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Angels & Devils

Seattle has been invaded by covens of Rogue Vampires - vampires who hunt and prey upon other vampires. Bella and the Cullen siblings are in Seattle for a rare night out on the town. They are attacked by Rogues, and Alice Cullen is lost in the ambush. The family fears the worse, believing that Alice is dead. Alice awakens with no memory of who she is, where she is or how she came to be there. She also has no clue that's she's fallen into the hands of an old enemy to her kind. A half-vampire who once waged a 50-year long war of vengeance against all vampires. A enemy so vicious that the Volturi had dubbed him with the name, "Lucifer", and who was long since believed to be dead himself.

This is my first Twilight Fanfic. It is currently posted in part to the FanFiction.Net site under the same pen name, and has 52 chapters up. There is still a few hundred more pages that are written and waiting to go. I decided to post this to a few fanfic sites to see what feedback I can get from the experts. This story has some violence, language, and minor adult situations (not too descriptive or vulgar - I tried to keep in mind how SM handled such things in writing.) so I guess this would need a "R" rating. Thanks.

2. Chapter 2: The Angel Closes Her Eyes

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Chapter Two: The Angel closes her eyes.

“My wounds cry for the grave
My soul cries for deliverance…”

Carlisle Cullen bit down on the first joint of his thumb, and tried to keep his racing mind focused. It was a difficult task not to give into panic and grief considering the heart-rending disaster that had befallen his family in just the last few hours.

Jasper’s constant howling of anguish didn’t help matters much, but Carlisle could hardly blame his son.

He wanted to howl just as loudly himself.

Surprisingly, outside the home, Jake and his wolf pack were howling, seemingly in answer to Jasper’s heartache… or perhaps they only sensed Bella’s distress and were responding to that?

“Esme, please,” he finally asked his wife. “See to Jasper… I need time to think clearly.”

His beautiful wife’s eyes held the same shadows of anguish that his did, but she silently nodded and with Rosalie’s help, led their distraught son away to try and find some comfort for him.

The tall blonde coven leader turned to his two other remaining sons.

“Are you both sure?” he asked again for the forth time. “You saw her get bit?”

“Alice was guarding our retreat,” Edward retold the story. “We first assumed they were after Bella, drawn to her because she was in our company, just as James had been. One of them was on Alice, and at her throat before we realized that wasn’t the case. I think Alice was so worried for Bella, that she didn’t see it for herself either until it was too later.”

Emmett scowled and sore darkly.

“We all expected them to try and get passed us to get at Bells,” Emmett added firmly. “There were only two of them to start and we thought we could handle them, Carlisle. Then four more of the bastards ambushed us from behind before we could get back to Alice.”

“Rogues,” Carlisle said, feeling his stomach tighten.

“We didn’t grasp the fact they were hunting us and not Bella until it was too late,” Edward responded with a nod.

The clothing of both his sons was little more than rags, as neither of them had bothered changing yet. The battered condition of both his larger sons didn’t bode well for the fate of his tiny daughter. Both boys also had still healing wounds from the attack.

“Carlisle… I’m so sorry!” Bella Swan spoke up for the first time from her place on the long couch, her voice merely a harsh whisper now from all of her distraught weeping. “If Rose and Jasper hadn’t been busy getting me to safety, they would have been there to help Edward and Emmett save Alice. Jasper would have been there for her if not for me! It’s all my fault!”

Carlisle turned to gaze at the human girl, and his heart started a new ache his newest daughter. Next to Edward, Bella had become closest to Alice within the family, and the girl was grieving just as much as the rest of them who had been Alice’s family for decades.

“Hush now, Bella,” he said gently. “This is not your fault at all. None of it is.”

“We’ve all told her that,” Edward added, while Emmett nodded in confirmation. Carlisle added his own nod to Emmett’s in agreement.

“But it is!” Bella insisted. “Jasper felt something was wrong with Alice, but he refused to leave me to go to her. I begged him to go, but he wouldn’t even though I could see it was killing him! Rose wouldn’t go either because she thought it might be a trick to get at me.”

Carlisle looked at his youngest son for confirmation of Bella’s claim.

Edward grimly nodded.

“Jasper stayed with Bella until Emmett and I arrived back at the car. He was trying to prove he could be trusted to watch over her after the incident during her birthday.”

“You know how he gets over that ‘word of honor’ crap,” Emmett added from the side.

“He tried to go back after Alice by himself once we joined them, but Emmett and I wouldn’t let him. It would have been suicide. We both barely got out with our lives… we just could let him risk it,” Edward finished.

The eyes of both his sons were nearly black with thirst, and he was pleased despite the grim circumstance that neither one of them seemed to notice or interested in Bella’s human blood at the moment. Their thirst was for vengeance… for their lost sister.

And at the moment, so was his… regardless of the peaceful life he always tried to maintain.

Bella had not stopped crying since the attack, when she realized that Alice had not returned with her brothers, and that Jasper’s sudden fear had come true.

Edward also had to physically retrain her from going back to find his sister. Emmett was the biggest and the strongest of their family, and he had gotten torn up pretty good in the ambush himself… what chance would a mere human girl have against an organized pack of Rogues?

They had all barely escaped the sudden nightmare with their lives. Lives that Alice had bought and paid for with her own.

Emmett and Rosalie both had their hands full with Jasper all the way home. Alice’s long time lover and husband had tore apart the leather seats in the back of the new BMW trying to break free from his protective siblings. Edward himself could do nothing but drive them all to safety while keeping a reassuring arm around a shaken and crying Bella.

Retreat had not sat very well with either Emmett or Edward, but they were outnumbered and Edward had sworn to always protect Bella no matter what.

They’d had no other options left to them… unless they all wanted to die.

Like poor Alice.

“It is my fault!” Bella insisted once more. “Jasper should have been with her! But he wanted to prove himself. He was still trying to make up for my birthday! He should have been with her. Alice should be sitting here, not me!”

“They didn’t want you,” Emmett nearly barked. “It was a damn set-up. Rogues don’t waste their time on humans… not even ones that smell as good as you do. They wanted us.”

“Emmett’s right, Bella,” Carlisle confirmed. “They are a different breed of vampire all together. They aren’t interested in human blood… not even yours like Emmett said.”

“So what the hell were Rogues doing in Seattle?” Edward growled. “Why are the local covens allowing them to stay in their territory?”

“I truly don’t know, Edward,” Carlisle said thoughtfully. “Seattle is a free territory for the most part under law, but the resident covens should have run them out or killed them. They might be nomads who just recently arrived, and who are just passing through.”

“And you don’t think the locals wouldn’t have noticed them right away?” Emmett asked with some doubt. “I find that damn hard to believe.”

“As do I. I was only contemplating one possible explanation,” Carlisle admitted. “But I’m forced to believe given some recent rumors that the most pragmatic explanation is that they are there at the behest of one of the resident covens. There maybe a shift in supremacy looming in Seattle, and the local covens are bringing in allies to strengthen their power base before all out conflict begins.”

Edward now cursed just as darkly as his brother had done just a while ago.

“What’s all that mean?” asked Bella as she tried wiping away tears, only to have them replaced by fresh ones almost immediately. All this vampire culture was still new to her, and she’d never heard the Cullens speak of ‘Rogues’ before this night.

“It basically means, since we weren’t affiliated with any of the local covens in Seattle… that we were fair game for the Rogues,” her boyfriend explained.

From another room, Jasper howled again, and something large and heavy was smashed.

“Whatever it means,” Emmett said through gritted teeth. “We’re going to go back there and kill every one of them bastards for what they did to Alice.”

“For damned sure,” Edward agreed.

Bella glanced up at him, this time with fear in her eyes for her beloved, and his huge older brother. She had witnessed firsthand what almost happened to them both tonight. She never in her wildest dreams since coming to understand what the Cullens were, thought that she’d ever see anything outside of the Volturi that could possibly be a threat to any of them.

During the brief part of the savage assault she’d seen before Rose and Jasper had whisked her away, she’d saw the massive Emmett be overwhelmed by three attackers, leaving her to fear for her Edward’s welfare as she thought they were fighting to protect her from the new group of vampires.

Now knowing she hadn’t been the target of the ambush at all, she feared greatly her new family wouldn’t survive a second encounter with the group of vampire hunters. After all, this wasn’t like the Tracker James and his small set, how could the Cullens hope to prevail over a coven of vampires who fed solely on other vampires for survival?

“Alice wouldn’t want this,” she murmured. Edward patted her hand in understanding, but didn’t say anything to indicate he or Emmett was going to change their minds about seeking vengeance.

“Are you absolutely positive…” Carlisle asked again. “That there’s no chance Alice could have gotten away?”

Edward paused to glance at his older brother before answering again. Emmett looked down at the floor, and after a moment shook his head negatively. Edward turned back to look at his father.

“There was so many of them, and they planned the attack too well,” he replied. “When I got free and was able to look, she was gone and there was only a huge spot of blood in the place where she had been attacked. It had Alice’s scent to it.”

“It was like they picked her out,” Emmett snapped. “Like they were trying to keep Edward and me busy while they took her down.”

Edward glanced at his brother, having heard Emmett’s theory a few times that night. He could give no logical explanation for his belief, other than he’d felt that the initial attack lack any sincerity in it. Emmett claimed that he felt the Rogue’s weren’t really serious about taking Edward and himself down until after they had gotten Alice. Edward supposed if anyone knew about the mechanics of brawling, it would be Emmett.

“I can’t say if you are right or wrong about that, Em. As there were too many of them for me to clearly hear what anyone one of them was thinking,” Edward admitted, and then continued, “I have to believe that they dragged Alice away while we were occupied, perhaps to drain her body later. Emmett was still fighting for his life and needed my help, so I rushed in and managed to pull him out. It was a running fight all the way. We barely made it back to the car ourselves.”

“Did you try her cell phone?” the doctor asked next, hoping against hope that it might have been over-looked in their rush to survive, and may lead to a positive clue to Alice’s fate within the next few minutes.

“That was the first thing I tried when we got back to the car and were moving. We risked circling the area for several minutes hoping we’d find something,” Edward responded with a small shake of his head. He knew what his father was thinking and hoping because he could plainly see it in his mind. “It was answered with a low growl and then a amused laugh. The voice was male. Whoever had it obviously smashed it next and the signal was lost. I tried redialing several times before we gave up and left the area for home… but all I got was a ‘line unavailable’ message.”

“And if the phone was destroyed, that means there’s no possibility of using its GPS function to locate it?”

Edward again shook his head sadly. “That’s probably why they made sure to destroy it.”

Carlisle nodded in understanding as that slim hope died, and closed his eyes. He’d been wishing in vain that there might have been some small shred of hope remaining for his middle daughter.