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She's everything he ever wanted. She's got an attitude. She's funny. She's sweet. She can be serious. She's the comedy relief of a situation. All Jacob wants is to be with her. Well, he is with her, just nobody knows. Jacob is still trying to go after Bella to keep him and his imprint's life a secret. No one can find out.

the characters belong to stephanie meyer. no copyright stuff intended. :)

1. Preface

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In the beginning there were three sisters. Serenity, Ivy, and Still Katz. Each of them were in charge of something different. Serenity was the keeper of light, Ivy the keeper of the Earth, and Still Katz was the keeper of the underworld. The Grand God of Time, the father of these three sisters, began to think he was done with his job.

He came to his daughters and told them of the situation. He explained that he would choose one of the girls to take over his job. It would be a hard task. But all three of the girls were up to it. The three daughters each chose something to impress their father with. Serenity wanted to show off her sun. Ivy wanted to show her father all the beautiful flowers she could create, without having to use Serenity's sun. Still Katz had not chosen what she wished to do yet. But she was positive she would find something.

Serenity didn't allow any lamps or candles to be lit, so that the only source of light would be from her precious sun. She caused the sun to rise earlier in the morning and later into the night. Dusk wouldn't occur until 10 in the evening! Eventually, the sun began to tire of it's air time. It slowly began to die out. Serenity was scolded by the God of Time. He was upset with her, and she was forced to go back to usual sun schedule.

Ivy wished to have more flowers. Thinking it would please her father, she sped up flower production by 75%. Within a month, the human population was down by 75%. Humans were dying quickly due to terrible allergies to flower pollen. Bees and butterflies weren't producing fast enough to pollinate all the flowers, either. Flowers were dying faster then they were growing. The God of Time was equally as angry with Ivy. She left the flowers growing the way they had been growing.

Still Katz hadn't done anything different. She did have to speed up judging the souls, though. Her sisters' antics had caused her job to be more stressful. As a result, she had to increase her duties as well as still get sleep and such.

One day, the God of Time announced that his decision would be made within three hours. In that three hours, Serenity and Ivy had gotten into such a huge arguement that the two had destroyed each other. Still Katz was the only daughter left.

Her father graciously took over the duties of his two past daughters and promised to give Still Katz all of the jobs when she was old enough. Since then, Still has taken the form of a human. She still judges souls. She also has her god powers. Still decided to locate herself in Forks, Washington.

Once in Forks, Still changed her name to Kitty. She thought it would be easier to connect with people if she had a relateable name. After a while, a source told her of a coven of vampires living in the area, they were called the Cullens. Still knew the Cullens, they went way back. She was anxious to meet up with them again.

While heading through the forest, she had been chased by a pack of werewolves. She suspected they were the descendants of the same La Push wolves she had had animosity with over 40 years before.

This is her story.