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Angels & Devils

Seattle has been invaded by covens of Rogue Vampires - vampires who hunt and prey upon other vampires. Bella and the Cullen siblings are in Seattle for a rare night out on the town. They are attacked by Rogues, and Alice Cullen is lost in the ambush. The family fears the worse, believing that Alice is dead. Alice awakens with no memory of who she is, where she is or how she came to be there. She also has no clue that's she's fallen into the hands of an old enemy to her kind. A half-vampire who once waged a 50-year long war of vengeance against all vampires. A enemy so vicious that the Volturi had dubbed him with the name, "Lucifer", and who was long since believed to be dead himself.

This is my first Twilight Fanfic. It is currently posted in part to the FanFiction.Net site under the same pen name, and has 52 chapters up. There is still a few hundred more pages that are written and waiting to go. I decided to post this to a few fanfic sites to see what feedback I can get from the experts. This story has some violence, language, and minor adult situations (not too descriptive or vulgar - I tried to keep in mind how SM handled such things in writing.) so I guess this would need a "R" rating. Thanks.

9. Chapter 9 - Every Girl's Crazy... For a Sharp Dressed Man

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Chapter Nine: Every girl’s crazy… for a sharp dressed man.

The shopping excursion into town with Angel was something of a unique experience for me. We decided on visiting Mount Baker, by Lake Washington, rather than traveling into the busier and more crowded Seattle. I was glad when Angel agreed to the smaller town for our test trip, as it would be easier to cover our tracks if anything went amiss.

I had come to rather like the vampire girl in just this short time, and I tried not the think that something going wrong would probably result in Angel winding up dead as a outcome… the Banshee bush knife strapped to my back and slung upside-down under my coat was a constant reminder of that chance.

If she were mistaken in the slightest about her ability to control her bloodlust in public, I’d have no choice but to kill her if she became a danger to the innocent human population of Mount Baker.

I tried several more times to persuade Angel to hold off on this test of her abilities, but she would not be talked out of going ahead with it. She offered the counter point that I was human, and she had not yet lost control while in my presence and attacked me for my blood.

I silently cursed my duplicity, because I couldn’t now bring up the valid argument that I wasn’t totally human to counteract her logic, without having to explain my duel heritage.

Perhaps at this point I should have come clean with her, if only for the sake of protecting the innocent citizens of Mount Baker. But like a coward, I couldn’t bring myself to breech that dark secret with her.

At times like this, I realize I’m not the type of person I would like to be.

On the ride in to Mount Baker, Angel was animated under her borrowed floppy sunhat and old-fashion dark glasses, chatting up a storm in her joy to be out of the house. I couldn’t help but to idly notice that the pixie-like vampire girl made even that odd old-fashion apparel look good.

We had discussed the possibility of something bad going wrong several times, and she without a doubt understood the consequences of her losing control of herself, but it didn’t seem to dull her enthusiasm down in the slightest. She was more than simply confident in her abilities.

Me… I was pretty much a wreck thinking about it.

We arrived in town much sooner than I would have liked. I reluctantly found a vacant parking spot on the main drag of the town and parked the big SUV. I stepped out of the Explorer, and automatically resettled the Banshee under my coat, and at the same time covertly testing the draw. I again prayed to a god who I knew no longer listened to me that the blade would not be needed today.

Angel stepped out on her side of the Ford, pausing a moment to lift her head up and draw in a deep breath. It might have all seemed normal if I didn’t know that vampires didn’t need to breathe. Angel slowly exhaled, and turned to me to smile over the hood of the Ford.

“Such a great day!” she said cheerily.

Before I realized it, two elderly women passed by on Angel’s side of the vehicle. I froze, realizing also that I couldn’t make it in time to get between Angel and them if she snapped.

Angel simply smiled at the pair and wished them both a good day as they shuffled by her. The women smiled and waved while returning the greeting. The girl then turned to me and cocked her head with a crocked smile, as if to say, “See! No slobbering vampire attack.”

I merely nodded my approval, afraid that doing anything else would betray my great relief and lack of confidence. It probably wouldn’t be in my best interest for her to realize the true extent of my doubt about her abilities to control herself… not if I wanted a peaceful day free of the repeated phrase that all males dread coming from a female of: “I told you so.”

Which I already knew from recent past experience with Angel that she would take a great delight in inflicting upon me.

“Let’s go shopping,” Angel said with a huge grin.

Never in a century have I ever thought those three little words could ever come to inspire fear in me!

I had been to the small town hundreds of times in the past. The first new thing I learned today about Mount Baker was, that I had never realized before just how many clothing and fashion stores it did support for such a tiny burg.

Angel of course found every single one without error, and was simply in her glory, while I got demoted from escort to lowly pack mule for her amassed treasures.

At the first store we hit, she quickly picked out a designer outfit and changed out of my cast-off clothing in the changing room. The cost of the outfit barely put a dent in the several thousand dollars in cash Angel had arrived with. Besides the outfit, she bought a large designer purse – into which she placed the travel thermos with its built-in sipping straw.

The thermos contained her emergency blood supply, and she had bulked up on the blood mixture before we left the house and we hoped she wouldn’t need what was in the carafe. The down side was we weren’t even sure if it would work as a last ditch fallback measure, but it was better than nothing, and the extra pint of blood was the best safety precaution we could think up.

She also bought herself a new stylish coat from the store, but she chose to keep wearing my old band jacket over her new garb, even if it didn’t actually go with the outfit, which in a strange way flattered me for some odd reason.

I guess she had become almost as excite with the idea of going out with the band this coming weekend as she was over the current shopping trip.

However, I might have changed my mind just a little bit later, because the bag containing her new coat was only the first of many packages that I was going to be loaded down with and carrying around half of the town.

The next store saw the replacement of Ms. Winston’s sun hat with a newer trendier version of it, along with a scarf and a new pair of sunglasses that were $200 – on sale! The rest of the items in the shop, Angel turned her nose up at after a quick inspection. I did notice that while she didn’t recognize most of the popular designer names with the loss of most of her memory, she almost unerringly always picked them out over lesser designer names and even less expensive brand names.

I silently began to theorize to myself that all women – human, vampire, and amnesia victims – had a special gene that enabled them to always find the most expensive article of clothing wherever on Earth that it was located. I wisely kept that theory to myself all day… as voicing it might be dangerous to my health.

After all, even as ill as she was, Angel could still pound me into the ground without breaking a sweat if she had the mind to.

We stopped at several more clothing stores, where Angel tore through them like a small waiflike whirlwind. She often had several sales women simultaneously running around finding her things. I had thought when we reached the end of the main drag of town that the experience was finally over.

I was wrong! Next, we went shopping for cosmetics!

My only reprieve from a potential broken back came as we returned to our starting point before setting out to explore the other half of the town we hadn’t hit yet. There I was able to stop back where the Explorer had been parked to dump my current cargo of bags and packages.

I was beginning to think that the sight of me unencumbered was somehow offensive to Angel, as she proceeded to load me down once more as soon as she was able.

After cosmetics, there were shoes. After shoes, there were other feminine things that I never gave much of a thought too, except for the occasional fantasy guys normally have. I quickly learned that shopping for them was something I hoped to never have to endure again.

It turned out that Angel had an ardor for lacey and frilly under garments, which I already admitted, while being a guy wasn’t too much of a bad thing in my typical male outlook on such matters. Even when she held each piece of apparel up in front of herself and asked my opinion on what I thought about it, and how I thought she would look in it.

What actually was painstakingly torturous was the condemnatory looks I was getting from the older saleswoman that ran the shop. As from her human prospective, she saw a 4’10”, 19-year-old, innocent-looking girl modeling intimate wear for a 6’1”, 35-year-old, long-haired, rough-looking male – who I’m almost positive the saleswoman was thoroughly convinced was on the wrong side of a prison chain-gang.

The irony of it all was that Angel could very well have been a hundred years older than I was, but I doubted I could get the saleswoman to believe that. So I had to suffer the dagger-like glares I was getting in relative silence, and bear obviously being labeled a deprived cradle robber in her narrow mind.

I had a sneaking suspicion that Angel noticed the silent interaction, and found the whole thing very amusing, as a few of the items she picked out near the end of our visit to boldly model over her brand new silk blouse could not be called anything but down-right scandalous.

After just over three hours and probably wearing about 2 miles of leather from my shoes just on the sidewalks between stores, I was well on my way to being mentally numb, and working toward a walking coma. A man even as old as I was could only take so much of women’s fashions before suffering a total brain freeze.

Angel on the other hand, didn’t seem even close to being done, or tiring of looking at clothing.

I found a new reason I could curse the supernatural stamina of a full vampire, even if I had a good portion of it myself, because I was still no match for the likes of Angel on a shopping mission.

The lack of sensation clouding my mind abruptly wore off after I suddenly noticed we were no longer in the women’s department of whatever store we were in. I had long since stopped keeping track of the names of the stores we visited. I now simply just followed my waif of a charge, and automatically just held whatever she handed to me. It was much easier this way on my sanity.

Instead of woman’s fashions, we had somehow wandered into the men’s section without me being conscious of it.

My first hint of the danger I was in was when I all at once became aware of Angel holding a man’s suit up in front of me to judge the size and fit. In her other hand, were two more suits of the same style in other colors that she had taken from a nearby rack.

Bravely, like the hunter of vampires I once was, I sprang into action when I realized what was happening.

“No!” I cried firmly as I jumped backward a huge step.

Okay, so in all honesty, maybe my brave cry came out more as a panicked squeak actually… and I nearly tripped over all the packages that were tumbling out of my arms.

“Aw! Come on!” Angel said with a hint of annoyed disappointment, accompanied by a perfectly timed stamp of her tiny foot.

I quickly set the rest of her other packages down in a nearby easy chair, and then bought my hands up – ready to defend myself to the death if need be.

“No, no, no,” I told her, trying not to sound panicky and shaking my head for added emphasis. “I don’t do monkey suits!” And I didn’t! You wouldn’t catch me dead… or undead… in one of them.

Angel tisked and stamped her tiny foot once more. I involuntarily found myself wincing at the sound, that girl may be amnesic, but she certainly knew how to use a foot stamp for the best effect.

“But I want you to look nice. You don’t have anything good to wear out,” she complained. “I know because I had a look through all your closets.”

“You looked through my closets?” I snapped. I was hoping she didn’t get a chance to snoop in the basement or garage, which would have been worse considering the types of items I had stored there.

Angel rolled her eyes at me as if to say I was dimwitted, and then waved one hand down her body to indicate her new clothing. I got it then, she hadn’t been snooping for the most part, just trying to find some clothes that I had that she could make fit her until she could get some of her own.

Okay, that I could let go, but she didn’t have to rip on the wardrobe I did have.

“What I already own is perfectly fine for my needs,” I said a tad bit defensively.

“No, its not,” Angel countered firmly, and just as stubbornly.

“Come on, Kage. Let me treat you to a few things, something classy for a change,” she pleaded.

I frowned. Angel suddenly wasn’t making very many points with me at the moment. How could she say I didn’t own anything classy? I had several very nice, and classy, black turtlenecks in my bedroom closet.

Okay, I had them mainly for if I had to go creeping around un-noticed in the dark… but they also worked just as well for dress-up social functions – when I couldn’t avoid them.

“Please?” she asked, giving me those big soft vampire eyes.

Oww… she wasn’t playing fair!

I recovered my mental balance, and snorted in contempt to show I wouldn’t be budged or bullied, and then out of curiosity snagged the price tag from the suit she had been holding up to me.

“$950.00!” I nearly shouted when I saw the price written there… and that was a reduced sale price, not retail! I almost wanted to point out that I could afford to buy my own expensive monkey suits if at some point in the future my brain totally turned to porridge, but that would have meant explaining to Angel how a supposed humble musician in a local cover band amassed several small fortunes for himself. So I wisely kept my mouth shut on the matter.

“So what?” Angel asked, unaware of what I had been thinking.

I dropped the big white tag as if it had suddenly grown big vampire teeth and tried to bite me.

“I’d ask if you lost your mind… but I already know you have,” I told her.

Angel frowned at that. “What’s the big deal?” she wanted to know. “You’ve been nice to me, and now I just want to do something nice for you.”

“Then buy me a set of new bass strings! I like RotoSound Swing Bass 66’s… there’re like only $20.00. Make sure they’re long scales. Then we can call it even.”

“You can’t wear silly bass strings!” she argued.

“And I can’t wear that, even if it cost nearly a thousand dollars!”

She transferred the first suit to her other hand to join the others, then wagged a free finger at me, brandishing that single pale digit like it was a weapon.

“You’re being difficult!” she snapped.

“Glad you noticed.”

I was determined not to be cowed by somebody half my size… even if she was a vampire.

Then Angel blind-sided me by pulling out the big guns.

Her face suddenly turned sad and hurt, and her lower lips came out in the perfect pout.

“Foul! Foul! Foul!” I was screaming in my head. I would rather she’d attempted to beat me into submission than for her to do that!

She gazed up at me from under her wild black bangs… and then batted her long eyelashes.

“Just one thing?” she asked in a lost little girl voice.

“No!” I said, trying to be strong. Trying to keep in mind that in nearly fifty years, no vampire had ever beaten me at anything.

“Pretty please?”

“I said, no!”

“Please…” she repeated, this time drawing the word out for a few seconds. “With sugar and candy sprinkles on it?”

She batted those eyelashes some more, and the lip pouted out a calculated touch further than before.

Damn it, she was cute… and she knew it!

“Oh! Crap! Crap! Crap! Damnitalltohell! All right,” I surprised myself by surrendering without much of a fight, so just like that I kissed my undefeated record adios. I was outclassed by what amounted to a vampire midget and I knew it. “But just one thing!” I warned her, holding up a lone forefinger so she couldn’t say later that she thought she heard me say two or three things.

“And not this expensive rag,” I added, indicating the suit she had been trying to fit me with. My petty condition was the only way I was going to save even a scrap of my dignity at this point

Angel frowned, but she took the victory for what it was worth.

“Okay, I can find something else… that I like,” she said, turning back toward the rack to replace the first set of suits she had picked out.

Yeah, I thought, like I even considered for a second she would leave me a say in the matter. Vampires were sneaky, conniving creatures even if they came in pretty packages – like Angel, I sourly reminded myself.

Before she could set the clothing back, a dapperly dressed salesman chose that moment to show up and be both helpful and amazingly irritating at the same time.

“Can I help you?” he asked, in that same snooty tone that you hear sales people in expensive stores use in the movies or on TV. It was overdoing it for the tiny burg of Mount Baker, and it grated on my nerves right from the get-go.

The clerk glanced over Angel’s new garb with an approving eye, and then he turned to me dressed in old blue jeans, boots, and a button-up work-shirt and his looked turned snobbishly sour.

I found myself thinking he probably practiced that look every morning in the mirror, and then wondered how he was going to be able to do it tomorrow if I ripped his lips off today?

To make matters worse, he noticed the suits Angel had originally picked out, and he suddenly seemed very pleased again with her tastes.

“Those are very fine choices, madam,” he told her, gesturing toward the suits. “Very popular this year with the who’s who of society. And you can see they are on sale this week.” He then turned to me and said while looking down his nose, “Your daughter has very exceptional taste in men’s suits, sir.” He ended that comment with a single raised eyebrow that plainly said in his opinion, I would be well advised to let my ‘daughter’ dress me from now on.

I momentarily considered calling up my claws and going for a total over-haul of his snooty head instead of just his perpetually puckered lips, and then taking it home with me to use on a scarecrow for my garden. Then I recalled that I didn’t have a garden at home, and thought that Angel might become upset with me if I committed a murder during her shopping trip… no matter how justified it would have been.

That, and the fact that she didn’t need to find out about me that way, earned the bozo a reprieve… but only just barely because I was sorely tempted to try my hand at amateur plastic surgery.

I still blasted the man with daggers from my eyes for the next couple minutes though. Angel looked surprised at the ‘daughter’ remark, and then tried to cover her smirk. The gesture however failed miserably to cover her snickers at all.

“Oh, I am going to make you pay for this,” I mouthed silently to her.

Which only made her plainly laugh all the harder.

I finally managed to escape the men’s department without a decapitation of the counterman, and after compromising on a $395 sports coat, and only because Angel flatly refused to buy anything cheaper. Even after I found a perfectly good coat for $69.00 on a reduced price / discontinued rack.

Angel pouted of course when I absolutely refused to even look at complete suits, but she seemed satisfied for the moment that I now owned a garment that, while she still considered cheap at that price, it was somewhat classy and serviceable in her opinion.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get home, douse it in holy water, and then bury it in the back of one of the closets I never use. Out of sight, out of mind, you know. The movie vampires’ weakness is they can’t stand to look at a Christian cross; with me… it’s any sort of formal wear. It makes me cringe.

Angel was just going to have to get use to the fact that I’m not the type that can be domesticated.

Thankfully, that store was the last one she wanted to visit. We returned to the Explorer and its cargo of bags and packages and added the latest items to the trove. The back seat and rear compartment were so jammed full now that I could barely see anything in the rear view mirror except store logos and plastic bags.

“What do you want to do now?” Angel asked as she buckled herself into the passenger seat.

For a second I nearly panicked, with the nonchalant way she asked I thought she was getting ready to set me up for a new shopping venture. She had all the clothing and footwear that any woman could possible desire for a single day, what more could she want?

For some reason, I suddenly had visions of me trailing behind her for the next few hours inside a furniture store as she looked over items to redecorate my house to her tastes. I grit my teeth slightly, getting ready for a new battle of wills. A man’s home is his castle after all.

My fear turned out to be absurd; as I glanced at her I saw that she was simply awaiting my answer with open expectation. She was genuinely interested in knowing if I’d like to do something of my own for a bit while we were out.

I considered my options for a moment. It had been awhile since my last trip into Mount Baker, and the town had a very nice Antiques Mall that I occasionally like to visit when I was having bouts of nostalgia.

I suggested the store to the girl, and she said she liked the idea very much. I also thought, that it might be possible that something there might jar her memory, as we still didn’t know exactly how old Angel really was.

I turned down the main drag of the town, and headed for the Antiques place. Angel chatted lightly about the sights she saw out the passenger window. I noticed that she had taken out the thermos and was sipping at the contents.

She must have sensed me glancing at her, because she turned to look at me a second later, her face half hidden under her new floppy sun hat, and her eyes concealed by her equally new dark sunglasses.

I made a small nodding gesture at the thermos, silently asking for an update on what her condition was.

I must have looked more concerned than I thought I was letting on, because Angel offered me a reassuring grin. She tilted the big shades upward so I could see that her eyes were still a bright honey-gold.

“See? Just taking the chance to top up,” she informed me. “Nothing’s wrong.”

I nodded again as she dropped her glasses back into place with a grin, relieved that her control was holding up better than even hoped for.

It looked like our precautionary measures were working out just fine.