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Is it love or imprint? Probably both!

Quil's cousin Emma comes up to the reservation every summer with her family. She has met and become fast friends with Quil's best friends Embry Call and Jacob Black. This takes place before Twilight and moves in a slightly different direction than the books. Meaning, Jacob doesnt imprint on Nessie. IDK I havent made up my mind.

Can you imagine falling for one of your cousins best friends and them falling for you. Then the saga starts! They phase and lose touch with Emma, who starts feeling lost and depressed. She goes to visit over Christmas break and is rushed home after someone imprints on her, but she doesnt know it, her mother finds out and rushes her home and out of "harms way".


2. Showing her I feel the same

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After we finished eating lunch, all of us walked out to Billy’s truck and told Jake goodbye.

Quil was going home to help Maggie, while I promised Emma that we’d spend the afternoon together.

We started walking toward the beach, not really talking about anything, just catching up on what happened during the school year we spent apart.

“…So we were standing behind Quil, when out of nowhere, that Paul dude decked him.” I laughed. “Quil didn’t back down, you know how hard it is to take him out. Well, Quil tackled him and bloodied him up pretty good. Now, here comes the funny part,” had to stop, this was so damn funny that I had stopped walking, doubling over.

“I got a feeling I know what happened.” Emma giggled. “Quil got suspended didn’t he?” All I could do was nod and Emma laughed harder. “Aunt Maggie.” was all she had to say.

“And, I guess she was beyond pissed at him.” I sobered up, but kept smiling. “He was under house arrest by sheriff Maggie Ateara.”

“He seriously needs to stop picking fights.” Part one of my plan is now in motion. I grabbed hold of her hand and started walking again.

“Now that you know about most of the trouble your wonderful cousin got us into, what about you, what have you done this past year?”

“Not a lot.” She squeezed my hand. “I usually reserve my psychotic episodes for when I come here.” Her smile was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. “But, there was a drug bust at school. I wasn’t involved , though, some people I thought wouldn’t be doing them were.”

“We get that every once in a while too.” I told her. “There’s always somebody tryin to get another sucker to join them.”

“Yeah, peer pressure sucks.” She looked up at me and smiled again. “Some of my friends tried to persuade me into smoking pot. I had enough sense to walk away. I won’t get into a good college if I’m caught.”

“You’re thinking about college?” I was dumb founded. “You’ve got three years to figure out where you want to go.”

“Do you want to go to college?” she asked after we reached the beach.

I sniggered, “As much as I wanna get out of this place some day, school is just about all I can handle.”

“I thought you got good grades though?”

“Well, lets just say I’m at a C average.” She was so easy to talk to, and I was enjoying every second of it.

We reached the waters edge, Emma cautiously walking in. The water was cold and this was the only time she would act more like a girl than any other time she was here.

I decided to pick her up after she stripped her shirt and shorts off, and carried her into the water.

And I sure as hell wasn’t about to clue her in on seeing her in that bikini did to certain parts of my lower extremities! That’s why I had to get in , just to cool off and keep myself from ruining my plans with her today. I didn’t want her to go back to Maggie’s screaming rape!

“Embry Call!” she screamed beating on my back as I walked her in, “Put me down!” Then she paused, “NO! Don’t put me down!”

“Why not?” I was laughing now.

“It’s freakin cold!”

“But you told me to put you down.” I smacked her ass once, keeping my hand there, ready to throw her in.

“Embry, please!” she was holding on to me for dear life, or so she thought.

Pushing her legs over me, I flipped her into the water in one swift movement. The only thing I heard from her were her screams.

I turned as she came up for air, waiting for her to catch her breath. I knew I had something coming, just wondering what she would do to get even.

“You’re looking awful smug, Call.” Her smile was of pure evil, then she slowly sunk into the water, watching me until she was fully under.

The water wasn’t clear anymore, she must be rustling up the sand. The next thing I knew, my shorts were pulled down. Thank god I was in waist deep.

“Slick move, Emma.” I didn’t bother pulling them up, I waited for her to come up close to me for air.

When she finally did, I pulled her close to me. It was now or never. I leaned down while her hands were wiping the water from her face, and I did it- I kissed her.


Being around Embry was the most fun I had today. I tried not to let on that I really liked him, but every time I looked up at him, I couldn’t help but smile. I was happiest here in La Push, and my parents knew it.

We were out at the beach, so I stripped down to my bikini I specifically picked out and bought just for Embry to gaze at.

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of senseless to impress a boy with your body, but I had to get his attention some how!

What was even funnier, the look on his face when he looked at my body. Then that damn smile that drove me crazy crept across his lips. I looked down and I could have sworn his pants became a little snugger than what they had moments before.

Embry picked me up throwing me over his shoulder and into the freaking cold water.

Screaming at him didn’t work, it just made him flip me over into the water. As I came up for air, I had a plan formulating in my head to get even with him. If I didn’t need to come up, I would have done it sooner. As I went under, I stirred up some of the sand to camouflage me while I went to grab at his pants. As I pulled myself out of the water, I couldn’t help but wipe the water from my face. That’s when I felt his arms around my waist, waiting for him to do some pay back for me pulling his pants off. I moved my hands away.

I felt every contour of his body against mine as he pulled me close to him. Something hard was pushing against my stomach as he surprised me by leaning down to me and kissing my lips ever so gently.

“Uhm, wow.” I finally said as he slowly pulled away from me.

“Happy Birthday, Emma.” His smile took the breath right out of me.

“Yeah, uhm, thanks?” Even though it came out as a question, I appreciated this gift so much more than I would at my small get together later tonight.

The grin on his face was priceless, “Uh, you’re welcome?” Damn him for being so freakin hot! “So, have you had enough swimming for one day?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I don’t know what I was thinking, maybe he would kiss me again?

Next I noticed we were walking back to shore. We were both quiet after our kiss. I for one, was trying to process what it meant. Did he like me as much as I liked him? Or, would I be disappointed at the end of the summer, when he would tell me it was just one of those summer flings, like the ones you see in the movies.

Out of stupidity, I told Quil exactly how much I liked Embry. I hope that Jackass didn’t tell him!

I put my clothes on as I felt Embry’s eyes graze over every inch of my body. Good, I got his attention, but for how long? I buttoned my shorts and looked up into his mesmerizing brown eyes and smiled.

“You have a really pretty smile.” I swear my cheeks turned three shades of red, enough for it to show through my lightly tanned skin.

“I do not, Embry.” He took my hand and we started walking into the trees. “Where are we going now anyway?

“Just thought we could walk for a while.” He gave me that smile again, pulling me along. “And yes you do have a pretty smile.”

I smacked him, “You know you’re full of it don’t you?”

“I am not.” He pulled me to a stop, “I wouldn’t lie to you about your smile, or anything else.”

“Quil told you didn’t he?”

“Tell me what?”

“OH MY GOD!!! He told you I like you!” I yelled walking away from him.

“And that’s a bad thing?” He walked behind me, touching my upper arms, “What if the feelings are mutual?”

I turned around, “You mean- YOU like me too?” he nodded, “And her e I thought this would just be some summer fling for you.”

Embry’s smile became brighter, if that was at all possible, “I wouldn’t mind seeing where this goes.”

“Embry,” I said looking up at him, “even though I’m only sixteen, I don’t want anyone but you.”

“I feel the same way, Emma.” He leaned into me, kissing me deeper than before.

The afternoon was spent walking around in the woods. Sometimes, Embry would stop, causing me to bump into him, and hold me close to kiss me.

Both of us were getting hungry, and he invited me to his house to eat with him and his mom.

“Hey, mom.” Embry yelled as he walked inside, with me in tow.

“Hi, sweetie. Supper is almost ready.” Ms. Call told him.

“I brought Quil’s cousin over to eat with us.”

She turned away from the stove, “Well, hello.”

“Hi, Ms, Call.” I greeted her with a smile.

“This is Emma. They got in last night and we’ve kind of hung out all day.”

“Kind of?” Ms. Call eyed her son. She had a smile that said she knew he liked me. “Just the two of you, hey?”

“Not all day, mom.”

“Just this afternoon, Ms. Call.” I answered.

“Emma, call me Abby.” she smiled.

“I was taught to respect my elders.” I smiled back.

“Now you’re making me feel old. And I surely don’t want that!”

“Alright, Abby.” I laughed. “Just so you don’t feel old.”

“What are you making, mom?” Embry seemed to be dying of hunger.

“Nothing special. Grab a plate and eat.” She moved away from the stove, “What are you two planning on doing tonight?”

“It’s Emma’s birthday.” Embry answered after he swallowed his food. “Maggie is throwing her a party.”

“Just the family, no big deal.” I whispered, waiting for Embry and his mom to sit at the table. “Jake and Embry are invited too.”

“Good.” his mom sat down, joining us. “Something for my little boy to do.”

“MOM!” Embry whined and I giggled, “I’m not your little boy anymore.”

“You will always be my little boy, no matter how old you are.” Abby declared with a huge smile.

“Aww, mamma’s little boy.” I teased, smiling up at him.

This was going to be a the best birthday by far.