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Road of Glass

Marie is alone. Where did Bella go? After so long, Bella finally has a chance of finding happiness again, after years of slavery. The Volturi have unleashed their wrath against the defenseless human world, bringing the strongest of men to their knees. Does the world, or even one broken-hearted girl's happiness have a chance? Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! For when you're walking on a road of glass, it's so easy to fall through.

The magical world of Twilight belongs to the equally magical Stephenie Meyer. Isabella Marie Swan. Marie. Could Bella be gone forever?

2. Shipped

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The vampire holding me was grasping my arms too tightly. My forearm and hand began to tingle. There would be bruises left. I was used to it. I may be handled with more care than the others, but I was not handled with warmth. I was still but a lowly mortal.

I saw we were to pass the room where other humans would be shipped off to vampires who had either requested them, or were assigned them. All vampires were to have us as slaves.

“Keeps you all under control,” Caius had said.

I was always kept here. As one of the most educated, they wanted me to themselves. They were greedy. I prepared for many of the ones around me to leave, never to be seen by me again, as always. My hands no longer shook for the poor souls. But I would cry for them later.

The wide double doors beside me opened, and I was thrust inside, hitting the concrete floors and many others, as they were thrown inside, as well.

I was being shipped away? For over seventy years, I have not ventured out of the castle's walls, though I have had slight glimpses through windows. The sun was but a distant memory to me, sometimes.

And now I would belong to a vampire somewhere far away from here.

Oh, God, help me.

I was the first to gather myself. I stood with slight difficulty. My knee was most likely bruised, as it had suffered the most damage in the fall, and my ankle seemed a bit twisted. I had had worse. So much worse. I met the eyes of the three 'rulers' in front of me. I did not show them kindness, but I was smart enough not to show my sheer hatred.

Women vampires entered the room and tended to our still-painful wounds. I gritted my teeth as she cleaned and wrapped my neck.

“Ah, Isabella,” Aro addressed me, “we will miss you so.” His serene smile always had me worried. It never showed true feelings, unless the feelings ran deep enough for him to be unable to control himself. Unless it was obvious, Aro was a guessing game.

“Please, lets get this over with, brother.”

If Aro was one to hide his emotions, Caius was the one to express them. It annoyed Aro to an extent, but he always showed respect. It didn't matter if he respected the person, they were sjown respect.

This way, they never saw betrayal coming.

“Peace, brother.” Aro held an arm out to Caius, as to calm him. Everyone else in the room, I was sure, didn't notice, but, as Caius suddenly leaned back in his chair so abruptly, I could tell this was an order.

His crimson red eyes met mine, and I knew I was not to look away until he did. No vampire could enter my mind. No one could seem to penetrate my personal aura of safety. I only wished it protected me from physical harm. It seemed, though, as Caius stared, that he was trying to get into my mind, even though he had no talent I was aware of.

“Well, little Isabella,”Aro spoke once more. My eyes immediately darted to his. Caius fumed, for I had been told my rules. But I knew who I was to show obedience to most. Aro was the one to decide of any fate of mine. I watched as he shook his head slightly.

“I hate to lose such a precious mortal,” he mumbled, just loud enough for me to hear. He had a look in his eyes, as if this should be a compliment to me, and he was only being sympathetic. I knew otherwise.

“But,” he continued, “I know it is time for you to move on to another.” He glanced up at me, his eyes unnerved me more than Caius's had. His intensity was filled with unknown feelings. “Perhaps you will join us again, one day.”

I nodded, not to agree that I would, but to go unpunished. Although he had never showed me unkindness, I knew he had it there, in whatever was left of his dark soul.

Aro turned, signaling to a guard.

“Be off with you, then!” Caius yelled, obviously glad to be rid of me.

The guard stepped up to us with his mouth snarling, showing us his only weapon. His teeth glistened in the limited light, as we were led towards the doors on the other side of the rulers' room. I turned slightly, to have one last glimpse of the palace I had known for so long, and could have sworn Caius smiled.

I was used to the long corridors. I was silent and straight-faced, as others cried. When we had reached the main doors, I waited patiently. It didn't matter that the vampire could easily hear the rapid beating of my heart. I acted calm. For all he knew from my expression, my heart could have been beating out excitement.

He placed his pale hand on the decorated handle, and pulled the door ajar.

I almost fell back in awe of the sun. It had been to long since I had been able to feel It's comforting warmth.

It was the middle of the summer, and the rays beamed down on us all. This sent the guard's skin into a blinding circle of light. He flashed rainbows around the corridor. I did my best not to look. It reminded me too much of . . . . of . . . . .

“Inside,” I heard from the guard. I glanced at him long enough to notice that he was pointing to a small van. The back was completely empty, meant for us to ride in. I had never gone through this before. New experiences made me slightly nervous, especially now. I had been doing so well.

We obeyed his order and climbed into the back. There were seven of us, I counted. The back of this small van would just fit us all. Barely, but it would.

The back door was almost closed on a man's foot. It was no accident. Though, I knew, if he had been trying to hurt him, he would have.

The ride was long and painful. The window had been expertly painted over with black, so no light came into to greet us. I heard crying. I realized that the entire van was filled with new humans. They had never been slaves before.

Vampires always let us humans live in certain areas of the planet while we are young, until they bring you to be injected with venom. They don't believe any child is worthy of their spit, I though with scorn.

This made me even more confused. If their intent was to sell and distribute new human slaves, why was I here?

After barely thirty minutes, we were ordered onto a plane. We were treated as luggage, and placed in the cargo area. A human drove the plane, of course, but with vampiric supervision. Several times, has a human dove a plane into the ground.

I fell asleep in the first half-hour. My head lolled to the side, as I leaned against other luggage. The entire experience had, apparently, made me exhausted. I wasn't used to such fearful excitement.

I had no idea how long I slept. I woke immediately when the door opened, and the guard had come to retrieve us. My deep-rooted reflexes hadn't failed me. I was glad. I watched as my fellow human captures were shaken violently awake.

I stood when told, and followed when told to follow. It was dusk, now. Twilight.

Apparently the safest, but saddest part of the day.