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She's everything he ever wanted. She's got an attitude. She's funny. She's sweet. She can be serious. She's the comedy relief of a situation. All Jacob wants is to be with her. Well, he is with her, just nobody knows. Jacob is still trying to go after Bella to keep him and his imprint's life a secret. No one can find out.

the characters belong to stephanie meyer. no copyright stuff intended. :)

2. Higher Power

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It was late, somewhere around 2 am, I believe, when I heard the hypnotic knocking upon the door. I couldn't play the piano correctly, I couldn't keep a straight beat with that knocking. Carlisle looked at me as he passed.

"Who could that be at this hour?" he said quietly. I shrugged. Esme followed behind him. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett were all missing for the night. As if I didn't know what they were doing.

He really should be with Bella, I heard my mother think as she walked by after smiling at me. Carlisle opened the door.

"My God...Still!" I heard him cry.

"Carlisle! My good friend!" I heard a female's voice. I heard the framiliar rustling that signaled they were hugging.

"Goodness! You look like you're freezing! Do come in." I could hear her footsteps. They were so perfect. Light steps. I could barely detect them. That was not a good thing. I hit a C on my piano as the secret friend came around the corner.

"Still, this is my wife Esme, and my youngest 'son', Edward." he said. A girl with dark chocolate hair and matching eyes looked up at me. She was drenched from head to toe. Her hair remained full of life, though. As soon as she walked in, I recognized her.

"Kitty.." I said quietly. Either she had changed or she had taken another human's looks. She was breathtaking. She blew a kiss to me as my father pulled her to the kitchen to fuss over her. I slowly touched my cheek where the kiss would have landed, and I felt warmth. She hadn't been here three minutes and she was already playing her tricks on me.

"My children are all out at the moment, well except Edward...He's to be married, you know..." Carlisle said, trying to make conversation.

"Edward is to be married?" Kitty said, stopping in her tracks.

"Why, yes. Bella Swan is to be his bride." Carlisle replied.

"What kind of a hell do we live in? Edward? Married? Ha!" she continued her walk to the kitchen and I scowled after her. I could never tell if she were joking or not, I couldn't read her mind. Well, she probably did that sort of thing on purpose. She was a higher power, afterall. A much higher power.

I stayed put where I was at my piano bench, debating whether to go see Bella or not. We had had an arguement earlier, so I was guessing I probably wasn't her favorite person at the moment. I stood anyway.

"Carlisle, I'm going to see Bella." I said in a low voice. I knew he heard me.

"Alright," He said, before continuing his talk. "What even brings you here? Surely I would think you'd like to be around the Volturi but..."

"Oh, the Volturi can all die. And they will. And I get to keep them one day." Kitty said effortlessly. She talked so...normal about what she called a living.

Even as I left the house walking I could still hear their conversations.

"So, Kitty, you can see the lifespan of any human?" Esme asked, for she had never met this girl before.

And vampires, I thought.

"And vampires. And werewolves. And anything, actually." Kitty said. I decided to run through the trees to get away from her voice. It was a haunting reminder of just how much time I would have left. As I past the borderline, I heard growling.

I stopped and turned to face two enormous wolves. One I recognized as Jacob.

"Hi." Was all I said. But those two letters made them growl and his and bark and wish to attack.

"Come, now, Jake. Wouldn't want to be upsetting Bella, now would we?" I said, taunting him. I wanted him to attack me, it would give me a good deal of right to kick his little puppy tail. Speaking of his tail, had it gotten bushier?

He growled and kicked, while the large black wolf stood in front of him, he seemed to glare at me. I'm not going to lie, I wanted to stick my tongue out at them. They couldn't touch me, I wasn't on their land. And the treaty was still in place, so they couldn't cross. I taunted them only a while longer before I began to run again. I could hear them running after me, staying on their end of the border.

I arrived at the Swan residence somewhere around three in the morning. I climbed through the window without much effort, and once inside, I saw the framiliar body and brown hair that was Bella. She was awake, and sitting cross-legged on her bed. I stayed where I was, not sure if I was welcome yet. She smiled at me, and shrugged, before patting the sheets. I was allowed to jump on the bed. Once next to her, I hugged her, and apologized for what had happened earlier, and kissed her.

"I saw Jacob." I said, as she was fading into sleep.

"I don't care....about...Jacob." she said, falling asleep in my arms.

"He tried to eat me." I said.

"Tell him...you're not puppy...chow." she said, snuggling closer to my cold body. I smiled.

"I said 'hi', and he flipped. It was pretty amazing." I said, running my hand through her hair.

"Sounds...awesome." And after that last sentence, her breathing was even, and I knew she must be sleeping.