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banner for story Carlisle found a different person in the hospital that night in Chicago. . .A person who would warp the future completely.

Sorry Esme fans. . .Anyways, I've been preparing this idea for a while.

1. And So I Find Her....

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The corridors of the hospital are all the same. Dark, dreary. The sounds of death everywhere. I really often wonder how I could ever work in such a place. The influenza pandemic was promptly killing off more people than the War. Or so it seemed. I had a hard time not becoming attached to the Masen family. Or, pair. Mr. Masen had died in the first wave. Now, all that was left was Elizabeth and her son, Edward. Both bronze haired darlings with emerald green eyes. I knew quite well they had no more than a week left. I feared that the worst may happen to my emotional state. I had become attached to them. Elizabeth spoke for hours about her life before the sickness. It reminded me of a reminiscing old lady. Edward wasn’t much for conversation.

Now, I came to their room. Elizabeth had demanded they be together. Graciousness, she was a wonderful mother. I could hear the various medical machines doing their jobs, along with Edward’s snores and Elizabeth’s labored breathing. Their hearts fluttered, and the blood thudded. They sounded so very sick. Of course, they are fatally sick. I cannot bring myself to feel anything except sadness. If I could, I wouldn’t even open the door. Naturally, I did, and what I found was horror.

Elizabeth was on her knees, clutching Edward’s hand in both of hers. He coughed and his heart spluttered. The coughs were great heaving one’s, bloody. He was covered with a sheen of sweat. Of course, Elizabeth was also coughing and bleeding. Every tiny drop was a burning sensation for me.

It took me a moment to realize that Elizabeth was screeching and wailing. Her words were incoherent and she was choking on her own tears. Then, as I could stand it no longer, I rushed over and pried her clammy hands from his. Holding her back, against me, I felt Edward’s neck. Just as Elizabeth pulled free and latched onto his arm, he died.

Elizabeth’s wails echoed. Nurses came. I just sort of stood there, by the corner, watching. Because I wasn’t paying attention to much, I was surprised to feel arms around my waist. I looked down and saw Elizabeth on her knees. Tears poured in torrents down her cheeks and blood covered her face and had drenched her hospital gown. My heart swelled almost painfully. I reached down and pulled the whimpering woman into my arms. It would be bad for her health to leave her bloodstained.

My throat seemed to have caught on fire as I carried her down the corridors, to the bathing room. As I approached, I realized that the room was empty of any nurse that could wash Elizabeth. I sighed.

"Elizabeth? I need to clean all this blood off of you. I need to make sure you are okay. Please don’t be alarmed." I spoke so softly, I was surprised she heard me.

"W-what a-are th-they going to do with...with...EDWARD?!" Here sobs broke through then. I quietly told her they would have him in the hospital morgue. That made her cry harder.

"They will not just pile his body among nameless corpses! He deserves better! He’ll be properly taken care off if I have to go down there and do it myself! I swear!" She broke out into a coughing fit then, blood flying everywhere. Onto her clothes, my face, and the wall. It took a tremendous amount of strength not to lick the blood.

I set her down on a stool and began to prepare her bath. I didn’t exactly savor the idea of having to bathe a naked woman, no matter what the circumstances were. I turned to her. She was staring dreamily out the window, seemingly past the dirty Chicago buildings.

"I really don’t think I can bathe myself," she coughed again, nearly toppling over, "Would...Could...you help me?" I nodded.

"I apologize, all the nurses are busy. Please forgive me." I picked her up and carried her over to the wash basin. The water looked clear, but I knew once she was in it, it would be red.

I avoided her eyes as I peeled off the soiled gown. She shivered. Now, obviously, a woman such as Elizabeth Masen would care for her body. This was true. I helped her climb into the water and then washed away al the blood and sweat that covered her frail body. Elizabeth began to sing a tune, her voice small and quiet. She paused frequently to catch her breath. I believe it went,

"A humming bird hath drawn near,"

"Peeking at my baby."

"I shalt not share the joys of life,"

"With none, mayhap my baby"

"What do you sing, Elizabeth?" I asked as I washed over her shoulders.

"Oh, it is simply a song I used to sing to my dear little baby Edward. I used to have a fine singing voice...Not to be vain. He made me stop the lullabies when he turned seven. I was crushed, till I realized her was trying to grow up." She laugh softly.

"Oh, Elizabeth, you are a darling woman. Is there anything I can do for you?" By now I was helping her out of the tub, and slipping another gown onto her. She slipped her dainty feet into the slippers the glanced up at me. I was shocked by the fervor in her voice.

"Dr. Carlisle Cullen, I know something about you. It’s something you can do. Something the other doctors cannot hope to do. You can save people! Carlisle, I have nothing - nothing! - to live for! Please...Save me as no one else can. Make me invincible...like you. Save me from the pain of slowly being ravaged by my immune system. You don’t know the pain! The suffering! I have watched my husband and son die! Make me like you. Do it!" I could have cried. This was entirely unexpected. I sighed.

"Elizabeth, what are you talking about?" Her face fell. Tears welled up in her bloodshot eyes. Before she could speak, I pulled her into a tender hug. Her blood smelled like spring.

"Elizabeth, you don’t want this. You don’t. Trust me." She frowned.

"I know what kind of person you are. I could live forever with you. Do you like loneliness? Of course not! Please! I’m begging you." She clutched my hand in hers. I felt sick.

"Elizabeth..," I stared into her emerald eyes. They were large, still beautiful, and framed with thick, long eyelashes. I defied my own nature and stroked her cheek.

"Okay...Fine. I am too easy to manipulate." I took a deep breath, glanced out at the dark city, and made solid my resolve. I reached for her and then blurred out of the window, to the rooftops. I believe she uttered the words,

" I will come back for you, Edward!"