainly because Aro invited Carlisle and us to Volterra at the time it was set out. Aro enjoys things like national chaos. Anyway, the words were - spoken by a child's voice - "Hello leaders! I am Hannah Combs. Your new ruler. Yes! I will forcefully reliquish your power. You will allow me to do as I wish. If I want to nuke you nation...So be it! If I wish to slaughter your monarchs...SO BE IT! Be afraid, and rue the day you allowed me such power. You fools. . ." Evil laughter erupted after that.

The very next day, the United States of America was bombed. Serveral times. But don't feel bad. So did the rest of the world's leading nations. England, China, so many. Hannah Combs came through with her promises.

By now, I had reached a dark intersection. I had recieved a phone call from Esme. Someone was coming to get me. I just had to meet them here. I was very excited.

Darkness was everywhere. Thank the Lord for my ability to see in the dark. It was something I'd been afraid of as girl. Suddenly, lights blazed at my eyes. A vehicle! A black Porsche. I smiled suddenly. Then, the door opened and a figure stepped out. A very large frame. I almost screamed. The very person I had not seen in almost a year.