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banner for story "Earth hath changed. Feel it." These are true. The years of the thirty-first century are devastation. The Cullens have seperated for various reasons. Alice, for saftey. Edward, to find Bella. Rosalie, for her confusion. Each has their own journey to meet one another. We can never know what we have till it is gone. Even if it is life it's self.

I hope it tickles you like it did me. I can't decide where to infuse the wonderousness of mystery. I hope you like my Rose. Ps, I need a beta for this. Anyone interested?

2. Delicate Lilly

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North Port, Arctic Tundra Base: May 8

It really was unexpected. Wholly unexpected. She was so fierce, yet delicate like a lilly. Funny, her name was Lilly. Having been here for nearly four years, I believed I'd seen it all. I was Vice-President of Intelligence. The idea of excelling in the enemy's territory disgusted me, but it was necessary. Bella could just be alive...Maybe.

Jacob was here with me, although I can safely say we were like brothers now. Finding out Bella's fate was our one goal. I should tell you about that, but it is to painful, even for me.

Anyway, I had been hacking files, under another officers name, when I heard it. Down the hall, near the closest iron door, a struggling person was being dragged this way. Her thoughts and words were incoherent. I stiffened and exited from the computer. The heavy footfall of the guards came closer. Then, they appeared. I could not see the prisoner, but they pulled her to the interrogation room and forced her arms and legs into the gel restraints. I heard the person, a girl, yell, "What the fuck is this shit?" I nearly laughed, soomething I hadn't done in nearly two years. There was a loud "oof", followed by a piercing shriek. She, apparently, had elbowed one of the guards and he had tased her. In this time, tasers were pure electricity shot into you and it didn't stop until the handler released the button. And the little pieces embedded themselves into your neck. I winced as her pained thoughts bombarded me.

"Okay, boys, I've got this under control." I said, ushering them out. One of them called, "Careful, boss, she's a fiesty one, she is!" I nodded, "I'm sure..." I turned and headed for the interrogation room. It was interesting. Sound prroofed glass, absolutely no cameras or recorders(besides the one the interrogator brings), and tight steel walls which also blocked sound from traveling. It was supposed to make prisoners more comfortable and leave them feeling as if the wouldn't be betrayed. Hannah loved it.

She shocked me. No, it was not Bella. She looked like Alice, but different too. She was petite, but not overly skinny. Her hair was short and inky black, but 1920s style. Her eyes were wide and alert, but brilliant blue. She had small features and a plump mouth, but she wasn't overly pale. It was intriguing to say the least. She was dressed plainly and none-descript.

"Hello," I glanced at the papers on the desk, "Lilly? Nice to meet you. You have a pretty name." No reply. Okay. "I hope you are as comfortable as possible, given the unfortuate circumstances. I apologize for the rough manner in which the guards treated you. They obviously ignored the fact you are a lady." She smiled a little. "I'm not here to torture or hurt you. I just want the truth." Her smile turned cruel.

"For what? So you can kill me? Shoot me or stab me or stone me or whatever? Kill me like they did with mom and dad and Cole-?" She broke off and her tiny hand flew to cover her mouth. I walked over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. She flinched.

"I refuse to tell you anything. You'll just use it against me, I know it. Haven't I suffered enough. Of course, everyone I knew is dead so..." She trailed off. I suddenly had a brilliant idea.

"If you tell me all you know.., I'll help you escape." I have her an expression that caused her to trust me. It was odd, seeing my pleading expression in her thoughts. And, it was a change to have her thinking, on the outskirts of her mind, "Uhg! He's not very attractive." I nearly laughed. She smiled suddenly.

"Fine. But sit down. Its short but it means a lot to me." I nodded and sat down across from her.

And so she began.

"I was part of an average family that was more like a movie family than can be considered normal. It was me, Lilly, my dad, Alfred, my mom, Trina, and my little brother, Cole. We loved one another, went on vacations together, etc. It was all just darling. Then, our hometown near New York City experienced a devastating hurricane/tornado after one of Hannah Combs' weather bombs hit NYC. It was horrible. I'm just nineteen, but even so, I was alive during the last years of Peace. So was Cole but I seriously doubt he knew much about it. He would be sixteen now,"

"Would be?" Her face contorted in pain.

"We were headed for a safe house in Canama. No, I can't tell you where exactly because only dad knew the directions. Anyway, we were headed there, then we just got captured. I believe someone told on us. We looked like your average licensed people...But I guess not fully." Tears welled up in her eyes. "They took us to this place and "assessed us". Then they seperated us and blindfolded us. When they removed mine, I was behind a glass window, my family lined up against a wall on the other side of the room. They stared at me with terrified eyes. I was crying." She was crying now, too. "Then, some soldier guys came to them, holding big guns. They grinned wickedly at me, then fired off rounds into each of my family member's heads. Do you know what it's like to see your family's brains blown out of their heads? To see the force of the bullets pop their eyes out? To see mom's head fall off from the damage? I watched Cole's body slump to the ground, then I grabbed my chair from under me and bust the glass window. I shot across the room and craddled Cole to me. His blood was all over me. I cried to no end. The cruel, laughing soldiers pried me away and I actually bit a hunk out of one of their arms. I was slapped and beat and finally, two weeks later, I'm here." She sighed heavily and I knew she was immensly pleased to have gotten tha off of her shoulders. She looked at me now, and I was faced with a horrible decision:

Confirm Lilly's guilt and be one step closer to Bella's fate, or help Lilly escape?