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What would have happened if Edward had lured Bella away after their first meeting.

This story was written from a prompt for the livejournal group http://community.livejournal.com/twilightathon There are quotes from Stephenie Meyer's "Midnight Sun" for consistency with the story.

1. Alluring

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The incessant chatter about her had been buzzing through my head all day as my fellow classmates could think nothing about this shiny new thing that had recently entered their little world. In Forks, Washington, there wasn’t much happening as it was so small and isolated so the arrival of a student was big news and had been the topic of the town since she had arrived. The town almost seemed dormant, asleep and unnoticing. That was the reason why my family had chosen to stay here; small towns like this where everyone knew each other were for some reason much more tolerant and accepting of stranger characters like me and my family. Larger city residents tended to be much more suspicious and guarded. Small town people were more trusting I suppose, even though they really shouldn’t trust us. Regardless, our presence remained without much notice of the townspeople here in Forks which is exactly what we would need while we stayed here; that and the fact that this small town was one of the least sunny places in the world. Most people here tended to just avoid us, their subconscious minds warning them how dangerous we were even though their conscious minds would never grasp any confirmation of their hidden suspicions.

I suppose that was the reason why she caught my attention in the first place, this Isabella Swan. She preferred to be called Bella though and had corrected everyone who had used her full name. While most of the students of the high school avoided us, not even so much as really looking any of us in the eye, she seemed to be fascinated with our small group at the far table in the cafeteria. She had looked right into my eyes and had only looked away from embarrassment for having been caught staring at a stranger, not from fear. This would have really puzzled me if not for the fact that it was at that point that I realized I couldn’t hear her thoughts. While the thoughts of her classmates were a constant, annoying drone, much like an insect that keeps buzzing around your head, she gave off no sound. If I weren’t looking at her it would be as if no one was there at all.

I heard her speak to Jessica Stanley, a bitter and venomous girl on the inside though cordial enough to the public, and yet still I could not pick up on her thoughts. Her expressions were incredibly clear and it was almost ironic that while she could be read as though reading a book through her deep brown eyes, her thoughts remained locked to me.

This new girl, while seeming unimpressive and uninteresting in the dull thoughts of her classmates, seemed to have more to her than her unobservant counterparts had grasped. Their thoughts didn’t pick up the unexpected depth of her brown eyes that seemed both wise and fresh at the same time, nor did their thoughts see the translucent porcelain colour of her skin. Her pulse was readily visible through her pale, clear skin. She seemed extremely uncomfortable as she sat there, not wanting the inevitable attention of being the newest attraction. I felt myself becoming more interested in this new girl, favoring her dislike of such unnecessary and frivolous attention, and further perplexed as to why I couldn’t hear her thoughts. I felt an inkling that I should shield her from the bitter depths of Jessica’s intentions and thoughts but ignored it as I knew better than to get close to any of my fellow students.

“Shall we?” Rosalie murmured. I realized it was time to leave the lunchroom and my family had already begun picking up their trays of untouched food. I used to feel guilty about the food we wasted knowing others were going hungry all over the world but as my humanity seemed to slip away over the years the thoughts of others needing this human food rarely crossed my mind any more.

“So, is the new one afraid of us yet?” Emmett asked. I shrugged, unwilling to admit my recent failure, and Emmett carried on not interested enough to press for further information.

As we left the cafeteria I sighed as I realized the boredom I was about to walk into as I was headed to Mr. Banner’s biology class. I’d gone through the high school system several times since my transformation and there was very little that had changed in the lectures throughout the years. The books that I carelessly spilled across the lab table held nothing I didn’t already know and I prepared myself for the tedium of class as I sat on the uncomfortable wooden stool.

As the students entered the classroom I was still absent-mindedly mulling over my inability to access the new girl’s mind when Angela Weber entered the room guiding her, the new girl entering her thoughts for the first time in my presence.

Bella seems just as shy as me. I’ll bet today is really hard for her. I wish I could say something… but it would probably just sound stupid…

I could clearly hear the thoughts of everyone around us and still her thoughts eluded me. I felt uneasy and unnerved. Never before had I ever experienced this failure and inability. I felt okay, no different than usual, so I didn’t think it was me. Maybe there was something very different about this girl…

I began moving my books over to my side of the table as I realized she would be sitting next to me. I was the only student in the room who didn’t already have a partner at the table. Perhaps if she was closer to me I would be able to hear her thoughts better… or at all.

I was not prepared for what happened next. As she walked past me I caught her scent and it hit me harder than I ever could have imagined. I reeled from the impact completely unexpectant of such a shock as I felt a hunger stronger even than the hunger I’d felt right after my transformation. I hardly thought such a desire to be possible! The last shreds of my humanity slipped away then as I became no more than a carnal hunter stalking its prey. The lives of those around us meant nothing to me, nothing could stop my desire, my lust for this intoxicating blood that smelled more alluring than any other I’d ever come across. There were no words to describe it, but I wasn’t looking for words now. Now was for hunting, planning, killing.

I felt my insides twist and churn with the burning thirst for her, pangs of a violent unquenchable desire for her blood flowed through my body and even the sudden excess flow of venom to my mouth could not soothe the fire in my throat. I tensed my muscles and felt my eyes narrow and focus as I prepared to set my thoughts in action. Hardly a second had passed since the scent first hit me and she hadn’t even walked a full step yet.

She looked at me then and I could see the monster I had become reflected in her eyes. My facial expression was ravenous and carnal, no traces of humanity remained. Her eyes widened in shock and her pulse sped up sympathetically, a warm red flush colouring her cheeks as she undoubtedly wondered, embarrassed by my look, what had caused such a hostile reaction to her presence. Her flush was so tantalizing and set another wave of her scent towards me, warm and fresh. Her eyes were far from warm though, they were afraid and repulsed by the monster they reflected. She stumbled as she tried to get away from me and all I could think was how vulnerable she was, how easy she would be to obtain.

Somehow I held back. I rebelled against my desire to strike, nearly pulverizing the edge of the wooden table I held an iron grip on now. Erasing the fingerprints I’d imprinted into the wood by rubbing it down with my fingers so it was just a normal wear spot, I held myself to my seat as I gauged the living evidence of my true self that would need to be disposed of.

The revulsion of what I really was caused me to shudder inwardly, but it didn’t stop me from planning my attack. Though she stumbled away now, she would come back and she would have to sit beside me. There were no other options, not for her nor me. She was irresistible and I needed her, I had to have her. No other options. I had never before killed innocents, not even when I had rebelled from Carlisle’s ‘vegetarian’ ideals, but now there would be no other options. They would have to die, every last one. No options, destroy the evidence.

I was not without compassion though. It would be fast, painless. The first few to die would not even realize anything was happening before I struck. The last would only have to cower with fear for a short time. They wouldn’t even have time to scream if I did it properly.

The thoughts of Carlisle had stopped the progress of my plans though. He had worked so hard to create a pleasant life for me and my family. I couldn’t just disregard that and killing a classroom full of people would definitely destroy everything he’d worked so hard to build here.

As the war waged within my head, precious time was bought for Bella and the other members of Mr. Banner’s class. My resistance was interrupted as she sat down next to me, the smell of her blood creating a haze around me, flooding all my senses. Her nearness taunted me and her actions were infuriating as she fanned out her fair, creating a wall between us, but also sending fresh waves of smell towards me.

The repulsion of the monster within me was the only thing that saved her and her classmates now. No matter how strongly I desired her, no matter how strongly I ached for her, I could not act yet. Not here in this classroom, not with all these people to become casualties in my own personal battle of demons. She would not be safe forever though.

I hated her now, hated her with a passion unlike anything I’d felt before. I had denied my thirst for so long, decades now! How could she just come in here and taunt me like this? Who was she to destroy everything I’d worked to become, to just rip away the small shred of humanity I’d held on to for so long with a simple flip of her hair, leaving me with nothing more than the blood lusting monster that lay beneath my angelic appearance.

I held my breath now, against my instincts to hunt and smell – a vampire’s strongest tool was the sense of smell. Though I didn’t require oxygen I felt uncomfortable holding my breath and the combination of not being able to smell and not being able to unravel the mysteries of her mind were driving me crazy. I would have to endure it though, I would have to wait. Wait until later, until I could have her and enjoy her. I would want to take my time, to savor her because blood that smelled so sweet would surely have a taste beyond anything I’d tasted before. Her blood would be like the finest of all wines.

I would have to lure her away from the others, like a lion stalking its prey, separating the chosen sacrifice from the herd. This would not prove easy though. I was not the only one whose attention had been caught. I shot an irritated glance at Mike Newton who had thought of nothing but Bella all day.

Perhaps one more casualty would not be too much hassle. I was already damned for eternity; a bit more blood on my hands would hardly make any difference.

The hour stretched on longer than any hour of my life. I sat on edge the entire time, plotting, planning, and resisting my urges. The anticipation of the kill was almost unbearable.

The bell rang and I was out of my seat in an instance, scooping my books up in a fluid motion, then I picked up Bella’s as well. She looked up at me in surprise as she tried to register what was happening, her eyes widening further as she realized I had her books.

I smiled at her and gazed into her eyes. Curiosity splashed over her face as she undoubtedly wondered how my expression had changed from one of venom to one of honey so quickly.

“Hi, my name is Edward Cullen,” I introduced myself in my most seductive, velvety voice, making my eyes smolder as I looked unblinkingly into her dark eyes. “Can I walk you to your next class?”

Her mouth moved slightly as she struggled to find the words but she never broke her stare into my eyes. I felt myself grin crookedly as the desired effect of my seduction took hold of her. I stepped slightly closer to her, feeling the heat radiating off her body against my own cold self.

“Al-alright,” she stammered, as she awkwardly tried to move forward as she joined me walking out of the class. I cast a quick glance towards Mike and saw a frown of disappointment on his face and heard him curse me in his thoughts but he made no move to take Bella away from me.

“Which class are you headed to now?” I asked calmly, still not daring to breathe.

“Um, P.E. I think,” she said softly, her voice shaking slightly and I didn’t know if it was from nerves or fear. Maybe both.

“I’ll show you right to the gymnasium Bella, but can I ask you to accompany me out to my car first?” I asked sweetly, making my voice as smooth as possible, “I’ve left a book for my next class there. It won’t take too much longer.”

Though she seemed cautious about going to the car with me, she followed along anyways, as I knew she would. I could be irresistibly inviting if I really wanted to.

“How did you know my name?” she asked suddenly, surprising me from my planning.

“Everyone’s been talking about you, I overheard it,” I replied casually as I scanned the parking lot for anyone else.

“It’s just, you called me Bella while everyone else seems to know me as Isabella…” she said, trailing off as we neared the parking lot.

“It’s just that car over there,” I said, quickly changing the subject as I nodded to the silver Volvo in front of us.

She said nothing but followed along beside me, only a little hesitant. I scanned the area once more, there were no witnesses.

I leaned against the door of my car and looked at Bella now, studying her, everything about her. Her pale skin was slightly flushed now as she stood awkwardly in front of me. Though she was not a traditional beauty, there was something undeniably attractive about her. There as a wisdom in her eyes that belied her young age, and a seductive look to her pouty lips she seemed completely unaware of as she pursed them slightly as she looked around, a slight unease to her stature as she realized we were alone.

“Don’t be afraid Bella,” I said lowly as I looked at her with my most seductive look.

“I’m not afraid,” she murmured softly, “I’m just wondering why you haven’t gotten your book yet. You’re going to be late.”

I raised an eyebrow, curious as to whether her statement of not being afraid was true. Her heartbeat was racing but looking into her eyes there was more confusion than fear. She truly was a complex and curious character.

“I don’t really feel up to class right now. I was thinking of going for a walk instead. Would you like to join me?”

She looked skeptically at the dark clouds above and once more around the deserted parking lot. As she looked I stepped a bit closer to her. She looked up at me in surprise of our sudden closeness, but she didn’t try to turn away. She contemplated her options for a second but then nodded in agreement at joining me.

I walked as leisurely as possible towards the woods that touched on the edge of the parking lot. Bella stumbled a bit on a rock as we stepped onto the path and I instinctively reached out a hand behind her back to steady her.

“Don’t worry, I have you,” I said softly in my low, chocolaty voice. I kept my hand on the small of her back as we walked as I led her into the woods and she made no move to escape my touch. I quickly looked around once more – we were completely alone.

Gently leading her off the path, she was looking at me rather than where we were going which made it easier to steal her away. We stopped by a large tree and she turned her back to it as she turned to speak to me.

“Maybe we should head back now,” she suggested, looking back towards the direction of the school then looking back towards me as I stepped closer to her. The narrow space between our bodies grew smaller and I put an arm out over her shoulder, leaning in on it against the tree, growing closer now. I allowed myself to breathe again and the scent seemed even more tantalizing and seductive here in the forest than it had before in the oppressive classrooms.

She breathed in from shock at our closeness and stared wide-eyed into my own eyes. Her wide eyes were not from fear for her life though. It was a strange look for the situation, more like a girl nervous about an impending first kiss rather than a girl who had been stolen away by a monster. She closed her eyes then and breathed deeper and I realized that she was taking in my own scent.

“Do you find me attractive?” I asked suddenly, curiosity strangely winning out over my hunger.

“Yes,” she replied in a low, breathy voice and she blushed furiously as she realized what she said.

I reached my free hand up to her face then as I studied her. With the utmost care I raised my hand to her flushed cheek and lightly grazed it with my thumb, savoring the warmth of the blood that flowed beneath the translucent skin and the unexpected electricity that seemed to accompany the touch. I moved my thumb to the dark pink of her lip and felt it soft and warm. I realized then that I desired her for more than just her blood. This was an unforeseen complication.

I looked at her puzzled as I tried to sort out exactly what I wanted – what I needed. I needed her blood that much was certain. It was too desirable, impossible to resist. But I didn’t want her to die, I was selfish and I wanted her to be mine. I liked this electricity that I felt when we were close, I liked the desire I felt to be near her, to touch her.

“Can I keep you?” I whispered, just barely audible to her.

Her lips parted then but she said nothing. I slid my hand from her lips to her cheek, my bottom fingers resting at her jaw line just below her ear. I moved my other hand that had been propping me up against the tree to her shoulder and stepped closer so that our bodies were pressed together.

She gasped but made no move to try to escape me, she did not even tense from surprise or revulsion. I bent my head down and kissed her lightly on the lips. I wasn’t prepared for the rushed of warmth or the electricity that flowed through us then. I broke off the kiss and looked at her bewildered, breathless myself as we both gasped at the intensity of our touch.

“Edward?” she questioned in a soft whisper, her eyes questioning me and what I’d just done.

“I’m sorry Bella,” I replied as I brushed her hair behind her back, exposing her neck.

Before she had time to react I leaned in and placed my lips against the warm skin of her neck, feeling her pulse race against my mouth. I bit her then, striking quickly to try to create as little pain as possible and drank deeply and quickly.

As alluring as her smell was it was nothing in comparison to her taste. I had never tasted anything so sweet and rich in my life and most likely would never find blood like hers again. The electricity I had felt when we kissed continued now and I was suddenly reminded of my desire to keep her forever for myself.

I broke away from her and the undeniable hold her blood had on me and stumbled backwards a few paces.

Her hand flew up to her neck where she was bleeding freely now and she looked at me in fear as she collapsed at the foot of the tree.

“I’m so sorry Bella,” I murmured as I picked her up quickly and ran towards a meadow deep within the woods that was my favorite place, “I don’t want to lose you… there was no other option.”

I lay her down in the meadow on some soft moss. She was already beginning to feel the effects of the change as she looked up at me with terror-filled eyes. She gasped in pain as she clutched at the place where I bit her.

“Shhh…” I said as soothingly as I could. “I’m so sorry Bella, but it will be over soon. Three days. I’m so sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. I had no choice.”

I smoothed her hair out of her face as I stared at the girl who had taken my life and completely changed its course within a few hours. For decades I had walked alone, never knowing true companionship and yet here I was with a girl I had yet to really meet and I knew I would not be able to exist without her ever again.

I felt an overpowering guilt at what I had made her. Eternal damnation... I knew it was wrong to make this choice for her, but I was essentially a selfish creature and she was so alluring to me.

In the short time that we had been together I could feel a strange attraction to her. A strange attraction that I’d never felt before. It was more than blood lust, it was more than a sexual desire. It was as if the soul I’d longed for, the redemption I sought had been answered with this girl. She was like my angel.

I didn’t know what I was doing anymore but I sat and waited. I would have three days to figure out what I would tell Carlisle and the others. Three days to repair the damage I’d caused in the small town of Forks. Three days…