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She's everything he ever wanted. She's got an attitude. She's funny. She's sweet. She can be serious. She's the comedy relief of a situation. All Jacob wants is to be with her. Well, he is with her, just nobody knows. Jacob is still trying to go after Bella to keep him and his imprint's life a secret. No one can find out.

the characters belong to stephanie meyer. no copyright stuff intended. :)

3. The Encounter

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Everything I had done for Bella was a waste. She wanted that bloodsucker. She had practically ordered me to not hurt him, and I had listened to her. I was the one at fault. As soon as I had ran, I had stopped to listen to their conversation. After I found out they were to be married I had ran. I didn't stop running, either. I had only just come back. But that was when we (me and Sam) found glitter boy.

Sam had ordered me not to do anything, But we chased him across the line. He ended up at Bella's house, and then Sam told me he was leaving. He told me not to go back to the Cullen household, but I did anyway.

"You're making a mistake! Jake, stop! There's a stranger with them!" I heard Sam's voice float through my head.

"Get out of my god damn head!" I shouted in my own mind. "Get out!" I slammed my head into the ground in mid-run. Bad idea, I know. One second I heard Sam yelling at me and the next there was complete silence. I tried not to think. I ran around the trees a few times, and finally I found my paws taking me back to the Cullen home. I stopped just inside the tree line. I could see the house clearly, but no one could see me.

Not that any of these leeches needed to see me, they could all smell me from miles away. I listened to whatever conversation they were holding inside the house. I heard the two framiliar voices of the leader and his mate, but I heard an unframiliar voice along with them. Who was that? I slowly circled the perimeter until I made it back to my original position.

"If you don't mind, Carlisle, I think I'd like some fresh air. It's stopped raining." the voice said.

The leech who I suspected to be 'Carlisle' answered back, saying "Of course."

I tensed up when I saw the unframiliar person leave the house. She sat on a large rock and put her face in her hands. My instant reaction was to go sit next to her and ask what was wrong. Instead, my wolf instinct took over, keeping my paws glued to the ground. I tried to move but nothing would work. I observed her. She seemed rather upset. She then moved to kneel on the ground, looking at the sky.

"What have I done wrong, father?" was all she said. I whistled through my nose. Not being able to know what was wrong was suddenly killing me. As soon as I had made a sound, her head snapped in my direction. I backed further into the tree line, and hit a large pine. Cones fell from the branches and hit me. This only gave away my position even more.

She had stood up. She seemed to be in a defensive position. It scared me. Wait, I'm scared? This girl was scaring me? That was scary. Wait... She slowly relaxed and began walking towards me. I tensed up and tried backing up, but I hit the tree again and pinecones fell all around me.

She stopped just at the tree line and she looked right at me. I froze up. I couldn't move. She smiled at me. A small, genuine smile. She slowly made her way through the trees towards me. Instinct screamed at me to either turn back into human or run, but I could do neither. She was mesmerizing. She made her way to stop in front of me. She was a foot away. Maybe less. She slowly lifted a hand. I whined and tried backing up again, but the tree was still in my way. Why couldn't I move around it?

She had stopped lifting her hand when I moved, but she continued. She lifted her hand so that it was level with my nose, which was pretty high. She slowly placed her hand on my nose. I stopped breathing. She felt...warm. For something to feel even remotely warm to me was the strangest feeling ever. I winced and she backed off for a moment. She tried once more to pet me, and this time, I met her hand. I pushed my nose into her hand. The warmth melted me.

She slowly rubbed from my nose up to my forehead, even though I was pretty big. I lowered my head for her. She moved her other hand up and rubbed behind one of my ears. No wonder dogs freaked out when you did that, it was amazing. I could feel my back leg kicking while she scratched. She smiled and I laid down for her. She ran her hands through my fur. I forgot I was wolf for a moment. I nudged my nose against her face before I realized I wasn't human. She laughed and kissed my nose. She was such a child, this girl was.

"So what's your name, puppy?" she asked, running her fingers through the fur on my neck. I whistled through my nose again. I got into my state of mind to phase, but nothing happened. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't phase in front of her. Why?

"My name is Kitty." she said, ignoring my agony, "I know you're a werewolf. Your pack chased me yesterday." I froze for a second after hearing this, but she continued to pet me. She seemed kind and caring. She had a sweet, very soft touch.

"I run too fast for you all, though. Did you think I was a vampire?" she asked, gently twirling my fur through her fingers. Well I hadn't exactly been with the pack. I knew she wasn't a vampire, though, she smelled to beautiful. Vampires smelled terrible. She smelled like...the smell after it rains. Or when it's going to rain, and you can smell it...It's indescribable.

"I wonder which human you are." She said quietly. She scratched my ear again, just for a second. "I've seen the humans, too. You're all quite handsome." I kicked my leg when she scratched my ear. Phase...now! No...now! Nothing! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to know what this girl was. Her brown eyes glowed at me. They were beautiful. I lost myself in them. I heard howls in the distance. Those were signals. My instinct caused me to stand immediately. I howled back.

"Where you at?" I heard Paul in my head.

"I'm busy." I thought quietly.

"You're with someone aren't you? I told you not to do anything stupid!"
Sam shouted.

"Get out of my head!" I thought.

I heard the howling begin again, Sam started it. This time it was a 'you-better-get-here-right-now-if-you-wanna-live' howl. I growled. I was just about to run back to them, but then I noticed Kitty. She was still in her same position on the ground where she had been petting me. Her hand was even still out. I guess I had moved pretty fast.

"Go back to your pack," she said, "Come find me tomorrow. I've got nowhere else to go." Her eyes glimmered like the reflection of light on water. She stood and kissed my nose again before smiling at me and waving. It took every muscle in my huge wolf body to run in the opposite direction. Even as I ran though, I knew I probably would never see that amazing girl again.