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Angels & Devils

Seattle has been invaded by covens of Rogue Vampires - vampires who hunt and prey upon other vampires. Bella and the Cullen siblings are in Seattle for a rare night out on the town. They are attacked by Rogues, and Alice Cullen is lost in the ambush. The family fears the worse, believing that Alice is dead. Alice awakens with no memory of who she is, where she is or how she came to be there. She also has no clue that's she's fallen into the hands of an old enemy to her kind. A half-vampire who once waged a 50-year long war of vengeance against all vampires. A enemy so vicious that the Volturi had dubbed him with the name, "Lucifer", and who was long since believed to be dead himself.

This is my first Twilight Fanfic. It is currently posted in part to the FanFiction.Net site under the same pen name, and has 52 chapters up. There is still a few hundred more pages that are written and waiting to go. I decided to post this to a few fanfic sites to see what feedback I can get from the experts. This story has some violence, language, and minor adult situations (not too descriptive or vulgar - I tried to keep in mind how SM handled such things in writing.) so I guess this would need a "R" rating. Thanks.

10. Chapter 10 - Scars Are Souvenirs You Never Lose.

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Chapter Ten: Scars are souvenirs you never lose.

The past is never far.”

The Antiques Mall was part store, part flea market, and part museum… all rolled into one. Row upon row of cases filled what once was a large supermarket years ago, and held whatever old items the vendors specialized in or just wished to stock them with.

Angel and I started in the front and worked our way down the rows, slowly heading toward the rear of the place. We took our time examining what each case held; sometimes Angel knew what certain things were, and other times she had to ask. Both the fairly new and the really old took equal turns being familiar or strangely unknown to her.

Nothing seemed to hold a solid clue for her, or to me, what her true age might have been.

When I came here alone, I would often spend hours among the cases, looking over items I might have owned at one time, when I was still human.

It depressed me a tiny bit when I saw things I had owned only 40 or 50 years ago called vintage. It actually pained me one day when I saw a wooden toy that I remembered my parents giving me one Christmas when I was but a boy, labeled as a rare antique.

I got to thinking… perhaps that is what I have become, nothing but an antique?

Immortality has forever been heralded as the ultimate prize by most of mankind. I think it would take a rare breed of man to endure such a fate. I believe most of us are far better off than we know with just living our allowed time and then passing on. I considered not for the first time, that I was glad I was not truly immortal… but I could sometimes curse that I was taking too long to die.

That’s why I often times liked it here despite the melancholy thoughts the place could give me.

Here among these old things, is one of the few places that could almost feel like home to me again in some way.

Without thinking, I had drifted away and into the past, and not realized it until Angel slipped her cool hand into mine to get my attention, and dissolved the spell.

I broke my slight trance to gaze down at her, and found that she was deeply inspecting me, her head tilted just barely to one side in opened curiosity.

“You looked lost for a minute there,” she said to me.

I smiled, trying to cover my unexpected lapse.

“I like old things,” I told her in simple explanation.

She smiled back at me, and then let go of my hand to slip her arm upwards to link her elbow through mine as she led me over to the next antiques case.

Once there she cooed over an antique gold necklace and ring, and I suddenly foreseen she would be going home with the pair. She certainly had more than enough cash left to her to buy them.

I felt myself warming as I stood back and watched her excitement as she called a sales clerk over to open the case so she could get a better look at the pieces.

I was actually enjoying myself, and stranger yet; I was quietly content in a way like I had never been since my change. Not since those long ago last days I had spent with my Stephanie.

Angel tried on the ring first, finding it only slightly large on her finger. Without warning, the sight made my heart skip and I flashed back to the day Stephanie and I bought our wedding rings. She had carefully picked out a set that would match the engagement ring that I had bought for her all on my own. I remembered that venture all too clearly, and the nervousness I felt picking that ring out without anyone’s help. I was well aware that I had no sense of what a woman would find pleasing in jewelry, let alone in a ring of that importance and consequence.

I was sure I had made a blunder in my choice, and most likely had selected the most hideous ring ever made by human hands… or at least, it would have been such in my beloved’s eyes.

I was so relieved when Stephanie shrilled with honest delight after she opened the small purple velvet box to see the ring I had chosen, that I nearly fainted dead away on the spot.

Less than a week later, she was dead… and I was no longer human.

That fresh heartache helped wash the memory away… as horrible as that sounds. One had to use what was at hand in order to push onward. Either that, or one tipped over the edge of sanity from just carrying all that grief around with them for almost a century.

Sometimes though… I think I’ve fallen over that periphery a very long time ago. It was just taking a long time to finally hit the bottom.

However, I was once again in the antiques store watching Angel carefully inspect her finds. Angel who had short, wild, dark hair… while my Steph had long flowing strawberry blonde locks. Stephanie was tall with the curves of a woman; where Angel was petite and as slim as a young girl.

Stephanie had been human.

Angel was a vampire.

There was no comparing the two, except for maybe the kindness in both their souls.

And possibly the way they both were able to warm my heart when it had been so cold for so very long.

As a young man my illness had left me with no pleasure in life, until Stephanie happened upon me. As a half-vampire my existence had been far worse than my human life for the first part, and then mind-numbingly stagnant for the last.

…Until this vampire girl literally ran into me in a dark parking lot.

Angel then turned to me and held the necklace up to her throat, asking my opinion. I smile and muttered something appropriate. It must have been the correct thing because she turned from me and told the clerk she would take both pieces.

It was then that it all hit me… I had been despondently lonely twice in my lives. And each time, a woman had un-expectantly opened my eyes to it, and had in a way, done something to correct it.

I had been alone for such a long time that it no longer had registered on me. I had become immured over time to the bleakness of my life; grown so use to it, it had become the norm. I had people, humans, in my life, like the band. But they were really nothing more than acquaintances, as opposed to true friends.

I had fooled myself occasionally, by making more acquaintances like Jerome’s great-grandfather and grandfather. I would tell myself they were friends… but in fact, I never let anyone get too close.

I had known nothing like Angel for close to one hundred years. And now here she was, filling my days and nights.

Making me feel… human again.

She smiled at me once more, just as the clerk handed her a claim ticket and left with her new purchases to take them up to the checkout counter where they would be waiting for us when we decided to leave. She tugged eagerly and pulled me to the next case in line.

In a daze, I went along with her, moving along on autopilot as I turned over this new insight in my mind.

It was silly of me to baulk at this resurrection of life Angel was bringing to me. There was no real reason to fear it, but I did. After all this time, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to feel again.

I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, and I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea feeling it over her.

I was hiding too many things about myself from her. Things that, given both our natures, I believed a reasonable person would have been smart to hide away.

She was a vampire. I had already pointed that out.

I had once been a killer of vampires. And she was not aware of that fact.

The nasty truth was going to come kicking and screaming out into the light sooner or later; it always does no matter how deeply we bury it, no matter how many doors we might attempt to lock it behind.

What would she do when she learns that we are, for all practical purposes, mortal enemies? What happens to my newfound feeling of being alive then? Do I go back to the loneliness and living with it until I no longer realize its there again?

And that’s if one, or both, of us isn’t dead as a result of my secret coming to light.

Knowing this, a smart man wouldn’t get hooked. Wouldn’t let her become so important to him. He would see to her being healed and returned to wherever she belonged to as quickly as possible.

A full vampire, a half-vampire, and a dark secret like this were a ticking time bomb!

Angel, my sweet visiting vampire, turned, and there was a twinkle in her gold eyes that said she was enjoying our time together.

Damn, I thought silently as I made myself smile back.

Too late! That hook I was just thinking about had set itself a long time ago without me realizing it.