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Is it love or imprint? Probably both!

Quil's cousin Emma comes up to the reservation every summer with her family. She has met and become fast friends with Quil's best friends Embry Call and Jacob Black. This takes place before Twilight and moves in a slightly different direction than the books. Meaning, Jacob doesnt imprint on Nessie. IDK I havent made up my mind.

Can you imagine falling for one of your cousins best friends and them falling for you. Then the saga starts! They phase and lose touch with Emma, who starts feeling lost and depressed. She goes to visit over Christmas break and is rushed home after someone imprints on her, but she doesnt know it, her mother finds out and rushes her home and out of "harms way".


1. Getting to know her

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Ever think that there is someone out there that you could fall madly in love with the minute you looked into their eyes? I never thought it was imaginable, until I laid my eyes on one of my best friends cousins.

She didn’t live around here, but I really wanted her to. She lived in Southern Washington State. A town called Skamokawa, and Emma and her family would come up to visit Quil and his parents for the summer. It was like clock work, here in four hours after Emma and her older brother Craig got out of school.

I never thought I could feel anything for any girl, let alone her. All girls were to me were the opposite sex, who liked a lot of drama.

I guess it was just hanging out with my best friends, Jake and Quil.

Quil would always let his cousin hang out with him. Hell, we were almost the same age, me and the guys were sixteen and Emma was fifteen. They both had a strong bond with each other as I noticed the first day we met. Must be that they’re so close in age

The car pulled into the driveway while Quil and I were just hanging out at his house. The second he heard a car door close, he was at the car pulling her out and hugging her.

I have never in my life seen two cousins love each other that way, showing each other love, not in a sick incestual way, just loving each other like you would a parent or sibling.

I think I knew I liked her from the second they walked over to me, her smile so bright it lit up the sky. And trust me when I say she lit up the sky, La Push was anything but sunny.

We met when I was thirteen. I don’t know why I didn’t meet her before that. I wasn’t always around in the summer, up at the Makah reservation spending time with my moms family.

Emma was the type of girl up for ay kind of adventure and more than we could come up with to do. I found out she was afraid of height when we went cliff diving the first year we met. I helped her through it, so did Quil and Jake, but, I was the one to hold her hand and jump with her. I think with my help, I helped her conquer her fear of heights. She was up for cliff diving all time after that. I didn’t think I would have chance with her after that, when she met Jake. Her eyes got really big, like she thought he was good looking. don’t get me wrong, he’s a good looking guy, but I’m not like that.

I never told Quil I thought his cousin was hot. And I never thought she would like me, only as a friend. She kind of had the personality that attracted you to her. Always smiling, laughing at the weirdest stuff and just a happy person.

I never thought one person could be so happy. I didn’t know much about how she was brought up or how she acted at home, but she always knew what to do or say when somebody wasn’t happy, though if you weren’t happy, the second you saw her face, you’d just automatically have a smile that came close to hers.

You can’t put into words what Emma looked like. She had the Native American skin tone, only a little lighter. But her eyes were so different. She got those from her dad who was white; green and mysterious. The look fit her though, the dark hair and her heart shaped face, her nose, the Native American kind and then those eyes.

I tried not to stare at her every time she was here, but I just couldn’t help myself.

This summer, Emma was going to turn sixteen and again she and Craig came to visit. That was the year I found out that she didn’t like Jake as much as I thought she did. She liked me far more than s let me to believe. Quil came up to me one day after I arrived at the house and told me one day after I arrived at his house and told me, away from Emma, who was just waking up, that she liked me. I couldn’t believe it. I ended up telling Quil, her cousin and my best friend that I liked her too.

He saw me coming, knowing I would be there early for breakfast, since my mom was at work.

“Hey dude, can I talk to you for a sec?” Quil asked as he waited for me at the steps to his house.

“Yeah, what about?”

“Emma.” that’s all he needed to say to get my heart beating fast. I’m such a sucker for that girl.

“Yeah, what about her?” I asked like it was no big deal.

“Well, she uhh, she kinda told me something in confidence last night.” he started. “But, I cant not tell you!”

“Okay, Quil. Will you just freakin tell me already?”

“Okay, just don’t freak out when I tell ya.”

“Yeah, I won’t freak out when you tell me. Now, what the hell is it?”

He was thinking of how tot ell me when I just slapped him upside the head. “Ouch! Damn, dude. Okay, so we were talking about who we liked, and, well, I told her I thought Gretchen Holmes was way hot.” like I didn’t know this crap already. “So, I asked her who she liked and she told me! She freakin told me who se liked! And, I swear if I could have, I would have been at your house kicking your as when she told me!”

“Wait a sec. What the hell are you talkin about?” I was totally clueless as to why he would come and kick my ass.

“Em, she freakin likes you!” he said looking a little pissed. “I couldn’t believe it, she’s got the hots for my best friend!”

“Would you rather have her like Jake instead?” I asked with a smile.

“Well, I probably would have wanted to kick his ass too.” He said with a snigger. “So?”

“So, what?” I was happy that she liked me, like I did her. “Can I hang out with her alone today then? Unless she wants to do something with all of us.”

“Huh? You mean- you like her too?” he started shaking his head. “Shit, this is crazy. Why didn’t you tell me you liked her too?”

I started laughing, “Cause I didn’t want you to go ape shit on me, dude.”

“Yeah, okay. I guess I did get a little over protective of her.” He agreed, “Just don’t hurt her or I will come kick your ass.”

I laughed again, “Yeah, sure. Now, can we go in so I can eat? I’m freakin starving.”

We walked inside, toward the kitchen. Lately my appetite has been picking up and I ate constantly. Hey, I’m a growing boy!

“Morning birthday girl!” I heard Maggie, Quil’s mom say, “Here, grab a plate and load up before the boys come in.”

“Happy Birthday, Cuz.” Quil said as he pushed her aside to grab a plate.

“Thanks.” It sound like she still had sleep in her voice, all rough and groggy sounding. “Get out of my way, you pig.” She definitely is not a morning person.

“Hey, mom told you to get it before we got here.”

I saw Emma look at him. That’s when she must have caught me out of the corner of her eye. She was still in her pajamas, a t-shirt that hung down to her knees, and her hair all over the place.

“Hey, Emma.” This was the first greeting that we had since she arrived last night after my curfew. “Happy Birthday.” I said with a smile. The big one-six, can’t imagine that you’ll e ready for the old folks home in a few years.”

“Hey, Embry.” her face was going red and I didn’t know she liked me, that would have kind of freaked me out. “You planning on eating here too?”

“I was planning on it, unless you would rather I left.”

“NO!” she screamed reaching for a plate. “Here,” she handed me a plate as I walked over to her. She looked around, why, I have no idea. “Damn it Quil, get fuck out of my way!” Now I know why she looked around, Maggie wasn’t much for any of us swearing.

“Get out of my way, old lady.” He told her laughing. They fought like siblings, but loved each other more than anybody else.

“You do know there is a starving guy right behind you.” I added in.

“Yeah, Emma. Get the fuck out of the way. You had your chance, now move. We are two growing boys here and you need to share.” Quil told her as he smiled. I didn’t see her expression; she started shoving Quil out of her way to get food.

“I’m not old. And if you’re not nice to me I’m telling your mom and she will yell at you!” I couldn’t help it, I had to start laughing.

“Yeah, go ahead and tell mom. She doesn’t scare me.”

“Oh really, my dear son?” He froze in his place when his mom spoke. “Move out of her way so she can get what she wants before you go and stick everything else on your plate.” she was smiling as she told him that, only he couldn’t see.

Emma stuck her tongue out at him and he let her get what she wanted.

“So, what’s on the agenda for today guys?” Emma asked as she sat down at the table.

“Don’t know. Just hangin out like we usually do.” Quil told her. “Why, what do you want to do? Probably something girlie.”

We all sat around the table and started in eating while we talked.

“Don’t count on me wanting to do something girlie.” Emma said. “You know for a fact that I don’t like being a prissy drama queen.”

I decided to attempt to change the subject, “When did you get here, Emma?”

“I think it was like eleven or twelve.” She started, “I never really looked at the clock, I just know that I was sleeping in the car and Craig woke me up by jabbing me in the ribs and slapping my face.”

“That’s what I do best sis.” Craig said walking into the kitchen. Her older brother had friends here on the res. He was three years older than her and even
though they were brother and sister, you knew they loved each other. “What’s up with the hair anyway? I only thought you woke up at home looking that ugly.” He was joking with her, I knew that much.

“Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror right after you wake up in the morning?” She retaliated. “Cause some mornings it looks like you got into a fight with cat!”

“Never much of a morning person are ya sis?” Craig said laughing harder. “So birthday girl, what are you and your cohorts doing today?”

“Don’t know.” she was staring at him, “Maybe I can persuade these two to help me kick your … butt!” she was watching herself since Maggie was in the same room. “So, how have you been, Embry?”

“Same as always, glad that school is over for yet another year.” I told her while I ate. “And you’re gonna be a sophmore this year. That’s pretty cool.”

“Not really, but I guess I’ll get over it.” She said as she ate. She was most happy after she ate breakfast. “I mean I like the other students, it’s just that, well, I’d rather go to school here.”

“School here isn’t what you think it is, Emma.” Quil told her. “It isn’t any different than any other school. Same bull different day.”

“Quil Ateara!” Maggie said getting after him.

“What? I didn’t swear, mom.” I couldn’t help it, I had to start laughing. “I didn’t say what I wanted to, I have to watch my mouth around you.” he said as he smiled at his mom.

“Okay, hurry up and eat and go out and enjoy the non wet day we are supposed to have.” Maggie told us getting up and starting in on something or another.

We talked and ate. Craig and Quil ganging up on poor Emma, all because it was her birthday. But I could tell that Quil really missed her. I did too, but in a totally different way.

Jake showed up before we were done eating and grabbed Emma up in a hug as she went to put her plate in the sink.

“Jake!” she screamed as he hugged her.

“Emma!” Jake screeched back like a girl. “What’s up not so girlie girl?”

“They are not being nice to me.” She pouted. I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Hey, I’m trying to be nice when you’re not jumping down my throat.” I said smiling at her.

That’s when she started smiling. She always gave me the brightest smile. Okay, that’s what I wanted to believe.

“Okay, not Embry, just those two.” She said pointing to Craig and Quil.

“Well, since it is your birthday, do you want me to take them outside and beat them up?” he said smiling at her.

“No, I’ll take care of them later.” she smiled. “I gotta get dressed. I’ll be back in a few.”

I watched her walk out of the kitchen. Something about watching her walk away made me enjoy her that much more. I liked watching her walk away from me so I could check out her butt. And the way that shirt moved when she walked - damn that girl had a nice ass.

“Stop checkin out my sister ass, Embry.” Craig said which earned him a glare from his aunt. “Sorry Aunt Maggie, but that’s just gross seeing a guy, my cousins best friend checking out my sisters butt.”

“Thank you for keeping the swearing down.” Maggie said sarcastically. “And what’s up with you today, my nephew?”

“Probably hangin at the beach, catchin up with everybody.” Craig told her. “They knew we were comin, so they told me to meet them there around ten.”

“Then you best get moving cause its five till now.”

“You forgot mom, Craig is always late.” we started laughing.

Craig left for the beach shortly after. Now it was just Maggie, Jake, Quil and me waiting for Emma to come out not looking like one of the dead.

We didn’t wait long; she came out with a tank top and shorts on. She had long legs and a body to go with it. I noticed a tie around her neck, and knew that she wanted to go to the beach. She was wearing a bikini under her clothes.

“So,” I said, “What are we doing today, birthday girl?”

“The cliffs.” She said smiling. “I want to jump from the top!”

The three of us turned and looked at each other. “Uhmm, Emma.” Jake said, “I don’t think that would be the best idea today or ever.”

When we were ready, we all walked out of the house and down the road to First Beach. She was insistent on jumping from the top, as we were just as insistent on getting her to not think about jumping from the top.

That was one of the things that I liked about her though. She was up for anything, no matter if it was dangerous or not.

The three of us finally persuaded her that jumping from the top might kill her and that killed her buzz for today. Later might be a problem.

For now though, we decided to mess with her by running through the woods, hiding behind the trees and making bird calls. Emma never knew who was making what noise but, as she wandered through the thick trees we would slowly walk around, making sure she couldn’t see us and then scare the living hell out of her.

“Damn it, Embry!” She screamed. “I hate it when you guys jump out in front of me or worse yet grab me from behind like you just did!” I was laughing at her as she turned around in my arms. I couldn’t let go of her, not just yet.

“You like it and you know it.” I chuckled.

“I think you guys just like watching me about piss my pants!” Emma whispered as she put her arms on my upper arms. “You got taller.”

“No, you just got shorter.” I smiled down at her. I looked away from her when I heard one of our calls. That was Jake and he wasn’t far away. “Come on I know where Jake is.”

“That was Jake’s call?” I nodded and pointed to my right.

“Quil can’t be too far from him either. You need to be quiet though, cause we can hear you comin.” I smiled down to her. “You go off that way,” I pointed
to the right, “And I’ll go this way.”

“Okay, but if you come and scare the hell out of me again, I’m so going to push you off the top of the cliff to your unfortunate death.” She smiled, shoving me away from her.

Emma knew us too well, unfortunately for her, she had her guard down and as she was about to find Jake I ran up behind her and grabbed her around the waist again.

We hid from her the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch. We all went to Jake’s house, where we found Billy watching the ball game on T.V.

“Hey, Billy.” Quil and I said as we walked in the door.

“Hey boys.” Billy acknowledged us. “And who might we have here?”

“Hi, Mr. Black.” Emma said as she walked over to him and gave her favorite elder a hug.

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Billy?”

“Every time I come over.” I couldn’t see her face, but her voice sounded like she was smiling at him.

“Get some food in you girl. You look awfully thin.”

“You need your eyes checked, old man.” She leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“Not that old. I can still get around without any help.”

Emma walked over to us at the table and started digging in on making a sandwich. We sat there quietly until Billy broke the silence.

“Jake, I need you to check on the truck. It’s been acting up again. I think its time we start looking for something more reliable.”

“Kay, dad. I’ll get on it when I’m done.” Jake answered.

“I gotta go too.” Quil told us. “Mom wants me to clean out the back room for Emma tonight. If I don’t, mom said she’s gonna have to sleep in my room with me.” He was shaking his head.

“God knows I don’t want that.” Emma said after swallowing. “You snore too loud and it keeps me up half the night.”

“What ever.” Was all Quil said.

“What are you gonna do then, Emma?” I asked after I finished.

“I don’t know. What are you up to?”

“Not really anything. We could go for a walk or something.” I offered.

“That sounds like fun. As long as you don’t go running from me like earlier.” She was smiling over at me.

“I promise I won’t.” I said smiling back at her. I had something special for her today. I just had to find out when I should do it.

I knew she loved surprises, so I was going to surprise her by telling her I liked her in a way that I didn’t know that she liked me too.