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Badass Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father Charlie Swan. Soon she meets Edward Cullen, straight A student, the responsible teenager, doesn't reck around. But when Bella soon becomes enhanced with Edward's presence she soon decides it's time for life to be different, it's time to actually have a friend. But theres only one problem. Bella can see the numbers. The dates people die. And Edward's is close by. Crossover of Numbers and Twilight Chapter 2 is being validated Going more with the Twilight plot but there will still be plot pieces from Numbers.

Plots belong to Stephenie Meyer and Rachel Ward. Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I practically don't own anything except for the magical dinosaur that gives Edward a magical pickel. JK!

1. Chapter 1- Bye Juvenille Delinquent, Hello Miss Positive

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(Bella's POV)

Hell yeah mother I'm on parole! How do you like that now God? Huh? I was in Juvy since I was twelve. That was the same year my mother died and my stepfather died.


"Honey! Your uncle is here!" Mom shouted from downstairs.

My mother remarried and my stepfather, Phil, has a brother who liked to visit alot. His name was Terry. Terry was single and was practically a spitting image of Phil, except he was older and a bit more muscular. But one thing about Terry, is that he's on parole, and lucky us he doesn't know about my baby twin siblings (Lee and Athena) who are sleeping in the room next door.

"Terry! What a pleasure to see you." I heard Phil say.

A few moments later I heard my mother scream. "Phil! Terry what have you done!" she shouted. "Get away from me you sick bastard!" I also heard her yell, and soon her painful blood curdling scream was in play. Terry was arrested for murder, he says he didn't do it, but I'm starting to think that he really was the murderer.

I was standing by my bedroom door, I heard this all happening.

I heard Terry chuckle evily. "The younger one is next" Terry said as he walked up the stairs.

The door creaked open.

"Knock knock" Terry said. "It's so glad that I can see little Isabella again. Guess what, I brought a present."

I gulped.

He took a knife with a very sharp blade from behind his back.

Before he was ready to stab me, there was a wail. It was probably Lee, since he cries... alot.

Terry was confused. "I never knew there were other little ones" he whispered to himself as I grabbed the knife from his hand.

"Too bad you won't meet them," I said as I slashed his arm.

He whined in pain and fell on the ground cupping his arm.

I knew he wasn't dead because I only got his arm. I need to get Lee and Athy to safety. But how, Terry was about to get up soon. I'd come back for them, but he'd probably get them first. I looked once more into Terry's eyes and saw a number. 05172005. Was that a date? If it was then it would be in three days.

"You fucking bitch!" Terry yelled as he sat up.

I was worried, do I hurt him again? Okay, I guess I will. I tilted his head up. Terry grabbed me and threw me against the wall. Why couldn't Phil be the muscular one?

The blade that I was holding was in my joint. The blood was slowly dripping down trying to find it's way to the ground. I grabbed the knife and threw it at his leg that was bare because of his shorts and Phoenix's hot weather. Hopefully I would get him. It barely hit him.

Well I'm in deepshit aren't I? I was still bleeding like crazy.

"Heh, you'll probably bleed to death, I'll go see the little ones," Terry said walking out of the room.

As he walked by me I grabbed his leg and pulled myself up to it and bit it really hard. He screamed, but didn't fall down like before. The knife was nearby and I grabbed it with my other hand and stabbed his muscular leg. I got the knife in really deep and then I started to drag myself out of the bedroom and to the twins' bedroom.

Lee was wailing, Athy was in a deep slumber. I tried to stand up but I wobbled but I can manage. I was still bleeding like hell. I grabbed Lee, in one arm and Athy in another. Their carrier was in the room and I strapped them into it and started running down the hall.

I saw the dead bodies of Phil and my mother as I made it downstairs. My grandmother had a lifesupport thing before she died. My mother kept it. I pressed the button on it and ran out the door. Social services could take us away, but then again there is my father, but he's too busy for two babies and a twelve year old girl.

I continued running down the street with Lee crying his heart out, Athena sleeping in dead silence, and me practically bleeding to death, and Terry probably screaming in angst with veins popping out of his head.

~End of Flashback~

The next day out in the street I saw an old woman and her grandchild being mugged. Me being the nosy person I am killed that guy and I was sent to Juvy. I stayed in Juvy for five years, I was let out a couple times, but I started commiting more crimes and ended up there for five years. My father, Chief Charlie Swan, took the twins in and they grew up with him for five years.

Now I'm seventeen, I've been let out again and I'm going to live with my father. I'm sitting on the plane fidgiting in my seat and playing with the hem of my sleeve which is a dark blue. I then go to play with my chain hanging from my black skinney jeans, and I check to see if I need to tie my checkered converse all star hightops.

I'm just worrying, what if I slip up and make another crime, I'm living with the police chief of Forks. I can't even look my father in the eye without seeing his number, I can't look anyone in the eye without seeing their numbers.

Three days after I ran away I found out that Terry had died three days later of loss off blood, and he had a brain tumor. I looked over my shoulder and saw a man in his forties. He looked me in the eye, his number was 11232035.

He still had twenty five more years to go. The plane landed. I popped the bubble I made with my gum. I grabbed my dufflebag and started walking off the plane. My father was there standing with Athena and Lee.

Lee's brown hair had grown and was tousled. His brown eyes like mine sparkled. He grew taller than last time (Yeah Bells, he's still the same height since he was an infant!). Athena's hair fell to her shoulders, her grey eyes didn't sparkle but were something. They were the same color as Phil's eyes used to be.

I smiled and walked towards my family.

"Bells," Charlie said out of the blue as I reached them.

"Dad" I stated.

"Belly!" Lee yelled as I was there in the little family reunion.

"Hey Lee! You grew alot!" I responded.

"Did I?" asked Athy.

"Yes you did!" I replied.

"You've changed alot Bella," my father said, since last time I saw him I was eight and I didn't have boobs yet. I knew he was mostly talking about my chest then my height.

I chuckled.


"As we were in the cruiser I sat up front with him and Lee and Athy were sipping juice boxes in the back fidgiting in their seats like I was before.

"Bella, you know I'm not happy with you in the past five years at all" he stated.

"I know Dad, but I... I saved them." I said motioning to the twins.

"Yes, I know that Bella, but even though you were a criminal I did get you a car" Charlie mentioned.

"You didn't have to Dad" I said.

"Too bad, besides I got it from a friend. Think of it as your welcome home present." Charlie replied.

I nodded.

We reached the house that hasn't changed at all. I'm still suprised Charlie treats Lee and Athena like his own since their only my half siblings.

Charlie unbukled the smaller ones and they raced each other inside. I grabbed my bag and walked inside. "Bella, the twins are staying in the attic, I still have your room for you. I replaced the bed since I don't think you can sleep in a crib" he said with a chuckle at the end.

"Why the attic?" I asked.

"'Cause I knew you'd come home" he whispered and left the room so I could unpack.


Today was my first day at Forks High. My truck that Charlie got me was ancient, and I loved it. It wasn't anything flashy, or new, it was old and wasn't at all a classic. And that's why I loved it.

I wore a black turtleneck sweater, dark jeans, my second pair of hightops which were black and studded, a brown braided belt, and a bulky hoodie that has the same colors and design as my other hightops pair.

I got to the school about twenty minutes before the bell and went to the main office to get my schedule.

"Here you go darling" the lady known as Ms. Cope says, frightened of my appearence, handing me my schedule. "Get this signed by your teachers and then bring it back at the end of the day".


By lunch I met some people. They were still scared of me. And then theres this other kid named Mike Newton who kept hitting on me. I met one girl named Angela who was really nice and decided to actually sit with me tommorrow because her "friend" who she didn't seem to really like wouldn't let her today.

A small girl with short black hair and was wearing grey leggings with a white dress that fell a little past her knees and had a grey/white scarf on and white bangles, and had grey flats on. Her number 03292047.

"Hi, my name is Alice! I heard your new hear and I thought maybe I could sit with you and keep you company?" she asked me.

"Bella. Yeah I'm new here" I said. Alice sat down.

"My family is probably going to come bursting through the door. Do you have any siblings?" Alice asked me.

I nodded. "My half brother and half sister, their five."

"Have any pictures?" she asked.

Yesterday I took a picture of them playing in Charlie's little garden that he started for them.

I nodded and took out my phone.

"Their so cute!" Alice sang.

"They are. My dad, my biological father, he's really acting like their his and not my stepfathers. He probably misses having younger children around," I replied.

Then a boy with curly blond hair and blue eyes came in and he was followed by a girl with wavy blond hair and creamy blue eyes.

Alice waved to them. They came over.

"Bella, this is my boyfriend Jasper Whitlock, and his cousin Rosalie Hale" Alice told me hugging Jasper. Jasper's number, 03292048. Huh, same day as Alice but a year later.

A boy with dark hair almost black came in, he was all muscle, not like steriods muscle, but muscle. Muscle man's number was 11272020. Only ten more years...

"Hey guys!" the muscle man said hugging Rosalie and giving her a kiss.

"Bella this is my older brother Emmett and Rosalie is his girlfriend" Alice said.

"Yo! What's up? I like your shoes!" Emmett practically yelled.

"I'm not deaf I can hear you" I retorted.

"Besides if you keep yelling she will be deaf" a new voice said.

I looked straight ahead and saw a boy with bronze tousled hair, green eyes, his face was perfect. All the right facial features.

"And here's Edward. Edward is my cousin who happens to live in Forks too!" Alice said her mood less peachy then before.

"They don't usually get on good terms. Yesterday Edward and Alice fought about a pair of high heels" Emmett said.

"I'm not a drag queen!" Edward snapped.

"Yeah, sure you aren't ladies man! No wonder you know their thoughts! Your one of them" Emmett sneered.

Edward groaned.

"Don't worry he always get's defensive when theirs a new girl" Emmett whispered into my ear.

I laughed. I'm starting to like this place. Smaller town less crime, less of a way for me to slip up again.

A girl with blond hair came up to us.

"I see your hanging out with the juvenille delinquent!" she sneered.

"Fuck off Lauren!" Rosalie yelled.

"Heh, it will be soon before she slits your throats or drugs you until you die" Lauren continued.

"I haven't drugged anyone to death!" I yelled. Eyes were facing us, mostly me and Lauren on the battle field of death.

"Yeah... sure" Lauren rolled her eyes.

Ugh, why didn't I listen to Charlie. Why did I bring my swiss army knife to school? Oh yeah! Because I love getting into trouble with my mini knife.

I was ready to grab it out of my pocket.

"You know Lauren, maybe you should go bleach blond" Edward retorted.

Suddenly I didn't feel like stabbing her. I looked Lauren once more in the eye before she left. 02282012. The bitch only had two years?

I looked Rosalie in the eye. 10202059. Forty-nine more years to go. Poor Rose, she's going to lose Emmett soon. I can tell their in love, but I just hope they'll have a great life with the last ten years they have with each other. The bell rang.

Time for Biology.