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Angels & Devils

Seattle has been invaded by covens of Rogue Vampires - vampires who hunt and prey upon other vampires. Bella and the Cullen siblings are in Seattle for a rare night out on the town. They are attacked by Rogues, and Alice Cullen is lost in the ambush. The family fears the worse, believing that Alice is dead. Alice awakens with no memory of who she is, where she is or how she came to be there. She also has no clue that's she's fallen into the hands of an old enemy to her kind. A half-vampire who once waged a 50-year long war of vengeance against all vampires. A enemy so vicious that the Volturi had dubbed him with the name, "Lucifer", and who was long since believed to be dead himself.

This is my first Twilight Fanfic. It is currently posted in part to the FanFiction.Net site under the same pen name, and has 52 chapters up. There is still a few hundred more pages that are written and waiting to go. I decided to post this to a few fanfic sites to see what feedback I can get from the experts. This story has some violence, language, and minor adult situations (not too descriptive or vulgar - I tried to keep in mind how SM handled such things in writing.) so I guess this would need a "R" rating. Thanks.

3. Chapter 3 - Bring Me To Life

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Chapter Three: Bring me to life.

“Wake me up
(Bid my blood to run)
I can't wake up
(Before I come undone)
Save me
(Save me from the nothing I've become)…”

I looked down at the unconscious vamp-girl… and wondered what in blazes I was to do next with her, now that I had gotten her to my home.

I’d made it back with her without further trouble, from the living or undead, to the small ranch-style house I rented on the outskirts of the city, in the small suburb of Beacon Hill.

Getting her inside was just about as easy as carrying in the rest of my band gear. She was still little more than a small lifeless lump in my arms.

What I was supposed to do with her, or even could do for her… that was a whole other issue. I wasn’t a doctor of human medicine… let alone of vampire medicine.

Without the benefit of a better plan for the moment, I took the girl to my spare bedroom and laid her out on the bed there. I noticed that the blood left matted in her short hair was staining the bedspread, so I decide that taking care of that should probably be my next priority.

Not much help in the first-aid department, but it was a start.

From the guest bathroom I brought in a bowl of hot water and several clean washcloths and towels. I don’t have a lot of practice being a caregiver; in fact I had no experience as a nurse other than occasionally patching up myself, so my attempts to clean this poor girl up were fairly clumsy at best. The vampire must have gotten something on herself or her clothing in her flight, because while I did my best to wipe away the old clots, something was irritating my nose. It was actually more like a vague scent of some kind, and wasn’t all that unpleasant upon reflection, but for some reason it also made my upper jaw arch slightly. I concluded that perhaps the girl was wearing some type of rare perfume, and I had not noticed it until that moment.

Despite my ineptitude, I shortly had most of her hair cleaned of the matted blood, though the process left her previously spiky hairstyle reminding me more of a drowned rat now. The odd scent had faded by then, and I assumed it had been some sort of fragrance that I had washed away with the blood.

I also had made note that by then, the bone of her skull had fused itself back together, and her head wound was virtually nonexistent. It puzzled me then, why she had not regained consciousness at that point? Hell, it puzzled me how she could even be knocked out in the first place!

As I said, not having the slightest clue into vampire medicine – if there were such a thing actually – I was left to assume that having her skull nearly crushed gave her brain a good rattling.

That explanation was as good as any, and it was actually something I had some experience with, so that theory sounded most reasonable for the time being.

I set the bowl and used cloths aside to clean up later, and next considered that unless I wanted to mess up the rest of my guest room linen, I’d better remove her bloody and torn clothing as well.

What followed was a fiasco of nearly pointless and non-productive acrobatics as I tried to manipulate the girl’s body around her trashed clothing.

I was beginning to not be sure if having her corpse in a totally limp state or a totally stiff state would have been easier to achieve that goal. They way it was now, somewhere between the two conditions, was purely non-cooperative for the task at hand.

I was just getting frustrated enough to simply cut the defiant clothing off when I stumbled on the proper technique for stripping a nearly lifeless body.

Once I had her down to her undershirt and panties, I rolled her around while I stripped off the soiled and bloody bedspread from under her. I paused to inspect my progress and decided to at least cover her with the bed sheet for some proper decorum. After another fun session of ‘spin-the-vampire’, I had her under the covers to my satisfaction.

“This is too much like work,” I muttered to myself as I regarded her with the pale blue sheet pulled up to just under her elfin-like chin. I’d already made note that she lacked any respiratory reaction as I adjusted her around the bed, nor did she have a heartbeat, but that didn’t mean a whole lot with vamps because they have neither really.

I probably didn’t even have to cover her with the sheet, as I doubt very much that she’d get cold.

It just seemed like the thing to do… and I was desperately short on the right things to do.

I was really out of my element now.

I sat down on the edge of the bed, as I pondered the next useless thing I could do. She looked much better now than when she ran into me in the club’s back lot, except for the being unconscious thing that is. Her wounds had healed up nicely as far as I could tell.

I wondered when and if she’ll wake up?

That final thought gave me pause. An injured vampire was going to be very thirsty when they’re through healing.

I had nothing to give this one when she wakes up… except for me.

That wasn’t on my list of things to do tonight. I was strong, stronger than a normal human for sure, but she was stronger still… and no doubt was going to be in a very testy mood when she opened her eyes.

Great, just great! Now what did I get myself into without thinking it through first?

I examined my rather limited options.

Chaining her to the bed itself was pointless. It was just a cheap Wal-Mart special made of pressboard with a veneer to look like walnut, so that wouldn’t have done much good at all. She’d snapped the bed frame into toothpicks without even noticing.

Taking her somewhere and dumping her, was a viable alternative… but that would just mean somebody else would die when she woke up. Attractive… but not very nice. Nope, probably shouldn’t do that.

I could kill her before she woke up and that would be the end of the problem? Workable… but then I would have gone through all this for nothing, and I’d always hated doing pointless things.

That in itself was a stupid reason not to just kill her, but I tried not to examine it too closely.

I finally got up and went down into my basement, to the storeroom that I rarely went into anymore. From a dusty rack I took down a sheathed Banshee bush knife. The twenty-inch long blade was weighted more at the tip, and would shear a vamp’s head off in one blow.

It had sheared off more than one vamp’s head with a single blow in years gone by.

If my unexpected houseguest should forget her manners, the blade would certainly correct the situation.

I remembered her dancing at the club tonight, and found myself thinking it would be a shame if it came down to that.

Plus it would really make a mess of my guest room.

Well, it was the best idea I could come up with, so we’ll just see how congenial my new roommate was going to be when she came around and take it from there.

I strung the sheath over my back with the knife’s handle hanging down. It felt like an old friend who I haven’t seen in years.

I returned to the guest room to wait… I settled into a lounge chair in the corner of the room and tried to figure out what I was going to do about feeding my guest, if I didn’t have to kill her right away when she woke up.

I used a scratch pad to jot down a few ideas, and a short list of names of people who I thought might be still alive, and who owed me favors that might be able to help.

That list of names was a lot shorter than I would have liked it to be, but what could I expect after being out of circulation for almost 50 years?

Living as long as I have makes reliable networking hard.

It was about an hour later, when one of her feet moved just the barest of an inch. I was out of my chair in a shot and by the bed as she started to stir even more. I frowned as my right hand reached back and grasped the handle of the Banshee, getting ready to drag it out in a reverse-hand draw if she came up all teeth and bad attitude.

Oddly the girl was coming around slowly instead of just snapping instantly awake. She even tried to stretch in a cute way, but winced at the sudden pain the movement had caused her.

She frowned, probably at the unexpected aches, and then cracked open her eyes. The single table lamp in the bedroom blinded her for an instant. She jammed her lids closed for a few seconds and threw her hands over them for extra protection. I could see even that simple move caused her more pain, as her lips twisted and she slightly moaned under her breath.

Eventually she took her hands away, and then slowly eased her eyelids opened a second time to let her eyes adjust to the light.

I involuntarily drew an inch of blade when I saw that her irises were completely black.

She narrowed her eyes then, as if she were having trouble focusing on me for a minute. Her delicate nostrils flared slightly as she tested the air automatically.

Then her perfect lips twisted into a slight frown of confusion.

Thankfully however, she didn’t lunge at me like I thought she would… even though I knew she had to have smelled my blood, and heard even my slowly beating heart.

“Wh-at?” she tried to ask in a dry voice after a few more seconds of staring at me. “Who…?”

“You’re safe,” I told her first thing; the last thing I definitely wanted on my hands was a panicky vampire. I kept well away from her, still not willing to get all that close with her eyes that thirsty black color. “Do you remember what happened?” I probed next, to see if she recalled.

She only frowned at me some more.

“No,” she croaked out slowly. “Wh-ere am…”

“You’re in my home,” I answered. “It’s okay now, but you were attacked earlier tonight and wandered into me, so I brought you here.”

I wasn’t thrilled with spilling that little tidbit of information right at the moment, but I’d been hoping she’d remember and fill me in on what happened. Especially seeing I’ve risked exposing myself by having to kill her playmate. I needed answers just as much as she did to figure out exactly how much trouble I’ve gotten myself into on that account.

“Attacked?” she repeated with wild bewilderment. It took a moment for her to process the information and then she began to look like she might panic. She tried to rise up off the pillow but could barely pick her head up an inch before she groaned loudly in discomfort, and let it fall back to the pillow again.

“Relax. You’re safe here,” I repeated, inwardly glad she was in no shape to put up much of a fight. I took a chance and moved to sit back on the bed beside her.

I pretty much believed she was probably too weak to do much of anything, but I still keep my right hand behind me on the big knife just in case it was a trick. I gently pressed her shoulder down with my left to keep her from trying to get up again, and I made a conscious effort to not make the gesture seem too threatening to her.

I was very surprised when I had to use very little force to keep her there… but then again, maybe the pain she was in was not making it very appealing to her to object at the moment either.

She moaned for a second longer as she tried to settle herself back on the mattress and pillow, and then looked back up at me to give me that befuddled frown once more.

“Who… you?” she asked slowly.

“You can call me, Kage,” I said, giving her the name I’ve used on and off for almost a century or so. Obviously it wasn’t my real name, the one I had been born with. I’ve had so many aliases by then that I really couldn’t recall for sure which name had been the one my parents had given me. Kage was Japanese for shadow or shade; it pretty much described me to a ‘T’ anyway. I had chosen it during my time studying the arts in Japan, and its stayed with me ever since then for the most part.

I guess when you have to reinvent yourself every twenty years or so and take on a new identity for the outside world to see; it helps to at least have something to always privately call yourself so you didn’t become totally lost in time.

“You were at a nightclub tonight, and ran into me in the parking lot afterwards. There you collapsed on me and I brought you here so you’d be safe,” I continued to tell her again. I didn’t see any point in mentioning the Rogue Vamp just yet, until I can be sure where her head was at and what she remembered. Like I said, I in no way, shape, or form, wanted a freaked out vampire on my hands, no matter how small and sickly she was at the moment.

“Can you tell me your name?” I asked next.

She started to say something but faltered. The girl made several more false starts and stops as she tried to drag something up from her memory, but nothing popped up for her. The look on her face now quickly grew into one of frustration.

“Can’t… remember,” she finally got out. Her voice was still a bit raspy, but it seemed to be getting a little stronger.

“That’s okay, don’t worry about it right now,” I assured her. “You did take a rather nasty bump to your head.” If you can call having your skull partially crushed by a cannibal vampire ‘a nasty bump’ that is. “Is there someone I can call for you?” I then tried next, hoping that would jog a reflex memory before she could put too much thought into it and jam her recall again.

The girl really thought hard for a moment, then said, “I don’t… know that either.”

“That’s fine too. It will come back to you later after you get some rest.”

The vampire-girl tried to nod in agreement, but that obviously made her head hurt worse, and she reached up to hold it with both hands as she rode out the new waves of pain.

“Head hurts…” she cried weakly, “…and thirsty!”

That’s was the one thing I definitely didn’t want to hear coming from her… the thirsty part that is.

She tried to look around, but it was clear for the moment she didn’t know what she was looking for, or what exactly she wanted. She only knew she had a burning craving, and I was pretty sure she was going to be connecting the dots on that matter fairly soon.

I cursed silently, what the hell was I thinking bringing her back here?

I was totally unprepared to care for anyone like her… let alone, had any experience at it.

“So thirsty,” she repeated pitifully a few moments later, as she licked her lips.

She then looked at me with pleading eyes. Asking me silently to help her because she didn’t know how to help herself.

By all rights, she should have instinctively gone for my throat long before now.

“So… so thirsty… it hurts… so bad!” she said.

Her eyes began to well up with tears that I knew were basically pure venom because vampire couldn’t cry real human tears. But the pain that caused them was obviously genuine… of that for some strange reason I had no doubt.

And still in what had to be growing agony, she just lay there, confused and hurting… and looking very, very lost.

She kept looking to me with hope that I could fix the problem… to make her pain go away.

Damn it! There was no getting around this!

I brought her here in an attempt to help, now I had to fully commit to that end and roll the dice… or it had all been pointless. I certainly hoped that small group of vamps who helped me disappear all those decades ago appreciate how I was finally going to be getting around to repaying their favor!

“Listen to me… listen to me!” I nearly had to yell to get her to focus on my words again. Her hunger was gnawing deeply at her now… and the only thing she could do about it was cry.

“I’m going to help you, but you have to do exactly as I say. If you don’t… there’s going to be real trouble and neither one of us want that.”

She rolled her eyes at me now, like she was barely able to stay with me.

“What… talkin’ bout?” she tried to get out. Cords of muscle stood out in her thin neck as she fought against her internal demons. She spoke through bare and gritted teeth, but I got the impression it was more to lock in her screams than any sort of a threat or desire to tear out my throat.

“Just do as I say,” I reminded her; feeling that I was going to really regret the supremely dumb thing I was about to do.

Underneath me, the mattress began to vibrate as her limbs and torso shuddered with pain.

I drew the Banshee before I could talk myself out of it. This could go bad in some many ways… I am really, really stupid I kept silently telling myself.

But then again, I really was never one to heed my own good advice.

Good to see no matter how old I get, some things never change, right?

I place the razor sharp steel at the inside of my left wrist just under my palm and thumb, tossed off a quick prayer to a god I’d haven’t spoken to in nearly eighty years, dragged in a breath to brace myself and held it, and then drew the blade a short distance across my flesh.

At first it was cold… then it stung… then it began to burn like hell.

Oh yeah, I was right… this was really not one of my brightest ideas ever!

I need both my hands and arms free, so with a light snap of my right wrist I flicked the heavy blade into the floorboards by my foot, where I could reach it quickly if this all went to hell in a hand basket in a hurry. It stuck there with a dull heavy thud.

I’d worry about the damage to my carpet and floorboards later.

That is, if I had a later after this stunt.

I leaned in and with my free right hand lifted her head to support it.

“I’m going to put my wrist at your lips,” I explained to her slowly so she’d understand as clearly as possible. “Don’t bite! Do not use your teeth,” I warned firmly. If she bit and broke my skin, the consequences were going to be really unpleasant to say the least… for the both of us.

She looked up at me, dazed and confused, and I had no real idea if she understood me or not. Not much else I could do about it at the moment, I cautiously moved my arm toward her to do just as I said I would… getting really to whip it out of her reach and go for the Banshee should she lunge at me like the bloodsucking demon I knew she was.

If I’d lived a thousand years longer than I already have, I wouldn’t have expected what happened next.

Her eyes suddenly focused on my bloody wrist, and she drew away from me with a look of absolute horror on her pretty features.

“Hold still,” I complained, and tried again. She shied away this time as well and started to weakly try and fight me off.

This was certainly an unexpected turn of events. I had fully expected that I would have to fight to yank her head away from the wound in my wrist, not fight to push her toward my blood!

What kind of vampire turns her nose up at free blood?

It was then that I realized… she didn’t know what she was!

She had no clue that she needed my blood.

This was just a fine piece of work. I never dreamed I would freely offer a vamp my blood, let alone have to argue with a vampire to get her to take it.

Who said god didn’t have a twisted sense of humor?

It turned out it was a good thing she was so weak after all, as I finally got my wrist close enough to her after about another half minute of struggle.

She cried out as a few droplets of my blood dripped down onto her lips. Her tongue came out involuntarily and wiped the red fluid away.

Suddenly she ceased fighting me, as her body told her this is what she needed. Now I had to be sure to keep her from becoming too greedy and sinking her teeth into me. I had been bitten in the past more time then I can actually recall since becoming a half-breed, maybe better than a hundred times, and I knew her venom wouldn’t turn me. I was permanently stuck at some primordial halfway mark for the rest of my unnaturally long life.

But I also knew from experience that the venom would burn like fire, and I particularly didn’t want the nasty after-effect that would follow the bite.

That side-effect was one of the things that in the past was always sure to piss me off… if not drive me half mad.

We eventually settled into a silent form of truce, where I let her lock her lips to my wrist and take what she needed. However, I kept my free hand locked firmly in the hair at the back of her neck to keep her from digging in too deep.

She didn’t seem to notice that precaution as she drew on me, and I actually doubted that it would do much good if she decided to drain me… it just made me feel better is all really.

“Don’t get use to this,” I muttered, more to make myself feel comfortable with what was going on, than to warn her. She only looked at me for a moment, and then closed her eyes as she kept feeding.

I let her take from me for about a minute, and then decided I’d given enough to her and disengaged. She fought me for only the barest instant but let go, which surprised me. Instead of becoming angry at being denied more, she actually looked a little bit peaceful now.

I concluded that she must have been so weak that the little bit I gave her was enough for the moment.

“Thank you,” she managed to say, as she licked her lips clean. “Better.”

“Don’t mention it,” I tossed out as I put pressure on my slashed wrist. Luckily, I heal a little bit faster than a normal human. Not as quick as a vamp, but quick enough to stop the bleeding of even this type of wound within a minute or so.

She watched me for a moment, sometimes smacking her lips as if trying to determine an unfamiliar flavor on her taste buds. I also noticed that her eyelids seemed to begin to droop a bit.

“Funny,” she said, and then her eyes closed completely and stayed that way.

She was back… asleep – for lack of a better term.

By ‘funny’ I didn’t know if she meant the situation or the taste of my blood. It could have been either way… or both for all I knew.

What I did know, it wasn’t natural for vamps to sleep or slip into comas.

I sleep for about three or four hours a day normally, sometimes as much as six if I was feeling particularly lazy or indulgent, but I was only half-vampire – and I also had a heartbeat.

There had had to be something much more seriously wrong with this girl besides the lost memory if she was going to keep going unconscious like this.

I was going to have to find someone who might have some answers on the situation… before I killed the girl or let her die because of my foolish ignorance.

That thought didn’t sit too well with me, mostly because my ignorance had already caused enough harm to innocents in the past. The girl had played me straight when she should have been rearing to rip into me and drain me dry to heal herself, so I didn’t want to harm or kill her unless she gave me a good reason… and I certainly didn’t want to do either to her because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.

I drew the sheets back up under her chin, and then went to boot up my laptop to look for some of those answers.