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A man after midnight

Esme feels lonely with Carlisle at work all the time. When he comes home, she makes a move that will change the Cullen family forever.

This is an ALL-HUMAN fic. Set in modern times.

2. Hormones

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*** A few weeks later***

Esme laid down onto her bed, feeling exhausted. Her first wave of morning sickness had left her feeling weakened and tired. She turned on the flat screen TV and went channel surfing until she found the news. When it came on, she found herself looking at a picture of an obviously pre-mature baby in the NICU. Her name flashed under the image. It was Josie Duggar from the show 19 kids and counting. Her mom flashed upon the screen.

“With Josie, at first we were so scared we were going to lose her…” That was all Esme heard. Her eyes welled up with tears as she thought of the baby that she had lost so many years ago. She felt so horrible for them, and cried for the baby she lost. She felt a sudden twinge of panic at the thought of this baby dying like her first, and cried harder. Meanwhile, Edward and Bella were putting Renesmee down for a nap on the couch when they heard Esme’s almost silent sobs. ‘You go’ Bella mouthed. Edward nodded. He climbed the stairs quickly but silently and tapped on Esme’s door. Carlisle pushed him back a bit and whispered,

“Let me try.” Edward nodded and went back downstairs while Carlisle knocked on the door.

“Esme, it’s me. Can I come in?” he asked. She opened up the door and fell into his arms crying. He hugged her as she whispered,

“What if what happened the first time happens again?” He understood exactly what she meant. He did not want her to have to deal with the loss of a child again.

“It won’t.” He said reassuringly. “I’ll make sure of it.” She looked up at him, face aglow. Ah yes, there were many benefits of being married to a doctor. She kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you, honey.” She said, suddenly overjoyed. She went back down stairs to the freezer. She had the most odd craving for peanut butter ice cream and pickles. She found them both and began chopping up a pickle and setting the pieces in her ice cream. She took a bite and strangely enough did not feel nauseous. She sat at the table and ate of it, feeling relieved and no longer agitated or saddened. Suddenly, she spied a dish in the sink. Jasper, she thought and put her ice cream back into the freezer. She would have guessed him to be outside playing Frisbee with Emmett and checked there first. She crept silently past her sleeping granddaughter and looking outside. Alice was outside with Rosalie, unloading shopping bags from Rosalie’s BMW.

“Have you seen Jasper?” She asked.

“I think he’s upstairs in Emmett and Rose’s room.” Alice replied.

“Thank you, Alice.” She said. She started off toward the house, but then turned around.

“Girls,” she said. They turned to their stepmother. “Be very quiet. Nessie is asleep in the living room.” They nodded and bade her thanks. She smiled at them and headed back inside to see her son. When she arrived at Emmett’s room, she found the boys wrestling on the spacious floor.

“What are you two doing?” she screeched, infuriated. Luckily, she had closed the door before shouting, so Nessie was still undisturbed.

“Nothing.” They replied in unison although Emmett had Jasper in a headlock. Esme sighed in disgust.

“Jasper, there is a dirty dish in the sink from that spaghetti you had earlier today. Go clean it up.”

“But, that isn’t my-” He began. She shot him a look. He sighed in defeat.

“Yes ma’am.” He said, his head drooping. She looked over at Emmett and noticed the absolute mess in the room. Clothes were strewn all over the floor, wrinkled and unwashed. Esme’s temper flared again.

“Look at this room! It’s an absolute wreck!” She raved. “Clean this up!”

“But, mom-” he began, but she cut him off. “Now.” She said, silencing him with a look.

She headed back downstairs, still fuming. The TV gave her a nice reading light, but she could not focus on that. Carlisle arrived home just in time to see her run upstairs to the bathroom. He dropped his briefcase full of medical records and mail and chased after her. She got there just in time and was able to get sick in the toilet. He rubbed circles on her back as she recuperated.

“What time is it?” she asked. He looked down at his watch.

“It’s 7:30.” He said. She turned to him glaring.

“What?” he asked.

“You were supposed to be home an hour ago to help me make dinner.” She growled.

“I know, but there was an emergency-” he said, but she put a finger to his lips.

“There is no excuse! What if there had been an emergency here? What if Rose got into a car accident or Emmett got into a bad fight?” She said, on the brink of tears. “I work hard to keep this family healthy and needed some help to get that done tonight, there is absolutely no excuse to not help.” She said, coldly. Tears began to stream down her cheeks. Carlisle sighed.

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” She turned around to face him again.

“Now you’re sorry, because I had a better reason than you, or is it because you feel like ending this now? You are not sorry yet, but you will be.” She said. “And where is all the peanut Butter ice cream and pickles!” She shouted as an afterthought.

Carlisle sighed. Suddenly, Esme came running back in.

“I’m so sorry. I should have never said that, it was cruel.” She said, tearful. “Please forgive me.” He laughed a little.

“Of course I forgive you, dear. And I really am sorry I wasn’t home in time to help you with dinner.” He said earnestly.

“I accept your apology.” She said hugging him. Then, she pulled back.

“But we really do need more peanut butter ice cream.” She said.

“OK. Don’t worry about it. I’ll get some on my way home tomorrow.” She kissed him again.

“I love you.” She said striding out of the room. He smiled.

“I love you, too.” He replied. When he was fully sure she couldn’t hear him, he uttered the only word that came to mind: “Oy.” Meanwhile, Emmett listened behind the door, trying not to laugh. Esme looked at him on her way out.

“You’re supposed to be cleaning your room. Hop to it, mister.” She said, in a fierce voice.

“Yes, mom.” He said, hanging his head down like a little lost puppy. Esme put her hands on her hips and just smiled.