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Badass Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father Charlie Swan. Soon she meets Edward Cullen, straight A student, the responsible teenager, doesn't reck around. But when Bella soon becomes enhanced with Edward's presence she soon decides it's time for life to be different, it's time to actually have a friend. But theres only one problem. Bella can see the numbers. The dates people die. And Edward's is close by. Crossover of Numbers and Twilight Chapter 2 is being validated Going more with the Twilight plot but there will still be plot pieces from Numbers.

Plots belong to Stephenie Meyer and Rachel Ward. Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer. I practically don't own anything except for the magical dinosaur that gives Edward a magical pickel. JK!

2. Chapter 2- Edward's Lovely Day

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(Edward's POV)

My parents were on vacation so I was staying with my aunt Esme and uncle Carlisle. I enjoyed visiting them, since I practically had my own room in their home and most of my music was there, and my collections of books. I haven't been keeping them at home because I practically lived there. My parents had traveling jobs so I was really close with them.

But there were always consequences. For starters my cousins, Alice and Emmett. Alice was a shopaholic and Emmett loved to tease people, and enjoyed sports. Alice was excited today since there was a new student. There was rumours that the girl lived with Chief Swan, and was a killer. Other people say that she did a great job in life, since she was the one who had gotten Swan those kids.

It was lunch time. I entered the cafeteria and saw that Alice, Emmett, Jasper, and Rosalie were all standing at a new table. I approached.

I heard Emmett yelling.

"I'm not deaf..." a new voice retorted.

"Besides if you keep yelling she will be deaf" I replied. I saw a girl who was 5ft4, had long dark brown hair, and had chocolate eyes. But she was weariing a black turtleneck, dark jeans, black studded converse hightops, a brown belt, and a grey, black, and white checkered sweatshirt.

"And here's Edward. Edward is my cousin who happens to live in Forks too!" Alice said but less peachy.

"They don't usually get on good terms. Yesterday Edward and Alice fought about a pair of high heels" Emmett said.

"I'm not a drag queen!" I yelled.

"Yeah, sure you aren't ladies man! No wonder you know their thoughts! Your one of them" Emmett sneered.

I groaned.

"Don't worry he always get's defensive when theirs a new girl" Emmett whispered into her ear.

She laughed. Lauren Mallory came up to us.

"I see your hanging out with the juvenille delinquent!" she sneered.

"Fuck off Lauren!" Rosalie yelled.

"Heh, it will be soon before she slits your throats or drugs you until you die" Lauren continued.

"I haven't drugged anyone to death!" the new girl yelled. I don't even know her name, and I remembered that people call her Isabella. Isabella just doesn't suit her...

"Yeah... sure" Lauren rolled her eyes.

"You know Lauren, maybe you should go bleach blond" I replied.

Isabella looked Lauren in the eyes and then looked Rosalie in the eyes. The bell rang. Time for Biology.